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A Fantasy Too Far…

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I’m 38, a fitness instructor; brunette, and with a good figure for my age. I already knew I turned heads, especially in my classes – I have a higher proportion of attractive, younger men signing up to my classes than my other female colleagues at one of the local universities – and I do dress to tease at times, depending on the audience.

I married young (18) and gave birth to our first son (we have two) at 19 – my husband is 21 years older than myself, which never presented a problem sexually until about three years ago, but we compensated with toys, films etc. and I never felt the need to stray, although I can be an outrageous tease sometimes – it turns me on.

I also run my own classes, sometimes at home, and this was where I first noticed I was turning heads, or rather one particular head, far closer to home.

Just over a year ago, on a glorious summer day, I was leading a low-impact class in our garden for a few of our older neighbours; I’d come straight from one of my university classes and was wearing a tight fitting pair of black shorts and black sports bra top, with what can be best described as a matching pink bikini thong over the top of my shorts. (My class had been for some of the more attractive boys in my classes, and I liked to give them a good view of my backside to ponder on in the showers after class!) Anyway, not having time to change I just went home and started the class.

My eldest son (at this time 18) was in the garden when I rushed out of the house to prepare for the arrival of my older ladies class, who were due in just a few minutes; there he was laid out on one of the sun loungers playing with his ‘phone.

‘Sorry, son; my class starts soon so you’ll have to go in.’ I said, although seeing him there in just his shorts, I did think about letting him stay – it may stop my class from dwindling over the winter months if the ladies knew they could get an eyeful of his muscular frame every lesson!

I threw my kit bag onto the floor, and my son looked up, his eyes widening as he saw me in my outfit.

‘Wow, Mum!’ he said, a grin spreading on his face, ‘Please make sure you don’t look like that when my friends come over later to pick me up – they’ll never want to leave!’

I laughed, blushing slightly, but flattered all the same. ‘Look, just make yourself scarce you cheeky sod!’ I said, grinning back. I bent over the kit bag and started to get the equipment for the lesson out and, a minute or so later, heard my son walk past me into the house.

A few hours later, my sons friends arrived to pick him up – they were all going away for the weekend to a music festival – along with my son’s extremely gorgeous girlfriend, Jenny.

‘Hi Mrs Edwards!’ she proclaimed as she walked through the door. I have to admit, she’s likeable enough, but there was just something about her I didn’t like, although I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time. Maybe the way she always seemed to give me a knowing, condescending smile. Maybe because of her young, pert, 18 year old body, dressed to flaunt in tight t-shirt, ripped slightly to show her impressive cleavage and the top of her black, lacy bra, and short enough to show her taught tummy just above a pair of tight denim hot-pants, leading down to black tights and Doctor Martin boots. My husband could hardly keep his eyes off her – he could be pathetic at times.

‘I’ll just go and get him – make yourself at home, you lot.’ I said, and went upstairs to let James know that his friends were here.

‘Sorry, Mrs Edwards,’ said Carl, James’ best friend, ‘We need to make tracks – we’ve got to pick all of our supplies up, yet.’

‘Beer, you mean…’ I said grinning, already climbing the stairs.

I got to James’ room and tapped on the door, which swung open slightly at my knock – ‘James, your friends are here – they say you need to leave sharpish…’

‘Erm…okay….just a minute, Mum….’ he stuttered.

I could hear fumbling and his chair falling over, then one of his desk drawers slammed shut. I couldn’t help but peek and saw James struggling to pull his shorts up, one hand stuffing his semi-erect member past the waist band of his shorts. I stepped back so he wouldn’t see me and a second or so later, his door opened and he walked out, looking quite flushed.

‘Oops’ I thought, ‘I’ve just interrupted my son relieving himself!’ I laughed inwardly, and then thought ‘Jenny mustn’t be giving him any – poor thing…’

‘C’mon, J!’ called Carl.

‘Gotta go, Mum’ he pecked me on the cheek, ‘See you in a few days!’

‘Call me!’ I shouted after him, ‘Let us know you’re okay…’ There was no reply as the herd stomped, laughing and giggling, out of the house.

His bedroom door was still ajar, and I could hear the whir of his computer – I decided to switch it off rather than leave it running all weekend.

I walked into his room, and bent over to pick up his chair which was lying on its back. As I did so, I noticed something sticking out from escort seks hikayeleri the bottom drawer of his desk – they looked like a pair of lacy, black panties.

‘Maybe she has been giving out after all…’ I said out loud as I sat in the chair and turned the monitor on for the PC. I gasped audibly as I saw the image on the screen – it was me, bending over my kit bag in the garden earlier, giving a great view of my thong teased arse.

‘Was he…,’ I stammered, staring at the image,’While he…’ the image formed in my head of my own son pleasuring himself while staring at my behind…I looked down at the panties and slowly opened the drawer – they were smeared in fresh cum and not only that, they were an old pair of my panties.

I opened the drawer further – there was a small stack of my advertisement flyers in there, with a couple of them showing signs of having been wet at some point and then dried. The leaflets were just a glossy A4 sheet folded in half with a shot of me in a bikini in the centre-fold, advertising my ‘Bikini Body’ class for the previous year. I picked up one of the dried out leaflets and tried to open it – the pages were welded together. It looked like I’d been a sexual fantasy of his for some time. What was even more suprising was that I liked it – here was a drop dead gorgeous 18 year old who could have his pick of women my age; who was seeing a young girl who was also fabulous looking in every way, and he was choosing to cum while fantasising about me…

As I’ve already said, I love the idea of teasing young men so that they fantasise about me, and the idea of my own son doing it – while shocking – was thrilling me!

My attention returned to the PC – I saw there was a window open and I switched to it – I was presented with dozens of thumbnails, and they all looked like pictures of me. I opened one and started the slideshow – they were all of me, in various positions; on the beach in my bikini; doing my classes in the garden; doing some gardening in a pair of denim hotpants.

I could tell they’d been taken with the digital SLR and telephoto lens James had begged us for for his 17th birthday, and the dates of the images confirmed it.

I flicked back to Explorer and saw a folder named ‘WOW’ – I opened it and started the slideshow. These pictures had been taken from the boys’ old tree-house at the bottom of the garden which, given the right equipment, gives you a view straight through the french doors which lead to the balcony outside of my bedroom.

These were pictures of me in my underwear – panties and bra – he’d clearly not managed to catch me nude yet. In fact, he’d hardly been able to catch me at all from this vantage point; there were only a half-dozen or so pictures in this folder.

By this point, I was beginning to get quite turned on by the idea of my son spying on me and jerking himself off to my pictures – I had to get out of the room. I put everything back the way I remembered it – I didn’t want him knowing that I knew – switched the monitor off and left the room, my head spinning.

That night me and my husband made love for the first time in a couple of months, but all through our love play I could not shake the images of James spying on me; getting turned on; spraying his cum onto pictures of me; even cumming on my underwear! I was so turned on by it all I nearly called out his name while my husband licked me to orgasm, imagining James was licking my pussy while he jerked his cock, spraying his cum onto the bed….

Immediately afterwards, I felt a small pang of shame at my fantasy, but that night and the night after I dreamt of James cumming on my pictures and once even cumming onto my bikini covered behind – both mornings I awoke with my pussy wet and needing to relieve myself with one of my toys.

Now, most mothers would have avoided providing their voyeur son with photo ops but not me – I found the whole thing quite exciting. It was harmless, and my son would grow out of it – its not like we’d ever actually fuck, or anything… And besides, I wasn’t getting the regular attention I was used to from my husband anymore, and it was nice to feel desired again.

A few nights after James got back, I decided to play a little game. It was another gloriously hot day, and I made the point, repeatedly, that I would have to leave all of the windows open in my bedroom, including the french doors, if I was to have any hope of sleeping that night. My husband was out for a couple of hours arranging the annual summer bash at his golf club, to be held the following night, and during a lull in the evening I announced to the boys that I was going upstairs for a bath and to try on my new dress for tomorrow.

Our house is quite secluded – we have no overlooking neighbours – and so I was as good as my word and left all of the windows open. Just as I was heading to the the en-suite, I saw James, camera in hand, furtively making his wasy to the tree house at the bottom of the garden.

After a long bath (I wanted to give James plenty of opportunity to set up) I dressed in black panties and bra, suspenders and stockings and donned my shortest robe, slipping on a pair of high heels as I did so, and looked at myself in the tall mirror on the back of the door – my heels were showing off my legs nicely, and my robe gave a good shot of my cleavage as well as exposing the tops of my stockings. ‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘I think he’ll appreciate these snaps!’ My pulse was picking up speed at the thought of what I was about to do….

I sauntered into the bedroom, where I knew I was now in full view of James’ lens, and walked up to my dresser opposite the window and bent over, pretending to sort through some make up, my robe riding up over my rear slightly and exposing the stockings, suspenders and back of my panties to James’ lens. I then bent over further, spreading my legs slightly, and rummaged through one of the bottom drawers for a minute or two giving him plenty of opportunity to photo my crotch, which began to tingle at the thought…

After a minute or so, I straightened and, keeping my back to the window, slowly slid off the robe and then bent over, picking my dress off the bed and then slowly drawing it down over my body. The thought of James getting a hard on right at this moment was really beginning to turn me on…

I admired myself in the mirror for a second or two and then put my right foot (the one closest to the window) onto the footboard at the bottom of the bed. I slowly ran my hand up my calf and along the back of my thigh, lifting my dress to reveal my stocking top, suspenders, and panties, and made a great show of ‘adjusting’ my suspender belt for a minute or two.

I then stood in front of the french doors, this time facing forward with my feet about a foot apart, and slowly lifted the dress back over my head. I then had to ‘adjust’ the bra, grabbing handfuls of my breasts; pushing them together; pulling them apart, before removing the bra all together and letting my breasts free. I was so turned on by my stripshow at this point I was beginning to lose all inhibition – my nipples stood firm and my juices were flooding my panties.

I kicked my shoes off and then, putting each foot on the footboard in turn, slowly drew my stockings down my legs, before dropping the suspender belt to the floor.

As my grand finale, I hooked my thumbs into my panties and made out I was about to drop them, but just ran my thumbs around the top ‘adjusting’ them, before turning my back to the window once more, bending over, picking up and donning my robe.

Just then my husband walked in to the bedroom.

‘Hi, babe; trying on your new dress?’ he asked.

I turned, shut the curtains – I didn’t want James seeing this – and dropped to my knees in front of my husband, pulling his cock free of his pants and straight into my mouth. I was aching with lust, although not for the man I was kneeling in front of…

‘Fuck…’ my husband gasped.

I sucked him for a few minutes, getting him nice and hard, before leading him to the bed by his cock. I lay back on the bed, robe open and pulling my panties to one side – ‘Fuck me…’ I gasped.

He shoved his 7 inch cock in me, and began thrusting quickly. It was feral, animal like sex – him thrusting his cock into me and me pushing back to meet his thrusts. I didn’t look at his face once while we fucked; I just stared at his cock pumping in and out of me, fantasising it was James who had come in to fuck me instead, no longer able to control himself after my show…

What was making this all the more exciting was that while I was sucking my husband I’d heard James go into his room and shut the door – he’d be in there right now jerking his hard cock, fantasising about me. My moans grew louder.

‘Sshhh!’ my husband hissed, ‘I think James is in his room…’ I shoved my fist into my mouth, muffling the cry of ‘James!’ as I came all over my husbands cock.

Normally, quickies like this with my husband only last a few minutes before he’s over the edge, especially with my soaking pussy pulsing ’round his shaft as I cum, but this time he pounded me for a good twenty minutes before he shot his load deep inside me.

After this, I would wear the robe more around the house, trying to give James a glimpse of my thong or panties over breakfast when no-one else was around, or engineer scenarios for him to snaphot me. I knew it was wrong, but it was invigorating my otherwise flagging sex-life, and I was still of the opinion that it would go no further and was therefore harmless.

As the early part of this year went on, my husband was having to spend more time away looking after parts of the company where they’d had to trim staff. This meant he was away for most of the working week pretty much every week, and my already spartan sex-life shrank to pleasuring myself, which is what led me to Literotica.

I’d been searching online for taboo stories about mother/son relationships to spice up my self-pleasuring sessions when I stumbled on Literotica – the stories there kept me entertained for a while before I noticed the chat facility so, one hot afternoon a couple of months ago, I found myself registered and on under the ‘HotMilf38’ tag, chatting with a nice young man whose tag led me to think he may be willing for a bit of taboo role-play, which he was.

Now, at the time, I hadn’t admitted to anyone else about my fantasies, and so I just asked what role he’d like me to play, presuming from his tag that it would be his sister.

‘My Mom’ came his reply – my heart skipped a beat. Would I be able to admit, even anonymously, that I fantasised about fucking my own son? Well, I did admit it and our fantasy picked up pace, with me pleasuring myself with a Rampant Rabbit while I typed one-handed (and badly, I seem to recall) as our role-playing fantasy began to work to its conclusion. What’s more, my son was out, and I had gravitated to his bedroom to lie on his bed while I did it.

I ended up gushing my juices all over my son’s bed as I came, and I as I was chatting to my naughty role-player, enjoying the pleasant afterglow, I heard my son come in downstairs – ‘Fuck!’ I nearly screamed.

Panic set in and, despite my naughty chat partner trying to persuade me to fuck my son right there and then (you know who you are! 🙂 ), I signed off, threw a nightie on and quickly stripped the bed.

This close call put a dampener on the games I’d been playing for the previous few months, but did not stop the lust I felt for James creeping into my mind all day and night – every time I fucked my husband now, I imagined it was James. Every class I did dressed to tease the young men, I imagined James there, his cock hardening in his shorts. Every time I pleasured myself, it was James who was in my mind….

This was becoming intolerable! My chat mate on Literotica had planted the seed that would end up taking the situation further – we both clearly fancied each other, he’d argued; why not just let nature takes it course?

I formulated a plan.

I decided to produce another pamphlet to advertise my business, but this time I’d use James for the photo shoot. We have a gym in the basement, with lots of equipment, floor to ceiling mirrors and, more importantly, no windows – the shoot would be held there. I’d wear the same bikini I had in the previous shoot – the one in the pamphlets he’d been spraying his cum onto for a year or more – and let him take control of the poses for the shots. This way, I thought, I could get him so turned on he’d ignore any inhibitions and things may progress to…well, we’d see.

I mulled over this plan for a few months, constantly finding excuses to put it off, but in the end it was another Literotica encounter which pushed me to ask the question one night a few weeks ago. While furtively discussing my taboo fantasies with my chat mate (my husband was constantly in and out of the room…), I’d suggested my plan – he agreed it would be perfect and persuaded me to ask. My heart pounding, I agreed and walked from my bedroom to my son’s room, where I knew he was.

I knocked on the door and at the same time asked if it was okay to come in.

“Erm – hold on a second – don’t come in yet!” he shouted, I could hear him fumbling about.

About thirty seconds later he opened the door enough to poke his head around – his face was quite flushed. I could hear the familiar whir of his computer and saw that the monitor was off.

‘Perfect timing!’ I thought.

“Hi Mum…erm, what do you want?” he asked.

I was wearing my short robe with black bra and panties – I accidentally let my gown open a little to expose more of my cleavage and the top of my bra.

“I need to ask a favour – can I come in for a second?” I asked.

I could see his eyes flitting to my cleavage – “Er…yeah…sure….”

He pulled the door open and I walked in – he shut the door behind him as I sat on his bed, letting the gown ride up to show as much leg as possible – I crossed my legs giving him a quick glimpse of my crotch – and as I looked I could see his erection pushing against his shorts.

‘My god,’ I thought, ‘His dick looks like it’s about 10 inches long…’

I caught myself staring, probably only for a second or two, but enough for James to notice – he picked up a jumper from the floor (as if tidying up) and held it in front of his obvious discomfort.

“I’m needing a new pamphlet done for the end of season – just something to pick business up a bit over the winter, you know.” I said, trying to sound as matter of fact as possible, “And I was wondering if you would do the photo shoot for me – it would be a great help, and would save us a fair bit of money hiring a photographer and everything…” I was starting to babble, “…I was thinking we could do it tomorrow in the gym in the basement while your brother is at school and your dad is away on business.”

‘Have I just said that out loud?’ I thought, ‘That last bit sounded like a direct invitation to fuck me!!!’

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