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A Close Friend Ch. 2

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I couldn’t believe what was happening! I had just watched the most erotic video that I had ever seen. I had just jacked off with another guy, AND had been jacked off and I had done him! Something that I hadn’t done since I was a kid. The amazing part was I hadn’t found it disagreeable, but an extreme turn on. Now Terry was moving towards me; she had just watched her husband and I do each other; and now as moving towards me naked!

“I don’t think you need these anymore. ” Bending over at the foot of the bed Terry took mine and Jerry’s shorts, that were tangled around our ankles, and pulled them off. Dropping them onto the floor she stood looking at us.

I had always thought she was sexy and had admired her. Standing before me was this black goddess. Everything seemed to move in slow motion and it was as if a dream. I still held Jerry’s cock and I could feel it stir in my fist. My cock wanted to grow but for the moment I remained soft in his hand. He slowly moved his hand up and down the soft shaft, cum still coating our hands and belly. Terry’s black hair hung softly on her shoulders. Her brown eyes stared at our hands and sparkled. A small smile played on her full lips. Her breasts, although not firm were not at all unattractive.

The areoles and nipples appeared almost black against her chocolate hued skin; the underside of her breast curved up and seemed to hold the areole towards me. They were larger than an old silver dollar and the large round nipples, directly in the center, were fully erect and pointed at me. Her body flowed into her waist and then out over her hips. She watched my eyes move down her body and moved her legs slightly. There at the juncture of her thighs she was completely shaved. Her hand slowly caressed along the lips and using two fingers she parted them. A soft pink color appeared and as she opened herself to me I could see the hard pink knob of her clit.

She moved onto the bed between us. Her fingers gently moving along the inside of our thighs as she moved closer. She looked over at Jerry and I heard him quietly say “yes”. Holding the base of my cock he offered it to her and as her hair fell over her face I felt my cock being sucked gently between her lips. She took me completely until her lips touched Jerry’s fingers. Moving his hand she took my flaccid cock fully. I could feel her tongue circling and cleaning the cum from me. The blood began to flow into the shaft and I felt it come alive and grow. I watched as her head moved up and down my shaft. Slowly she pulled up off the shaft and taking me in her hand squeezed and stroked the length.

“He’s getting kocaeli escort bayan hard… and it’s so thick… ” Terry knelt between us and looked from one cock to the other as her hands busily stroked each of us. She looked from Jerry’s cock up into his eyes. “You want to see him enter me… don’t you lover?”

“Yes… yes-s-s-s-s… ” Terry’s fist held Jerry tight and slid up and down his long shaft slickly from the cum that still coated it.

She released me and taking my hand put it back around my cock and moved over between Jerry’s thighs. Getting up onto her knees she took his cock in her hands and beginning with his balls licked up the underside of his shaft until holding the tip towards her took it between her lips. She took the tip, then the crown disappeared until half of his ten inches were deep in her throat.

“Ohhhyessssss… ” Jerry moaned. She held the base of his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. Her head moved up and down his cock, her breasts swaying with the motion.

I watched and stroked my now hard cock. She continued to suck and lick his cock. Pulling up over the head you could hear a soft “pop” as it left her mouth, then she would take him again her fist pumping and meeting her lips. Jerry moaned as she repeated the motion over and over. Holding my cock I moved off the bed and stood behind Terry. I looked past Terry’s bobbing head and saw that Jerry was looking at my fist stroking my hard cock, glancing up at me he smiled and nodded. He rested his hands lightly on Terry’s shoulders.

I moved forward on my knees in behind Terry’s upturned bottom and between her thighs. Jerry moved his legs farther apart allowing my knees to open Terry’s leg wider. I gently caressed her round bottom that was pointed towards me. The cheeks spread exposing all of her. I watched my fingers touch her allowing the sensation of her softness travel from my fingertips to my brain. My cock leaked a drip of precum. I could see the tight puckered hole of her ass and then the pink folds of her slit. They were swollen and her juices coated them. Sliding one hand around her I held her thigh, using my other hand I held my cock and moved forward. I rubbed the tip of my cock the length of her slit and could feel when it bumped against her erect clit.

“Ummmm-m-m-m… ” Terry responded as I played my cock over her clit. She continued working over Jerry’s cock. One hand stroking him, the other caressing his balls.

Leaning back slightly I looked down at my cock and pressed the sloped head of my cock into the opening of her pussy. I now held both her thighs, the head kocaeli sınırsız escort of my cock within the outer folds of her pussy. My eyes traveled along her back, past her head that was pumping up and down Jerry’s shaft and into his eyes.

“Go ahead Bill… ” he paused and smiled, “Do her… “

Holding Terry’s thighs I moved forward. I could feel her stretch as I entered. Each inch engulfed by the tightness and warmth of her. So tight I could feel the skin of my cock being forced back.

“Ohh… gawddamn-n-n-n… ” Terry released Jerry’s cock and looked up at him. “He’s… so… so-o-o… fucking… big-g-g-g-g-G-G-G-G!!” Her fist continued to pump up and down as I entered her. “Yes.. yes-s-s-s… YESSSSSSSSSSS…!!”

I was buried completely! I held her tight my thighs pressed into hers. I didn’t move and could feel the muscles of her pussy gripping and releasing me. Pulling back I watched the shaft of my cock appear until only the head remained. Pushing forward I moved much easier. “Ahhhh… damn… ” I watched as I fucked her. Moving faster and harder my balls would smack against her slit.

“Oh yes… yes… yes… ” She looked at Jerry as her hand continued to jack him off. “It’s big… feels… so… good… damn Jerry… it feels… “

“Ohhhhhh-h-h-h-h-h… damn-n-n-n-n-Terry-y-y-y-y… ” Jerry erupted shooting cum over Terry’s shoulder and onto her back. Cum landed in her hair as she jerked his spasming cock. Taking the cockhead in her mouth she swallowed and sucked his load. “Ohhhhgawd… suck me-e-e-e-off-f-f-f-f… yesSSSSSSSSS… “

Lifting off his cock she pulled on Jerry’s arm. “Eat me… eat me… my clit… my clit!… suck it… help me cum!!” She urged Jerry to turn and slide under her. As he turned she took his cock back into her mouth and sucked greedily.

I could feel his tongue as he sucked and licked her clit. As he licked he would skim the underside of my cock. I fucked Terry’s tight pussy faster. I could feel my own balls refilling with another load. I wanted to empty my cum deep in her. I pressed my thumb against my pumping cock and saw it covered with her juices. I pressed it against the tight puckered hole…

“YES!! YESSSS!! Do it!! Fuck both my holes!!… ” Terry nearly screamed urging me on, then she went back down on Jerry’s emptied cock. I could feel Jerry’s tongue increase it’s tempo and I could hear him sucking her clit and juices. Terry humped back towards me. Her hips grinding in circles and up and down. I pressed and watched my thumb disappear into her tight ass. I slammed my cock hard and deep, izmit anal yapan escort my balls slapping against Jerry’s forehead.

“UUURRRRRrrrrr… ” There was no waiting! My balls were going to explode! I slammed harder and faster into Terry’s tight cunt, my thumb violated her tight asshole.

“OH GAWD JERRY!! He’s going to cum! Oh fuck!! FUCK!! He’s… he’s… cummingggGGGGGGG!!… AAHHGGHHHH!!”

“NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” I exploded! Slamming my cock to the hilt I felt my load shoot into her depths. My thumb was buried in her tight hole. Holding her tight I unloaded with long strokes. My cock covered with her juices and my cum. “OHHHhhhh… ” Load after load spasmed out of me. Jerry’s tongue licked her clit and as my cum pushed out the edges of her cunt he took it also and swallowed my load. “Ohhhhhdamnnnnnn… ” Emptied and exhausted I fell back away from them. Cum drained from her pussy.

“I’m cumming! Jerry I’m… I’M… cummingGGGGG!!” Terry pressed her slit into Jerry’s face. All I could see was the top of his head as she pushed her cum filled pussy into his open mouth. Her hand was between her legs and was rubbing her clit as she fucked his mouth. I could only sit and stare.

Terry rolled off Jerry and lay beside him catching her breath. Jerry propped himself up on one elbow and looked first over at her naked body and then towards me. “That was something that we have fantasized about for a long time, but never thought it would happen. I apologize if we offended you. “

I looked at them and waved his comment off. “I’d never done that and hadn’t really thought about it. But with it all coming together like it did it was erotic. I actually found it quite exciting. ”

“It fulfilled one of my oldest fantasies. My pussy is still hot!” Terry moved off the bed and walked into the bathroom. “I’ll be out in a minute. ” She tossed a couple washcloths and towels and we heard the shower start.

Jerry and I cleaned ourselves up. “Let’s get something to drink. ” Pulling on our boxers we headed towards the kitchen. We sat at the table as Jerry set a couple beers down.

“I really got turned on listening to you two the other night, but never thought that this would happen… What other kinds of fantasies are you going to surprise me with?” I laughed as I spoke.

“This all wasn’t planned. ” Jerry smiled. “When Terry pulled me down after you filled her wasn’t considered. I know that I sure am emptied!” Jerry laughed and reaching down cupped his cock in his hand. “

I chuckled and nodded. “By the looks of me I’m out of action for a while too. “

“Yeh, to bad we can’t have orgasm after orgasm like Terry. But then she has her ways when I’m out of action. ” Jerry stood and grabbed a couple more beers. “You asked about other surprises, well we did get it on video. Come on, let’s go back in the bedroom. ” He handed me a beer and headed down the hall.

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