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A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 03

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Mandi and I were having one of our Friday afternoon, impromptu party sessions where we told a few people to drop in and inevitably, they did. I had been grilling some ribs in the smoker since early in the afternoon and you could smell them cooking a couple of miles away. About 1830 or so, a good friend drove up in front of the house.

I looked around the corner from the back deck where I was grilling, and noticed a strange car behind him. I went back to my ribs, putting the finishing touches on them before time to eat. I dashed into the kitchen, grabbed a platter, and returned to the grill to pile on the ribs in a stack. I was hungry from all the work and needed grilled meat and beer.

I took the ribs back into the kitchen, sat them on the counter and grabbed a beer from the cooler when my buddy Leo sneaked up behind me and humped my ass.

I reached back and grabbed his cock through his shorts and said, “Mandi, you’ve grown!”

He chuckled and pulled away, asking, “You enjoy hanging onto some real meat?”

“Only when I find some REAL meat, you asshole!” I quipped.

“Ouch! That hurts me to my soul,” he continued, feigning disappointment.

I turned around and handed him a beer, and noticed some strangers had come in the front door. Leo turned and motioned a guy over to me and introduced him as Rick. He was a bit shorter than me and slender. I noticed Mandi had given him a nice leer when he walked away so I figured she found him kind of cute.

I offered him a beer, which he gratefully took, and after a long, leisurely swig, asked if the ribs were for looking or eating.

“Eating, dude, what else?” I replied.

He laughed and asked if I needed help getting them ready to eat. I accepted his offer and we went into the kitchen and started cutting the ribs into individual pieces.

I saw someone come up to us out of the corner of my eye and then noticed a set of arms wrap around Rick from behind. After finishing the cut, I looked over and saw a killer gorgeous babe holding onto him.

He laughed and told the babe, “Careful. You’ll make me cut my hand off.”

The babe laughed and said, “You won’t miss it too much. You jack off with the other hand!”

As I tried to get a good look without dropping my jaw open, Rick turned to me and said, “Meet Val.”

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Bo.”

She let Rick go, extended a slender, well manicured hand, and said, “Nice to meet you. I talked to your wife out front. She said you were a good cook.”

“Well,” I replied, “She’s no liar.”

Val laughed and asked for a beer. I pointed her toward the cooler, and as Rick added some more cut ribs to the pile, I carefully watched her getting into the cooler.

Val was short, well, petite, small…let’s say she would have been hard pressed to hit 4’10”. But good god, she had a body that got my tongue doing its best to fall out. She was wearing a white, button-front, sleeveless blouse, starched to perfection, with a high, pointed collar, form fitting and it seemed glued to her.

Her breasts pushed out through the fabric revealing large ones for such a small frame, easily a C-cup, mayme a D. She had the top two buttons unbuttoned, giving a slightly modest but comfortable appearance. She was wearing a cotton, baby blue mini-skirt and white heels (damn I love a woman in white heels). She was lip smacking good! I immediately began to scheme about getting close to this fine little babe.

The party kicked up a few notches, a few more people dropped in, and just to keep the peace and prevent too much destruction I stayed sober again, slowly sipping a beer or two and keeping the pandemonium down to a dull roar. Around 2200, several people had dragged chairs out to the front porch and were out there telling lies and pounding more beers. Three or four more people were hanging out in the living room spinning tunes on my stereo.

I decided to take a break and went out on the deck out back. I had just settled in when Val popped out the door. She had been into some wine with Mandi, and had a buzz going but was far from sloppy. She asked if she could join me and I motioned her to grab a seat on one of the built in benches around the deck.

After she sat down, she leaned down and slipped off her white heels. As she leaned over, I noticed that two more buttons had been unbuttoned, and I got a wonderful view of a lovely breast as she leaned over. Until then I had no idea she was braless, considering how tightly starched the blouse was.

She told me her feet needed some rest after being in the shoes for so long. I asked her if she had ever had a foot massage.

“No, I haven’t,” she replied. “Are you volunteering?”

I said, “Sure. Stay right her for a minute…I’ll be right back.”

I dashed into the house, noticing that Mandi was outside with the big crowd, so I grabbed some nice lotion and headed back to the deck. Val was patiently waiting, sipping a glass of wine. As I sat down, she kept one foot on the deck, turned toward Çankaya Escort me and put the other foot in my lap. I had a bird’s eye view of what appeared to be plain white, cotton panties at the top of shapely legs.

She sighed contentedly as soon as I began to rub her feet. She leaned back a bit, and relaxed and let me do my best foot massage. After getting some small pops and cracks from the bones, I asked her for the other foot. She scooted back into the corner, pulled her foot toward her and put the other foot in my lap. As she leaned her leg against the railing, I had an even better view of her crotch, clad in those plain cotton briefs. Her skirt was pretty much at crotch level. I kept my composure and gave the other foot a bone cracking massage, eliciting more moans and groans.

After I finished, she asked me if I did massage for a living.

“I have been trained in Germany, but it’s a hobby I use for friends,” I told her.

She smiled and said, “I could use some massage on the rest of me sometime.”

“It would be my pleasure,” I replied.

I looked up my reverie just in time to see Mandi headed toward the door. I casually eased Val’s legs onto the deck, and grabbed my beer just as she cleared the door.

“So there you are!” she said, as though she had been missing me.

She was getting a bit tipsy by then.

“I’m out on the front porch. Are you going to walk the dog tonight?” she asked.

“Sure,” I told her, “in a few minutes.”

“OK, just checking,” and away she went without even acknowledging that Val was out there with me.

I asked Val if she wanted to walk the dog with me, and with a shrug, casually said, “OK.”

She went into the house to tell Rick she would be back in a few minutes, and came back out as I got the dog from the house and put the leash on him. We walked away from the house slowly, letting the dog sniff around, and adjusting to the darkness and lack of noise.

I always enjoyed these walks, and a more than once I had used this ploy to get to know some women who had showed up to party. Val was doing pretty well, considering the shoes, and we made some small talk for a few minutes until we were completely out of sight of the house and almost to the loop at the end of the road. There was a small trail that a couple of guys rode their 4-wheelers on at the end, and I walked on down that trail a few feet. The sky was cloudless and we had some moon, so visibility was pretty good.

After a few yards on the trail, Val said, “Hold up. I have to pee.”

“Have at it,” I told her.

She reached out to me and grabbed an arm, slid a hand under her skirt, and quickly slid her panties off, handing them to me. They were small, and delicate for the plain white cotton they were. She stepped away from me, hiked her skirt up around her waist, bent her knees into a partial squat, and proceeded to pee into the grass along the trail.

She looked around at me and said, “Are you watching me?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“Why?” she asked.

“Why not,” I replied.

She laughed quietly and said, “You have a dirty mind.”

“You have a beautiful body and I can’t help but look,” I told her.

“You still have a dirty mind.”

“That’s OK, if you like a dirty mind once in a while,” I teased.

She was facing me now with her skirt still hiked up around her waist, and I had a great view of a neatly trimmed pubic area.

“You can smell those if you want,” she told me suddenly.

I looked down and realized I had inadvertently wrapped them around my hand. I lifted them to my nose and took a sniff. They smelled of delicate perfume, with only a slight side odor of feminine musk.

“Wonderful,” I said, “does the rest of you smell this good?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I guess you will have to find out.”

I tied the dog’s leash to the closest tree, and as she stood up, I quickly leaned down, pulling her close and moving in for a kiss. She responded by grinding against my crotch and met my kiss with some tongue. I was fully hard within seconds and before I had time to adjust my pants she was slipping my shorts down and working my cock with her small, delicate hand. She grabbed me closer and after putting her arms around my neck, lifted her body upward, wrapping her legs around me.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her higher until she cleared my cock, and then slowly lowered her onto my raging hard on. She rode me for a while just like that, and after a short gasp, rode right into a nice orgasm. I let her calm down, and lifted her off my cock.

“Turn around and lean against this tree,” I told her, and she quickly complied.

With those white heels on, her crotch was actually at the perfect level for my cock as she bent over and held onto the tree. I slid back into a sopping wet pussy and began to stroke in earnest. She had a perfectly round little butt, a nice double handful that provided me a Keçiören Escort perfect handgrip for a perfect ass. She shuddered quietly, moaned a bit and then shook her way through another orgasm.

This got my balls tightened up and within a few seconds, I followed her with an orgasm of my own. I held on to her hips for a few seconds before slipping noisily from her pussy.

“That was nice,” she told me.

“Thanks,” I replied as she moved with her back to the tree and squatted down again.

“Just letting it drip,” she told me.

I chuckled at her, and handed her the cotton briefs that were still wrapped around my hand. She took the panties, and after a couple of shakes and wiggles, stood up, grabbed my arm, and slipped the panties over one foot, then the other. She slid them up and smoothed the skirt down around that cute butt.

“I needed that,” she said with a smile. “Better get back now!”

We returned to the house, and shortly after we got back, Val and Rick left. Some of the hard core partiers stuck around for a while but we finally got people sorted into vehicles with designated drivers, and suddenly the house was quiet.

Mandi wasn’t drunk, but she was feeling no pain. I told her I was headed to bed, and left her in the bathroom. I got comfortable when Mandi climbed in behind me. Just as I thought I would settle down to sleep, Mandi slid down under the covers and aimed straight for my cock.

She swallowed my flaccid cock whole for a couple of minutes until it started getting hard, and then pulled away and asked me, “Why do you smell like pussy?”

I casually told her, “I’m just a little sweaty….that’s all.”

She wasn’t buying it though.

“Did you fuck Val?”

I sat up in bed and said, “Like I had time, especially the first time we have ever met, and besides, I could have fucked her on the living room floor and you wouldn’t have noticed. You were too busy getting all that attention out of the front porch!”

She got a little defensive then, and told me, “You still smell like pussy.”

“If you say so,” I replied, “Now, are you going to do something or are you just teasing me?”

She was apparently pretty horny, so she dived back in without further argument. I had the sneaking suspicion that she had enjoyed the attention for a couple of horny studs who had tried to hit on her out on the front porch.

I got her up on her knees and pounded her pussy doggy style until she had a couple of orgasms, and I got a decent cum, considering I had left a load in Val less than an hour before. Next morning Mandy didn’t mention much about the party, or what I smelled like, so I figured things were cool.

I didn’t see Val again for some time. We got invited to a party at Val and Rick’s house, and decided to go. It was a bit of a dead party, and since we were on the military post, we had to keep it down to a mild riot, which meant a lot of people decided to leave early.

I got a couple of minutes aside with Val, and asked her if she still wanted that massage. She laughed, and told me that would be wonderful if she and Rick weren’t fighting like cats and dogs. I didn’t know they were having problems, but she told me she would call me because she liked the way I rubbed her feet, and having the same thing over her body was too good to turn down. I gave her my work number and rejoined the party.

As it turned out, Val and Rick eventually split up. She left, and he moved into single NCO quarters. This was in mid-May. I didn’t give her much thought after that, until a friend told me that Val was back getting papers signed for their divorce, and she was staying with some friends. It was early September, still nice and warm. I hoped to have a chance to get close to her again, but for a few days it didn’t work out.

Around this time I worked with a fellow Tennessean who was a stud black guy from Nashville named Bobby. This guy was pretty straight laced, had a wife and two kids, and never talked trash about pussy and such.

We had been in the field together and had seen each other showering and dressing. He was cut with 6-pack abs so tight it looked like they hurt. He had played football in high school and turned down a JUCO start to enter the military. We were about the same height and weight, though, and often went fishing together (there wasn’t much else to do around this place).

We decided to do some trout fishing on a Saturday morning, and I picked him up and we headed for the little convenience market near his quarters. We grabbed some beer and ice, and I went outside to put the beer in the cooler. A car pulled up a couple of parking slots down from me, and it turned out to be an old friend and his wife. They got out and joked with me about the beer and the cooler, and asked if I planned on doing more drinking than fishing, and then headed inside.

I noticed what appeared to be someone else in the car, and just barely noticed when a head popped Etimesgut Escort out the passenger side. I wasn’t really paying attention when I looked up and saw a luscious butt wrapped in some old bib overalls. It was a petite female built like a brick shit-house and looking good from behind. She was wearing a small tube top under the bibs, and when she turned around I almost didn’t recognize her. It was Val, complete with a short haircut and a cold beer in her hand. Her tits were pushing the bib out in front of her.

“Can a girl get a refill?” she asked.

I laughed and asked where she had been hiding.

“Oh, I dumped the old man and I had to come back here to this shithole to finish the deal.”

She was barefoot, and strolled over to the trash and after downing the last bit of beer, tossed the can, and walked back to me.

“So, are you ever going to give up a beer?”

Never one to turn down a thirsty lady, I offered her a beer, which she took and popped open, taking a long, deep pull.

“I never did get to give you that massage,” I told her.

“Damn, you sure didn’t,” she quipped.

Before I could say anything else, Bobby walked up. Val looked him up and down with the look of a hungry dog outside the butcher shop.

“Ready to go?” Bobby asked.

“Anytime,” I replied.

“So where you guys headed?” Val asked.

I told her, “We are out to catch a few trout before it gets too hot.”

She chuckled and said, “And I guess it’s just a guy thing and no girls are allowed!”

Bobby looked a bit uncomfortable, but I figured if nothing else he could fish while I banged this babe.

I asked, “Do you really want to go fishing with us?”

She smiled a cute, almost demure smile and said, “Well, I may not fish, but I can cop some rays.”

Well, she was in a mood and I wasn’t about to let anyone or anything blow the opportunity, so I told her, “Sure, why not? Climb aboard.”

She told me wait a second, ran over to the other car, grabbed a small tote bag out and proceeded to climb into the back seat of my car. Just before she climbed in, our friends came out of the store and immediately shot a quizzical look at me.

“I’m going fishing,” Val shouted, and dived into the car.

I just looked at them and shrugged, while Bobby kept his face down and avoided looking at anyone. Now this couple knew Mandi and me both, and they gave me this disgusted look.

“Hey,” I proclaimed innocently, “She asked if she could go fishing with us. Just chill.”

They didn’t look too reassured, but I didn’t give them a chance to. Besides, having Bobby with me gave me an alibi, since they probably wouldn’t figure I would try to hit on Val while I had a guy like Bobby with me. They had also never known Val to have a penchant for black guys. So they just waved goodbye to Val and got in their car.

I got in, and headed for our favorite fishing creek where I knew trout fishing was nice. Val chatted and drank beer, offering Bobby a beer, which he gladly accepted and drank rather quickly.

Just before we got to the field where I could park my car, she suddenly blurted out, “I have never fucked a black guy before!”

I thought Bobby would choke on his beer, and she laughed at his discomfort. I told her that Bobby was happily married and she should cut him some slack. Getting her divorce papers signed must have kicked her hormones into high gear!

“OK,” she said, “but I bet he’s like every other guy I know. Always horny!”

Bobby turned his face away but I noticed that he smiled. I parked the car; we grabbed our gear and the cooler, and headed toward the creek, slipping out of the field behind some trees and into the cool shade along the water’s edge. Val carried her tote bag with her, and as we sat everything down, asked me if I had any suntan lotion. I had left it in the car, and she asked very sweetly if I would get it for her. I looked at Bobby, who just shrugged and starting working on getting his pole set up.

I grudgingly agreed, set down the remainder of my equipment, and made the short trek back to the car. When I returned, Bobby had already gone a few yards upstream and was just beginning to drop a line in the water. Val had walked downstream to a small wash where there was a smooth, sandy spot just off the water. She reached in her bag, and pulled out a large towel, spreading it carefully.

She asked if I would put some lotion on her back, and I agreed. Before I could open the lotion, she popped the clasps from her bibs and dropped them to her feet. She wasn’t wearing underwear, and since that first time I had seen her dimly lit pussy, had shaved bare. She grabbed her tube top and slid it over her head in one easy motion.

Now completely naked she turned her back and said, “Well!”

The night we did a quickie down in the woods near my house, I had not gotten a chance to see her breasts. The glimpse down the blouse was it. My breath caught in my throat. Her breasts were stunning, and my estimate of a C, maybe a D was right on. If I had given a command of ATTENTION her nipples could not had stood any tighter or more erect.

“Well!” she said again, testily. “Are you going to stare or rub lotion on me?”

I rubbed a dollop of suntan lotion on her back, slowly and sensuously, then handed her the container.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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