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A Daughter’s Discovery Ch. 05

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I’m lying on mom’s bed, our bed, and my arms are over my head. It was her suggestion to lay like this with my legs spread. The moisture is building as she climbs into bed and I eagerly look forward to what will happen next.

Mom’s legs are spreading over my face and her pink looks wonderful against her pale flesh. She’s slowly lowering herself down and I can see her slowly revealing everything to me. I wish she wasn’t moving so damned slow. Just get down here, already.

Her red hair brushes my thighs as her pussy gets closer to my face. I love the way she smells and enjoy the slow dripping onto my lips. Mom’s asshole is in view and the darkness calls my eyes. Those dark ridges are better to look at then the ones around her nipples.

Mom’s tongue starts to press between my lips and I let out a sigh. My hands move to her ass and I start to caress the lines of age. She’s slowly working her tongue back forth as more of her cheeks are explored by my fingers. Every line is felt as I let out more sighs of pleasure.

My fingers are starting to work down the crack and this is so much better than the lines on her cheeks. Mom drips a little more onto my lips as they part and I’m waiting for the next to reach my tongue. I can taste the sweetness as a drop lands perfectly. I’m happy mom suggested this position, since I can enjoy her ass so much better this way.

Mom’s tongue has reached my wet hole and I love the way her tongue feels as it presses in a little. My sighs are growing more intense as my fingers get closer to the ridges hovering over my eyes. Another drop of sweetness reaches my tongue as my fingers reach the edge of the ridges.

Mom is slowly moving her tongue in and out of my wet pussy, which causes me to release my first moan. My fingers reach the ridges and find they are a little harder than the ones surrounding her nipples. Mom lets out a sigh and I know we’re both enjoying where my fingers are.

My tongue presses between her pink folds and there’s just a touch of salt to be found. Mostly, Im tasting more of her sweetness as I slowly explore everything between her lips. One of my hands moves to caress her cheeks, while the other remains at the wonder of her dark ridges. Mom’s sighs are starting to get louder as she makes me moan out for her.

I slowly explore each ridge as my tongue reaches her hole and start to mimic mom’s actions. Her pussy tastes amazing as I slowly press my tongue inside as deep as I can. Mom’s pussy is very accommodating as that sweetness starts to coat my tongue.

I pull my tongue out as I moan out for her and my finger starts to caress her dark asshole. My tongue comes to a point and her clit feels even better this way. Mom is still working her tongue between the folds as she moans softly and her breath adds wonderfully to the sensation that I’m feeling.

I slowly circle her clit and love the way the hardness feels on my tongue. Mom’s head pulls back as she lets out a much stronger moan and my speed increases. She hasn’t reached an orgasmic state for me and I want to bring her the same pleasure that she brought to me yesterday.

I must be doing something right as her moans get louder and she starts to call out my name. The circling continues as my finger slowly caresses her asshole and feel it tighten. Mom screams out as she explodes onto my face. My eyes close as I feel her wash over me with one powerful wave after another. Mom’s asshole is spasming slowly and I love the way it feels against my fingers.

I want to press my mouth to her pussy and swallow every drop, but I need to keep working her clit. Mom didn’t stop when I reached this state and I have no intention of doing anything else. Another spasm as I press down and know there’s no way to press inside of her, but I still have to try.

Mom’s orgasm is starting to face as her cries soften to moans. Her asshole is slowing and I pull istanbul escort my tongue away from her clit. I start to lick her pussy clean and find the sweetness to be amazing. I’ve never tasted anything like it before and want to have my mouth filled by her.

Mom’s tongue moves to my clit and I’m driven over the edge almost immediately. My body is lifted to that wonderful height that only she can bring. Powerful waves crash hard across my body and I explode out of my pussy.

The powerful waves are subsiding and mom tenderly licks my pussy. I’m breathing heavily and trying to recover as I bask in the aftermath of our love. Mom’s fingers caress my thighs and her touch is sending a tingling sensation across my body.

Mom pulls away and I lose my view of her dark asshole. Her green eyes appear above mine and our lips lock together. I can taste myself on her tongue as she gains entry and glad it isn’t overwhelming the flavor of her wonderful release. My hands move to her cheeks and I squeeze tightly. She’s sighing into my mouth as we lose ourselves completely to the passion that our love brings to one another.

I have no idea how much time has passed, but our lips part and mom is sitting next to me. Her ass is no longer in my hands, but I can still feel her cheeks. Mom is smiling and her eyes are filled with gratitude for getting to that wonderful state.

Her voice is filled with love. “My daughter’s a fast learner.”

I smile brightly at her words as I breath out, “I love it when you call me your daughter, mom.”

She laughs softly as she says, “So do I. We’re going to need some time to recover. How about breakfast?”

I nod with the realization that I’m quite hungry. “Sounds good to me, mom. Lead the way.”

She laughs a little harder as she says, “My daughter just can’t get enough of my ass, can you?”

I laugh in response and cannot lie to her. “No, mom, I can’t. I love everything about it.”

She grins as she says, “I know. I felt your finger on my asshole. I’m glad my daughter’s enjoying herself.”

Mom gets out of bed and I follow closely behind. My hands caress her cheeks as she walks and every step is pleasant. She is moving seductively for me as she sighs at my touch. I love that she’s so accommodating and will be exploring much more later.

Mom puts an apron on to protect her flesh as I watch her cheeks. I am slowly memorizing each line as she spreads her legs a little to tease me. There’s a hint of her dark asshole as she bends over to get the pan and I lick my lips. The sweetness will soon be replaced and I don’t want it to happen, but we need to eat to rebuild our strength.

I’m sitting next to mom as we eat and not just to be near her. If I sit across from her, there’s no way I could eat anything. Her dark nipples would draw my eyes and any thought of food would be lost. Sitting next to her like this does have the benefit of feeling her body brushing mine, but it isn’t enough of a distraction to stop me from eating everything on my plate.

We are just finishing as I ask, “Were you ever tempted to be with Jenna, mom?”

Her fingers caress my thigh as her voice sounds very seductive. “Yes, but it never happened.”

I let out a sigh as my fingers feel the warmth of her leg. “Why not, mom?”

Her fingers are moving up and my legs spread for her. “Because she isn’t my daughter. She could never be you. It wasn’t enough to be with someone close to your age.” I let out a sigh as her fingers brush my clit. “I wanted to be with you and only you. I’ve known for a long time that I loved you more than any mother should and I’m happy you feel the same way about me. I’m also happy that I waited for you.”

I let out another sigh. “I love you, mom. That feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Her fingers continue to brush my hard clit. avcılar escort “Does this mean my daughter doesn’t want to go back to bed?”

I’m caught between enjoying this moment and continuing the exploration with mom. It isn’t an easy decision and I let out another sigh. Despite the difficulty, I manage to make up my mind and another sigh escapes my lips.

I manage to get out, “Let’s go to bed, mom.”

Her fingers move down my thigh as she says, “Right after you do the dishes. I want to have some fun with my daughter.”

I have no idea just what mom means, but I’m looking forward to finding out. My hands shake a little as I clear the table and her hands caress my cheeks. Her touch almost causes me to drop everything, but somehow manage to hold on. Everything is in the sink and she’s making it difficult for me to clean anything.

She whispers into my ear and my face feels very warm. “Spread your legs a little for me.”

My legs spread as one of her hands move to my hard nipples. A dish slips back into the sink, but doesn’t break. Mom’s nibbling on my ear and I manage to get something cleaned and put in the tray. Her other hand is moving between my cheeks and another dish gets cleaned.

My body tightens as her fingers reach my asshole and the soft touch feels amazing. Mom’s hot breath is driving almost as crazy as her fingers and I try to clean things as quickly as I can. There’s a slight pressure on my asshole from her finger as my nipple is gently squeezed and I cannot clean anything else. From the way her finger’s pressed against my tight hole, there’s little doubt that we both enjoy the same thing.

I bend over the sink and spread my legs a little more to let mom have her fun with me. Her teeth can be felt on my earlobe as her hot breath continues to make it difficult to concentrate on anything. My nipple feels like it has never been touched before and I can say it hasn’t ever been anything like this.

Mom’s finger is pulling back from my tight hole and starting to move up the side of my body. My nipple is released and both hands start to softly caress my tits. That’s the last one and I almost drop it back into the water. She’s very determined to prolong our going to bed for as long as possible. The water starts to drain as I let out a sigh from her soft touch.

Mom releases my earlobe as she whispers, “Does my daughter like it when I touch her like this?”

A soft sigh as I find her hot breath is more maddening than her touch. “Yes, mom.”

Her hands become more firm as they grip my tits lightly. “Is this better for my daughter.”

There’s almost no difference and her breath causes me to lose mine for a moment. “About the same, mom.”

Her tongue reaches out for my ear as her hands tighten a little more. “How about now?”

It does feel better as I say, “This is better, mom.”

Her nails dig in a little as she starts to squeeze and I moan softly from her touch. “Do I even need to ask?”

I moan out as I say, “This is better, mom.”

She starts to kiss the back of my neck as her fingers dig in deeply and it isn’t as good. It still feels pleasant as her breath touches my neck, but that feeling of her fingers digging in just a little felt amazing. Mom’s lips are moving to my other ear and her tongue is starting to send wonderful signals through my body.

She whispers out, “How does that make my daughter feel?”

I sigh from her breath as I say, “It felt better before, mom.”

Her grip loosens a little and her hands start to massage my tits with the perfect grip. “Good. I need to know how my daughter wants to be touched.” Her fingers are getting closer to my nipples as she continues, “I want you to moan for me if it feels better.”

Her fingers gently caress my nipples as her hot breath sends shivers through my body. I let out a sigh to show şirinevler escort just how pleasant this feels. Mom’s fingers tighten as her lips pull my earlobe into her mouth and I moan softly for her. The pressure increases as she starts to twist softly and I moan out a little louder. She squeezes and turns with too much force and I let out a sigh from what her tongue is doing to my body.

She relaxes her grip and gently pinches my nipples as she releases my earlobe. “This is fun.”

Mom’s fingers relax and start to move slowly down my sides as I sigh. “Yes, it is, mom. I can’t wait until your pinned up and I get to find out what you like.”

Her hot breath reaches inside of my ear as she whispers, “Soon. There’s just one more part of my daughter’s body that I want to learn about.”

Her fingers caress my cheeks as she kisses the back of my neck. I let out a soft sigh as she increases her grip a little. Another soft sigh and I can feel her fingers start to dig in. My moan tells her everything she needs to know and mom digs her fingers in a little more and it’s too much. Mom relaxes a little as I sigh and the firm grip returns.

She starts to kiss her way down my back as her hands work my ass. I moan from the pleasure she is bringing and I feel my cheeks parted at the base. Mom’s lips continue to work their way down as my cheeks part a little more and I moan out her name.

I have forgotten all about my desire to explore her body the way she’s exploring mine. Mom’s lips start to kiss my cheeks as her hands massage my ass. She has my asshole slightly parted and I moan out for her. Mom’s tongue is starting to move down my crack as she sends waves of sensual pleasure throughout my body.

She calls out in a playful voice, “Your turn.”

It takes a moment to realize what she’s talking about as her hands pull away. Mom’s lips can no longer be felt on my ass and her fingers are slowly moving their way back up my body. There’s a tingling sensation and I wish she would move her hands back down. I enjoy the feeling of her hands on my tits, but love the way I feel when mom works my ass.

I take a step back as her fingers are no longer touching my body. My green eyes are staring at her ass as mom parts her legs for me. Mom’s body feels wonderful as I press my hips to her cheeks and my hands start to reach around to feel her tits. Her neck feels warm as my lips make contact and she sighs as I come very close to her nipples.

I increase the pressure a little as I kiss more of her neck and she moans a little. Mom’s tits feel wonderful in my hands and I love just how soft they are. My hands increase their grip and she lets out another moan as my fingers dig in a little. This is the way I like it, but I have to know if the same is true of mom.

My fingers dig in as hard as I can and her moan increases greatly. It won’t be easy to keep up the pressure for long, but I’ll build the muscle strength needed to please her. I release her tits and caress the ridges at the base of her nipples, while trying to keep a firm grip on the rest of her. Mom feels so good in my hands like this and I’m glad she likes it this way.

My fingers squeeze a little as I kiss a little lower and she moans softly. I squeeze a little harder as I start to twist gently. Mom’s moans are increasing as I squeeze as tightly as I can and twist hard. We both love what I’m doing and her nipples do feel good as they are pressed tightly with my fingers.

My fingers start to tire as I pull my body back a little. Mom lets out a sigh as I release her nipples and my hands start to work down to her cheeks. I caress her ass softly as I start to kiss my way down her back. She moans as my grip tightens and I can feel mom’s crack on my chin. This is the way I want it done to me, but I need to go a little further with her.

My fingers dig in with all the strength I have left and she moans out my name. I am staring at the base of her crack and can see both holes standing so beautifully against the pale background of her flesh. Mom lets out another loud moan as I part her cheeks and open her asshole just a little. As much as I would love to stare at this image all day, my strength is waning and I have to release her from my hands.

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