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A Grand Pair

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Krissy had never done anything remotely like this before. It started in the late afternoon when she found herself hanging out with her brother Jim and his two friends Bob and Carmen. One thing led to another and, in exchange for getting to use Bob’s car for a day, Krissy stripped for them. I let things get out of hand a bit too quickly, Krissy thought as she knelt in front of her brother and stared at his hard cock. All three of the guys were sitting naked in the living room. Bob and Carmen had just been treated to enough of Krissy’s charms to get them off. Now they watch as sister approached brother.

Krissy looked at each of the naked guys. Bob and Carmen were coming around again, cocks reviving, as they appreciated the significance of what she was about to do. Jim looked down at his sister with lust and wonder. He yearned to feel her hot moist mouth on the head of his dick. Who wouldn’t? She was the sexiest thing in town. But he wondered what had gotten into her that’d she’d blow him in front of his friends?

Krissy watched another dewdrop form on the tip of Jim’s penis. She knew he ached for her. His cock strained with his yearning. She wanted him just as much-and licked her lips.

“Whoa! What’s going on?”

The cry came from the doorway. A severe looking woman stood there in a business suit, every bit as shocked as you might think.

All four heads whipped around. Bob was the first to speak. “Hi, Lisa, how ya doin’?” Lisa was Krissy’s sister-twin sister, identical twin. She’d been to a job interview.

Jim piped up. “Sorry, sis, you’re back early. Must not have gone well.”

“On the contrary,” Lisa said. “I’m early because it went so well. They hired me on the spot.”

Krissy jumped up and hugged her twin. “That’s fabulous! Congratulations!” About the same time both realized it was a little odd that Lisa was the only one with clothes on and they parted. Krissy looked down as Lisa’s smile turned to a frown.

“What were you about to do?” She looked at her sister questioningly. “What have you done?”

“Well….” And Krissy told the story finishing with, “but I got the car for the whole day.”

Bob spoke up. “Actually, Krissy you only got it for…” But Krissy cut him off.

“Bob, I think I earned at least 24 hours, don’t you?” And Bob quickly agreed.

Krissy turned back to Lisa. “So are you going to bust us?”

Lisa smiled slyly. “Not if I can watch you suck big brother’s cock.”

Jim actually blushed. But his cock, having gone flaccid on Lisa entrance, started to spring back to life.

“You’d watch?” Krissy asked suddenly shy. Like most twins she and Lisa were remarkably close and shared most everything with each other. Oh God, this is naughty, thought Krissy. With Lisa watching it would be even naughtier.

Lisa took Krissy’s hand and led her over to Jim. The girls knelt side by side in front of him. Lisa whispered to Krissy, “You can tell me the whole story later. Right now, I want to see you do this. I can’t believe it.”

Taking Jim’s big cock in hand, Krissy looked at her sister. “I can’t believe it either.” Then she opened her mouth and sucked in the head of Jim’s hard dick with Lisa looking on from inches away. Krissy’s lips spread as her mouth descended along the thick shaft. She hoped Jim enjoyed the sensation of his erection in her tight throat as much as she did. She held him there for a bit.

Jim looked down at his cock engulfed in his sister’s throat. Her nose was in his pubic hair. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew his thoughts should be racing at this bizarre situation but thankfully the erotic waves of sensation going through his body suppressed that. Krissy slowly began to move up and down on his shaft, nearly taking it out of her mouth on each up stroke, then sucking its whole length back in.

Lisa watched the wet cock go in and out of her twin’s mouth. It was all too easy for her to imagine herself sucking that dick and how deliciously naughty that would be. She could almost feel it now.

Not wanting to miss a thing Bob and Carmen moved closer. This was just amazing watching Jim’s little sister suck his cock. Somehow, having Lisa kneeling there watching up close, still dressed in her business suit made it even more enticing. The boys were stunned as Lisa moved in deftly when Krissy was on her up stroke and took the eager wet penis in her own mouth without losing the rhythm. Krissy smiled at her sister and let her have her way for a while, then took the treat back. Lisa sat up, look at the 3 boys and licked her lips.

And that pushed Jim over the top. Having had both twins suck him, he couldn’t last any more. Krissy felt the base of his cock contract and knew what was about to happen. When she pulled away and held her mouth just an inch from the tip of his penis everyone saw the first burst of semen shoot out into her throat. Krissy sucked him deep inside for the next burst but it was more than she expected. As Krissy struggled to swallow Lisa took the ejaculating cock for a quick taste. karabük seks hikayeleri Recovering quickly, Krissy wanted to finish what she started and took it back. This time when Lisa looked at the boys and licked her lips they saw Jim’s come on her tongue.

Bob knelt beside and behind Krissy watching her erotic show. While he watched Jim’s cock spasm in her mouth and Krissy’s throat swallow again and again, he slipped his hand between Krissy’s legs. Her cunt was open and wet. First one then two fingers slipped in easily. Krissy squeezed her pussy on them fiercely and rocked back and forth bringing on her own orgasm. When Bob leaned down and licked her asshole, Krissy went to another level as his tongue teased her little hole.

Eventually they all settled down into an awkward silence as Krissy let Jim’s cock slip out of her mouth, Bob took his fingers from Krissy’s wet cunt, and everyone found a comfortable place to sit. Neither Bob nor Carmen knew what to do with their nearly bursting, hard dicks. Jim lay back in his chair in a state of erotic oblivion.

Lisa stood up and said, “I’m feeling awfully overdressed,” and that brought out some weak laughter from the others. She took of her jacket and began to unbutton her blouse. “I hope we’re not through.” She looked around the room then settled on Bob. “I’d like a sample of that last thing you did to Krissy.”

Bob blushed and gave her a “who me?” look. No one else had seen him.

“Did you like sticking your tongue in my sister’s asshole, Bob?” Bob squirmed. He didn’t know what to say. It was the first time he had ever done that. Krissy’s ass just inspired him.

Lisa took off her blouse to reveal a sheer strapless bra that hid nothing. “If you don’t remember, why don’t you try it again? You’d like that wouldn’t you, Krissy?” Krissy smiled and looked down. She got up and assumed the doggy position with her ass pointed at Bob.

“That’s a good answer. How about it, Bob? Stick your tongue in there.”

Finally Bob found his voice. “I will if you will.”

It was Lisa’s turn to be taken aback. She managed to say, “Okay.”

The two of them knelt down behind Krissy as Carmen and even Jim came over to watch. This was too hot to miss even in his satisfied state. Krissy lowered her head and shoulders to the floor and spread her knees wider offering up her lovely ass.

First Bob licked her puckered pussy, its lips already spread and wet, her clit still hard and erect. Krissy shuddered as his tongue passed over it. Lisa poked at Krissy’s asshole and said, “here,” and Bob licked up to the little brown opening. Without pausing his tongue went right to the middle and teased it every so gently. Krissy moaned. The sensation was exquisite. Then bit by bit he pushed the tip of his tongue in, testing her resistance, pushing a little more each time. Then as if by mutual consent he pushed harder as Krissy pushed back and his tongue slipped inside her ass. He fucked her gently making sure everyone could see what was going on.

Lisa grabbed Krissy’s ass cheek and squeezed it. Leaning down to her sister’s ear she asked softly, “Do you like that, sis? You like that tongue in your ass?” Krissy whispered “yes” between her moans. Lisa continued, “Now I’m going to lick your ass, Krissy. I’m going to stick my tongue up your ass, sis.” Krissy just moaned louder.

Lisa took Bob’s place as the others looked on eagerly. This was going to be something to see. Like Bob, Lisa started with Krissy’s pussy. In her case, it was her first ever. Both twins knew that every guy fantasized about them and perhaps that was why they could share their experiences with each other but never ever thought of actually being involved with each other. All that just changed.

After tasting Krissy’s delicious cunt Lisa licked up her crack. Krissy’s asshole was already wet and eager from Bob’s tonguing and Lisa wasted no time. She plunged her tongue right up Krissy’s ass and felt her sister wiggle back on it. She’d never even imagined doing something so naughty. Then she felt Krissy’s muscles spasm with an orgasm, squeezing down on her tongue repeatedly.

Lisa grabbed Bob’s hard dick and pulled him up behind Krissy until the head of his penis was just above Krissy’s ass. Lisa sucked him and said, “you’ve earned this.” Then she pushed the head of his cock into his sister’s pussy. Bob didn’t wait to be told what to do next. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her cunt for all he was worth. “Slow down, baby. Make it last,” Lisa told him as she stood up. Her hands went behind her back and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

Carmen exclaimed. “Wow, no panties. Must have been some interview.” Lisa’s pussy was shaved bare. It opened as she bent to get her skirt, and the straps of her garter belt stretched across her ass as they clung to the tops of her stockings. Lisa carefully folded the garment and left it on the table before returning to her sister and the boy fucking her.

“Hey, Carmen, maybe you could show me a good time while I attend to this,” Lisa said in her most seductive voice as she put her tongue to Krissy’s ass while Bob’s penis sunk into her wet cunt. Carmen looked from his hard cock to the scene in front of him and then to the newly almost naked twin. He didn’t need to be asked twice. In a flash he was behind Lisa first licking her cunt and ass with his tongue and then pushing his painfully hard dick into her wet hole. All the while Krissy was coming, Bob fucking her cunt, and Lisa licking and tonguing her asshole.

“Come here, Bob,” Lisa said as she grabbed Bob’s cock. It still dripped from Krissy’s wet cunt. Lisa licked it and told him, “time for the main event.” Then she put the tip to Krissy’s asshole. But Krissy cried out and moved away. “It’s okay, baby,” Lisa said as she pushed her finger into Krissy’s little hole. “You’ll be fine.” Lisa pushed her index finger all the way up Krissy’s ass and pumped her a few times until she relaxed into it. “There,” Lisa said pulling her finger out and aiming Bob’s cock back at the target.

Bob pushed gently at first, just teasing her. Letting her feel the size of his dick. God how he wanted to be inside her. Krissy relented and pushed back firmly as his penis uncomfortably stretched her opening. Then with another little push her sphincter snapped around the head of his dick and he was in. They paused. Lisa felt Carmen start to come in her pussy and cried out, “oh yeah!” And pushed back on him. Bob began to pump in and out of Krissy’s ass and soon both of them were having a wild loud orgasm. To those involved it seemed to go on for minutes-moaning, fucking, coming. Lisa’s hand found Krissy’s clit and pussy as Bob pounded her ass. Carmen, ever the gentleman, reached around Lisa and gave her an extra kick by fondling her clit as he drove his dick into her cunt. On and on it went until they collapsed in a pile.

Lisa watched Bob’s cock deflate and slowly slip out of Krissy’s slippery ass leaving a trail of semen behind. She felt Carmen’s cock slip out of her own cunt and his weight disappear as he sat down off to the side. Suddenly another cock took its place.

Lisa’s head snapped around to see what this was about only to find her brother grinning back at her like the cat the ate the canary. His cock plunged into her all the way to the hilt. He fucked her deeply and slowly as her excitement grew once more. Just as she was about to come he pulled out and pushed against her anus. “Oh yes,” cried Lisa as she pushed back hard trying to take him right up her ass. But he was too big. Half his cock was in her and she felt stretched as far as she dared go. He fucked her like that, very gently, letting her get used to it. Lisa relaxed and Jim found he could go deeper.

Krissy found her sister’s pussy and began to tease it as her brother fucked her in the ass. Soon both Jim and Lisa were coming furiously. With each spasm, Jim shoved himself deeply into his sister, strained with pleasure and then pulled back for the next round. Lisa had never felt so good.

It was quite a while before anyone spoke. Eventually they all used the bathroom to clean up and gathered back in the living room.

“Well that was fun,” Bob deadpanned. Everyone looked at him.

“Well it was!”

Carmen spoke, “I didn’t get to fuck anyone in the ass.”

“Let’s see how fast you recuperate,” Lisa said with a smile. Everyone smiled at that.

They got dressed. Well, the girls just put on big tee shirts that came down to mid thigh, made for good teasing when they reached up or bent over and showed a little ass-or more. No one was very shy now, but neither did anyone want to be the one to push too far. After all, it couldn’t have been a more rewarding time.

See Carmen sitting on the couch watching TV with his hand laying on the cushion next to him, Lisa went over and sat down-right on his hand. Carmen had been zoning on a Baywatch rerun and didn’t really figure out what was happening until the folds of Lisa’s lovely pussy pressed into his palm. She wiggled delightfully and he let his fingers slip into her wet cunt.

“Ooooh,” Lisa moaned. “You’re the guy that said he didn’t get to fuck an ass.” She stared at the TV.

Carmen looked at her profile and pushed a finger tip against her asshole. “Yeah, I got left out.”

“Oh, well,” Lisa said wiggling on his finger but still watching the TV. “You never know what might happen.”

Carmen turned back to the TV as he pushed his finger up Lisa’s tight ass. “Yeah, you never know.”

They were still like that five minutes later when Krissy walked into the room. She had a good idea exactly where Carmen’s fingers were so she walked up to the couch and asked if there was room for her too. Carmen patted the empty cushion by his side and Krissy sat down before he could pull his hand away. Pretty soon Carmen had a finger fresh with pussy juice stuck up Krissy’s ass too. They sat in silence and watched TV while Carmen fingered them.

“You know, Krissy,” said Lisa, “Carmen hasn’t had anal sex yet.”

Krissy looked at her twin, “at least not with his penis.”

“Well, that’s the best part.” Lisa replied.

“So I’m told,” said Carmen doing his best to feel up their asses while his cock strained in his pants.

“Let me help,” Krissy offered and opened his jeans. With Lisa’s helping hands they pushed them down. Carmen’s hard dick popped up. Both girls grabbed it simultaneously and laughed. “We can share,” said Krissy offering it to her sister. The girls were now on their knees on the couch giving Carmen must better access to their charms as they sucked his dick. He got two fingers up each ass before Krissy stated her plan.

“There’s something I’ve always fantasized about, Lisa,” she said. Lisa was all ears, even with a cock down her throat. “Let me show you.” Krissy had her sister squat down on Krissy’s penis with her back to him which left Lisa facing Krissy who know knelt on the floor between Carmen’s legs. Krissy grabbed Carmen’s cock and guided it into her twin’s cunt and massaged them both as they fucked. “Now here’s your chance, Carmen,” she said moving his cock back an inch. Lisa’s ass came down right on its tip and took the cock head inside smoothly. Carmen moaned with pleasure as the tight orifice wrapped around his cock. Lisa slowly sank down taking him all the way up her ass while Krissy’s mouth engulfed her pussy. Soon they found a rhythm with Lisa slowly fucking Carmen’s dick with her ass as Krissy licked her clit and Carmen’s balls. Then Krissy had them slide forward a bit and stuck a finger up Carmen’s ass to massage his prostrate even as she sucked on Lisa’s clit. She was more delighted than ever when they both came to a massive orgasm at the same time. Krissy up Lisa’s pussy she felt her sister’s sphincter contracting around Jim’s cock as it shot it’s load up Lisa’s rectum. Long after Carmen stopped coming Lisa continued until at last Krissy’s tongue tired and she sat up.

“Lisa,” said Krissy, “you look lovely with a penis up your ass.” Lisa smiled back and squeezed her muscles around Carmen’s dick.

“So what do you think of your first time?” she asked Carmen.

“I wonder if it will be as good as the second?” he replied with a wink. “But maybe we should repay Krissy first?”

Krissy smiled and lay back with her legs spread inviting them to have her.

“Allow me, ” said Jim from the doorway. Before she knew it, Krissy had her brother inside her in the missionary position. He fucked her fast and furiously-just what she wanted. As they were finishing Bob walked in and Lisa motioned for him to come to her, still with Carmen’s dick inside her. That dick started to revive when she took Bob’s hard cock out of his pants and began to suck it. Lisa stuck her fingers in her pussy and began to post on the hardening cock in her ass while she sucked Bob’s dick for all she was worth. She was rewarded with an intense orgasm of her own with Bob’s semen spewing down her throat and Carmen’s up her ass while watching her brothers big penis pound in and out of her twin.

Everyone thought the desert was better than the dinner.

Once again cleaned up they started watching a movie with the guys sitting on the couch and chair and the girls laying on the floor. The action on the camera had hardly begun when the action on the floor grabbed the guys attention. Lisa was laying on her stomach watching the TV but Krissy had pushed up her tee shirt passed her ass and was massaging it cheeks, pulling this way and that, and giving the guys quite a show. And the guys loved it, especially when they saw that Lisa’s pussy was getting wet.

Krissy teased it with her fingers, opening the lips, sliding a finger a little up her vagina, rubbing her clit from time to time until Lisa was squirming. Then Krissy crawled closer and licked her twin’s sweet ass, riming her, then probing it with her tongue while still teasing her pussy with her fingers. Lisa came loudly and then went back to watching the TV like nothing happened. The guys loved it.

Krissy moved up to whisper in Lisa’s ear. “I want you to take all 3 of them-at the same time. Just keep watching the TV.” If Lisa heard her she didn’t let on and just kept staring at the tube.

“Carmen come here and lay down next to Lisa,” Krissy told him. “And take off your clothes.” Carmen did as he was told knowing he’d very likely enjoy whatever was going to happen. When he was laying down with a mostly flaccid penis Krissy sucked him to erection. Then she had Lisa mount him. Once Lisa had Carmen’s cock nestled deep in her cunt, Krissy had her lean over chest to chest with him.

“Ok, Bob, your turn. Come here.” Even though he was hard, Krissy sucked his cock for a bit before guiding it into Lisa’s ass. “Don’t freak out, boys. Remember you are getting to fuck one of the two most beautiful girls in the room. It couldn’t be a better hetero experience.”

Krissy turned to her brother. “Jim, you get the blowjob. Sorry, it’s because you have the biggest dick. I thought it’d be too much for her first double.” Jim walked over to get his cock sucked. Krissy took him in her mouth first before handing him over to Lisa. Then she sat back and watched.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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