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A Cozy Weekend with My Niece Pt. 01

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I have a lovely niece who is only ten years or so younger than me (my parents took a break between my older siblings and myself), and we have always had a rather odd relationship, as we didn’t meet until we were both adults. This resulted in our imprinting not as relatives, but rather as two nice looking people who were attracted to each other almost immediately.

Neither of us mentioned this mutual attraction for the first ten years or so, but it become obvious after a while, that we did things just a little differently than typical uncles and nieces do; like grabbing lunch or dinner together, going to the movies, flea market or gun shows, and just hanging out sometimes to watch a movie or discuss our personal relationship issues. Who discusses intimate sexual details with a family member? Us, apparently.

It began to dawn on us, that if we were not related, what we were doing could be called casual dating. We were frequently mistaken for a couple on several occasions, and neither of us ever bothered to correct the person making the mistake, further lending credence to the fact that we really liked one another in ways that could be considered taboo.

Athena and I – or simply Thena, as I typically called her when we weren’t using pet names such as, Babe, Love or Darling (which might have been another clue that we were different) – had spoken many times over the years about my taking her up to my rustic hunting cabin up in the mountains. Since I typically like to take my clothes off as soon as I get up there, I had been hesitant about inviting her up there with me, as I thought it might dampen my enthusiasm to walk the land and masturbate freely. Over the past few months, however, things had changed in our relationship since I had actually confessed my feelings and made it official.

It hadn’t been easy, but one night it just slipped out in a text. We both said, “I love you,” but then I just HAD to follow it up with, “I’m in love with you.” Once it was out in the open though, it was incredible easy for us to talk about our true feelings and what we might consider doing about them. She was in a relationship with someone else at the moment, but we both agreed to see where things went when it ended.

In the meantime, she had asked once again about going up to the cabin with me, and I started talking about building a fire and smelling the wood smoke coming from the Franklin stove I had up there. She said it sounded wonderful, and she loved the thought of being up there. The only drawback was my wanting be clothes-free, so I told her I liked to be that way when I was there. She told me she wouldn’t be offended in the least, and liked being nude outdoors as well. At that point, there was nothing in the way of our sharing a weekend and my still being able to go for a walk’n’jerk every now and then.

I arrived at her house on a Saturday morning in November, while it was still dark out. It was the time of year where the weather can be rather unpredictable, with warm days turning cold, and clear days suddenly building up to rain or snow squalls. It looked okay though for this weekend; clear weather and daytime highs in the upper 50’s; not really warm, yet still warm enough to go for nude walks through the forest. I owned several dozen acres of land, and it was quite secluded; backing up to a ten thousand acre state park on one side, and hundreds of acres of timber in private hands on the others.

I had all of my stuff in a large backpack, and had brought a smaller one for her to stow her gear as well. It was a half mile hike in from where I had to park, as the ford had washed out in the creek several years back and I had never gotten around to fixing it. It was on foot and all uphill from there on out.

It was daylight by the time we arrived, and dappled sunlight shone through the treetops overhead, illuminating the top of the hill where my cabin was located. We shouldered our heavy packs, and headed for the creek, carefully stepping across strategically-placed rocks to ferry us across; safely and dryly. One slip would result in a very cold and even worse, wet lesson, and I was not wanting that to happen.

We reached the far side without incident and headed uphill, stopping occasionally to rest our legs and catch our breath, which was visible in the crisp, clean air as we exhaled. After twenty minutes or so, we reached the openness of the orchard grass meadow atop my hill where the cabin was situated.

“Here we are!” I announced. “Cabin, sweet cabin!”

“Oh Jack!” Thena exclaimed. “This is just the way I pictured it!”

I slipped out of my heavy pack and helped Thena with hers; placing hem on the small open deck by the front door. We rotated our shoulders to help with the circulation, before I ascended the four steps to the landing. The cabin was built off the ground on telephone poles, and at this point, was about thirty inches above the ground. I unlocked the door and opened it; relieved that nothing flew or ran out as I did so.

I left the packs where they were for ensest sikiş hikayeleri the moment, so I could sweep the floor before we brought our stuff in. Somehow, there was always a layer of dust on the floor, and I didn’t want to step in it after I took my clothes off. A few minutes later everything was ready, and I motioned for Thena to join me in my humble abode.

I checked the thermometer on the wall, and it was a chilly 43 degrees inside the cabin. Not too terribly cold for me, as I can take it. In fact, one of my favorite things is to strip and run naked through the snow. It was still warmer than the crisp air outside, but that would soon begin to warm as the sun got higher into the Appalachian sky.

“Let me get a fire going, and while it’s drawing with the doors shut, we can go outside for a smoke if you’d like, Babe.” I suggested.

Thena nodded, and glanced around. The walls were covered on both sides with half inch thick yellow pine plywood, which made the place very sturdy, and I had painted the interior gloss white to reflect the light of the gas lamp at night and make everything a lot brighter. There was no furniture; just two outdoor chairs, and a foam mattress leaning against the wall to sleep on. There was also a generator that I had never wired up, and a large mower to keep the grass mowed every few years.

“You were right, this place sure is rustic!” she exclaimed. “But it gets you out of the weather. It’s kind of cozy too, in a strange way; like old times.”

I smiled in reply, and crumpled some old newspapers up; placing them into the shallow stove and then adding kindling and split oak firewood. I lit the paper and closed the doors, and within a few seconds, the roar of the fire drawing through the antique stove filled the room.

“Ready?” I inquired.

Thena nodded, so I began shedding my clothes. After a few seconds, she decided to join me for a smoke au natural. We stood on the four-foot-square deck, and gazed over the landscape as we smoked our cigarettes. I had quit years ago, but still enjoyed smoking up here or while it was snowing. Just a quirk, I guess.

“Oh Darling, this is beautiful!” she breathed. “You weren’t exaggerating. I wish you’d have brought me up here years ago though. We could have had so many memories here.”

“I was afraid you’d be offended if I told you I wanted to take my clothes off.” I confessed. “On top of that, I love walking around without any clothes on, and masturbating outside.”

Thena smiled.

“So do I.” she responded. “Since we both know how the other feels now, maybe we can share that as a way to break the ice, you know? Then we’ll have a whole lot of catching up to do if it feels right.”

“Sounds good to me.” I replied, as we reentered the cabin.

It was already a little warmer than when we had stepped outside, but as soon as I opened the doors on the stove, a wave of heat flooded into the room. Thena took one of the vinyl coated wire chairs and placed it in front of the stove, inhaling the scent of hardwood smoke as she sat down.

“This could be so romantic!” she burst out. “Oh Jack, I really wish we’d told each other how we both felt, a long time ago.”

“Me too,” I agreed, “but at least I finally came clean.”

“It took a lot of courage to tell me how you felt, Sweetheart.” Thena said quietly.

“Actually, it took a lot of vodka,” I responded, “but thank you.”

She giggled at my answer, and I pulled the other chair up. We watched the fire for several minutes, getting warmer and warmer, until it was almost too much. I glanced at the thermometer, and it was up to 58 degrees.

“That took the chill off.” I remarked. “We’ll let this burn out, and we’ll be comfortable for the rest of the day, especially once the sun heats everything up outside. We can light another one this evening.”

“Okay.” she agreed. “That sounds good. So… what do you do to pass the time while you’re up here?” she inquired.

“I listen to the radio, read, jerk off a lot and start drinking.” I said with a smile. “Then I jerk off some more. Wanna go for a walk with me? I’ll show you around the property, and maybe we can enjoy each others’ company, if you know what I mean.”

She nodded, and I stood; taking her hands in mine and pulling her up. I was finally able to admire her unclothed body. Thena had always been self conscious about her tits, as they were a little small, but so was she. B cups on her 5’2″ frame were perfect! Since she’d had a few kids and breastfed them all, they were really soft and droopy, which really turned me on. She saw me looking at them and cleared her throat.

“Ahem, my eyes are up here.” she said with a grin.

I grinned back.

“Yes, but your tits are down here.” I responded. “I’ve seen your eyes for years, but now, I get to stare at your gorgeous little tits. It doesn’t bother you, does it, Babe?”

“Not at all.” she replied. “I don’t mind. Besides, I like looking at that dick of yours. I can’t wait to see it all swelled up.”

“Pervert!” I quipped.

“Takes one to know one!” she said enthusiastically. “C’mon, show me around! I want the grand tour!”

We donned our sneakers, and I led her back down the path we had used for the last portion of our hike in. It was exhilarating to be walking around nude with my pretty niece trailing behind me, devoid of clothes herself. It was a fantasy coming true, and I could only hope that it continued the way I had envisioned things for years, as I fantasized about her while I masturbated in bed, or to a picture she had sent me of herself in her underwear while pregnant. Again, what kind of niece sends her uncle a provocative picture of her with child, knowing full well he’s into pregnant women? She had to know what I was going to do with it.

I led her down to a section of creek on one of the back corners of the property, where a small grassy meadow opened out of the woods. It had once been part of the creek, but had silted in and become a nice place to sit and relax or read in the spring of fall, before it was either too hot and humid, or too cold.

“This is so nice!” she exclaimed. “It would be perfect to have a picnic in nicer weather.

“It would.” I agreed. “Perhaps we can make that happen.”

She smiled and nodded.

“This is one of the spots where I like to jerk off.” I explained. “It’s quiet and open. I feel peaceful here.”

“I can see why.” she responded. “It’s a great place to masturbate.”

Thena looked at me intently, and gently bit the left side of her lower lip alluringly.

“Perhaps this would be a good place and a great way, to break the ice?” she suggested. “I’d love to watch you standing in front of me, pulling your pecker to the sight of my nude body. Would you like that, Jack?”

I nodded, and began slowly stroking my cock, encouraging it to harden in front of her. It arose until it was almost seven inches long, and standing up at a perfect forty five degree angle.

“Nice.” she breathed. “So big; so hard. I want to watch you cum.”

We faced each other, and Thena began rubbing herself as I started jerking off in front of her. I gazed at her soft breasts as I wished I were squeezing them at the moment.

“May I touch your tits?” I inquired politely.

She nodded, and I paused for a moment as I reached out to squeeze them in my hands. I kneaded them between my palms and fingers, and she sighed deeply. They felt absolutely wonderful! I continued squeezing her right boob with my left hand, as I went back to jerking off once again.

“God, I love your titties!” I exclaimed. “They’re so soft, Thena. Oh, I love squeezing them.”

“I’m glad you like them.” she answered. “Oh Darling, look at my little titties. Do they turn you on?”

“Yes!” I gasped. “I love them! Oh Thena… oh shit Babe; I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it!” she huffed. “I want to see it squirt out of your big dick, Love!”

I grunted and gasped, as thick gobs of cum erupted from my penis in long, ropy spurts. It landed on the ground with audible sounds like large raindrops. A moment later, Thena squealed with pleasure herself, and she shuddered violently.

We stood facing one another for several seconds, panting heavily and smiling at each other.

“That was nice.” I said with a smile.

Thena nodded.

“It was.” she concurred. “It was certainly a nice way to break the ice, so to speak. Oh Jack, my love, I think we’re going to have a wonderful time this weekend!”

“I think so too.” I agreed, as I milked the remaining semen from my urethra and wiped it on my thigh. “Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can concentrate better on showing you around.”

We spent the next few hours walking all over the property, as I showed her where a Civil War bog mine had once supplied raw ore to make cannonballs for the Confederacy, and several springs to potentially tap for drinking water. We finally arrived back at the cabin just after lunch, and quenched our thirst with water I had stored in several cases in the other room.

It was the original part of the cabin; built post and beam, and it was where I stored the food, water and ammo I kept for extended stays, or in the event of an emergency. I was slowly adding more and more of my prepper supplies, so that I didn’t have all of my eggs in one basket if the balloon ever went up.

“It’s not fancy by any means,” Thena remarked, “but it sure is a nice place to hang out. No wonder you like it up here so much. And the view from the ridge; my god, that was breathtaking!”

“Ready for lunch?” I inquired.

“I am!” she replied eagerly.

She had made some roast beef sandwiches, and along with a large bag of chips I had brought, we had a very nice lunch ready to go in less than fifteen seconds. We had worked up quite an appetite hiking all over the place, and devoured them in a very short time.

“Those were good!” I praised her.

She smiled in reply.

“Thank you. I have to be able to make a lot of stuff with three kids you know. Sandwiches are easy.”

We took another smoke break and took in the vista to the north. It was nowhere as spectacular as the mountainous view from the ridge, but still featured a few rolling hills. In the summer, as the sun came up, the mist arose from the hollows in between those hills and lent to spectacular photo ops. Upon reentering the cabin, I turned on the radio I had left on a small shelf, and tuned in to the local rock station. I then fished out the half gallon bottle of Everclear I had brought along in my backpack, so I would have a stash already here the next time I came up.

“Hey, that looks good!” Thena commented. “I brought something too, that would go along with it.”

“Oh?” I inquired. “What’s that?”

“A little weed. I hope you don’t mind.” she replied. “I thought it might be fun to smoke a little and relax later on.”

It was something I would never consider using myself, but since the opportunity was presenting itself, I shrugged.

“Why not?” I responded. “Between the alcohol and the grass, it could get interesting.”

It would in fact get quite interesting. Unbeknownst to either of us, a fast moving but powerful weather system was on its way in. In just a few hours, it would change our plans for not only the entire weekend, but quite possibly the rest of our lives as well.

I poured about a shot of the Everclear into our empty water bottles and filled the rest with a cherry soda local to the South, handing one of them to my niece. We each took a good swallow, and a few seconds later, I could feel an icy hot sensation inside of my ears. It wasn’t too long before were seriously inebriated, and laughing as we listened to the radio and shared stories. At some point, Thena took out her stash of weed and fired up, handing it to me as well. I took a few tokes, and in conjunction with the alcohol, suddenly felt like I was on booze and pills again.

Eventually, I noticed it seemed to be getting dark, yet it was still only mid afternoon. Curious, I stepped outside and was greeted by a blast of chilly wind. I turned my gaze skyward, and was stunned to see billowy dark clouds coming from the west. It felt like the temperature had dropped at least twenty degrees, and Thena hollered to shut the door.

I stepped back inside and closed it, looking at her in alarm.

“What’s wrong, Love?” she inquired. “You seem concerned.”

“I think there’s a front coming through.” I replied. “It might get nasty.”

“Maybe we should leave.” she suggested.

“Oh yeah, and who’s going to drive?” I retorted. “I’m sure as hell in no condition and you’re even worse. I don’t even think we could make our way across the creek right now. No, whatever happens, we’re stuck here at least until tomorrow which is fine, since we weren’t going to leave until then anyway.”

I tuned the radio to the weather band just as they were naming off all the counties that were under a heavy snow warning, and it included our location.

“That clinches that.” I said ruefully. “Looks like were going to be snowed in for a few days.”

“What are we going to do?” Thena inquired with trepidation.

I shrugged.

“Whatever we want. I’m a prepper. There’s several cases of MRE’s and bottled water, so we’re not going to starve.” I explained. “We’ll just have a little extra time together, that’s all. By the time this is over, we’ll have either driven each other crazy, or we’ll be crazy for each other. Let me put my clothes on and go outside, and get some wood before it starts snowing.”

I dressed and went back outside, just as the first flakes of snow were beginning to fall. I spent about ten minutes dropping wood onto the deck, while my beautiful niece brought it inside. Every time she leaned over to pick up some logs, her small, soft tits dangled down alluringly. I was getting turned on by her unclothed body again, and I hurried back in as soon as I could and removed my clothes again.

“It’s getting cold out.” I observed.

I looked out the window at the large metal thermometer nailed to a nearby pine tree. It was already down to 38, and the temperature felt like it was still dropping. Something told me we were about to be hit hard. When these systems come through, they tend to move fast, but usually bring arctic temperatures and heavy precipitation with them. This would most likely be over in several hours, but it could dump a significant amount of snow before it was over.

“Hey, you have a smart phone, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, why? Will it work up here?”

“Depends on your carrier.” I said. “They built a repeater less than five miles away about fifteen years back. Everyone in the northern half of the county switched. You can dial out from anywhere. If you’re with the Big V, you should have a strong signal. I need for you to pull up the weather.”

Fortunately, she and I shared the same carrier and she had no trouble accessing the Internet. We stared in disbelief at the radar. It was nothing but deep purples, and our area was dead center; eighteen inches plus expected. A detailed report indicated rates of up to three inches per hour or more.

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