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A Little Fun at Work

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We started kissing and you ran your hands down my stomach and started rubbing me down there and slowly slid your hand in under my pants and started rubbing my clit and then slid your fingers inside me and pulled them out and licked them, you liked what you tasted. I grabbed your hand and cleaned your fingers up with my tongue.

You pushed me up against the wall with your hands holding mine tight to the wall on either side and kissed me so hard I didn’t even realize you weren’t holding my hands anymore and you grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side so you could kiss my neck and then you started a trail from my neck down to the top of my shirt and you took my shirt off and undid my bra. you took both of my breasts in your hands and squeezed just right rubbing me and making my hard nipples get even harder as you lightly ran the tip of your tongue around the dark area around my nipples getting closer and closer to my nipple with each circle until you finally reached it and took it in your mouth and sucked slightly as you ran your tongue all over it flicking it like it was my clit. I arched my back to push my body into your mouth wanting more.

With your other hand you reached back in under my pants and began rubbing me again while still driving me crazy with your tongue on my nipples. I began to moan and you covered my mouth with your hand which only turned me on more as you can tell from the look in my eyes. As you kissed me you could feel me begin to get really wet. I slid your hand back so your fingers slipped right into my wet pussy. I was pushing my body into your hand and could feel me squeezing you so hard you wondered if you would be able to get inside of me later, and then all istanbul escort my muscles began to spasm in a hard orgasm you could feel my pussy pulsing beneath you as it milked your finger inside and you could feel a gush of juice come running down your fingers to your wrist and some drops even got on your boots. But that was only the beginning hadn’t even warmed up yet

After pretending and acting like nothing happened for the rest of the day we finally got to leave and have some fun. We walked through the door and before I could get past dropping my bag on the floor you grabbed me and spun me around and dropped me on the couch and we begin wrestling our cloths off and kissing in between almost falling off the couch till finally nothing was in the way. You led a trail of kisses from my mouth down to between my legs and I could feel your tongue on the outside of my slit and I reached and pushed your head down to move your tongue into the right place and you grabbed my hands and held them down. You eventually let go and I began playing with my nipples while you ran your tongue all over my clit and I soaked your face with my cum.

Then I pulled you up on top pf me and we began kissing Your hands were not idle either, they moved down to the waistline of my pants, you put your hands on my hips to push the material down my bare legs. You sat up and pulled me toward you, pushing my thighs apart to lean against me, I could feel you through all those layers of clothing. You were hard, and I was wet needing you deep in side of me. Your hands slide up my hips to the waistband of my pants, were you shocked to discover there was nothing else avcılar escort under there, just me, and your hands. My fingers fumbled at the buckle on your belt, it was just too complicated a mechanical device for me to deal with just then. You finished undoing my shirt and then unbuckled your own belt for me. I slid the slacks down over your strong thighs, my nails ran lightly over your skin as the material covering us both disappeared. Still on the edge of the couch, I put my arms around your shoulders as you stepped into me again, this time no barrier of clothing between the wet and warm pussy and the throbbing hard on you had.

We kissed. It was a long, wet, probing kiss, our breathing short and fast, the kiss made me dizzy. I could feel your cock against my pussy, teasingly close but not quite where I wanted you. I put one hand down to stroke you, to feel the velvety soft skin and tease the tip, rubbing the small dot of moisture there all over the head of your cock, pulling slightly to make you throb even more against my palm. You moved your face lower, to open your mouth on my neck just below my ear. You were breathing even harder than I was, sucking on the skin of my neck, letting me feel your teeth, tasting the pulse there. I let my head fall back as you moved lower to tongue my nipples again, even harder than before, and your hand slipped down my belly to cup my pussy, thrusting your fingers in me as I stroked the hard length of your cock. You just had to taste one more time didn’t you?

I buried my face in your shoulder, muffling the moans coming from the back of my throat, inhaling the clean scent of your skin and tasting your sweat with my tongue, I put şirinevler escort my mouth next to your ear, “feel how wet you are making me? When do I get you inside of me?”

You pulled me off the couch and turned me around bent over. You kissed the back of my shoulder, brushing my hair aside and moving closer. Your lips on my ear from behind as I turned my head to you, “right now” as you pushed into me all the way as deep as you could. You used one hand to finger my clitoris as you moved inside of me. I couldn’t take much more, and you were only warming up. I could feel the climax tighten and spiral inside of me. I was just about to fall forward when you put your arms around me and said in my ear “your turn.”

You laid back and motioned me forward. My knees were still shaky as I climbed on top of you. You pulled me over you and I got the idea. I leaned down and kissed you and then lowered my self over you. Your cock was even harder, and stood at attention to greet me. I leaned back a little as you started to play with my clit again, flicking your fingers lightly over it. I started to thrust faster as you did so, feeling you slam into me and rub my clit at the same time watching my boobs bounce as I squeezed my nipples hard and moaned. As we got faster my back arched, my head tilted back and I cried out in my own orgasm squeezing you so hard and leaning back as you watched the juice drip out of me on you.

You grabbed me and threw me down next to you and you were on top of me and pounding away at me with my legs balanced on your shoulders and my hands around your back gripping you as you began to feel that feeling in your balls and it slowly crept up as you went even faster and harder and OH MY GOD DEEPER in me until you gave one last hard push and I could feel the hot cum shooting up against my muscles inside of me as I squeezed you and massaged you with my own orgasm again. Then we both just laid there catching our breaths and regaining our bearings sweating and lying naked all wrapped around each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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