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A Daughter’s Taboo Love for Mother Ch. 02

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It was early July on a Friday night and Natalie Sinclair sat alone in a booth at the Oak Moss Bar inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel on River Street sipping a Coke Cola. Even though she found it flattering that she was attracting looks from some of the few male patrons inside the bar she was getting annoyed; her date was twenty minutes late. The eighteen year old girl hated to be kept waiting. Natalie pulled her compact from her purse and checked her makeup, more out of boredom than necessity; she knew her makeup would be perfect as it always was.

Her lipstick was a glossy velvet red shade and she did her eye makeup in the “smoky eye” look that blended together dark eyeshadow with lighter shades and she went heavy on the mascara to make her already long dark lashes look even fuller. Besides her lipstick and eyes shadow and mascara, Natalie wore very little other makeup, nor did she need to; she was naturally beautiful but she added just a hint of blush on her cheeks and a little cover to hide the barely noticeable freckles that went across the bridge of her nose. The young girl smiled at her reflection and was right; her makeup was still flawless.

She put her compact back in her purse, placed her hands in her lap, and smoothed out her black pleated mini skirt and decided to give her date ten more minutes before she left. As she waited she scanned the small crowd in the bar and smiled at a man sitting alone who was staring at her. The man looked to be about mid-forties, was dressed in khaki pants and was wearing a polo style shirt with a logo of some country club embroidered on the top left breast. His paunch of his stomach was tight against his shirt and overhung the waist line of his pants. Natalie giggled to herself as the man sucked in his stomach and run his hand through his blading head when Natalie caught him staring at her and smiled to him. Why not have a little fun, she thought.

Still smiling at the older man, Natalie lifted her chin up and slowly rotated her neck slowly and lifter her right hand and ran the back of her well-manicured fingers over her neck in a seductive manner all the while smiling and looking at the older man sitting at a table several feet away. She then ran her fingers through her medium length black hair and pursed her lips to give the man an enticing pouty look. Natalie then giggled aloud when an older woman came up behind the man and caught him staring at the young lovely girl and slapped him in the back of his head. The man’s wife sat down across from the man, turned and glared at Natalie, and then turned back to her husband and started whispering to him in am angry voice. Natalie found it very amusing and wished she could hear what was being said.

“Looking for a new man in case I didn’t show?” A masculine voice said behind her.

Natalie turned her head and smiled, “I was thinking about it. You’re late?” She then looked past the young man who addressed her. “Where’s Terrance?”

“T couldn’t make it.” The man said and sat down.

“A shame, I like Terrence. He’s fun. He has a much better sense of humor than you do, Carl.”

Carl laughed, “Is it his sense of humor you think is fun or having two black cocks in you at the same time?”

Natalie laughed at that, “Both.”

Carl was twenty-five and tall with black skin the color of fresh ground coffee. From the first time Natalie met the man she thought he was very handsome. He had a natural muscular build; his hair came down over his ears and about an inch off his shoulder and was braided with thin dread locks. Carl was dressed very out of place for the location they were in. He had on a tight “wife-beater” style tee-shirt and his large arms were bare to reveal several tattoos on both arms, his black jeans were baggy and pulled down past his waist to reveal his plaid boxer shorts. On his feet were clean solid white sneakers.

“Could have dressed a little nicer, Carl.” Natalie commented. “What happened to the nice clothes I bought you?”

Carl shrugged, “You knew what I was when you went out with me that first night and I gave those white boy clothes to my cousin. He likes them.”

Natalie sighed. “Well I think you could dress a little nicer especially when we meet here.”

Carl laughed, “I told you I was not going to change, Natalie, so stop trying to get me to be like your rich white boy boyfriend who you don’t fuck.”

Natalie smiled, “I don’t want you to be like him. That would be awful.”

The young black man nodded and looked around, “I really feel out of place when we meet here.”

Natalie giggled, “Like I feel when you take me to your parties? Plus I don’t do cheap motels…well most of the time…I like nice things and nice places.”

“Yeah, but you could just get the room and text me the room number. I don’t care if anyone knows I am fucking you, but if you are so concerned then why meet in the bar?”

Natalie shrugged, “It’s discreet. Only tourists and out of town business people come here.” She flashed Carl a smile, “Plus maybe I like showing off grandbetting giriş my gangster black fuck buddy.”

Carl laughed as the waitress approached the table to ask if he wanted something to drink and if Natalie needed another cola. The waitress was a pretty, tall, young black lady who gave Carl a disapproving look as he order a Budweiser beer and then gave Natalie a harder disapproving look as she told the waitress she was did not need anything else.

Natalie laughed and leaned a little across the table. “Maybe she thinks you are my pimp.”

Carl chuckled, not fazed at all by the waitress, “Do whores come here?”

Natalie leaned back and smiled, “Well this one does.” Carl laughed at her comment. “But yes they actually do like when there is a convention here. Then the hotel does not care but normally they run them off because they don’t want to get a bad review from the tourists.”

Carl smiled, “Maybe I could be your pimp when there is a convention.” He teased.

Natalie laughed, “We played that game at the last party you took me to and I still haven’t got my cut yet.”

The conversation was interrupted when the waitress arrived with Carl’s beer, asked if they needed anything else, and left the two alone after they thanked her and told her no.

“It’s not like you need the money.” Carl picked the conversation back up.

“Yes but I did all the work.”

Carl grinned, “Okay I owe you then. How many guys was it…eight…nine…ten?”

Natalie picked up her napkin, made it into a ball, and playfully threw it at her date. “It was four and you know it.” She said with mock indignation. “Don’t have to be so mean.”

Carl laughed, “Oh yeah it was four, but I had to give the first guy some of his money back. I told him you were a rich white virgin with daddy issues and wanted to have her cherry popped by a black guy to get back at her dad. After he fucked you he told me to give some of his money back cause he said no way a virgin can fuck like you do.”

Natalie laughed, “If you would have told me I would have played the part.”

Carl chuckled, “Jeremy keeps asking about you. He wants to do it again and offered some nice cash for it.”

“Well I think you way undercharged anyway. Which one was Jeremy?”

“Guy number three.”

“Oh I liked him. He was sweet. Maybe we can arrange something.” Natalie gave a mischievous grin, “He was very well endowed also. Even bigger than you. I let him fuck me twice…gave him a freebie in my butt.”

Carl grinned, “So what do you say? Next time there is a convention here I sell your skinny white ass to some of the rich business men? Can make some nice bank off them instead of my poor homies.”

Natalie shook her head, “No; that was a onetime thing. It was fun and kinky but I much prefer to choose who fucks me.”

Carl laughed, “Are all rich white girls as freaky as you are?”

“I don’t know. I have only fucked three rich white girls so I can’t really judge. The first was much freakier than you can know…like your cousin Felicia, and the other ones I made freaky.”

Carl laughed again, “Yeah I heard Felicia was into some weird stuff after she got released on parole. Her three years in prison turned her into a total dyke.”

“Yeah but she is so pretty. I am going to see her again next weekend or I hope. She said she would see me. She likes hurting white girls I think.”

“Well when are you going to let me join in when you fuck one of your rich white bitches? I would like to help out with that.” The black man grinned. “Or you Japanese friend. She’s sexy.”

“Umm…I can arrange something I am sure. One though does not let me decide on what to do or who to do…like I said she is like Felicia…she likes to dominate me and she lives in Macon anyway. Let’s say it’s kind of complicated with her and her and I have to be very discreet. The other one may be a possibility however; she is older but still attractive. As for Renee…first she is Korean not Japanese and she is off limits.”

“Older and still attractive like your mother? Your mom is hot.” Carl grinned.

“Gesh you saw her one time and you talk about her a lot. No she is not as pretty as my mother, but around the same age. You would like her since you seem to have a thing for MILFs.” Natalie laughed.

“Me? Look at you. You say this one woman is around your mom’s age and Felicia is in her late thirties. You are the one with the thing for older women.” He teased.

Natalie pouted, “Hush. Maybe I have mommy issues.”

Carl chuckled, “I like you Natalie. Not just fucking you but you are fun to hang out with also. If you were a black girl I would marry you.”

Natalie laughed, “Don’t get all lovey dovey on me, Carl. Don’t ruin a good thing. And what’s wrong with marrying a white girl anyway?”

“Oh don’t worry, girl. I am not getting all lovey dovey…I like our arrangement and I like fucking you as well as hanging out with you. I like you but just as a fuck, I like watching grandbetting yeni giriş you get fucked, and I enjoyed that time I pimped you out and not just for the money. I like using you just as much as you like using me to get what you want. Plus my mom would kill me if I brought home a white girl and told her she was my girlfriend. Your fine ass mother would do the same I am sure. Now that’s a woman I would like to fuck.”

Natalie rolled her eyes, “Again with my mother. Am I not good enough for you?”

“Sure you are. You’re a slut and a freaky little shorty and while I like fucking your white skinny ass I do prefer a girl with a little more to her. Your mom is hot and she has a nice larger ass.”

Natalie laughed again, “Well glad to see you haven’t gotten so emotional with me. Don’t scare me like that again; talking about being girlfriend and boyfriend had me worried for a moment. I like our arrangement as you call it also and I like doing those things for you…turns me on and I also like the no commitment thing and being able to fuck other people as well without you getting jealous. And by the way, no my mom would be okay with it…not fucking you, silly so don’t get all excited. I mean me dating a black guy. Not you of course because you are too much of a criminal, but a nice young black man my mom would have no issue with it; not that I care what she thinks anyway. But my grandmother would shoot him.” Natalie gave Carl a long look and smiled seductively at him. “Now hurry and finish your beer. I already checked in the room and I want to get fucked.”

Carl grinned and drank his beer down quickly and belched loudly.

“Can you be anymore vulgar?” Natalie said and wrinkled her nose in displeasure.

Carl laughed, “Oh yeah a lot more…lets go found out.”

Carl stood up as Natalie placed a twenty dollar bill on the table, more than enough to cover the coke and beer and tip. She then stood, picked up her purse, and placed her arm through her black lover’s and they walked out of the bar, past the lobby, and into the elevator.

Natalie met Carl on her eighteenth birthday. She talked Renee into going with her to buy some marijuana to help celebrate her birthday and Carl was the dealer who sold it to her. Natalie was immediately struck by his good looks and streetwise charm that when she gave him the money for the weed she slipped him her cell phone number as well. She was pleasantly surprised when he called a few days later and they had been hooking up ever since about once a week sometimes two times a week.

At first Natalie thought the young man’s thuggish, gangster act was just that, an act; but after he took her to a party where she was the only white person there she saw he was not a wannabe but the real thing. That was the first time she had sex with both Carl and his friend Terrance at the same time. Natalie had a thing for bad boys, both white and black.

To say the young debutante was raised in privileged society was an understatement and while she enjoyed the benefits of what it gave her she grew bored with it. Natalie took to the etiquette classes and cotillions like a bird to flight and she enjoyed them but soon her own social clique bored her. Her family name was the top of the royal court in Savannah High Society and Natalie was the heir to the throne. Ever since she could remember she was invited to other kid’s birthday parties not because she was so well liked but because of her family name.

As she got older it was the same; she was the first name on the list of girls in her peer group’s Sweet Sixteen Parties; girls she really knew only by name and family not out of friendship. When she started attending school at her elite private school it was natural that she was the queen and other girls were her ladies in waiting and the boys were her knights; both sexes to be used for her whims.

Natalie was the most popular girl in her school and had been since her sophomore year; but in truth she had very few friends. Yes she got invited to the best parties and if she did not attend then the party was not considered a success, yes she had girls at school constantly seeking her approval on what to wear and who to date and what parties to attend, and yes she was dating the best looking and most popular boy in school; but she was not very well liked. Of all the girls who flocked to her every morning when she arrived in the school’s parking lot only one girl was her true friend and that was her friend Renee.

The other boys and girls and even some of the faculty at her school whispered behind her back that she was a bitch of the highest caliber but they knew better than to say it to her face. Natalie knew she was a bitch and that pleased her. She knew she was manipulative and having others know it made her feel warm inside. She knew her peer group feared to upset her or get on her bad side because she would use existing rumors or some she would start herself, blackmail, and manipulation for revenge. Even twice a teacher was grandbetting güvenilirmi the target of her revenge and she actually cost one his job her junior year.

The teacher gave Natalie a bad grade she truly did not deserve. He did it out of spite and anger. Mr. Johnson never liked girls like Natalie, rich, spoiled, mean, and manipulative and to make matter worse the “Queen of School” had rejected one of his favorite’s students from being on the cheerleading squad because she was “too fat” and would not look good in the uniform. After she complained about her grade to Mr. Johnson and he would not change it; Natalie knew she could have went to the Head Master and have her paper regraded by another teacher and gotten her perfect score but she did not. Having Mr. Johnson reprimanded was not enough for her; instead she went home and sobbed into her mother’s arms that Mr. Johnson told her he would give her the grade she deserved in the exchange for sexual favors.

Naturally her mother went straight to the head master of the school and Natalie was a very convincing liar and it was agreed that the school would not involve the police but they did fire Mr. Johnson. While the incident was covered up by the school, Mr. Johnson’s reputation was ruined and Natalie even heard later that his wife left him. She felt no guilt or remorse over what she did; to her everything would have been settled if the teacher would have given her the grade she deserved and it was his entire fault.

Natalie was not all bad; to people that did not know her well she was perceived as a very lovely, charming, and proper young lady with her impeccable manners and southern girl etiquette. She had a sweet and caring side which she showed to her close friend Renee and a few others. While she controlled Renee and always have since they were younger, she was also very protective of her best friend. People also had to admit how sweet it was of Natalie the way she cared for and looked after her aging grandmother.

To the parents of the people her own age who knew her closer or came in contact with her on a more daily basis they would blame her “bad side” on the death of her father and shake their heads and mutter to their own children who complained about the Sinclair girl, ‘try and understand she did not take her father’s death very well; poor girl.” What also made the young girl feared and respected besides her looks and family name was her intelligence.

Natalie was brilliant. She had a genius level IQ, and a 4.5 GPA that already guaranteed the spot of class valedictorian when she graduated. Her intelligence also made her peers feared to get in her bad side like she was an evil, genius supervillain. Natalie had been early accepted to most of the colleges she applied to and was offered either partial or full academic scholarships to some of them. Her choice of what college to attend was up to her; she just had not decided yet. While she often grew bored with the elite society she belonged to; she loved Savanah its culture and history and hated the thought of leaving it or being too far away from it.

What people in her peer group, family, school, and even her boyfriend Justin did not know about Natalie was her sexual desires. The young girl was very experimental and enjoyed a wide variety of sexual encounters that ranged from the norm to the more perverse and taboo. She kept that part of her life secret from her social group. To the people at her school, her family, and most of her friends Natalie was sexually innocent and a virgin. There were only two people her inside her society that knew about Natalie’s more perverse taste of sexual pleasures and she knew for a fact that they would never tell anyone; she made sure of that. Even the boys locker room talk about her, Justin could only claim all she ever did was give oral sex to him and twice let him see her completely naked. To the other students at her school she was frigid sexually. Natalie was very discreet when it came to her sex life.

She had sex with people outside her peer group and of the “lower class” and that sex was a variety of things she found very pleasurable and consisted of both male and female partners with one on one or at times multiple partners. She was a slut and she knew it and she enjoyed it. Maybe she was a sex addict, if she thought about it but she did not care if she was. Natalie enjoyed sex a great deal and if sometimes that sex involved what most of society considered taboo or perverse that was their problem not hers; she found very little off limits when it came to sex. Yes she had things she would never try and there were things she tried she would not do again but overall she had experimented and enjoyed most things and open to others if they were suggested.

The hotel lobby was not bustling with people, but there were several people gathered about the lobby; tourists who came to visit Savannah in the summer time. The couple got a few looks, not because they were a black man and young girl walking arm in arm; but more by Carl’s dress and gangster look. The two got on the elevator and Natalie pushed the button to take them to the fourth floor. As soon as the elevator door closed, the young black man grabbed her and pulled her to his arms, causing Natalie to give a little squeaky gasp of surprise, Carl started kissing her with lust and desire.

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