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A Friend’s Wedding

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This is a story based on two people who met while on Mexican Vacation. This story can be read stand alone, or you can read Mexican Vacation to add some background information.


A little over a year and a half ago, I went on vacation to Mexico. I had just finished a big job at work, and took a much needed break. While on vacation I met two beautiful women, Kate and Beth. We had a lot of fun together, but was really attracted to Kate.

Kate is 24, about 5’7″, 130 pounds with nice C cup breasts that stand straight out. She is a redhead, her hair is cut just below shoulder length. Her body is proportioned well. She is hot, and what a nice firm ass on her. Kate is a teacher at the local elementary school.

My name is Mike. I’m 25, 5′ 11″, around 180 pounds with brown hair. I am in decent shape, working out at least twice a week. I am fortunate enough to have a 7″ thick cock. I am software programmer for a large company.

We had dated for six months, really inseparable since our vacation, and have lived together the last year. We found we had many things in common. We both like hiking, camping and spending time outdoors. We love to ride our bikes, with a local park close to the duplex we live in. The park has many trails leading to different parts of the park. These trails are within two block from the duplex.

We take many walks thru the woods, holding hands, enjoying the scenery. We have had many talks while taking our strolls. Many of the things we have talked about would shock most normal couples. While on vacation, Kate fucked her best friend with a strap-on, they both licked pussy. I fucked Beth and Kate while on vacation.

Nothing is secret between us. We have discussed many of our fantasies. Kate would like to experience double penetration. I have always wanted to experience two women servicing me at once. We have talked about being with other people.

Many would think us crazy, but we have a mutual trust, a love that runs deep, no secrets.

We both love to read. Kate’s friend Beth introduced her to the web site. I have enjoyed the same site for many years. We have had many stimulating hours reading stories, then fucking our brains out until we are exhausted. It is not unusual to have sex three times a day.

These stories have only fueled our sex lives, just looking at her sexy body makes my dick hard. She has flashed her tits at truckers on the highway. We had so much trouble keeping our hands off each other. We even stopped in a cemetery, lay her seat back and I filled her pussy with my cream.

One night we wanted to take a walk in the park. It was a full moon, we knew the paved trails well. We walked hand in hand enjoying the night. Nobody was out. We came across one of the concrete benches along the path they had placed in various places. This particular bench was in a dip in the path, brush on either side of the path.

We stopped to kiss sitting on the bench. Kate thrust her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back, sliding my hands under her shirt. No bra, my little vixen! I kneaded her breasts, tweaking her nipples with my thumbs, cradling her breasts in my hands. She squirmed in my grasp. My hands were causing her pussy to moisten.

“Ah, that feels good Mike, don’t stop!”

She reached for my cock, the head starting to poke out of my gym shorts. She reached thru the slit in my shorts and pulled out her prize. I moved to the end of the bench, she kneeled in front of me. She slowly licked up my shaft, taking my head in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, then releasing my head, licking the other side of my shaft to my balls.

She took each ball in her mouth and sucked gently on it, before sliding her tongue back up my cock. She licked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock.

“Mmm, yummy.”

She engulfs just the head in her mouth, making short jabs into her mouth. Slowly she sinks on my cock, stopping her downward movement every so often. Then pulling on my cock as she slides back up to the tip. She plunges even deeper. I can feel her tongue swirling around my cock while buried in her mouth.

She can take most of my cock without gagging. She tries hard and almost has it down. I don’t care, I love her warm mouth on my cock and start moaning.

“Oh Kate, that feels so good, you better stop soon, or I will blow my load.”

She strokes my cock a couple more times with her mouth, then pulls off with a ‘pop’.


I turn to lay on the corner of the bench as she rises and straddles my legs. I reach under her skirt to find no panties and her pussy moist with her juices. I slide a finger in her and pull her wetness to my lips.

“You taste awesome as usual, babe.”

“Now I’m going to fuck your brains out,” as she reaches down and guides my cock into her swollen pussy.

I lay back on the bench as she bottoms out. As excited as she is tonight, this is pure fucking. She starts pumping up and down on my shaft. I reach up under her shirt and grab her breasts. She istanbul escort leans down and kisses me, while I support her with her big tits, playing with her nipples. This turns her on even more and she bounces on my crotch like a wild woman.

I can feel her pussy lubricating my cock more. My cock is making gooshing sounds when I pump up into her, she is so slick. She squeezes my cock with pussy muscles. Tightening her grip on my cock.

I reach down and start rubbing her clit. I am close and I want to cum together. I have a hard time keeping up with her thrashing on my root.

“Oh babe, cum with me,” she said breathlessly.

“Im there, ahhhhhh,” as I thrust and hold inside her.

My cock is filling her cunt with my cream. All of a sudden, she stiffens up, pressing into me, squeezing my cock. She cums, I feel her cream flooding my gym shorts. She is a squirter and I know when she is coming hard, she floods my crotch.

We kiss, holding each other, bathed in the moonlight, joined at the crotch.

“I love you Mike.”

“I love you so much Kate, you bring so much happiness to my life.”

I start to soften, we separate, Kate stands. I lift myself off the bench and pull my cock back into my shorts. I grab her hand as we we walk back to the duplex. I was a sight to see, luckily it was late and everyone was inside.

We strip off in the bedroom and jump into the shower. I bring her close to me as we kiss softly, exploring each others body with our hands. How I love this woman!

After our shower, exhausted from a long day, we slip under the covers and are fast asleep.

I awake the next morning, reaching for Kate and finding our bed empty. I smell fresh coffee and bacon cooking on the stove.

Walking into the kitchen, I find Kate finishing the bacon. I slip up behind her. She is wearing only an apron and showing her naked ass to me. I slide my hands under her apron and fondle her breasts.

She turns her head in surprise and kisses me quickly.

“Good Morning sunshine, ready for breakfast?”

“You bet!” I grab her, turn her to the table and lift her up on it.

She lets out a squeal, “Oh Mike, breakfast is not done yet.”

“Mine is ready,” I replied.

I sit on a chair and spread her legs, while lifting her apron up. Her lips open up, dampness starting to form. I lap at her slit, burying my tongue in her cunt. She moans.

Licking up her lips I taste her moistness starting to flow.

“Mmmmm, breakfast is served,” I smiled.

She lay back on the table, while I continue to lap at her pussy. She puts her hands in my hair and holds my head close to her cunt. I insert a finger and try to find her elusive ‘G’ spot. While stroking her upper pussy wall, my tongue reaches her clit.

“Ahhhh right there, suck my clit,” she moans.

I concentrate on licking her clit, stroking her faster with my finger. Her hips are moving, shaking. She is close. I reach up under the apron and tweak her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

“Cum for me baby, cum for me now,” I cry out.

She stiffens, her hips making little vibrations, “Oh Mike, Oh, Oh, I’m cummming.”

I pull my finger out and lick the cream from her pussy, as she comes down from her orgasm.

Morning sex never gets old for me.

I help Kate off the table and guide her to her seat.

“I will finish breakfast honey, you sit there and relax.”

“But you haven’t cum yet babe,” she questioned.

“The joy on your face this morning, was good enough for me. That was fun. I’m sure I will get mine later on. Besides, I have to get ready for work or I will be late. Lets eat.”

“You betcha mister. I have a surprise planned for you tonight anyway,” she snickered.

She had my attention now!

While eating breakfast, we discussed the upcoming weekend. She reminded me we have Ron and Debbi’s wedding this weekend.

Kate is a bridesmaid, and I am a groomsman. We went a couple months ago to get fitted in Lancaster, which is about an hour from home. The wedding slipped up on me. It will be nice to catch up with Kate’s old friends. Many of them including Debbi, Kate went to college with.

“I have to get ready for work, you better get a move on too, Kate. Those kids will be anxious to see your beautiful face at school,” I smiled leaning down to kiss her. Time to get dressed.

I am ready to leave, she walks into the bedroom, naked without her apron. She slides up close to me and softly and sensuously kisses me, sliding her tongue in my mouth. Her breasts pulled tight against me, as she grabs my ass, pushing me away.

“Have a nice day at work hon, you will have a nice night for sure,” she snickers and heads to the shower.

I adjust my hardening cock and head to work. Wow, I love that woman!

Work was busy as usual, but it was hard to concentrate. I knew a surprise meant some type of awesome sexual activity. My mind kept drifting, avcılar escort thinking of all the various things she might have planned.

It was about 6 when I finally arrived home. Nothing to indicate what was in store for me. I found a note on the coffee table.

‘Mike, now you are home, it is time to have fun. Go to our bedroom, strip off all your clothes, and lay on the bed face up. Place the blindfold laying on the pillow, on your head, and make sure it covers your eyes. Any peeking and everything will end abruptly. Trust me and you will have the time of your life. Love,Kate’

My cock was rock hard, I still don’t see any sign of Kate. I enter the bedroom. She has candles dimly lighting the room. I follow her instructions. My clothes hit the ground, my cock springs up out of my undershorts. I am in bed quickly, putting on the blindfold making sure I cannot see anything.

I wait anxiously for Kate to enter the room. I feel a presence in the room. Hands lightly glide up my legs, getting close to my cock. They continue up my abs, reaching my chest. I feel them lightly graze my nipples with both hands.

I feel a leather cuff being placed on my right wrist. I hear the spring clip, like on a dogs leash, rattle as she drags it up from its hiding place. I had attached a small nylon cord to the metal bed frame and installed a spring clip on it sometime ago.

She attaches the spring clip to the eyelet poking thru the leather cuff. Effectively locking the cuff to my wrist. She walks around and secures my left arm the same way. Then my right leg is secured with a bigger cuff around my ankle. It fastens to the bed frame the same as the two cords securing my wrists.

Securing my left leg, it leaves me spread eagle on the bed. I left enough cord when I put them on, to move a little, but not enough to escape my predicament.

I feel the feather as it slides slowly up my ankle, thigh, and lightly brushes my cock. She repeats the same thing on the other leg, my cock springing up and down with excitement, hard as a rock.

She brushes the feather across my chest, teasing my nipples. I can feel the precum dripping from my cock. I feel her hands lightly brushing my inner thighs as she kneels on the bed between my spread legs.

The anticipation is killing me, my cock throbbing, wanting release. She kisses softly around my cock. Kissing my shaft lightly. She starts sliding her tongue up my cock. When she reaches the top, she takes my cock in her mouth, and pushes down till she has my head fully in her mouth.

I struggle against my bonds, to no avail. I just want to put my hands on her head, guiding it down my shaft.

She bobs up and down on my shaft a couple strokes, then continues sliding her tongue back down my shaft. She licks my balls, then lifts up my cock, and licks up the underside of my cock.

She engulfs my cock in her hot mouth. Slowly sliding down my shaft. Her warm, wet mouth feels awesome. I feel her tongue swirling around my shaft, while continuing to deep throat my cock.

“Ahhhhh, Oh Kate, thats feel so good, take my shaft, make me fill your mouth with my cream.”

She continues to deep throat my cock, I feel her lips bumping against my crotch. She is driving me crazy. Suddenly she stops. I can feel her backing off the bed.

She strokes my cock a few times and sucks me down to the root. She is standing beside the bed now. Her hot mouth is full of saliva, pushing her mouth up and down my cock. I strain against my bonds trying to get more every time she pulls up.

She teases a nipple while continuing to suck my cock. My hips are moving rapidly, signifying my impending orgasm. She abruptly stops.

“Kate honey, I need some relief, please let me cum,” I beg desperately.

I feel movement on the bed close to my head. Kate swings her leg over my head and I can feel her straddling my head. She lowers her dripping pussy over my face. I feel little droplets of her cream hit my cheek and mouth.

She lowers her pussy to my mouth, my tongue reaches out lashing at anything I can make contact with. I make contact with one of her lips and start sliding my tongue up and down her lip. Collecting her sweet nectar. She lowers a little more and both lips cover my mouth as I snake my tongue into her cunt.

She shudders while suppressing a moan.

I feel quick movement on the bed, a pair of legs straddling me. A very wet pair of pussy lips rubbing against my cock.

‘What the fuck???’

I try to speak, but the pussy on my mouth presses harder, making it impossible. I start fucking the pussy on my mouth with my tongue.

The pussy on my dick slides back and forth on my cock trapping it against my groin. Her cream is making my cock very slick.

Now my senses are on overload. There is another woman in our bed with us! Now I’m really questioning everything. Are there two strange women in our bed? My mind goes crazy with lust with the possibilities.

I’m humping şirinevler escort back at the pussy sliding on my cock. She stops and lifts my cock straight up. I feel her move into place above my cock. She rubs my cock head in her juices and impales herself onto my cock. She takes me to the hilt as her warm, tight grip envelopes my cock. She pauses for a second.

I hear a muffled moan above me, I concentrate on licking the cunt on my mouth. Sliding my tongue upwards, I strike her clit. She shudders.

Suddenly the pussy on my cock starts fucking my cock. I can feel her pulling up close to the head and slamming back down on my cock.

The pussy on my mouth moves to where I can suck on her clit. I take her clit in my mouth and suck with passion. I can feel her body shake above me.

The feelings on my cock are intensifying, her fucking up and down my pole is causing that familiar ‘I’m going to cum’ feeling.

I alternate between sucking on the clit above me, to running my tongue thru her lips sucking her juices, to tongue fucking her cunt. The muffled moaning intensifies. It kinda sounds like Kate, but I’m not sure. Whoever it is starts shaking, I know she is close.

My cock is about ready to blow, I am humping up at the pussy fucking me. Its owner is fucking me with abandon. I can feel her hands hit the bed close to my chest as her pussy goes into overdrive rapidly fucking my cock. She starts shaking with her orgasm. I can feel her squeezing my cock as she cums, setting me off. I start pumping my hot cream into her cunt.

Suddenly, the pussy on my mouth starts squirting her cream on my mouth. She is shaking. I lap it up as fast as I can. This has to be Kate. When she has a really hard orgasm, she squirts her love juice, typically soaking me.

I hear gently kissing as we all come down from our orgasms. The woman are kissing each other!

I feel movement on the bed, the pussy on my mouth disappears, suddenly the pussy on my cock is removed, dripping our combined juices on my crotch. I hear the chair in our room being repositioned.

“I am taking the blindfold off now, you are not allowed to speak,” Kate says firmly.

She removes my blindfold, my eyes adjusting to the dim light provided by the candles in the room.

I look over at the chair, there sets Beth!!

She and Kate have kept in constant contact after our mexican vacation, but we have never had sex with her again.

The chair has been turned to allow me a good view of Beth’s crotch. Kate positions herself between Beth’s legs on her knees. I see Kate’s tongue slide into Beth’s pussy. Beth moans.

“I am not able to attend Ron and Debbi’s wedding this weekend. I have a house showing this weekend, the clients are very interested. Kate felt bad that I would miss the…” Beth said jaggedly.

“Oh, right there Kate, lick my clit, clean your boyfriends cum from my cunt.”

“Kate felt bad I would miss the wedding and all the festivities. So she came up with this idea for us to have a little fun before this weekend,” she smiled.

“Ohhh Kate, mmmmm, suck his cream, fuck my cunt with your tongue,” Beth demands.

She reaches out and grabs Kate’s hair and pulls her closer to her pussy. Beth start rubbing her pussy up and down Kate’s face. Kate moans. This is getting her excited as well.

Beth starts trembling. “Keep licking, I’m almost there.”

“Oh, oh, oh Kate, you’re making me cum.” Beth is squirming in the chair, holding Kate’s face into her pussy as she cums.

Kate rises, looking at me smiling, her face coated with Beth’s juices. She slides her finger over her face and collect some of the juices.

“Mmmm, you two taste delicious,” Kate said smiling.

Kate comes to my side kissing me hard on the lips. I taste Beth’s cream and slight taste of my cum in her mouth. My cock has risen to maximum hardness. Kate releases me from my bonds. I rise from the bed and pull her to me.

We kiss as I spin her around and lay her in the center of the bed. Beth is still recovering, sitting in the chair. I move on top of Kate, kissing her, fingering her hot pussy. Tonight has me so hot, we skip the foreplay, we are both so ready.

I place my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I ram my cock to the hilt.

“Oh fuck me Mike, fuck me hard, I am so worked up, make me cum,” she exclaimed.

I start pumping her furiously, her pussy is tighter than Beths and she grips my cock passionately.

I turn my head and look at Beth, she is furiously rubbing her clit.

I turn my attention back to Kate, putting my arms under her legs and lifting them to the sides. I can get deeper in this position, I slide deep into her. Mashing our crotches together, I take short jabs at her steaming cunt.

I place her legs on my shoulders and lean forward burying my cock in her. I fondle her breasts, tweaking her nipples as I ram my cock into her.

Her juices are flowing now, as I hear us sloshing, as I drive my cock in and out of her. She is still tight and I can feel her milking my cock. Tightening and releasing her pussy muscles is driving me crazy.

I see a light crimson color form on her chest, a sign she is almost there. I pump faster and bury my cock in her as I explode. I keep my cock buried while I pump my cream in her pussy.

She feels me cum in her, it sets off her own orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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