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A Father’s Kiss Ch. 01

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I was just eighteen and still in high school the first time I fully kissed my father, though that act had been an obsession of mine ever since I hit puberty and realized how gorgeous he was. Really, he was so incredibly handsome!

I had been secretly dressing in my mother’s and sister’s clothes for years and had gotten pretty good at it, so privately pining away the days until I had those precious hours alone to glamorize myself into the girl I so longed to be. With two older sisters, I had learned a lot and had it down pat. I knew where everything was and knew how to get things just right. But really, it was so incredible that I hadn’t been caught as my glamorous, teen self, as I did it so often and took such liberties with all my mother’s and sister’s things… their clothes, makeup, lingerie, everything! To this day, I don’t know if it was luck, smarts, or just that being the youngest in the family that I was able to get away with it all. Seemed I just faded into the background with no one really paying all that much attention to anything I was doing. But with all of my mother’s and sister’s things at my fingertips, with the feel of their hosiery and dresses against my skin, I felt myself becoming more and more feminine with every glorious opportunity I could steal. Having long blonde hair, a slight build, and only 5′ 6″ high didn’t hurt either.

Then one fateful Saturday when I was all along for what I had thought hours of private time, the unimaginable happened. My father came home unexpectedly just after I had finished dressing as feminine as I had ever been, wearing breast forms I had gotten underneath my mother’s lace bra, pantyhose, and this wonderful flower dress of hers, with my makeup and hair nearly perfect. It was insane, really. Just after I had put on a final coat of my mother’s coral-red lipstick celtabet giriş and was admiring myself in her vanity mirror, I heard the front door open, then shut.

Trapped in my parent’s room, adorning myself in my mother’s vanity mirror, there was nowhere to run. I completely froze. As I saw my father walk into the room, my heart stopped.

There, with my father looking at me in all my hoped for femininity, all I could say was, “Daddy, I’m sorry.”

I hadn’t a clue how he’d react. Seemed I was expecting to be scolded, or rebuffed in some way. But all he did was take my hand and lead me out to our living room and sat down next to me on our sofa.

“Honey,” he said tenderly, “If this is who you feel yourself to be, there is no shame in that, no shame at all.” And then looking me straight into my eyes he added, “My god, you are simply beautiful.”

All I could do was start to cry. I felt so lost. But then my father took me in his arms and hugged me as I trembled. I couldn’t believe how safe and at ease I was in his arms. The whole thing was like a dream.

Wiping my tears, we locked eyes and the unimaginable happened. Like some love scene from a movie, our lips drew closer and before I knew what was happening, my father kissed me. My body quivered, but my desire fell to his as that one kiss became another, then another.

My heart was racing and I could hardly breathe, but within it all was the feel of his wonderful, caressing arms. I can still so remember that feeling of my lipstick pealing from my his lips with each parting breath. I was on fire, wanting to almost crawl inside him, never for a moment realizing how much we would soon be connected.

“Daddy, I love you so much,” I said, with him answering the same and pulling my lips impossibly closer, deeper. celtabet yeni giriş We kissed over and over again, our arms clutching each other in an almost carnivorous longing. With each touch of our lips, an Incestuous reunion.

I could feel his heart beating as if it were my own. And then I began to feel something more…

It was so easy, so natural as I lent myself down and began to unbutton him. It only took a few seconds before I was presented with what I had dreamt of for so very long.

I took his cock into my mouth as if oxygen, so desperately needed. It was as huge as I knew it would be and I took it in fully, so deeply into my being, and with each stroke of my lips my father gasped such a wonderful sound of pleasure. I pulled my lips up and down… up and down, over and over again, taking him deeply in, with my lipstick so perfectly helping to glide my efforts.

After what seemed a lifetime, my father’s penis was as red as my lips and I could tell he was only moments away from exploding. But I needed to do just one more thing before that particular sharing. I needed to act out a fantasy I had had for years.

I pulled my self up and stood above him. He looked so incredibly handsome, and so wonderfully on fire for me, his newly-found daughter, lover. “Daddy, I’ll be right back,” I told him and quietly went off to the bathroom.

Alone in the bathroom, I had to make myself as sexy as possible. I touched up my makeup, eyeliner, mascara, and put on another full coat of red lipstick. I dropped my dress to the floor, exposing myself in only my mother’s filled, white lace bra, matching white lace panties, and pantyhose. I took another look in the mirror, brushed my hair just right, put on another few stokes of lipstick, then went out to meet my dream.

I celtabet güvenilirmi slowly walked up to my father, climbed onto his lap and straddled him completely. I looked deeply into his eyes and took his lips to mine, kissing him as passionately as I believe possible. Over and over I kissed him, and with each kiss my years of fantasy came true.

“Ok, daddy…” I said as I slowly pulled away, “It’s time.”

With that, I returned below to his wonderful cock, to take it in fully, but this time there would be no stopping.

I started slowly, tenderly placing my red lips upon his penis, kissing its tip, savoring every moment before he entered completely into my very being.

Then so slowly and gently, I pulled him in, caressing every inch upon my lips as he entered fully inside me. Soon I found my rhythm and found myself pulling him into my very soul, covering nearly every inch of his manhood with my lipstick.

Back and forth, up and down, I wonderfully labored, never for a moment gaging as his insanely large cock entered down into my throat. Over and over again it went, with each stroke bringing my father so wonderfully deeper into my desires.

And then, finally, it happened. Down on my knees with my arms fully around his waist and my hair dancing all around my efforts, dressed as the woman I so wanted to be and with the only man I had ever dreamt of being with, my father began to cum.

With each pulse, I pulled his massive cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, as if in some sort of incestuous, erotic harmony that surly few could ever know. I swallowed each thrust of my wonderful father’s cum and begged for more. Over and over I pulled him into me, and over and over again he came, with the very seed that had made me now mine… forever, wonderfully mine.

After a silence took hold, I pulled myself back up into my father’s arms, kissed him fully and deeply on his lips, rested my head on his shoulder, with each of us knowing things had changed forever. His son no longer, for now I was unquestionably and completely his devoted daughter.

End Part 1

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