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A Corrupted Lodger

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Mrs. Molly Jessop stood in front of her bedroom mirror. She smiled at the reflection that looked back at her and bared her teeth. Happy that they were clean and fresh she patted the locks of her blonde hair and checked the skin of her face for any signs of a dreaded wrinkle. As she leaned forward her bath robe fell open slightly and she caught the reflection of her heavy, but still quite firm breasts in the mirror.

She stood up straight and let the garment fall open further, taking one of the large orbs in each hand and feeling the weight and texture. She smiled again. Not bad for an old girl of forty two, she thought, still fairly pert and definitely sensitive! As if to confirm her last thought, she allowed her thumbs to slowly rotate over the pink nipples sitting atop her breasts. She gasped slightly as the warm, tingling sensations washed over her standing body. Her breasts had always been very sensitive ever since she was a teenager, but as she had become older, they had only to be touched for the nipples to transform into hard, pebble like buds.

Suddenly Molly began to feel very naughty. Her husband, Billy had already left for work and apart from their lodger, Jason, who was probably still asleep, she was alone in the house. Still teasing her now hard nipples into further excitement, she sat on the edge of the bed in front of the mirror and let the robe slip from her body. As she ran her fingers slowly up the inside of her thighs, she scratched the tight skin gently with her long, painted nails. She had a sudden desire to masturbate and caught her breath at the very idea. She hadn’t done that since she was a young woman, but for some reason, today she was in a really horny mood.

Molly’s gaze was fixed on the mirror in front of her as she spread her legs wide. She could see the folds of her own labia open like a flower in bloom as her slender fingers began to explore her nether regions. She was already wet, she realised, as the digits slid sensuously over her lips and found her clitoris. She gasped again as the little button throbbed under her touch and she closed her legs tightly, squeezing and trapping her hand between her thighs.

Several times Molly’s fingers brought her to the edge of orgasm but failed to tip her over the edge. She needed something more. Just a little extra to take her crashing into a world of ecstatic orgasm. With fingers glistening wet, she looked around the room in almost desperation. Finally her eyes rested on the long sliver candlestick that had been a birthday present some years ago. She had never liked it much, but now saw an opportunity to put it to better use. The metal felt cool in her hands as she brought the thin end of the ornament towards her gaping pussy and eased it past her lips. She cried out as it entered her, inch after delightful inch disappearing into her body. Molly looked up into the mirror again as she began to slide the long invader in and out of her pussy. She groaned deeply as she felt the hard metal graze her engorged clit as she fucked herself harder and harder, faster and faster. Her legs spread wider as she climbed towards the inevitable orgasm that threatened to rip through her body at any moment. Just as the emotions began to well up in her body, a noise stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Who’s there?” she called, surprised at how shaky her voice sounded. “Is any one there?”

The room lay silent. Molly held her breath. She was sure that she gerçek porno had heard something, but couldn’t be sure where it had come from. Suddenly feeling embarrassed by her own nakedness and a little ashamed at what she had been doing, she got up and pulled the robe back around her. Her knees felt weak and her legs trembled as she walked around the room looking for the source of the interruption. Her eyes were drawn towards the framed watercolour on the wall. She had always had a liking for the artist and she let her eyes wander over the framed landscape relaxing slightly as the beauty of the painting soothed her.

“What the hell is that?” she asked herself quietly as she saw the small hole next to the painting. Her fingers traced over the tiny opening, no larger than the width of a pencil. She wondered what it could be. The room on the other side of the wall was Jason’s, their lodger, why would there be a hole from her bedroom to his, she thought?

Suddenly the realisation hit her like a freight train: The hole wasn’t from her room to his, it was from his to hers! He must have been watching her the whole time!

Jason cursed silently and looked at his companion with a apologetic expression. They had both been watching the masturbating woman for the last twenty minutes, and just as she was about to cum, Jason, loosing his cock in anticipation of his own climax, had knocked over the lamp that was by his elbow.

“Shit! I think we’ve been spotted” he said to the other man with him. “Oh no! I think she’s coming in here!”

Molly, fully prepared for an all out row, pulled her robe tightly around her and stormed out into the hall. The dirty little bastard!, she thought, spying on me like that! I’ll see him out of my house for this!

The door to Jason’s room was locked so Molly banged loudly on the wooden surface with her fist.

“Let me in, Jason” she shouted, “I know you’re in there you little freak!”

Although angry at being watched, Molly also felt a thrill in the experience. She had still not cum yet and her pussy twitched under the robe. She knew she was still wet down there and made a mental note to finish the job after she had thrown Jason out of the house.

“Shit! We are so busted” said Jason to his companion as they tried to think of a way out of their situation.

“Fuck! You’re right – I guess we better just let her in and own up to this. You do it Jason, you let her in.”

The door opened slowly – just a crack. Jason peered out and Molly pushed the door quickly the rest of the way open.

“Just what the hell do you think -” Molly’s voice trailed off as her eyes saw Jason’s companion sitting on the edge of the bed, a large erection bulging obviously in his jeans.

“Billy! What …. I though you’d gone to….I…I…don’t understand!” she said, confused.

She watched her husband rise from the bed and hang his head in shame. He could hardly look her in the eyes.

“I’m so sorry, darling,” he began, “but you looked so beautiful! We’ve been watching you dress and undress for weeks now. I really am sorry, but watching you together…with Jason…is just so exciting!”

Molly felt confused rather than angry now. She and Billy had been married for almost fifteen years now, and in all that time she had never suspected that he had any voyeuristic fantasies at all – let alone about her! The thought of being watched by one gay porno man had inflamed her excitement, but by two, and one of them her husband, was sending her brain and body into a spiral of lust. She looked at the two men in front of her, each with bulging erections and could feel little but the need for her own release. She could hardly believe her own words as she spoke.

“Screw watching me,” she said as she shrugged the robe from her shoulders once again, “what I need is a good fucking – who’s going to be first?”

Billy and Jason stood open mouthed for a few seconds as they stared at the nude woman in front of them. Billy knew that body well, but Jason had only had a few glimpses of her voluptuous figure from the spyhole that he had created a few weeks earlier and looked on in fascinated awe as the object of his lust sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs.

Billy could see his friend’s hesitation and tried to put him at his ease.

“Go ahead Jason,” he said with a smile, “Looks like my wife is in the mood for more than I can give her by myself!”

Jason’s cock was straining inside his trousers as he moved towards Molly. Her naked body shone in the half light of the room and he could clearly see her glistening vagina between her outstretched legs. Finally he stood before her. Molly’s hand reached out towards him and quickly undid his belt. The zipper was next and with a deft movement, Jason was left standing with his jeans and underwear around his ankles and his stiff poker sticking out in front of him. He gasped out loud as he felt Molly’s mouth descend over his cock and wrap her pretty lips around his throbbing glans. Her tongue flicked quickly over the mushroom head and her fingers closed around his hanging balls. The excitement proved too much for Jason, and with a cry of satisfaction he ejaculated thickly into her mouth.

Molly was now in a state of near exasperation as she let her lodgers flaccid penis slip from between her cum streaked lips. She reached up, and with her hands on his shoulders, urged the younger man to his knees between her thighs. She was pleased that Jason seemed to know what to do and sighed contentedly as she felt his long tongue slide between her slick pussy lips.

“Oooohhhhh yessssss….Jason…please eat me…eat my pussy…make me cum…”

Billy was smiling broadly now as he watched his lodger and friend lick his wife’s pussy with enthusiasm. Her hands were behind Jason’s head pulling him towards her mound and her legs were now draped over his shoulders as she cried out in ecstasy. Her orgasm echoed around the room causing Billy’s cock to throb wildly. It was time to release his own weapon, he thought. Jason’s cock was still limp and Billy knew that his wife would want to be fucked hard as soon as she had recovered from her orgasm.

Billy watched Jason’s face as it emerged from between his wife’s legs. It was wet from her fluid and some of her lust juice had dribbled over his chin.

“Hold her legs back Jason,” he said as he withdrew a long erect cock. “I’m going to go deep into that sweet cunt of hers now!”

“Oh yes…do it…do ME!” cried Molly suddenly finding her voice.

Jason moved onto the bed and followed Billy’s instructions. Grasping one of Molly’s ankles in each hand he knelt by her head and pulled her legs backwards. Billy quickly joined the couple on the bed and gazed in wonder at his wife’s evli porno open, dripping pussy. He had seen it many times before, of course, but never in this sort of situation. Never with an audience.

Molly began to moan loudly as her husband started to push his organ into her vagina. Her breath was ragged as she felt the large weapon invade her hole. She tried to cry out but her words were cut off as Jason thrust his semi-erect tool back into her mouth.

“That’s right, Jason” grunted Billy as he began to pound his wife’s pussy, “Shut the bitch up with your cock while I fuck her sweet cunt as hard as she can take it!”

Molly could hear her husband’s crude words as he fucked her. He had never before used language like that and she had to admit that it was exciting to be called a bitch. But that’s exactly what she was, she thought to herself: a Bitch. A slut that was being used for the pleasure of these men. She could feel another climax begin to tremble through her body and clenched her pussy muscles tight around her husband’s cock as he hammered into her. She had been so busy with her thoughts that she had almost forgotten about the now solid prick that was fucking in and out of her mouth. She was brought quickly back to reality as Jason let loose his second orgasm and flooded her mouth with his hot, sticky seed.

Molly almost choked as the liquid filled her mouth and began to trickle over her cheeks. Her own orgasm returned with renewed vigour and she closed her eyes and bathed in the delightful sensations. Billy was still above her, pounding and thrusting his engorged tool into her pussy. This was also a new position for Molly; with her legs bent back so, she could feel every bulge, every vein and muscle of her husband’s penis as it drove inexorably into her body. She could hear him panting and gasping through clenched teeth and as he shouted out loud in his lust, Molly was rewarded with a huge stream of cum that splashed onto her abdomen and chest.

Billy just seemed to keep on cumming and cumming. Now free of the wet tunnel that it had been invading, his cock flailed wildly in front of him, pouring his semen onto Molly’s skin.

“Jeez” he exclaimed as eventually his emissions became less frequent, “that was the best ever, darling.” he turned to Jason who was quietly tucking his saliva streaked tool back into his pants. “Thanks, man! I hope you enjoyed her as much as I did!”

“Yeah, thanks, that was fantastic,” replied Jason, “its just a shame I’m gonna get thrown out, is all! I really enjoyed living here!”

“Now just hold on a minute!” said Molly sitting up and trying, unsuccessfully, to re-arrange herself into a position that did not expose all of her charms. “I hope you don’t think that you’re leaving now or any time soon! Oh no! – You two guys are going to be at my beck and call for a long time yet! Jason, you’re not going anywhere! I think I’ve just re-discovered my sexual appetite and both of you are going to help me explore it further. Anyone got any complaints about that?”

Jason and Billy both smiled at the naked woman before them. She had given up trying to cover herself now and stretched herself out on Jason’s bed completely nude. As Billy looked at the mess that he and his friend had made on Molly’s face and chest, his cock began to grow once again.

Jason laughed and began to pull his underwear off again. “I’m so glad I’m staying,” he said with a grin as he walked to his closet, “I think I got an old pair of handcuffs somewhere in here – if anyone’s interested!!

“It looks like our lodger is completely corrupt!” laughed Molly, “I don’t know about you Billy, but I think I’m gonna enjoy being corrupted too!”

– The End –

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