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A Leaf in the Autumn Wind

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Female Ejaculation

Even though I’d raced across the campus, I was late for the college judo club. I was tempted to skip it, but that would have made a poor attendance record worse. Jason Burwell, our sensei, already thought I was a useless waste of space, and he wanted me out. But he couldn’t touch me as long as I kept up my gym membership up to date.

Jason was watching the other guys warm up when I arrived. He scowled at me and left the room for about five minutes, so the lesson started late. Once we got going, I was, as usual, the klutz of the group. I didn’t much care since I was only there for the exercise.

A girl strolled in like she owned the place just as we were getting ready for the last part of the lesson, freestyle sparring. Heads turned. She was Asian, slim, petite, and wearing a form-fitting gi with a perfectly tied black belt. She bowed slightly to sensei, who returned her bow with a deeper one, and that raised a few eyebrows.

‘Listen up, guys!’ he said. ‘This young beauty is Sasaki Atsuko. Sasaki is her family name, so you will address her as “Miss Sasaki”.’ She’d bristled at “young beauty”. We all bowed to her, and I made sure mine was at least as deep as Jason’s. When I straightened up, she was staring right at me.

‘Atsuko is an exchange student in the faculty of medicine.’ She’d clenched her jaw when he used her given name. ‘She’s also an assistant coach with the varsity men’s judo team and will be representing Japan in the next Olympic Games. You are lucky. Since there are only nine of you, she has kindly agreed to even things up. Let’s get started. ÓCuinn, you’re with Miss Sasaki. The rest of you pair off.’

I was doomed. Buggerballs’ smirk and Atsuko’s stone-cold stare said she was ready to dish out one hell of a beating. It wouldn’t be my first, but it was bound to be the most one-sided beatdown in the history of intergender judo since sometime in the 1890’s when Kano Jigoro’s wife made him regret teaching her judo. No, the beating wasn’t going to bother me. A girl with a black belt vs a rusty guy in an old orange belt has only one possible outcome. The humiliation I dreaded would not come from within, but from the mockery and cruel jokes of my peers.

I forced myself to think, to try to find a way to keep a shred of dignity. Atsuko looked like she weighed between 45 and 50 kilos, between 100 and 110 pounds, and I was about 70 kilos, roughly 155. I was also half a head taller, had a longer reach, and more muscle mass.

All that jazz and a couple of dollars got me a cup of coffee. Her black belt said that Atsuko had years of intense training to thank for her superior skill and muscle memory. She’d be in top shape, have perfect balance, awesome flexibility, outstanding reflexes, blinding speed, amazing coordination, and precise timing. Her slender but undoubtedly toned muscles could probably beat the crap out of any of us duffers in any test of strength from arm wrestling to deadlifting. It wouldn’t have surprised me if Atsuko could hoist me onto her shoulders and carry me a few dozen laps around the dojo at a run without breaking a sweat. The thought made my cock twitch.

My best hope, in fact, my only hope, was to minimize the damage by staying out of her reach, maybe by using my longer arms to keep her at bay.

My plan failed. We’d barely started when Atsuko came at me in a blur, sent me flying over her shoulder, slammed me to the mat and finished up with a kneeling arm-bar. She had my wrist trapped under her armpit and had my elbow jammed tight against her thigh. She only had to lean a little to one side to bend it in a direction that elbows were never meant to bend. The pain was excruciating. I tapped, but that was just the beginning.

Less than five seconds later, she took me down with a leg sweep. I landed on my side, and Atsuko took control with a wrist-lock. A sharp twist forced me onto my stomach, and she put a knee on my shoulder joint and pulled my upright arm across my back. I tapped out again.

In under a minute, she’d thrown and submitted me twice. There was still over ten minutes to go, and all I had to show for it was a rapidly hardening cock. Lucky me.

I was no sooner on my feet than Atsuko came at me with blistering speed. Suddenly we were standing side by side and hip to hip, she with her arm across my back, gripping my belt and lifting me onto her hip. With one smooth move, she swivelled into me and threw me backwards.

I was on my feet before she could get up close and personal with me on the mat, but Atsuko was just setting me up. With another lightning move, she got in close, jammed her butt hatay escort into my crotch, lifted me off my feet, and hip-tossed me. I wasn’t fast enough. She took me from behind with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I could feel her powerful thighs crushing my ribs and her warm, heavy, and very sexy breath on my neck. I almost missed the grip she had on my jacket—she was choking me out with my own gi. I tapped.

Atsuko let me get to my feet before she attacked me again. I tried to fend her off, but she brushed my defences aside. Then grabbed my arm above the elbow, pushed up, ducked under, rammed her shoulder into my side, hooked her free arm around my leg, and straightened up with me slung across her shoulders. There was a split-second pause, and then there was upward push on my arm and leg as she lifted me an inch or two off her body. She held me in the air for a few more seconds and then threw me off to the side to finish her expert, if unique take on the shoulder wheel throw. Landing on my back hurt like the dickens, but my erection didn’t care. It craved more abuse, but I thanked the Goddess of Judo for trousers loose enough to protect my dignity.

I was barely back on my feet when Atsuko glided in, as elusive as a ghost, grabbed my jacket, and threw herself backwards, pulling me with her. As we fell, she thrust her foot onto my upper thigh and lifted me off my feet, and sent me flying head over heels over her. It was a thing of beauty in its timing and execution.

Some of the guys were already sniggering, and sensei was looking smug. All I could do to save face was to bounce right back from her every throw and takedown and to resist tapping out of her submission holds and pins as long as humanly possible.

Over the next several minutes, Atsuko threw me around like a leaf in the autumn wind. The downside, and, truth be told, the upside as well, was that the more she wiped the floor with me, the hornier I got. My erection raged, and my cock grew longer, fatter, and firmer every time she threw me. I loved every bone-jarring second, and especially her pins, choke holds and joint locks. Public humiliation be damned.

She used a dazzling variety of leg sweeps, foot, hand, thigh, hip, shoulder, and sacrifice throws. She put me in several standing holds, either arm or wrist locks, and then she’d either apply enough pressure to leverage me down to my knees or kick my feet out from under me. As if all that wasn’t enough, Atsuko made taking me down with a few spectacular flying arm-bars look easy.

Despite her more powerful throws hurting like hell, my arousal burned ever hotter. My involuntary lust for punishment at her hands blocked out all other sensations. My underpants were soaked with precum.

Atsuko had me locked down in a cross-body pin when Jason clapped his hands precisely on time. Everything stopped. She got off me and held out a hand. I took it, and she helped me up. ‘Listen up,’ Jason said. ‘We started a bit late tonight, so I’m extending your sparring time by five minutes. I’m leaving Miss Sasaki in charge. Keep going.’ With no further ceremony, he left the dojo.

‘Kokku satsuka!’ Atsuko kept her voice low, but the venom was clear.

‘I beg your pardon?’

She looked up at me. ‘It’s Japanese.’

‘What does it mean?

She chuckled and blushed. ‘Do you think you would like me to be your kokku satsuka?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You would. Come on, let’s play,’ Atsuko said and took me down with a leg sweep. We grappled on the mat, and it only took her a few seconds to pin me. ‘Go for a double leg takedown,’ she whispered just before she let me up.

I did, she went down, and only the two of us knew how easy she’d made it for me. She made it look like she was attacking me ferociously for the remaining few minutes, but somehow she failed to throw me. My penis shrunk back to normal.

When she called an end to the lesson, I started for the shower room with the lads. Atsuko held me back. ‘We must talk. Please sit.’ I joined her on the mat, and we sat facing each other with our legs crossed. ‘Forgive me if I intrude, Colman, but I want to know about your orange belt.’

‘You’re right. I don’t deserve it.’

‘Maybe, maybe not, but I didn’t say that. When did you get it, and who gave it to you?

‘I started judo when I was twelve. My sensei was Frank Tanaka, and he awarded it to me after about nine or ten months.’

‘That’s fast. What happened since?’

‘Frank died, and there was no one to take over his dojo, so it closed.’

‘You have had no training for the escort hatay last seven years?’ It was six years, but she was close enough. ‘This club is an opportunity for you to make up lost time. Why do you miss so many classes?’

‘It goes from 8:00 to 9:30. I have an academic scholarship, and if I’m to keep it, my studies have to come first. I spend a lot of times in the library.’

She nodded. ‘The class schedule is inconvenient for you. I understand.’

‘Thanks for listening,’ I said and stood up.

‘No. Don’t go.’ Atsuko also got up. ‘Your technique has deteriorated badly, and I want to help you, to be your sensei. Can you meet me here for an hour or so a few nights a week? Would ten be a better time?’

I grinned like the Cheshire Cat. ‘That would be fantastic.’

‘Good. We can begin.’


She looked around the empty dojo. ‘Not here. Come,’ she said and led me to one of the side rooms used for small classes that don’t need much space. Once inside, she closed and locked the door. My penis came alive at once.

‘Show me that double leg take-down again,’ she said and took an open stance. I thought she meant to help me polish that move, so I went at her abs with my head down and my arms reaching for her lower thighs. I didn’t make it. Atsuko folded her torso onto my back, wrapped her arms around my chest, lifted me off my feet, threw herself onto her back, taking me with her. She flung me over her, and I landed about a metre behind her.

A second later, she had me in a high mount pin. Her arms had mine trapped against my ears, and only her jacket, bra, and t-shirt were between Atsuka’s breasts and my face. Her legs were wrapped around one of mine, with her thigh pressing on my penis. ‘That’s the rice bag throw. It counters the double leg attack. How does it feel?’

‘It’s a cool throw.’

‘No. I mean this.’ Atsuko’s body shifted just enough for her pubic mound rest on my rigid cock. ‘Do you like that?’

‘Hell, yes, and you know it.’

‘Please do not misunderstand me. I do not love you, but your courage and fighting spirit have greatly aroused me. I have also noticed how much my judo techniques have aroused you. It would be a unwise to ignore these complementary urges. Do you agree?’ She punctuated her questions with a slow, stroke of her mons on my dick.

‘I do.’ I meant it as seriously as I would a marriage vow.

Atsuko smiled, relaxed her hold on my head, and kissed me. She brushed my lips with hers lightly at first and then more intimately with a deeply probing tongue. She stood up and untied her belt. ‘We can begin properly now.’ I didn’t follow her lead right away. I stayed on the floor and watched her strip to her panties. They were sexy little white cotton hip huggers that did nothing to hide a prominent and quite wet camel toe. ‘Do you like what you see?’ She ran a finger slowly over the cotton covering her swollen pussy lips.

‘I do.’

‘Show me yours.’ I was happy to oblige, but boxers aren’t sexy, so I took everything off.

Atsuko came into my arms and caressed my chest with her nipples as our hands reached around each other. She slapped my ass and then pinched it while I teased the back of her neck. We kissed, and then she hip tossed me. Her butt thrusting into my crotch was a hell of a turn on. It got better when she lifted me onto her hip, and it was ecstasy when she held me there for several seconds before finishing the throw. She stood over me with her toes caressing my penis, and that was insanely hot. I reached up to stroke her thigh.

She knelt beside me, and with a delicate touch, her fingers teased my cock to a new level of arousal. ‘It’s time you learned Japanese.’ She took me into her mouth and thrilled me with lips, tongue and teeth. She paused after a few seconds. ‘When I do this, I am your kokku satsuka.’ Atsuka grinned and took me back into her mouth

‘Cocksucker?’ She turned a thumb up and used her tongue to roll my crown against her palate. ‘I guess it’s not always an insult.’ She sucked harder and then upped the ante. She got her thighs around my neck in a triangle hold and squeezed as a finger lock to my left hand sent pain shooting up my arm. She increased the pace of her blow job, and, with all that stimulation, I orgasmed long before I wanted to.

Atsuko lay down beside me, stroking my lower abs and kissing my nipple. I slid my fingers into her briefs, toyed with her bush, and fingered her pussy starting at the bottom of her lips. She was warm and slippery wet. Her breathing was quickening, but she pushed my hand away. ‘We’re hatay escort bayan here to play judo,’ she said, ‘and nude judo is a lot of fun. Let’s go.’

Atsuko was my sensei, and it was my duty to obey. Yes, I wanted her to fuck me, but not as much as I wanted her to throw me a few dozen more times. I got to my feet immediately. It took only a moment for her to take off her sopping wet panties. We faced each other, bowed, and three seconds later, she put me down with a shoulder throw. I got up just in time to be lifted into a different shoulder carry. I was looking up, and my back was bent the wrong way across her shoulders. It was not comfortable, even when she slid a hand up my thighs and fonlled my balls. She kept it up as she carried me around the room.

‘What are you going to do?’

‘I’m thinking about it. Maybe we’ve had enough judo for one night. Would you like to try something else?’

‘What do you have in mind?’

She paused. ‘Pro wrestling!’ she shouted. ‘Aeroplane spin!’ And spin me she did, around and around for I don’t know how many turns before putting me down on my feet. It’s true what they say about dizziness. I staggered like a drunk sailor trying to find his land legs. Atsuko was there to support me, at least momentarily. ‘Body slam!’ I felt her hand on my shoulder and another on my inner thigh. My feet left the floor. She turned me upside down by lifting my legs and lowering my head and then dropped me onto my back, feet first.

She was on me right away, kneeling on my chest with my newly resurrected cock back in her mouth. Atsuko had been manhandling me pretty good, so I was already quite hard. It didn’t take her long to bring me all the way back to full rigidity. She spun around, straddled my hips and used a hand to guide my cock into her vaj. She pushed down hard enough to take all of me into her and clamped the base with a hard tightening of her vaginal muscles. It hurt just enough to excite me even more.

‘I’m about to pin you now to celebrate the power of women warriors and wrestlers everywhere. Spread your legs.’ I did, and she got between them, hooked my knees with her hands, lifted them and pushed them back and onto my chest. At the same time, she changed her position to sit on my thighs. ‘This is my unbreakable amazon folding pin hold,’ and she started fucking me vigorously.

It wasn’t much of a wrestling hold. Atsuko was sitting on the biggest muscles in my body, and I could have easily heaved her off. But I loved the image of the strong woman fucking the helpless man, so I played my part. The visuals were thrilling. I loved watching her tiny breasts swelling and blushing, I loved watching her caress her erect nipples. I loved how she paced herself, alternating slow and gentle with fast and rough.

The heavier her breathing, and the more she perspired, and the more of her pussy juice there was on my balls, the fewer gentle lulls there were. As her arousal intensified, she got stronger, and the energy she was pouring into pounding my cock got stronger and stronger. With it, Atsuko thrashed about in a lustful frenzy. She pumped me like her life depended on it. Her breathing got faster, her panting louder, and then she was screaming like a banshee, and her whole body spasmed and kept on spasming until she collapsed onto me.

I held her close for a few minutes and then she slid off my penis.

‘You didn’t cum?’

‘I did earlier.’

That wasn’t good enough for Atsuko. She took my nipple into her mouth and my cock in her hand. I already knew how good her oral ministrations were, and her hand was just as gifted. I didn’t last much longer.

We lay there, still holding each other. ‘When can I see you again?’

‘Tomorrow night, if you like.’

‘I like.’

‘Good. We will work on your falling techniques.’

‘Really? I thought I was all right with those.’

‘You’re okay. But while you are working with me, you will be taking thousands of hard falls. Also, I might sometimes bring along my girlfriend. She is a much better kokku satsuka than I am, but she is also very possessive. She will have a strong motivation to throw you much harder than I do. You will be thanking me for preparing you.’ My grin would have lit up Times Square. We kissed good-night and I went back to the dorm a very happy young man.

Miss Sasaki was a brilliant sensei, but she never brought her girlfriend to any of our lessons nor did she ever mention her again. Our lessons continued three or four nights a week through the rest of the school year and for most of the following summer. We both cried buckets when it came time for her to go back to Japan. We promised to keep in touch, and we did, for a time.

I will always miss her shoulder lifts and her arsenal of throws, submission holds and pins, but not nearly as much as I miss the woman warrior, Sasaki Atsuko, my forever Sensei.

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