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A Hot Day by the Pool Pt. 01

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It was hot summer’s day and I was sitting beside my backyard pool. I was attempting to read but was failing miserably, mainly due to my daughter, Aly. She was lying in a chair opposite me wearing a skimpy dark blue bikini, working on her tan. Aly had recently turned eighteen, was 5’6″, voluptuous, with perky, round breasts and long, red hair that stopped only inches from her perfect ass. Her eyes were deep green and she was in great shape from playing soccer. Her skin was smooth and tan. Not to mention she was very intelligent with a wicked sense of humor. She was the perfect woman for me, except for the fact we were related.

Aly’s mother, Monica, and I had been divorced since Aly was a baby. The marriage had been a disaster and the only good thing to come out of it had been our daughter. Despite the fact that Monica made sure that I knew she resented it, Aly and I had a great relationship. I saw her almost every weekend, and she knew I was there for her all the time. She trusted and loved me, and that’s why part of me felt a deep shame at my continuing lust for her nubile, young body.

From where I sat, I had a very good view of Aly’s long, shapely legs, which were spread open just enough for me to see the outline of her pussy mound under her bikini bottoms. My gaze lingered there briefly and then continued up her flat stomach, to her tits, which were firm and full. Her nipples were hard, poking up against her bikini top. Her neck was slender, and her lips were pouty. Her face was young and innocent, with a cute button nose. Her eyes were closed and I suspected she may have fallen asleep.

I was getting harder by the moment, imagining Aly on her knees in front of me, stroking my cock with one hand while she slurped sloppily on it’s purple, swollen head, swirling her naughty pink tongue to get every drop of my salty pre-cum. The fantasy progressed to my sexy young daughter, mounted on my long, thick cock, bouncing up and down on me, while I was sitting in my chair. My hands cupped and squeezed her tits, making her moan louder and bounce faster. She just had a powerful orgasm, and I was about to spurt my hot seed into her young womb when my filthy imaginings were interrupted.

“Dad? Are you awake?”

The sound of Aly’s sweet voice brought me back to reality and my guilt kicked in. What was I thinking? She was my daughter for god’s sakes, not some cheap slut on a porn site. I opened my eyes and looked at her, hoping she wouldn’t see my raging hard-on through my jeans.

“I’m okay, baby…just resting my karaman seks hikayeleri eyes…”

Even I didn’t believe myself and Aly was observant enough to pick up on my lie. I smiled at her and she looked at me curiously for a moment.

“Okay, Dad…I fell asleep and woke up just now…book not interesting enough to keep you awake?” She smirked, casting her eyes to the paperback that was sitting beside my chair.

I swear for a moment her eyes stopped briefly at my stiff cock that was ready to burst out of my pants. I shrugged off that thought, putting it down to an old man’s shameful wishful thinking.

Aly got up suddenly and walked around the pool to where I was sitting. I took in her curvaceous form, the slight jiggle of her pert mounds almost hypnotizing me as she approached . I could feel my shaft throb and I managed to stifle a groan of pure lust. Hopefully unaware of her father’s unwholesome thoughts, Aly sat down next to me in one of the empty chairs while I tore my eyes away from feasting on her chest.

“Daddy…do you think I’m pretty?”

Her question startled me. I wondered if she had read the filthy thoughts running through my head. Aly hadn’t called me daddy since she was a little girl, and moments after the fantasy I had just had about her, it took all my self-control to ignore the pulsing of my cock.

“Of course I think you’re pretty, Aly, you’re my daughter…”

I took her hand and held it reassuringly, suddenly catching her scent, a combination of her peach body wash and suntan lotion. I met her eyes, which were full of vulnerability. My parental impulse kicked in, making me want to hold and protect her. Along with that came another wave of lust as a very primal part of me found that vulnerability nearly irresistible.

“Correction, sweetie, you’re not pretty, you’re beautiful. Why aren’t you feeling pretty?”

“Thanks, Daddy. I really needed to hear that. I guess I’m not feeling very confident since no one at school seems to be interested in me.” She squeezed my hand and let out a deep sigh.

I noticed that her sighing did fascinating things to her tits.

“I’m sure the right boy will come along, baby, you’ll just have to be patient.” I absent-mindedly started to caress her arm, something that had always calmed her since she was a little girl.

To my surprise, she gasped and her skin got goosebumps. The look of uncertainty faded from her eyes, then she closed them, and sighed again, happily this time.

“That feels nice, Daddy, you haven’t rubbed my arm like that in a long time…can you do something else for me?” Aly tilted her head and scrunched her nose, looking at me with pleading puppy dog eyes.

My heart skipped a beat and my stiff member all but burst out of my pants. I was still somehow maintaining control and I didn’t want to make her need for her father into her attempting to seduce me.

“Anything for you, Alykins,” I said, still caressing her arm.

“Cuddle with me, Daddy,” she said, then got up and sat in my lap, burying her face in my shoulder.

My arms went around her and I held her tightly. My hard-on pressed against her tight ass, which wiggled a bit as she cuddled with me, She looked up from my shoulder, fixing me with her deep emerald eyes. She smiled and wiggled more. I gasped and she giggled like a little girl.

“Daddy, I don’t want a boy, I want you. When I noticed you checking me out. I pretended to be asleep to see what you would do. I could feel your eyes on me the whole time.” Aly’s breath was warm against my ear as she whispered into it. “I got even more turned on when I saw how hard you were for me. That made my mind up, that I should show you how I feel about you.”

My mind raced as my fantasy about fucking my gorgeous teenage daughter was coming true. Her plump ass felt fantastic as she used it to make my cock even harder than I already was. I could barely think of anything besides shoving my throbbing cock deep into that hot little mouth of hers and then having her ride me until we both came over and over.

I began to run my fingertips up and down her back, which made her shiver and gasp softly. Then, she kissed me, deeply and hungrily, her tongue slipping into my mouth. My tongue wrestled with hers for few moments, as she ground her ass against my cock. She pressed her full, warm tits against me, her nipples hard. Our breathing was hot and fast.

We broke our kiss, panting heavily. My hands found the tie for her bikini top and quickly untied it, tossing it to the ground. She switched positions and was now straddled across my lap. I began to cup her warm breasts, rubbing the nipples with my thumbs. Aly moaned loudly and starting humping my lap,

“Oh…Daddy…Daddy…fuck yes, play with my boobs.”

Aly’s eyes were closed as she rode my lap, and I could feel my jeans getting wet from the dampness concentrated in her bikini bottoms. I put my hands around her back and began to suck each of her nipples alternately, This drove her into a frenzy, her moans getting louder. I briefly hoped that the neighbors didn’t hear, but my daughter’s gyrations on my lap soon pushed worries about discovery out of my head.

My cock was aching to bury itself in her tight young honeypot, so I stopped sucking on her breasts. She whimpered in frustration, opening her eyes, which were full of lust.

“Daddy, why’d you stop? That felt so fucking good.” She pouted, tossing her hair back. “I’m so horny I can barely think straight.”

I kissed her quickly, and said, “Aly, Daddy wants you to ride his thick cock. Do you want that? Take off your bikini bottoms, so Daddy can fuck you.”

She smiled, licking her lips, and slid off my lap. She stood in front of me, and slowly took off her bottoms, gyrating her hips and touching her nipples. She was enjoying the effect she was having on me. Once her bottoms were off, I took in the absolutely mouth-watering sight of Aly’s slick cunt, which was covered in trimmed, dark red pubic hair. Her pussy lips were thick and inviting.

“Are you ready to give me a horsie ride, Daddy? I so want to ride my horsie hard and fast.” She licked her lips once more, her emerald eyes smoldering with lust.

My daughter had me completely under her control, so I quickly pulled off my jeans and boxers, letting my aching shaft spring free. It was at its full length, pre-cum leaking from its purple head, my balls full of cum. Aly squealed in delight and impaled herself on it, making us both moan in pleasure. She grasped the back of my chair, while I took her hips. She rode me hard, tits bouncing, while I met every thrust of hers downward with my own upwards.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, Daddy, yes, give me that big cock of yours, stretch out my hungry, young cunt.”

I could feel the pressure building in my balls, ready to shoot my load into her eager, tight pussy. She slid down onto my cock fully, squeezing it with her pussy muscles, biting my neck and moaning in my ear. I couldn’t hold back anymore and from the way she was shaking as she took my entire cock into her, neither could she.

We both orgasmed at the same moment, our cries echoing over the pool. I could feel her juices coating my shaft and she milked every drop of cum from me. We kissed as we came once more. We stayed joined together like that, Aly shuddering in post orgasmic pleasure, her cunt contracting around my cock, while we kissed passionately.

At last, sated, she slid off me and cuddled, still naked, back onto my lap, my arms tight around her.

“I love you, my little girl,” I said softly into her ear, She sighed contentedly into my neck and soon was asleep. Worn out and happy, I soon joined her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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