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A Futa’s Uniform

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Huge Cock

“Stop worrying, you worked really hard to get this promotion, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.”

“That’s easy for you to say.”

Veronica flinched slightly, it wasn’t like Carla to snap but she couldn’t really blame her. After months of working her way into her boss’s good graces her girlfriend had finally earned the promotion she had been so hoping for. Even though they’d been dating for over a year now Veronica still wasn’t a hundred percent sure what exactly Envision Incorporated did, or what Carla’s new position meant but she knew promotions were a big deal regardless of company.

“This isn’t like you getting promoted to store manager.” Carla sighed, “Joining the Internal Investigation Team is a huge deal. I’ll be privy to company secrets, personal files, everything, it’s basically as high as somebody in management can go.”

One more, Veronica was awed by her girlfriends intelligence. She spent her time selling shoes in a little shop at the mall. It made her feel oddly immature when Carla started talking about her important corporate job at parties and she couldn’t even understand what she was talking about. She thanked her lucky stars somebody as amazing as Carla ever took notice of her. She was so driven and intelligent and Veronica was so…Veronica.

“You’re amazing.” Carla insisted, hopping off their bed and grabbing hold of Carla’s hands to stop her pacing. “I believe in you, I wish you would believe in yourself.”

“I do.” Carla sighed, “I wish I could benign you with me, my own little cheerleader.”

She pinched Veronica’s cheeks with a grin.

“You’re like a little ray of sunshine if only I could put you in my pocket…” She trailed off for a moment, looking into the distance.

For a second Veronica thought there was something behind her but when she glazed over her shoulder there was nothing but a blank apartment wall.

“Are you okay?”

“Better than okay.” Carla grinned, blue eyes sparkling, “I just had an amazing idea. I will bring you to work with me today!”

“Is that allowed?” Veronica asked, a little confused, “I thought you said there were all sorts of secrets.”

“There are but you won’t understand any of it.” Carla waved a hand flippantly, “No offence dear, but you struggle to follow most conversations. I doubt government techno babble will make much sense to you.”



Carla was fishing around in her bag and pulled out a phone Veronica had never seen. It was black and sleek with a blue neon light at the end and a screen layout that looked far too confusing to use.

“This is a new project my company has been working on.” Carla explained slowly, “It’s going to be used for spy missions in the future and other intel gathering missions.”

“Oh okay.” Carla nodded, adopting the blank, agreeable look she always did when Carla spoke about work.

“I’ll use this to turn you into my uniform, then you can be there all day!”

Wait, what? Veronica was sure she’d misunderstood; it wouldn’t be the first time.

“You’ll…turn me into clothes?” She questioned, blushing profusely.

She expected Carla to sigh and then explain slowly and simply what she actually meant and then everything would make sense. Instead she simply smiled and nodded. She was serious?

“B-but how?” She gaped.

“Using this app.” Carla pointed to a little glowing icon on the fancy phone. “Using a series of specialised quantum algorithms the system is designed to seamlessly integrate with various data sources in order to transform matter-“

Veronica’s mind began to fade in and out, all those words washed over her going in one ear and out the other. Carla continued to explain exactly how the device worked but outside of the occasional term such as ‘infrared’ or ‘radio waves’ Veronica was totally lost. Carla knew too much information overwhelmed her but she must have gotten so excited about the prospect she forgot.

“So what do you say?”

Carla was looking at her so expectantly and Veronica felt guilty. She didn’t really want to be turned into a set of clothes but she also didn’t want Carla to be mad at her.

“I don’t know…”

“Oh please? It’ll be fun.” Carla insisted, stepping closer, “Come on, Veronica, do it for me?”

She dropped her voice an octave; the way that made Veronica shiver. All futa’s had that effect on her; perhaps it was the extra testosterone they had but she had always struggled to say no to them, especially Carla. Her girlfriend’s hand came to rest atop her head, digging into her short brown hair hard enough to twinge slightly; the way Carla knew turned her on. Veronica squirmed a little, trying not to blush as warmth bloomed between her legs.

The idea of being made into a literal object though was so…embarrassing. There was objectification and then…well whatever came after that, this was it. The idea that she couldn’t move on her own, being totally helpless as Carla did with her what she wanted…it was a little hot sure but just thinking about it made her cheeks Bostancı Escort red with shame.

“Do it for me?” Carla asked again, standing close enough that their lips brushed.

“…Okay.” Veronica whimpered, her brain was turning to mush with Carla standing so close and acting so dominant, she could feel the bulge in the front of her pants pressing against her own mound.

“I knew you’d come through for me!” Carla beamed, rewarding her with a deep kiss that left Veronica feeling lightheaded and shaky on her feet.

“W-what do I have to do?” She asked shakily, heart pounding with nerves. “To make it work?”

“Just go to bed and lie down with me.” Carla told her, already busy tapping away at the phone, “I’ll just get the program set up.”

Veronica licked her lips, laying down feeling anxious but also a little excited. What would it be like to be worn by Carla? She would be close in a way she’d never thought was possible. The idea turned her on a little if she was honest though that may have been because of the kiss. Carla walked over and pointed the little neon light over her body as a bright light shot out, scanning her form before beeping a few times.

“Yes! This is going to work!” Carla smiled, “Thank you so much, you’re a doll.”

Veronica flushed with pleasure, she loved getting compliments for her girlfriend so much. She thought such strong reactions would wear off over time but it never had, perhaps that futa pheromone at work.


Carla stripped off and laid down beside her, grinning ear to ear and Veronica nodded nervously. Her girlfriend reached over to place the phone on the bedside table next to her and pressed a button, that same bright light shot out and Veronica felt a strange tingle pass through her skin as all the hairs on her arm stood on end. She looked over to Carla for support and comfort and noticed she was hard. Veronica didn’t have time to question it or why her girlfriend would find the idea of her being turned into clothes sexy because the moment she laid eyes on it a high pitched whine filled the air and she winced, her squeezing closed in shock.

When she opened them her vision was blurred, that same blue light was everywhere and she felt lightheaded. The world began to shift and warp in strange ways and her body along with it. She closed her eyes again, trying to hold back her nausea only to find she couldn’t open them again. Her eyes seemed to be moving, her hair and head changing into a totally different shape to her chest, torso and legs.

It was so strange; she could feel herself becoming weightless; one with the blue light as her body was transformed atom by atom into fabric, leather and metal. The process was not painful, but it was odd; she felt her body parts being split up amongst different shapes; different bits of clothing she assumed.

She was still amorphous, nothing but light and floating threads when she felt the warm skin pass through her. Fingers brushed inside her form and if she could have, Veronica would have blushed. She could feel every inch of Carla’s long fingers wafting through her incorporeal form. It was like having her inside her only somehow even more intimate. She felt drawn to the warmth that was her skin and suddenly a part of her felt solid. The part that had once been her arms turned solid once more, stiff yet soft fabric moulding to the contours of Carla’s arm, snaking along her back to form another sleeve as her top half became a jacket. What had once been her breasts now hugged Carla’s own and in a strange way, it almost felt as though they had become one. As her fabric came to rest against her chest she could feel Carla’s heart beating against her skin. The fabric there turned softer, something hard and metal came to cup at her breasts and Veronica realised she was in multiple layers at once. She could feel herself separating out, becoming a bra and blouse to fit snugly beneath the jacket.

As the new layers formed she could feel her consciousness splitting and she realised if she was to focus she could concentrate on any part; the cuff of her sleeve for example or more interestingly, the middle of her bra; Where her nipples were currently hard and pressing into the soft cups. She desperately wished she could keep her focus therefore now but with all the other sensations rushing through her rapidly changing form she couldn’t manage.

That dizzy feeling increased as what used to be her head turned even more rigid than the fabric. She felt herself forming into a cap to fit snugly on top of Carla’s head and through some mental fortitude, forced her vision to reappear. The stiff cap blocked much of her vision so she focused it downwards where she could finally see what was going on.

Carla was breathing heavily and Veronica felt somewhat self conscious watching her chest rise and fall. With each rise the material that made up her clothes moved with her and Veronica could feel it. It was hard to comprehend that those clothes were her, it was her down there being worn Ümraniye Escort by Carla. Not only that but the mass of strange fabric and light was her as well, slowly slipping down to form a pair of panties and a tight skirt.

If she could, she would have gasped. She was familiar with Carla of course, she thought she knew her pussy and cock well but being formed into panties around them was a whole new dimension. She could feel every inch of that hard length as her pantie form tried its best to contain her and she could feel the subtle dampness of her pussy growing each second that passed. As the panties tightened and finished forming Carla gasped, her cock twitched and Veronica could feel the subtle movement in such detail it nearly made her white out from the sheer intensity.

She could feel Carla’s shapely ass crushing down on her skirt and pantie form, crushing her into the mattress. As well as her smooth thighs and long legs. She wiggled her toes as Veronica’s own feet became a pair of sensible boots. Veronica had never given much thought to feet but now that she could feel those toes rubbing up against her leather lining she realised she would be thinking about them a lot more from now on.

Carla took one final deep breath and the last of the blue light dissipated, leaving Veronica totally transformed. She felt overwhelmed, almost every part of her new surface was touching part of Carla, from the blonde hair tickling the inside of Veronica’s hate form to her toes way down in those boots. Veronica couldn’t help but feel overstimulated and a little embarrassed. She was glad she couldn’t blush anymore or she would almost certainly be beet red by now.

“Wow, you fit perfectly.” Carla said quietly, wiggling a little back and forth on the bed.

The simple movement made Veronica feel as though she were short circuiting. Carla’s ass crushed her further into the mattress, her shoulders pressed back into the pillows and with each roll her softening cock shifted slightly inside her panties. There was too much to focus on, her mind shifted from item to item, forcing the others to the back of her consciousness only for some movement to force her back again.

“How do you feel?”


“I can hear you, you know.” Carla teased, “You should like you’re having a conniption.”

Maybe she was, that would depend, what was a conniption? She did her best to relax, focus on being a hat as that was the least…stimulating. Carla was softening at least which helped immensely. Her emotions were all over the place and she desperately wished she could take a moment to take a few deep breaths to calm herself; but clothes don’t need to breathe. Instead she focused on Carla’s breathing; the feeling of her warm skin against her bra and blouse. This was a mistake as her focus immediately went to her breasts. Those beautiful, double d breasts that she loved to motorboat so much, even if it was a little embarrassing.

She could feel every inch of them now as her bra form hugged the skin, even the gentle curve of her spine thanks to the backwire. Her focus shifted there and her vision went dark in the gloom under her clothes. She couldn’t see them but she could feel those nipples, still stiff against her.

She wasn’t panicked or shocked anymore but she was aroused and once again she was thankful there were no physical signs of it to let Carla know. This was embarrassing enough, if Carla knew she was getting turned on just by touching her body the humiliation levels may well have turned fatal.

Carla sat up, further crushing her panties and skirt into the mattress and temporarily making Veronica’s focus pull again before she managed to get a hold of herself as Carla stood. She moved to the mirror so they could both see.

She really did look exactly like Carla’s uniform, were she not experiencing it right now Veronica would never believe anything was different to normal. She was made up of a green jacket, skirt and hat over a white blouse and underwear. That tight sensation that had been emanating from what used to be her stomach turned out to be a stiff leather belt with a metal buckle, similar in style and make to the boots.

Carla grabbed hold of her lapels and straightened them; it felt just like when she grabbed hold of the front of Veronica’s shirt and pulled her in for a kiss.

“Not too shabby.”

‘We do look nice together.’

Veronica couldn’t believe that crisp, beautiful uniform was her. Not a stitch out of place; for the first time in her life she was perfect. Just like Carla.

“As usual, we’ll just have to be careful.”

‘Careful? What do you mean?’

“Well, because of the way the matter reconstitution works, your atoms are slightly unstable.”

‘Oh of course.’

Carla laughed.

“To put it simply, we have to make sure you don’t get damaged. Stained, wet, all of that is fine but no rips or tears.”

“Why, what happens if I get a tear?”

‘You’re stuck like this. AT least for the foreseeable future until Kartal Escort the tech improves.”


Veronica could not believe her girlfriend wouldn’t mention that before now! She felt tricked but that couldn’t be right, Carla would never deliberately deceive her, she must have just forgotten. She was nervous about her first day after all; that had to be it.

‘I’m not sure about this.’

“I’ll be careful, don’t you trust me?”

‘Well….yes of course but this is very risky isn’t it?’

“No, It will be fine, besides you’re making me so happy right now Veronica, you have no idea. It’s like having you hug me all the time.”

Oh, she liked that idea. And in a way she was, she was surrounding her on all sides, wrapped around almost every part of her. And it did feel nice. Carla was right too, they did look good together. There was something oddly gratifying about looking at their reflection. Seeing how professional but also sexy she made her girlfriend look. Her blouse and jacket were long sleeved and high necked but Veronica was hugging her curves in the most flattering way, to show off her breasts and house glass figure without being overt about it.

The pencil skirt was also form fitting; as Carla turned to face her back toward the mirror she could see the curve of her ass and felt a thrill go through her. Everybody else could admire her shapely ass if they wanted to, but only she was privy to just how round and defined it was. Her panties hugged her peach shaped curve and she could feel her damp pussy and cock snuggly against her inner lining. She wished she could shiver to release some of the energy building; she could feel that pussy against what used to be her own. The inner lining of the panties were made from her own folds and it was almost like brushing them together for sex.

In essence, she was constantly feeling up her girlfriend; and soon she would be doing that in public, right in front of her new boss and colleagues. Veronica had never been interested in public sex or voyeurism but now she was slowly starting to see the appeal.

She once again marvelled at Carla’s single minded nature; if their positions were reversed Veronica would have been a mess right now. Turned on by the idea of her girlfriend wearing her so much that she would just have to masturbate. Once the thought had occurred Veronica realised that, in a way, she was. The clothes were made of her body and now her pussy was caressing not just Carla’s own but her cock as well. Fuck.

“You okay? You’ve gone quiet.”


Veronica knew her voice was strained, she just had to hope that Carla thought it was due to nerves and not arousal. If Carla noticed she didn’t say anything, she was too busy twisting and turning in front of the mirror, admiring her own reflection.

“Well, we’d better get going!” She grinned finally, “Can’t be late!”


Envision Incorporated was a huge building, made of bright silver beams and green glass. All Veronica had been able to gleam about them from Carla was that they were a government organisation where tech innovations were created and improved. Ever since futas were first born and men slowly became rarer, technology around transformation and genetics were their specialty. At first it had been in an effort to return to the world of men and women but after a few generations of women and futas people had learned to accept it and that technology was now being used in all sorts of new ways; that little phone Carla had used was apparently one of them.

Veronica had only ever seen the outside of the building when occasionally swinging past to drop off a gift or lunch while Carla was working, she’d never been let past the security guard at the front door; so she couldn’t help but feel slightly naught as Carla strode confidently past with her in tow. She wished she could stick her tongue out but she had to make due with her skirt hem rippling in the breeze slightly.

Inside the main atrium was a surprisingly boring looking reception. Oh it was sleek and modern but what office building wasn’t these days and Veronica felt slightly disappointed. At least until they got to the elevator; it was huge and mirrored on every wall allowing Veronica, with her ability to shift her vision in 360 degrees, to see every inch of herself from any angle. Carla swiped her security card and clicked one of the levels and took a deep breath; Veronica could feel her heart pounding in her chest, sending little vibrations across the skin of her breast.

Carla fidgeted on the spot, rubbing her legs together and forcing Veronica’s focus down to where her pussy and dick were rubbing against her inner lining even more. She wanted to ask Carla to stop but couldn’t make the words cum; fortunately as clothing she couldn’t either or she’d certainly be close.

“I’m so nervous.” Carla whispered, though she didn’t sound it, if anything she sounded eager and excited. “Cindy is in charge of this department, she’s a dream, Veronica you have no idea. She’s everything I want to be one day.”

‘What do you mean?’

“In charge, confident, cool…sexy.” Veronica felt wetness seeping from her girlfriends pussy into her panties at that last word. “She’s just so cool and I still can’t believe she picked me to join her team.”

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