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A Christmas Surprise

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Some of this is actually true. Enjoy.


I was standing in the door of the refrigerator, looking for something to eat when a small voice surprised me.

“Oh, there you are. I was wondering when I was going to see you.”

Standing in the door of the kitchen was my step-sister. We had both come home for the Christmas holidays and she must have arrived late the night before. Our breaks were typically long, so our parents were both at work, their holidays not yet started.

“Hi. Just trying to find something to eat.”

“Let me know if you find anything good. I’m starved.”

I closed the door and stood up to take a look at her and once again, I felt deeply conflicted. There was no doubt about it. Amber was a beautiful young woman. She had been a dancer all her life, ever since she was old enough to stand. She worked hard at it and loved it, and of course her body reflected the years of hard work. She was petite and moved with grace and sensuality no matter what she was doing.

Amber hopped up on the counter, very relaxed in her own skin.

“Isn’t that my shirt?” I asked.

“Yeah. I saw it laying around and decided I shouldn’t be walking around the house with nothing on. Plus, I like wearing your clothes. They’re nice.”

I looked at her a moment longer, the bottom hem of my button-up shirt coming to the middle of her thighs. She had only buttoned the bottom two or three buttons, and I could see her firm belly and the cleavage between her small, perky breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I silently cursed myself for even checking.

My dad had married her mom a few years back, but I was living with my mom at the time, so I didn’t see Amber much except the few times a year I would visit my dad.

She was a couple of years behind me in school, and though we were good friends when we were together, we hadn’t really spent a lot of time together. I was finishing my undergraduate work, and she had enrolled at a local university just this past fall, studying Fine Arts and Dance, of course.

“I can’t find anything to eat.”

“You’ll just have to get creative.” There was a playful, suggestive tone in her voice.

I looked at her for a moment and thought I caught her looking me over. I realized that I was also not well-covered. I was wearing only sweatpants. I had a good body and knew it. I often walked around the dorm without my shirt on and got plenty of appreciative looks.

“I’m good at creative. And I’m hungry. Have any ideas?” Where was this going?

“I’m getting some. You look good, Sean. Have you been working out?” I really wasn’t imagining it; she was checking me out.

“Yeah, some. I just like being slender and strong, I guess.”

“This shirt must look nice on you. I’d like to see you in it sometime.”

“How about now?” ensest hikayeler I decided to play along.

“Oh, no…I’m wearing it now. I’m afraid I won’t be able to give it to you just yet.” She cocked an eyebrow, knowingly prompting me.

“Maybe I’ll have to take it.”

“Ok, take it. If you can!” And with that, she shot off the counter and ran playfully down the hall. I chased after her. Without a moment’s hesitation, she ran into her room. I followed, anxious to see where this was going to lead.

She stopped in the middle of the room and looked at me as I entered.

“If I give you your shirt back, I will be naked. Well, mostly naked. It won’t be fair.”

She had dozens of shirts and sweatshirts laying around in this room. If she was really worried about being naked after giving me my shirt back, she had plenty of ways to cover up. If she asked me to leave while she changed, I would have. I would have regretted it, but I would have left. But she didn’t. Clearly, she liked where this game was going.

“Ok, how do we make it fair?”

“If I take my shirt off, you have to take your sweatpants off.”

“Deal.” I pulled my sweatpants down, revealing my snug boxer briefs. I watched in fascination as my delicate, powerful step-sister undid the bottom buttons and handed me my shirt. She was wearing a tiny white pair of bikinis that rode low on her hips. I could see the top of her sex just at the top hem. Her skin was smooth and taut.

We both paused for a moment, realizing where we were and what we were doing. She walked over to the door and quietly closed it.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” she said. Her voice had changed. The playfulness was gone, replaced by a sensual seriousness.

I looked her in the eyes for a moment. “Deal.” I said again, quietly.

She hooked her thumbs under the waistband and slowly pulled them down. She stepped out of them as she laid back on the bed and pulled one leg up a bit, giving me a clear view of her tiny crotch. I froze and stared.

Her voice brought me back. “Your turn.”

I returned the favor and dropped my underwear next to hers. My cock hung heavily as both of us relaxed into the situation.

“Wow. Come over here.” Her eyes were locked on my cock. It dangled heavily between my legs. I had never had much body hair and I kept my cock and balls shaved smooth. I found it was much more erotic and I could feel my girlfriend’s sex much better without any hair in the way.

“You’re much bigger than Derrick.” Derrick was her boyfriend. I didn’t want to picture them having sex. She reached out to touch it.

“I like the feel of your smooth skin. Do you mind?” she asked.


She took it gently in one hand and began to study it closely. I got the feeling that though she had certainly had sex before, and had probably even sucked a dick or two, she probably had never just looked at one.

I stood by the side of the bed while she gently moved it this way and that, looking closely at the smooth skin, watching how my cock responded to her touch. With a delicate touch, she cradled my balls in her hand. They responded by rolling around. She smiled a little.

For quite a while she explored me without a hint of embarrassment. I let her do whatever she wanted.

My cock got harder and began to jut out in front of me. She wrapped a delicate hand around it and began to stroke it. The examination was over, and she was ready to begin applying some sexual pressure.

“Not so fast.” I said.

She looked up at me, torn gently away from her focus on my cock by the sound of my voice.

“It’s my turn. I showed you mine, now you show me yours.”

She smiled, playful again. She leaned back against the pillows and spread her legs, revealing her tight little mound. I lay down on the bed between her legs and began gently probing her. I had had sex with plenty of beautiful women but had never really studied their crotch. I had always moved in hungrily with my tongue, closed my eyes, and let my hormones take over.

I wanted to take my time peeling back the layers of this delicate flower. Amber was so sensual and so perfect. I couldn’t believe she was so open to what we were doing, but she laid back and relaxed as I put my face only a few inches from her sex.

I rubbed the folds of her skin, reveling in the smoothness and firmness of her mound. I gently began working my fingers in, brushing delicately at her clitoris. Moisture began to seep out of her and I spread it around with my fingers.

I felt the sexual tension begin to build slightly in her. My own body was beginning to tense up. Both of us knew what was going to happen. The exploration with my fingers turned from clinical to sexual. I couldn’t help it. I was so aroused by her small but powerful frame, the sweet scent of her anticipation, the moisture that was covering my fingers.

I began to slide first one and then two fingers into her opening. Her head was back on the pillows, and she pushed herself down onto my fingers. She grabbed my hand and pushed it hard against her tight mound, urging me to be more aggressive.

I pressed hard with my fingers, rubbing quickly along the length of her. I pushed three fingers in and as I did so, I moved closer to her and began licking her clit. She sucked in air and began to writhe in excitement.

She came quickly but was nowhere near satisfied. She pushed me back and in a couple of quick moves, had both hands on my cock which was now rock hard. My head was still between her legs and we began to lick and suck and kiss all over each other. For one brief moment, it occurred to me that I was licking my sister’s cunt while she had my stiff cock deep in her throat. The forbidden nature of what we were doing enhanced the excitement both of us were feeling.

I paused for a moment to catch my breath, my lips and mouth coated with her juices. I looked down the length of our hard bodies and saw that she had taken almost all of my cock into her mouth, deeper than anyone had before and was sucking vigorously at it, trying to take it all the way into her tiny mouth. We were lost in the moment.

I began to feel my orgasm rising in my balls. I gently stopped her. I didn’t want to come in her mouth. I wanted to feel her tight pussy around my cock. I wanted to make love to her. I rolled her over onto her back, her head again propped up so she could watch me slide into her.

She spread her legs wide and took my cock in her hand, sliding it up and down her crotch, my pre-cum mixing with her moisture. She slid it back and forth, jerking me off at the same time.

Finally, she stopped. The tip of my cock was right at her opening. This was the final moment of truth. We could still (maybe) walk away from this thing as brother and sister. Our eyes locked, our bodies frozen in time, me hovering over her.

And then she gently pulled me in. I pushed.

God, she was so tight. Her pussy wrapped itself around me and I kept sliding deeper and deeper into her until our smooth skin was pressed hard together. A sensual moan escaped her lips. Her head was thrown back as she focused on the feeling of being impaled on my manhood.

I wrapped an arm around her lower back and lifted her partially off the bed, driving as deep into her as I could. I felt my cock fill her completely. The walls of her sex flexed and pulsated against my throbbing cock. We began to thrust, passion and feeling overtaking us.

I wanted it to last—we both did. But there was just too much pleasure in the mingling of our bodies. I felt my orgasm building inside of me. I tried to slow down, to make the moment last longer, but I was so aroused by the touch and sight of her.

Too soon, we were hit by the force of our climax. Our bodies clenched and froze, my cock pressed deep and hard into her. Her strong, lithe body clutching desperately at mine. We rode the moment as the sensations slowly subsided in us.

As we recovered from our sexual bliss, I slowly began to pull out of her. She let me go reluctantly. I settled on the bed next to her, basking in the warmth of our naked bodies, my hand caressing her small breasts and gently fondling her tight nipples. My slick cock rested on her thigh as she gently stroked it with her fingertips.

She looked at my face with a new sense of wonder and we kissed gently but passionately. This was not a brother-sister kiss. This was the kiss of new lovers.

“I’m still hungry.” she said, the playful tone back in her voice.

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