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A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 03

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Dan stood behind Karen, his arms wrapped around here, looking out the window as the sun rose. “Are you sure you can’t make it today? These stockholder’s meetings only take place once a year and I know you’ve been worrying about it.”

“I wish I could,” Karen replied jokingly as she rubbed her distended abdomen, “but the heat and humidity are killing me and if that’s not enough these two little monsters you planted in me are kicking the shit out of my insides.”

Dan leaned down and whispered, “I think it took two of us to do that and I don’t recall any complaints then.”

Karen slowly turned and looked up at him. “I’ll never complain about the way you make love to me. I just can’t deal with the weather lately and … well, you’re right about the meeting. I’m not sure what’s going on but I keep getting a feeling that something’s not right.” Standing on her tiptoes she wrapped her arms around Dan’s neck, pulling him down to kiss her before suddenly pulling away grabbing her stomach. “OUCH!! Damn it, that one hurt. I’ll be surprised if I don’t make medical history by having bruises on the inside of me from how hard these kids kick. I can hardly wait until they’re out of me. I mean just look at me, I look like a beached whale, I can’t get comfortable, none of my clothes fit, and my tits haven’t stopped dripping for the last three weeks.”

Dan couldn’t help himself and began laughing.

“SO, you think it’s funny do you? Well, I’ll show you,” Karen said as she lunged at him.

Since moving in together three months before, Karen had learned a lot about Dan. He was loving to both her and her first son; he was constantly concerned about the twins that they had conceived; he was very sharp in business matters to the point that she trusted him to go to the stockholder’s meeting instead of her and … he was extremely ticklish.

Dan never had a chance. One second he was standing well above Karen and the next he was flat on the ground with her straddling him as he tried to protect himself from her. Looking at them no one would have believed that they had only known each other for 8 months.

At 31 years old Karen had the body most twenty year olds wanted. She was 5-foot 4-inches tall and her 32DD breasts barely sagged even though they were filled with milk. Her waist had been 27-inch but now that she was carrying two kids she didn’t even try to measure it, while her luscious 35-inch hips hadn’t seemed to change at all. All of which was capped off by long shapely legs, tanned, olive skin, hazel eyes and sun-tinted auburn hair; Karen had it all. But her looks were only part of it. When she had first met and seduced Dan, she had been married to an older man who was the President of a multi-million dollar company; she had lived in a mansion with staff to help her with virtually everything, and had recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. What the country club set didn’t see, or choose to ignore, was the fact that her husband was actually the President of a company that her father had built, which still belonged to her and her mother along with everything else, and that he was a two-timing son-of-a-bitch who was frequently taking “business trips” with his personal assistant so he could fuck her.

Dan on the other hand was almost the total opposite. He was from a “working-class” family; had just turned 23 years old; had graduated from college with a degree in business and administration several months ago; was by most accounts considered “normal” as far as his looks and had a body that was referred to as a “swimmer’s body”. Yet, what most people saw when they looked at them now was a couple who were very much in love.

“So do you give up?” Karen asked.

“Yes … yes … I give up … now quit it. I need to get up and get dressed for the meeting,” Dan pleaded as he squirmed under her. Though the other reason he needed to get up was that his cock was getting rock hard lying under her.

Ever since becoming pregnant, Karen’s hormones had left her in an almost constant state of arousal and “heat” as she called it. Because of that she insisted on walking around the house either naked or, as she was this morning, with just a sheer full-length gown on and a pair of high heels, which did absolutely nothing to hide her milk-filled breasts and obviously pregnant abdomen. Now straddled above Dan, she felt his cock begin to harden and an instant surge ran though her body. A wicked, seductive smile immerged as she leaned forward and pressing her breasts against Dan’s chest, “I think I feel something else that is trying to get up too.”

Only the thin material of his boxer shorts separated them and Dan knew he had to take control of things quickly or both of them would miss the meeting. “Honey, I never want you to think that I don’t want to love you to the end of time but I really need to get up and get to that stockholder’s meeting …” Instantly, Dan felt the change in Karen and knew that his words had hit on the insecurities that still lingered from her ex-husband’s behavior, arap porno “… After all, what would your mom think if I was late picking her up?”

Karen’s body quickly relaxed and her smile returned as she remembered that her mom was attending the annual meeting as well and that Dan had promised to pick her up on the way. “You’re right, sweetheart, best not to keep mom waiting. Besides, what would she think if you arrived smelling like sex?”

Laughing Dan replied, “She’d realize I was madly in love with you and the luckiest guy in the world.”

“Aaahhhhh, you realize that compliments like that will get you anything?”

“Ya, we’ll see about that later. But right now I have to get going,” Dan replied as he shifted and lifted Karen from on top of him.

Quickly showering and dressing he left the house and picked up his future mother-in-law, Jamie, so they made it to the meeting with ten minutes to spare. Five grueling hours later he and Jamie returned the house.

“Karen, sweetly?” Jamie called out.

“Be right there mom,” came the reply from the laundry room.

Karen entered the room still wearing her gown and quickly embraced her mother. “Hi, mom. Here take a seat. So how did things go?”

Jamie still hadn’t gotten used to seeing her daughter dressed, or undressed, in this manner. It wasn’t something that a woman of her generation would never even think of doing but she realized that it was her daughter’s choice and from the look in Dan’s face he definitely liked it.

Jamie looked at Dan and asked, “Do you want to tell her or should I?”

Dan shrugged, “Why don’t you tell her. It will probably sound better from you.”

Apprehension quickly filled Karen’s face as she sat down next to Dan. “Ok, so what happened?”

Jamie settled in a chair and explained. “Well, you were right to be concerned. We had barely gotten seated when your ex-husband, Brain, walked in the door. He was, after all, still a stockholder but we can get back to that later. When he entered he seemed very shocked to see Dan and I there. It was almost as if he thought none of us would be present and that he would be able to ‘muscle’ his away around and take over the meeting. Since we made it very clear that wasn’t going to happen he started demanding all kinds of changes, including a call of ‘No confidence’ in the way that you and I have been running the company since you divorced him. Normally, I wouldn’t have cared, but when the stock shares were tallied it seems that you and I only have a 49% interest in the company any longer. Brain had apparently disposed of some of your stocks while you and he were married without telling you.”

Karen sat there stunned, “That fucking, son-of-a-bitch.”

Jamie smiled, “Not to worry though. It seems that your young man there had been doing his research and taken care of the situation already … and not in a way that Brian had expected.”

Karen looked at Dan questioning, “Ok, you want to finish?”

Dan blushed, “Nah, she tells it better.”

Shifting back to look at her mother, Karen waited.

“Anyway, as I was saying. It seems that Dan has been listening to you when you said that something didn’t feel right so he had a Private Investigator do some checking around. That was when he got wind of Brian’s plan and began doing some of his own checking. It appears that Brain had donated 2% of the stocks to the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity over at the college for them to get experience working within a corporate structure. It also seems that by doing it that way you never had to be notified of the transfer.”

Karen was speechless and simply nodded.

“Now comes the scary part and how your ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ came to our rescue. You see, the position of President within the company is not a ‘family’ position but one conferred by the stockholders. Brian and his cronies had 49% of the stocks while you and I held the other 49% meaning that the 2% the fraternity has would determine who has controlling interest. Brian had assumed that since he had ‘bestowed’ the stocks to the fraternity they would, of course, vote with him. Unfortunately, this is where things got rather sticky for him. He was on the phone no more than two minutes when his face went ashen-white and I thought he was going to have a stroke. You see, it seems that the stocks are the responsibility of the fraternity treasurer which is a one-year position beginning in January. That means that the treasurer is responsible for the control of the stocks even if he or she graduates until the end of their term,” Jamie continued.

Karen shifted in her seat, “Ok, ok, so who? … what?”

Jamie smiled and looked at Dan before turning her gaze back to Karen. “May I introduce you to the treasurer of the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity,” she said once again looking at Dan.

Karen looked at Dan, stunned. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Nope. It’s a bit strange until you understand it but it is actually Brian’s bedava porno fault. When he gave us the stocks he insisted that only a person skilled in business have control of them. To accomplish that we had to change the office of the treasurer so that even though the new treasurer is voted into office in May just before school ends they doesn’t actually take control of things until January. That way they get their training from the previous treasurer and there is always someone who knows what they’re doing in charge of the funds.”

Hearing a knock at the door, Jamie looked at her watch and rose. “Ahh, that must be my ride.” Leaning over she gave Karen a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll let Dan tell you the rest. I really need to get going. A CEO’s work is never done, you know,” before continuing in a joking manner. “And by the way … would you mind putting some clothes on when I come to visit. I realize you are a beautiful woman, something I’m sure you got from my side of the family, but a lady shouldn’t be running around like this all the time.”

“Oh, mother,” Karen replied as Jamie turned to leave before adding. “I just happen to know where some pictures of you are in a pretty damn small bikini and I’ve heard more than enough men at the club talk about how hot you are.”

“Really?” a provocative glint appearing in her eyes. “Maybe I’ll have to check into that. Love you, dear.” Looking at Dan, “… and congratulations about today. You did an excellent job.”

“Thank you,” Dan replied as Jamie closed the door as she left.

“Ok, now what was mom talking about? What happened after Brian found out that you have control of the stocks?”

Trying to look distracted Dan looked back at Karen. “What was that honey? I’m sorry I’m a little bit hungry. Would you like something to eat?”

Karen jumped to her feet and walked menacingly towards him. “NO, I don’t want to eat, damn it. I want to know what happened and you better tell me or I’m going to have to start tickling again.”

Dan jumped back as if frightened. “Oh no not that.”

“Ohhhhhh, I’m going to get you.”

Dan moved quickly, wrapping his arms around Karen and pulling her close. “Not if I get you first,” he said as he kissed her.

“Mmmmmmm, you know what that does to me when you kiss me like that?” Karen purred seductively.

“Yep. Now where we? Oh, ya. When …”

“What? Ohhhh, you are such a fucking tease.”

“Yep, and you love it. Now sit down and I’ll finish telling you about the meeting.”

Karen sat down, her mind in a whirlwind. One part wanted to know about the meeting, the other was bursting with pride at what her mother had said about Dan and yet another apart wanted to let her body take over and make passionate love to him.”

“… so when Brain found out that I controlled that last 2% of the company stocks he realized that his plan was done for. There wasn’t anything he could do to your company without my help and there was no way he was going to get that. Just for good measure I informed him that an internal investigation was being launched into his business practices while he was the President of the company, especially regarding improper use of funds for his “business trips” and the donation of your stocks. I also told him that as of last Friday, you and I hold 25% of the company he is now running and are calling for an investigation into his spending there and possibly a call for a vote of “No Confidence” in him. For a couple of seconds I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. First, he turned totally white and then a beet-red before jumping up and starting to yell all kinds of crap about you and I. That was enough as far as I was concerned. I told him point-blank that he was through and that the company was confiscating his remaining stocks due to his ‘questionable business practices.’ He was so shocked that he simply turned and stormed out of the room with his band of ‘good-old-boys’ trailing behind him.

Your mom and I spent the next 4 hours restructuring the company. As it stands right now your mom is the CEO, you’re the President and I will act as President pro tem, during your pregnancy, Jerry from purchasing is the new Vice-President and we moved Gail from accounts to be the new Treasurer. That means that all of Brian’s appointees have been replaced and they are being given the option of quietly leaving the company, without bonus’ or compensation, or taking positions in other areas such as maintenance and grounds keeping with a substantial decrease in pay of course. They were also informed that if they chose to leave but attempted to cause any trouble for you, your mom, or the company their past spending and company performance would be investigated as well.”

Karen sat silently as she looked at Dan in a whole new perspective and made a decision that she knew would change her life forever, before wrapping her arms around his neck. Looking up at him she simply said, “Yes.”

Dan looked back at her with a quizzical cüce porno expression. “I don’t understand. What are you talking about?

“Sweetheart, you know I’ve been very protective of myself and little Zachary after what Brian did to us. Even though I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else I’ve held back a small portion and never let you in. I’ve been afraid of releasing the control that I’d taken back when I split with Brian and I’ve avoided a question you’ve asked several times. But after what I just heard the only answer that seems right is ‘Yes’ … ‘Yes, I’ll marry you’ … ‘Yes, I’ll trust you completely with everything to do with the company, even though you never asked for it’ … ‘and Yes, I’ll be your friend, wife, lover, and fuck-buddy anytime you want me.”

Dan’s face lit up at Karen’s comment. He’d asked her almost daily since he had moved in with her to marry him and today he had gotten the answer he’d hoped for and far, far more. Gently he placed his hands on either side of her face and tilted it up to look into her eyes. He knew without a doubt that she had meant everything she had said as he replied, “Really, anytime I want?”


Pulling her closer Dan replied. “In that case, darling, you started something this morning that I’ve been thinking about all day and I can tell you’ve been thinking about it too. So why don’t we just take care of that problem right here and right now?”

“And just how do you know I’ve been thinking about anything?”

“Well, two reasons. Number one, it is almost the only thing you’ve thought about since you got pregnant and secondly I can smell that intoxicating aroma your pussy gives off when you’re turned on. Are those enough reasons?”

Snuggling into his arms, Karen replied, “Absolutely.”

“Do you remember the first night we were together?”

“Mmmmmmm, I’ll never forget it.”

“Good, now take off your robe and help me get undressed. Then suck my cock and get it nice and hard just like the talented slut you like to be. After that I’m going to fuck that sweet pussy of yours until you scream just like you did that first night.”

Karen stood momentarily transfixed by the change that had come over Dan since she had taken him to her room on New Year’s Eve. That night he had been shy and reserved but over the last several months she had noticed him becoming more confident of his capabilities regarding the company and here at home, and she liked it.

A shiver ran though her body as she let the robe drop from her shoulders to the floor, not from the cool air but from the realization that she liked it when Dan took charge. She liked the idea of having a man in her life who adored and worshiped her, one would always take care of her and never intentionally hurt, but who was capable of taking charge as well.

Almost instinctively she knelt in front of Dan and reached for the buckle on his belt. “God, this is turning me on so much, baby. Love me, fuck me, tell me what to do, take control of me … I can’t believe I’m saying that but I know that you’ll never hurt me,” smiling seductively, “… or at least not too much. You’re everything I want and I’m everything you’ll ever need,” she said as she finished with Dan’s belt and pulled down his pants and boxers releasing his hard cock.

Reaching down, Dan wrapped his hands in Karen’s hair and pulled her head toward his waiting cock. “That’s it, gorgeous. Show me what a slut you can be and suck my cock. Get it nice and hard before I stick it in your pussy.”

Karen slid her hand around Dan’s cock as she extended her tongue to lick off the drop of pre-cum that was hanging on the tip before opening her mouth and gliding his cock into it. Leaving her hand wrapped around it she began to move her head back and forth as her tongue slid across the underside, triggering the nerves there and causing his cock to grow and harden in her hand.

The sensation of Karen’s mouth wrapped around his cock was almost too much for Dan as small electrical shocks ran through him each time she took it deeper into her mouth, just as it did almost every time she sucked on his cock, but today it felt different … no, today HE felt different. Today HE had outwitted a corporate executive years his senior both in age and experience, HE had finally been accepted by his future mother-in-law, and this beautiful, seductive woman at his feet had asked that HE take control of their life together. Without even thinking about it he began to thrust his hips in time to Karen’s movements to push his cock deeper into her mouth.

Karen was startled for a moment as she felt Dan tighten his hold on her hair and begin to pull her towards him. She had always enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving, but Dan’s movements triggered something even deeper inside of her. She wasn’t giving … he was taking her. He was fucking her mouth as if it was her pussy and she loved it. Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it began to caress and squeeze her breast causing milk to flow from her nipple and drip down onto her enlarged stomach arousing her even further until she felt her pussy juices begin to run down her legs to the floor. Never in her life had she felt so sexy, wanton and turned on during foreplay … and she knew the best was yet to come.

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