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A Helping Hand

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I guess I should start this story by telling you a little about my girl. Her name is Liz petite, athletic woman, with a strong personality. I wouldn’t describe her as buxom but for her small frame she is beautifully shaped. Champagne glass breasts whose nipples stand at attention almost all the time and a bottom most every man would kill to have. Now that the mental vision of her is set in your mind I should get on to what happened just last week.

Our sex life is fun and adventurous, ranging from romantic and playful. Liz is a little on the conservative side, afraid to express her sexuality. In hopes of getting her to break out of her shell, I purchased a toy for her to use while I was going to be out of town on business. Maybe I went to far when I decide to give her a long, thick double headed dildo. She smiled and excepted the gift as graciously as possible but told me that she never was much on masturbating. “Just doesn’t seem the same by yourself, I like the real thing” which I know for a fact that she does!

While I was out of town, I joking asked her “Are you enjoying your new toy?” She told me that she just couldn’t bring herself to try, but that she was very horny and could hardly wait for me to come home so she could have the real thing. I told her that I also was counting the minutes until I got home. That I was saving a huge load of cum for her tight little box. If I didn’t tell you, she has the most perfect little canlı bahis box. Her pussy lips swell and her tight little pussy pours juice when she gets horny. Not to mention the control she has over her muscles and how she loves to milk my cock dry. I asked if I could satisfy myself? She told me to save it until I got home; “You know how I love to have you cum in me.” With an invitation like that who could resist fulfilling her desires.

The week seemed to drag on forever, the anticipation growing. I couldn’t take it any longer and I scheduled a flight to come home early and surprise her. I dreamt about her on the long flight home. How her body would feel next to mine. Her soft skin pressed against me, how well we fit together. Firm behind against me, like puzzle piece, as we spooned. I woke to the sound of the seat belt signs coming on as we started our descent. With an erection so hard I could only hope it would go away before I reached my gate.

I flagged down a taxi and headed for home, hoping to beat her home from work. As I pulled up I noticed her car was in the garage. I put my bags down outside the front door and made my way in as quite as possible. I heard some muffles sounds coming from the bedroom, a little shocked I crept up and looked into the bedroom. Wow! To my surprise Liz was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide apart working one end of that huge toy into her pussy and sucking on the other end. Not wanting to ruin bahis siteleri the moment I sat back to watch the show. She looked so wanton, I had never seen her so driven by desire. She was pushing and pulling about 8 inches of dildo in and out of her pussy. Just seeing the wetness shining on the dildo was making me hard. Every time she pushed it in she would let out a little whimper and a sigh as she withdrew it. This was a dream come true, not in my wildest dreams could I have ever thought this one up. She let go of the tip of the cock in her mouth and I could hear her say, ” give me that big cock, I need it deep,” then the words I so love to hear “give me your hips, I want to feel you cum inside me.” It was almost too much for me to handle; just the thought of her milking my cock into her pussy brought me right to the edge of orgasm. Could it get any better? Well, damn right it did, she took the other end of the dildo and started trying to push it into her tiny little hole with the other end still in her. Holy shit, I couldn’t believe my eyes as she put both ends into her pussy. Every man’s fantasy, my conservative girl had turned in to a real nasty girl. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she worked both ends of the cock in and out of the pussy. The sight was too much for me to handle and I knew I would blow my load in my hand if I didn’t get in and join her. I removed all my clothes and stood at the end of the bed str!! oking what bahis şirketleri had to have been the biggest and hardest erection of my life. She was unaware of me for what seemed like an eternity, pounding away on herself like there was no tomorrow. Finally see opened her eyes; I know it scared her but she never missed a beat. Overcome by her lust she just kept working both ends deep into her box. Now it was my turn to get a better look, I eased my way onto the bed so I could get a close up look at her stretched hole. This was the most incredible sight I have ever witnessed. I had to taste her; Gently I licked around her pussy tasting her juices in all their glory. She moaned out loud as I took her clit in my mouth and started working it over with my tongue. ” STOP PLEASE STOP, I have to feel you inside me” here is where it gets even better! Liz grabs my cock and starts to work it into her pussy with the dildo still inside her. With the sight before my eyes and the sensations of her squeezing!! may cock and the dildo together, I wasn’t going to last long. “I’m going to cum” I managed to blurt out. “No, I want to taste your cum. Fill my mouth with you seed!” It seemed like I would cum forever. Squirt after squirt in her mouth then I pulled out and started spraying her face and her breasts. Liz seemed to revel in the cum that poured out of me. Scooping up what was on her face and licking it off her fingers. Her breasts where covered in the white gooey mess, she started to massage it into her skin but I stopped her just so I could look at her beautiful figure drowned in cum. That afternoon didn’t stop there but I will have to follow up later, the story only gets better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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