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A Coupling

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Double Penetration

I was on my knees between the plastic blow up doll’s legs humping away as my wife and her new found friends Gloria and Barry lay on the bed naked, half drunk from the bottle of wine and exhausted from their marathon sex session laughing as I entertained them by putting on this show. As I humped away knowing that I was going to cum any second, I thought back to how this had all started.

My wife Pattie and I have talked about, and flirted with the idea of cuckolding for quite awhile. We had one rather pleasing experience with another male, but he was from out of town and haven’t had much luck of late. That is until Pattie told me about her friend Gloria that works with her. She told me that although she and Gloria have minimal contact at work and even work in different buildings, they chat occasionally about things outside the office mostly via text. Gloria began texting Pattie and asking her if she and I had every ‘played around’ with another couple. Pattie said that we had played around but not with another couple, with another man. She told Gloria about cuckolding and she seemed intrigued.

Their texts flew back and forth for a month or more and finally Pattie was getting frustrated because she couldn’t quite figure out what Gloria and her husband Barry were after. Gloria had ‘alluded’ to Pattie that they had met another man or were going to a swingers club etc. Finally, frustrated Pattie decided to be blunt and take the first step. She told Gloria that their texts had her dripping with excitement and that she would love to get together with them with me her cuckold husband present and serving in ‘any capacity the three of us deem necessary’ to which Gloria texted back, ‘Let’s do it!’

And so that was it. Pattie knew that I would do anything for her without question. She knew that my first wife had left me for her lover and that when we started dating shortly thereafter I confessed to her my cuckold yearning, leanings and desires. Our relationship changed once we were married and Pattie took over everything including the checkbook, who did what around the house (I was assigned to do all the shopping, cooing, cleaning, yard work, laundry, and housework, while Pattie was in charge of the checkbook) and who I could associate with and when. Around the house I became her slave period. I was usually dressed in pantyhose and always work a CB-3000 chastity device except when she would grant me a ‘release’ after having been especially good or had pleased her in some way. The release consisted of her taking the device off and barely touching the head of my cock while I jerked frantically to cum. Once I had shot my load, she would make me lick ever drop clean and then put the dreaded device back on.

The control of a chastity device as any cuckold knows is amazing. When you’re in it, you’re constantly reminded of why you’re in it and how badly you want to be released. Once released you’ll do virtually anything to cum and knowing this and exploiting it, Pattie has total control over me and anything I do. I’ve been required to kneel and lick her pussy for hours on end while she watches television or suck on her toes and give her a pedicure while she surfs cuckolding sites and reads cuckolding stories to me aloud. In short, I have become not only her cuckold husband but her slave, confidant, lover and boywife as she likes to call me.

Pattie came home a few weeks back and told me about her and Gloria and their texting. I was extremely intrigued and aroused. She told me that she thought it would be hot for the four of us to get together with me serving them and how did I feel about that. I replied that if it would make her happy I was more than willing to do whatever she wished. That night in bed as I licked her to orgasm she told me how she envisioned her and Gloria making out with each other while Barry watched canlı bahis and I got him hard and ready for the two of them. She told of how after Barry had fucked them both silly and cum inside their pussies that I would be required to lick all three of them clean and wait on them hand and foot. She went on and on with variations from me licking her ass while Barry fucked her to me performing all sorts of humiliating acts all the while locked in my chastity device.

I wasn’t allowed to cum that night or the next or even the next, but had to wait a full month before I was released and allowed to cum. That night was pure heaven as I confessed to her that after being locked up for so long I would do anything she wanted. She took advantage of my excitement by making me confess my deepest darkest secrets and desires of what would take place when we got together with Gloria and Barry. I confessed how I wanted to lick Pattie’s ass while Barry fucked her, how I wanted to suck his cock, how I craved humiliation from the three of them and went into detail. I confessed how I’d like to be dressed in a pink leotard with a ruffle around the waist wearing pantyhose with my device on while I served them. How I thought it would be hot if they sent me to get ice down the hall in the hotel dressed in that outfit and how I loved the thought of the three of them making a game of humiliating me and making me serve them. Like a sinner in a confessional, by the time I shot my load and lay there spent after having licked up all my own cum I had confessed every deep dark desire I had. Pattie merely smiled and said, “This is going to be fun!”

Gloria and she continued to text each other and I was never privy to the content of the texts only knowing that they made my wife extremely wet as I licked her to orgasm each night. One night she let it slip that Barry had begun texting her too and that she told both he and Gloria of our experiences, desires and to my embarrassment, amazement and astonishment had relayed my long ‘confession’ to them. But what could I do? I was locked in chastity, a man with no financial means (the checking and savings accounts were all in her name and my check was directly deposited) and no way to escape even if I had wanted to; which I had no desire to do.

A month ago on a Friday afternoon I was out cutting the lawn and getting ready to finish laundry when my cell phone buzzed with a text message from Pattie. It read simply, “FedEx coming with a package. Open it, read the enclosed instructions and be ready when I get home at seven.” I trembled with excitement for the last time a package had arrived it had contained my chastity device which began the pain/pleasure road trip we were still on. Like clockwork the FedEx truck pulled up and the driver handed me a package which I signed for and immediately took into the house opening as I went. Inside was a manila envelope with a single typed page:

To my little boywife…take a shower, make sure you’re clean shaven from head to toe, then put this outfit on and wait for me and our guests to get there…champagne would be nice…

I tore the rest of the package and stared in disbelief. There in the cardboard box was a pink leotard with a pink and white ruffle around the waist, a pair of pink crotch less tights and a pair of pink ballerina slippers. My heart sank! Could she possibly be serious? Did she really expect that I would wear this in front of Gloria and Barry? I mean I know I had confessed it to her, but I never thought she would take it to this height. And so here I stood at a crossroads from which I knew I would or could ever turn back. Before I knew it I was in the shower and had shaved my body as instructed. Looking at myself in the mirror I smiled and blushed. Here I stood shaved head to toe with a chastity device on dressed in the pink ballerina outfit, bahis siteleri tights and slippers. It was exactly as I had confessed it to her that night. It was surreal and yet I found myself moving through the surreal scene and putting a bottle of champagne on ice.

I busied myself making some hors d’oeuvres for our guests’ enjoyment. At seven o’clock on the dot the front door opened and in walked Pattie followed by Gloria and Barry. Although I had never met them in person I could tell this was them by the descriptions she had provided to me. It appeared they had all been drinking quite a bit. Gloria was a tall brunette, wide in the hips, with very large breasts and firm thick thighs. She wore a tight, short black mini dress made of Lycra that had a plunging neckline that accentuated her great cleavage. She wore red heels to match and from what I could tell wasn’t wearing any stockings or panties. Barry was exactly as Pattie had described him. He looked a bit like the actor Jason Statham and had an earring in his ear and wore a pair of dress pants and a loose shirt. The three of them sauntered into the living room and stood there staring at me. The moment seemed to go on for hours. The silence and tension was building.

Finally Gloria put her hand over her mouth and burst out laughing. As if on cue, Pattie and Barry chimed in. “Oh my God” Gloria said, slapping her leg. “I know you’ve told us all about him and the control you have over him but actually coming here and seeing him in person dressed like this is a riot!”

I stood there, my face burning a crimson red in my embarrassment. I simply curtsied and said, “I have chilled champagne if anyone would like some and some scallops wrapped in bacon.” I could feel my little cock growing inside its cage and desperately wanted this evening to go as Pattie had planned it. Pattie walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips, then reached down and grabbed by cock and lifted the hem of my ruffled outfit. “See I told you both I have him locked in chastity and it has its desired effects as you can tell. Yes, my little boywife, champagne and scallops wrapped in bacon sounds divine. We’ll have them in the living room.” I curtsied and made my way to the kitchen as they retired chuckling and talking to the living room.

When I returned with the tray the three of them were sitting on the couch. Barry was in the middle and Pattie was on his left with Gloria on his right. I gingerly set the tray down and gave each of them a glass of champagne followed by presenting them with the scallops. The three of them obviously didn’t need any more alcohol, but the all clinked their glasses and downed them laughing and hugging each other. Pattie motioned and I immediately knelt and began massaging her feet. Gloria and Barry laughed at this too commenting on how well Pattie had me trained.

Soon the three of them were making out like high school kids on a date. Hands and lips were roaming all over each other as clothes came off in a frenzied pace. Soon Gloria and Pattie were totally naked and Barry was naked from the waist up. They stopped their interaction for a moment and Pattie motioned to me and said, “I think you should take Barry’s pants off and let us see what we’re in store for.” I knelt up and undid the belt buckle on Barry’s pants and gently slid his slacks down his legs and threw them aside, gaping at his gorgeous semi erect cock that must have been at least seven inches even in that state.

Pattie took his cock in her hand, her pink fingernails shining in the candle light and stroked it slowly as I knelt there like a dog waiting for a bone. She had this evil smile on her face as she squeezed it and a drop of glistening precum oozed from the tip. “Go ahead, I know you want it. Lick it like a good boywife should and get it nice and hard for us.” Without saying bahis şirketleri a work I obediently obeyed and licked Barry’s cock while she held it in her hands feeding it to me. I was again lost in the surreal world of it all and lapped and sucked his cock with a fierce abandon. Every now and then I would glance up and see the three of them kissing and licking and sucking each other in various ways. I could feel Barry growing harder and thicker in my mouth and could taste the ever present salty taste of his precum.

All at once Pattie pushed me out of the way, stood up and straddle Barry’s cock. I watched it sink deep into her already soaked pussy. She spread her cheeks and I knew what that meant and began licking her ass immediately. Gloria sucked on Pattie’s nipples and played with her tits as Barry fucked her hard while all the while I knelt licking her ass and his balls. He was pounding her like I never could; her arms wrapped around his neck as she rode his cock and screamed she was going to cum. In that instant Barry shouted he was cumming to as I watched their bodies tense with the intense orgasm each was experiencing. They both lurched and bucked into each other until I heard a little laugh escape from Pattie and she blew out a large breath. “Phew, THAT was something I have been waiting for!”

She raised her leg and took her place back next to Barry on the couch. I knelt there gazing at his cock as if hypnotized. I had never seen a cock so big up close and covered in cum and my wife pussy juice. It was now Barry who addressed me, “Go ahead and show us what a good little boywife you are and clean my cock up and your wife’s pussy.” It wasn’t an invitation but rather and order and an order I knew I’d follow no matter what. I dropped my head onto his lap and licked and sucked their juices clean from his cock while the three of them patted me on the head and talked about how hot that was. I then moved on to Pattie’s pussy and licked her clean while they continued to revel in their post orgasm chat. Barry said he would be ready to go again in a few minutes something that had greatly impressed Pattie as she had told me earlier and I knew what that meant.

Gloria motioned for me to come to her with the crook of her index finger, and I crawled between her legs and began to lick her without having to be told. I licked and sucked and lapped at her pussy for a good thirty minutes while Barry and Pattie made out like teenagers in their post coital lust. As I licked Gloria I see Barry’s cock getting hard again out of the corner of my eye. Pretty soon he was at full mast and now it was Gloria who pushed me aside and mounted her husband’s cock. Pattie and Barry continued to make out as he fucked Gloria and I knelt and licked her ass and his balls just as I had done when he fucked Pattie.

Since that fateful night we’ve met at their home and in hotels where I’ve had the humiliating pleasure of checking the four of us into a single room while Barry, Gloria and Pattie stand behind me with their arms around each other making out. I get some strange looks from hotel clerks but love it all the same. One night in the midst of their fucking and sucking in a hotel room they sent me dressed in my humiliating outfit down the hall for ice. We didn’t need ice, but I knew the method behind their madness.

It’s similar to the situation I find myself in now. Barry and Gloria bought a present for me last week. It was a plastic blow up doll like you see in the sex stores. And after the three of them had finished and they knew how incredibly insatiably horny I was, they let me out of my device and ordered me to ‘make love’ to the doll whilst they lay on the bed tangled in their embrace laughing and jeering and goading me on. I humped away as Barry yelled, ‘kiss her!’ followed by Patties, ‘squeeze her tits’ and Gloria’s ‘lick her pussy’ to which I had to obey each command as they shouted it. Until, finally I was allowed to cum inside the doll and then lick it clean. I think we’ve found a couple we’re going to be friends with for a long time to cum!

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