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A Christmas Present Ch. 02

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As you recall in Part 1 of how it all began between my Aunt Jackie and me, I had taken her at the very last moment when I pulled her onto me, impaling her with my shaft when her knees buckled after she could not bear her weight any longer in the position she was in. She started to ride me, letting me slice in and out of her, and as she did, I held her by the neck with both hands and asked when she had had the last fuck by her husband, Arthur. She uttered “6 months!” I developed a second erection while in her, and she rode me non-stop, in a frenzy, like the devil had possessed her, at last forgetting that what was taking place was an incestuous sin. Her kids were my cousins, two of the three she had were even older than I was, in university. Jus last year Arthur had made ice-cream for all of the nephews and nieces, we had gone for midnight mass on Christmas Eve, and eight years ago they held my hands when we walked around in a theme park. Now, in the absence of three of my cousins and Arthur, my Aunt was fucking me in her house. The same couch she sat on with my parents during their weekend conversations.

Her hands roamed my chest as she bobbed up and down my cock, our eyes now fixated at one another and as she made inviting obscene gestures to me with her tongue. I slapped her wobbling tits, which I had released from the grasp of her bra. Her ripe blood red nipples were big, erect, and I pinched them. Perspiration trickled down her cleavage, and I could feel her juices streaming down my balls as well, in between the crack of my ass. She slapped me hard.

“Bastard! Fucking my mushy cunt!”

“I love you Aunt.” I said and she brought her lips to mine as we tasted one another’s mouths.

“I could get pregnant with what you’re doing to me!”

“Let’s keep the child if you do!”

We exchanged dirty talk as we panted, trying to catch our breaths without breaking stride.

“You really want to impregnate me?”

“How else can I remember that this beautiful moment is taking place?”

“Then do it honey, do it. Come inside me more!”

And she increased her impact of her bounce. I put a hand between her thighs and grabbed a fistful of her bush.

“I love this!” I said.

“I know you do you nasty fucker!”

“Don’t ever shave this!”

“You don’t have canlı bahis şirketleri the fucking right to tell me what to do!”

“I don’t?”

“You’re not my husband….unless we get married!”

“Let’s do it then!”

The words we blurted out to one another while in that frame of mind, despite how ridiculous they sounded, were in fact words that honestly reflected how we felt, words that escaped from our subconscious minds during the trance we were in. We were truly intoxicated with one another. She even spat on my face, and allowed me to spit back in her mouth. I wonder now if we would have stopped even if we were caught in the act by anyone. Today she tells me ‘no’, nothing would have stopped her one I was in her. The sacred boundary had been violated, too late to retreat. Today, as she sometimes shares the same bed with me and my wife, when we talk about the good times we had back then, she’ll confide her true feelings about what happened between us during the early stages of our taboo-affair.

I erupted in her again. Jets of semen going off in her, but this time I pulled her down on the couch and mounted her so my cum would not leak out. I wanted it all to stay in her, and she wanted it too.

“Yes, yes! Don’t stop! Let it all inside me!” She cried.

“I’ll not waste a drop!” I assured her.

Perspiration covered both of us. We didn’t want to quit, but we were exhausted. She pushed me off her and ran to her bed, where she threw herself down and sobbed. I went to her, to console her – I knew the overwhelming amount of guilt she had to deal with. Plus, she was the most religious one in the family. Would she regret what happened? I concluded it was up to me to convince her otherwise. I tried to kiss her, but she turned away and abused me. I put an arm around her but she threw it off and told me to fuck off. I lost it for a moment and told her to stop being a bitch, and that seemed to silence her a bit, but not for long.

“You defiled me!” She cried.

“It’s alright….it’s just between us”, I coaxed.

“I am so dirty!”

“That’s your fanatical side speaking!” I commented.

This time, I locked both my arms around her and forced her to turn and face me. She struggled, and screamed, and began beating on my chest and slapping me really hard. canlı kaçak iddaa She kicked with her strong legs, and a knee sunk into my balls by accident, but somehow that bloody turned me on! I pulled her tighter up against me till my flaccid dick pressed against her bush. She lost her energy and started to simmer down. I cuddled her, and was able to kiss her again, my tongue slipping in her mouth. Quite unexpectedly, she lowered a hand to my crotch and took hold of my cock. She stroked it gently.

“You ok?” I asked, careful not to push her.

She nodded, her eyes teary.

“You don’t have to anymore if you don’t want to.” I said.

“Please, can we keep this secret forever?” she pleaded.

“Of course! Are you mad? I love you, you’re my aunt!”

“I never knew I could attract someone this much.”

I brought my mouth to her ear and softly said, “Let me show you how much I love you.”

“How?” she asked.

“I want your arse….give it to me.”

She stared at me for a moment.

“You don’t have a condom” she said.

“Why do I need a condom?”

“Arthur says it prevents infections if you sodomize a woman with a condom.”

“That’s Arthur. I am me. I don’t mind an infection from you. Get on all fours.”



“No….I want you to force it in me….force me to do it.”

“How?” I asked.

“Rape me if you must.”

I looked into her eyes.

“You mean that?” I asked.

“Yes. Always wanted that.”

I placed two or three pillows in a pile. Then I pulled her, starting a struggle. She fought back ferociously, and I slapped her, I struck her a few times with increasing force, her lip began to bleed. I pulled her by the hair. She kicked at me, so I hit her even more. She bit my nipple so hard I cried out loud in pain, but managed to break loose and this time I locked my arms around her torso, lifted her off the mattress and threw her on her stomach on the pile of pillows. She stopped struggling and changed her play, using both her hands to pull open her cheeks, showing off her shit-hole.


I stuffed the tip of my hard cock into the crevice and pushed. I pushed and forced myself into her. canlı kaçak bahis It wasn’t easy, but I had to move in and out little by little a few times till my pre-cum lubricated her anus sufficiently for me to gain momentum. I plunged deep into her and began slamming into her to the hilt. She whimpered away, crying out obscenities as I sodomized her like a dog forcing himself on a bitch. I reached in front of me and below her to grab on to her breast, and tugged at them for support as I plundered away into her. I pulled at her hair, then bent forward and turned her face forcefully to kiss her mouth. Then I spat on her face. She thrust her hips back to meet each impact, and I felt the force in my pelvis. My balls just swung again and again into her bush. I reached under and grabbed at her pubes. With my other hand I held her thigh. When I felt I could hold on no longer, I knew what I wanted to do. I withdrew from Aunt Jackie, then grabbed her by the hair and forced her to turn around, upon which I forced her mouth onto my soiled slimy cock, which she readily engulfed, some blood still oozing from her lip. I began a fucking motion into her mouth, till I felt my cock head hitting at the back of her throat. She gagged, but I did not care, I just wanted to fuck that mouth as long as I could last. She sucked relentlessly, till I flooded her mouth with hot cum, almost causing her to choke. She swallowed, and swallowed, like it was a shake. After I had dispensed evry drop into her mouth, she fell back, with me collapsing on top of her, passionately kissing one another. My semi-limp cock managed to find its way into her cunt-hole. I began pissing inside her. IT shocked her at first, but she appeared consumed by the warm sensation that was filling her, and smiled at me, the same wicked smile she once gave me when I had, by unintentional means, taken a good look between her thighs a long time ago during a family gathering.

This was not the end. Like I said at the conclusion of Part 1, our relationship continued till my marriage and later included my wife, Jasmin.

After Christmas, Aunt Jackie called me to tell me that she missed her period. She said it could be a false alarm. But she did not get it for two months and a pregnancy kit promptly purchased revealed that she was indeed expecting our child. We were both determined to keep the pregnancy going. And it did. How it all escaped detection would be revealed in Part 3. I will tell you now that today, our daughter is a healthy, bright undergraduate. She proudly acknowledges who her mother and father are.

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