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A Family Coupling

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Brie and Alison were the closest of sisters. Growing up near in age, they shared everything from clothes to classmates. Everything was done as a team, and they always planned on doing every step of life together. As they got older, that continued with both of them going to the same college. Once again, same classes, same friends, same experience. Both sisters found loving boyfriends who turned into husbands, both sisters got married with the same general bridal party, and everything seemed to be the idyllic family life.

The two sisters even looked alike. Both just over five feet tall, both skinny and athletic, and both with petite figures that grew only slightly over time.

The only difference between the two was their nightlife. Alison was a quiet girl who didn’t like going out much, who saved herself for her eventual husband. Brie, on the other hand, was the total opposite. Every night at school was spent in a different bed, with a different man. The night wasn’t over until someone shot their seed into or onto Brie. The girl was a pleasant surprise on campus, with every guy knowing she was a potential fuck at any time.

As Alison grew into the ideal domestic wife, Brie only got wilder. From being trained as a submissive and slave, to letting herself get rented out, Brie checked off every box in her sexual bucket list. Her boyfriend/master enjoyed seeing his pet on all fours, being used to his friends’ contentment. Brie was a total slut, and so proud of it.

Gradually, with the sisters as close as they were, Alison began to get curious. She questioned her sister, and heard back the detailed stories of her little sister’s exotic sex life. Her parties. Her whoring. Her total satisfaction when her client cums inside of her. All of it made Alison wet with excitement. She began to get sucked in, and that is where our story begins…

Bursting through the door, Aubrey was panicking. She had just popped into her daughter’s house to drop off a little gift, and an unfamiliar truck was in the driveway. Slowly opening the door, she heard the unmistakable sound of loud sex upstairs.

“Is my little girl cheating?,” Aubrey wondered aloud.

She had so much to stay married for – her husband was truly like a son, her kids were over at their grandparents’ house often. What was going on?

Dan, her husband, tried to calm her down. Brie wasn’t one to cheat, she seemed closer than ever to her man. It wouldn’t be like her. Too out of character. It had to be something else. That’s not the kind of girl his daughter is.

“Dear, don’t be worried. It can’t be that. It isn’t what you think,” Dan offered. “Besides, both our girls are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. We’ll talk it over then, as a erzurum seks hikayeleri family.”

The two sisters came over as expected on Friday, neither knowing that they were walking into a conversational trap. Everything would be normal that night – talking about their families, husbands, kids, plans for the summer, just regular catching up. Nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing you wouldn’t share with your parents.

After a little while, both girls noticed some unease in their parents. Something was up, and the awkward small-talk continued until their mother finally had to speak up.

“I was at your house yesterday, Brianna,” Aubrey blurted out. “There was a truck I’d never seen before in your driveway, and when I peeked my head in the door…there were noises upstairs.”

Brie’s face flushed, and Alison immediately stared down. One of them was caught.

“That’s…just a friend of mine. He comes over from time to time,” Brie explained.

Her mother replied, “what do you mean? what about your husband?”

“He knows.” An awkward silence filled the air.

“…what does he know?” sputtered Dan.

Brie looked at her parents’ worried expression, and her sister’s mortified face, deciding what to do. She figured that she was caught at this point, so it was time to just confess. To everything.

“Mom, Dad, I’m a slut,” Brie quickly said. The tension hung in the air, as everyone waited for someone to speak.

Emboldened, Brie decided to elaborate. “I’m a slut. I love my husband, and do anything and everything with him. But I love being shared, and always have, ever since college. My husband isn’t just my husband, he’s also my master. He controls who can play with me. That guy who saw, Mom, he was one of my regular clients.”

The parents looked back, Aubrey with fear and Dan with curiosity. He asked “what do you mean, clients?”

Brie looked at him, smiled, and explained that she’s a whore. Guys, friends of her husband, pay her for sex. She knows, her husband knows, and both of them love it. Brie added “I’ve done everything, from parties, to weekend trips, to even a breeding party last year.”

Realizing the stunned look on her parents’ faces, Brie added that “yes, that’s where your granddaughter came from. My master and I love to see me gangbanged by a group, so one weekend was set aside when I was fertile. He contacted everyone he knew, and everyone that was willing to pay a fee got to come.”

“14 guys showed up,” Brie elaborated, “and all of them got to do me bare. All of them had a chance at knocking me up, and all of them tried their hardest to do so. It was so erotic, Mom and Dad. I knew I was going to get pregnant, that part of it was inevitable. But I didn’t know who, and that kept me on the edge of orgasm all day. I seemed to cum each time another man shot his cum inside me.”

At this point, her mother was stunned, her sister was stunned, but Brie’s dad was drymouthed with interest.

“It was the sexiest day of my life. I felt like such a slut, but like such a woman at the same time.”

Dan spoke up. “Wow, um, that’s really something. And you’re willing to do anything?”

“Yes, Daddy. Anything,” Brie replied, her fear over being discovered disappearing into a smile of confidence. “Anything.”

Alison looked over, noticed the gleam in her sister’s eye, and pulled her wrist. “I know what you’re thinking of doing, sis. Don’t even try.”

“Oh come on, Ali. You’ve done just about everything I have. And look, he clearly wants me,” Brie confidently said. All eyes turned to Alison for a split second, as Aubrey and Dan realized what that last confession meant.

Instead, Brie put the focus back on herself. “Daddy, I can see that you’re interested,” she quietly spoke, pointing out her father’s arousal. She slipped down the straps of her sundress, offering herself up.

The family stared at Brie’s naked breasts, and wondered where she’d go from here. “Look at your daughter’s breasts, Dad. See how big they’ve gotten? I’m a full C-cup now.” Brie reached down and pulled up her dress. “Look at my little pussy. Everyone seems to enjoy it, even with two kids and all.”

Aubrey interrupted a moment between father and daughter with a simple question. “You’re not really going to do this, Dan?” she exclaimed. Dan paused, before quickly saying yes, he’d love to.

Before anyone could say otherwise, Brie exclaimed that it looks like it’s time to go over to the couch, time to get to it. Walking over, Brie removed the sundress completely, turning to face her family. “Where do you want me, Dad?,” she lovingly asked, knowing what was to come.

Dan thought for a second, but was interrupted by his amorous daughter.

“On the table. I’m going to lie back on this table, and you’re going to spread my legs. That’s where I want you, Daddy. I want to fuck you completely, and show you what a good girl I am.”

That was all Dan needed to hear. Led over by the hand, he walked in a stupor, amazed at what he was about to do. Standing by his coffee table, Dan looked down to see his youngest daughter undoing his belt, his zipper, his pants, excitedly unwrapping him.

Brie smiled, with her dad’s cock staring her in the face, at full attention. She didn’t think this day would come, to be quite honest. She hoped it would happen someday, but who really knows about this sort of thing. Brie looked up, looking her dad in the eye, and slowly stroked her wet pussy, smearing some of her juices on her father’s erect cock.

“I’m ready, Dan.”

Brie leaned back on the table, her father stepping in between her legs, both of them knowing things would change forever. Even the use of his formal name, and not a term like Daddy was a sign of that. Looking up, she could feel her father on her slit, right at the precipice.

Brie said, reassuringly “please fuck me, Daddy. I want you.”

Dan looked to his side, and noticed the pleasant gaze of his wife and other daughter.

“Get to it,” Aubrey said, with a sly smile.

Dan relented, thrusting himself into his daughter for the first time. Brie gasped, and instantly started to fuck back. The two of them went at it for minutes, father grinding into his daughter’s pussy, daughter kneading and squeezing her father’s cock with her womanly talents.

“You’re good, baby girl,” Dan panted, as he continued to ravish his precious lover. He only slowed down to look her over, to see the expression on her face as she fucked, to see her tits jiggle, to see her pussy accepting a cock, his cock.

“I know,” Brie snarkily replied, with a huge grin on her face. While this was out of the ordinary, she knew what to do by this point. Instinctually fucking, Brie knew her father was about to cum.

“Cum inside me, Dad!” Brie shouted, knowing what she wanted. Remembering back to what intrigued him the most, Brie added “cum deep in me, breed me! I’m fertile right now, breed your little girl!”

Dan knew he wouldn’t last much longer, and Brie’s dirty talk was going to push him over the edge.

“I want your baby! Put your baby in me, I want you to breed me like the little slut I am!” Brie passionately shouted. That did it. Brie could feel her father’s cock pulse, shooting cum deep inside her fertile womb. She smiled, knowing that she got more than what she came for, instead getting everything she could ever have wanted.

By this point, Dan’s entire body was shaking from the best orgasm he had in years. And not just any orgasm, one inside his own baby girl. He gave a tired grin, and withdrew from Brie’s pussy, cum barely leaking out of her used hole.

“That was amazing, baby girl. That was just amazing. I…no offense, Aubrey, but I hadn’t had anything like that in years,” praised Dan. “You’re really something. You know, you really knew exactly what would make me finish.”

“I know, Dad. I’m a pro,” Brie joked, adding that “you know, I wasn’t just roleplaying there. It really is that time of the month.”

Everyone perked up.

“Seriously. I’m in heat right now. And I might’ve just gotten bred like a little slut should be,” Brie said, as the other three looked over. “I’ve always wanted that.” Brie smiled, her most content grin of the day. “I hope I’m carrying my daddy’s baby. Now, Alison? You’re next.”

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