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A Little Work Related Anal Fun

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Many thanks go out to Amerks92hockey for editing another of my attempts at getting you eager readers all hot and bothered.

Please Comment and please vote… let me know what you think of my story and how I am make it better for next time…

Anyways, so I was at work finishing up some end of the day shit after everyone else had gone home for the day. For whatever reason my mind started to drift to my happy places and gradually I became more aroused and less concerned with work. After a few minutes of daydreaming about a beautiful set of ass cheeks spread before me, I decided to sit back and pull out my cock. Within moments I had settled back into my chair, dropped my pants all the way to the floor and had my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. I was stroking away, thinking how nice it would be to have this strange woman kneeling across my desk bare assed, asking me to kiss and lick her cheeks.

I was thinking how nice it would be to run my tongue across the backs of her thighs, feel the soft hairs on her cheeks tickling my nose as I lick & kiss my way along. My imagination runs off as I think about running my tongue gently over her petaled lips, tasting her honey-wine juices, smelling her sweet aroma and forcing her body closer to orgasm. Gently I began running my tongue from her clit, across her lips and upwards into the pear shaped crevice of her ass. I kept thinking about the sounds I would hear as she sucked in her breath with anticipation or relief.

I thought about how her tight crinkled little hole would feel on my tongue, how it would taste as I began to tickle, lick, then probe her. I thought about the sounds of her moans as she felt my hands on her soft cheeks as I spread them further open so I could work my tongue deeper into her welcoming ass. With greater and greater urgency my right hand slid along my cock as my left hand was playing with my balls and tickling my taint.

As I was working myself closer to orgasm, my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but something told me to answer it. “Hello” I said with a hoarse voice… “Hey, it’s Tiff. Mind if I drop my bags off now? I saw your truck outside so I figured I would stop by.” You say. I try quickly to think of an excuse why you can’t come in but my mind is full of erotica and no normal thoughts are floating around. “Give me a sec to put away some classifieds,” I say and hang up.

Slowly I try to compose myself, trying to give my cock time to lie back down. I pull up my pants and try to hide my hard-on as I walk towards the main door. I see you standing there through the window and think to myself what a great ass you yourself have. Suddenly I catch myself and tell my cock and brain they need to behave, “Now is not the time!” As I open the door, I catch a whiff of your perfume or lotion… I can’t tell what it is but the smell certainly doesn’t help my current “predicament.” I tell you to just throw your bags on the floor and walk into the office. Thinking that you had waited outside, I get to my desk and have to adjust myself. I have been walking hunched back since opening the door, trying to hide my hard-on and keep away any suspicion. I try pushing my cock to the side but realize that isn’t going to do it, thinking I had a minute to spare I open my fly and reach into my pants. Grabbing hold of my cock, I reposition myself only to look up and see you staring at me.

“Oh, don’t mind me…” You say with a big old grin on your face. Not being a shy person or bashful, I apologize and explain I had been a bit preoccupied when you called. As I am talking I notice that you are staring at my crotch I then realize I still have my hand in my pants, wrapped around my hardness.

Pulling my hand out, I apologize again…”Sorry Tiff, I didn’t mean to embarrass you or see me like this.”

“Who said I was embarrassed?” you say. With me at a loss for words, you jump in, “So what were you thinking about that got you so worked up?”

Why be bashful now I say to myself. “I was thinking about a woman’s sexy ass bent over my desk as I bathed it with my tongue,” I say. You smile and turn asking me if I was thinking about a tight ass like yours. This causes my cock to twitch and practically jump out of my still open fly. With you standing there wiggling your ass at me, I didn’t even notice that I was rubbing myself through my pants.

I realize it only when you speak up, “Can I watch you finish?” You say. Never being one to turn down a beautiful woman, nor one that I can stroke my cock in front of I simply undo my belt and let my pants drop to the floor.

My cock is screaming to get out of my boxer briefs but I have to ask, “are you sure you want to watch me?”

With a big smile you say, “yes, I want to watch you stroke yourself.” Well that is all it takes… I pull my shorts down and sit in my chair. Smiling at you and still staring at your jean-covered ass, I begin running my hand up and down the length of my cock. Knowing Demetevler Escort that I want you to have the best view possible, I scoot my chair around my desk so that you have a completely unobstructed view of what I’m doing. Not only do you have a great view, but now I was sure to have your undivided attention.

Slowly stroking myself before you, I watch as your facial expressions change over the course of several minutes. With your eyes glued to my cock, I watch your eyes soften, your tongue repeatedly wetting your lips as you bite your lower lip. Seeing these changes, as well as hearing your breathing begin to change, I decide to get a little daring.

As I sit there stroking my cock and fondling my heavy balls, I begin to slowly slide my chair closer to you. Basically every time I shift in my seat to stroke my cock from a different angle or to rub my balls in a different way, I slide my chair forward an inch or two. Rubbing my fingers along my shaft, teasing and taunting my swollen head… gently rolling my balls through my fingers of my left hand, occasionally letting them drift lower to tease my bare taint. The look on your face is priceless when you realize I’m practically sitting on your lap jerking off. You kind of gasp, but apparently I haven’t done anything wrong because you take a seat in the chair across from me. A mere foot or so is all that separated us as I keep fucking my hand in front of you.

Subliminally you are getting fidgety in your seat, which I suppose is understandable, as we have been going at this for almost a half-hour. Fidgety is a good thing because that tells me you are extremely turned on… either that or you have to pee really badly. I go with option one and try to bank on your current state of arousal. “Tiff, will you bend over for me again? I want to look at your ass again.” I say. Without even thinking you get up and bend over the chair, looking back at my cock you begin rubbing your hands over your cheeks, to tease me. Even in your jeans I can tell that tight ass of yours would be a delicious little meal, this spurs me on even more as I begin to stroke myself faster.

Soon your own rubbing seems to get to you or maybe it’s the combination of watching me and rubbing yourself but you begin to squirm in your seat again, shifting from one knee to the other. I lean my head back and pretend to close my eyes hoping to see you rub your jeaned crotch, you didn’t let me down and through 1/2 closed eye lids I see you rub your hand across your clit. “Am I turning you on a little Tiff?” I say as I startle you. As you begin to answer me, I slide my chair forward another inch or so and got ballsy. I reach out with my left hand and rub it along your ass cheek and across your denim covered crack. Whether you mean to or not, you stick your ass out a bit as though you want me to touch you again.

Still stroking myself, I lean forward and bit your ass lightly while sucking in the scent of your sweet juices. My mind is reeling at 100 mph as I am sure yours is as well. I keep rubbing my hands over your ass, feeling the tightness of your muscular cheeks flexing against my touch. I wanted so badly to see your ass bare, to touch your nakedness and feel the smoothness of your flesh in my hands. You are wiggling your hips as I caress your ass, I can tell you were getting extremely turned on. Every now and then you’ll look back and watch my cock for a minute then close your eyes again as though you are drifting back into your fantasy world.

I decide to take things a bit further; I am practically drooling on myself at the thought of running my tongue across your hot flesh. I stand up behind you, lean over and whisper into your ear. “What are you thinking about Tiff, are you turned on? Are you thinking about how hot it would be to feel a warm tongue sliding its way across your taunt cheeks? Does it make your pussy wet, your clit tingle thinking about warm hands caressing your cheeks, a tongue licking and nipping its way along the cleft of your ass? Does it turn you on knowing I want to tongue bathe your asshole, taste it, penetrate it, and probe it with my tongue?”

You lift your head slightly as you say “yes” with shakiness in your voice that only comes from being so horny you can cry.

At this point I have to stop stroking myself out of fear I will cum because I too am so turned on. “Show me your ass Tiffany, peel your jeans down and show me that delicious ass of yours. Show me your tasty ass and tell me what to do.” I say as I sit back down in my chair. I know it is a long shot but I am hoping you want me to taste you as bad as I want to. Much to my surprise, you reach slowly to the button of your jeans and undo them. Wiggling your hips from side to side you begin sliding them down. I wish you can see the smile on my face as your thong slowly came into view. It’s so hot watching your jeans lower and the way your panties frame a path for my tongue to travel Otele gelen escort on.

“You can’t stop stroking now, I thought I was watching you,” you say, startling me out of my hungry trance. As I lick my lips my right hand falls back to my cock but my left hand reaches forward towards your ass. I think I startle us both as our skin touches, my left hand sliding slowly over your ass cheeks. You let out a small moan and turn your head again telling me “kiss it, kiss my ass.” Holy hell woman, I never thought you would ask…

Dropping out of my chair, my cock bouncing wildly, I kneel on the floor behind you. Tiff, you have no idea the ass worship you are about to receive or the orgasm(s) I am about to give you… It feels almost electric as my lips come in contact with the tight skin of your ass. I use your thong as an outline to work with and begin kissing and licking my way from your hips down into the cleft of your ass. You moan again as I am thinking to myself how tasty your ass is. Slowly I keep kissing and licking my way along your thong, I work my way to the top of your ass crack, my hands wandering over your cheeks and up your back.

Starting down the right side, I lick along the fabric teasing your sensitive flesh as I go. You are bent over perfectly and your thong is just narrow enough that as I am kissing my way along I can see the dark outer ring of your asshole. I feel as though it is calling me, begging to be kissed, licked and made to cum. Its cinnamon color is so sexy in contrast to your ass cheeks.

I pass up my chance to dive right in to your ass and instead keep working my way along the dividing line of your panties. As I am working my way down, the sweet aroma of your juices grabs hold of my nose. Nibble & lick, nibble & lick, I work my way down to a very wet spot in your thong. My god you are so wet right now Tiff, your panties have soaked through and look as though they are about to drip. Not wanting to hesitate, I keep kissing along your panty line but now my licks begin to get a little longer. I am trying to savor every taste of your honey-wine juices as I lick my way along the outer most edges of your satin covered pussy lips.

Your smell, your taste, the feel of your hot flesh is all overwhelmingly intoxicating. I tickle my way across the fabric guarding your clit from my tongue and begin working my way back up towards the crack of your ass. Higher and higher my lips and tongue climb till I am again smelling and tasting the sweetness of your dark cinnamon ring. I pause for a moment there at the darkened edges of your asshole, still covered by the narrowest parts of your thong. I lick and nip at your anal ring, the sweetness of your most sensitive skin driving me mad with desire. I want so badly to tear your thong to shreds as I devour your tight pucker, but I digress that your teasing and torture are not over yet. Not wanting to wear out my welcome for later, I begin licking my way back up your ass cheeks. I move along your hipbones, up your back to your shoulders and neck.

I stand up behind you, placing my hands on your hips and lean forward over you. You can feel my erection pressing against your ass and I feel you wiggle a little so my cock is nestled upright between your cheeks. As I lean over I take your ear lobe between my lips and again begin to nibble. You curl your head to the other side and present your neck to me. I accept and lick down towards your shoulder, stopping at the place the soft tissues gather where throat joins shoulder. I lick small circles, and then take that place deep into my mouth; sucking hard and I hear you purr. Your hands move to mine and pull them towards your front.

You lead me to your breasts and as I cup them I feel your hard nipples right through the thin material. I squeeze your breasts between my fingers, and as I mold them I hump my prick against your thong-covered ass. You hump right back. We stand together for perhaps five minutes, kissing, touching, melding together again. I slide my hands from your breasts up to the top button of your blouse and then get it unbuttoned. My right hand slides inside your blouse and under your bra. I feel your body stiffen as my fingers sought out your nipple.

When I find it I give it a squeeze and I hear you sucking in air. My tongue slides into your ear, swirling around, tasting you. While my hands finish unbuttoning your blouse I see you reaching between your thighs to touch yourself. I hear your breath catch in your throat as you begin to rub your clit in time with my licking of your neck.

My hands rise to your shoulders and I take your blouse in my hands. You shrug your arms and all that remains is your bra and panties. You start to turn around, saying “I want to touch you now.”

“No!” I reply, “Stay right how you are.” You lean forward and brace yourself on the chair. You don’t know what to expect but you know no matter what it is you want Balgat Escort it. I nibble the back of your neck and down your spine. I suck at a lower point of a shoulder blade, raising a red welt on your skin. Then, back up to take your other ear lobe between my lips. You feel a bra strap fall forward, then the other.

With a sharp tug, your bra falls free, I see your nipples are hard with lust. “Tell me Tiff, do you want to cum… Do you want to feel my tongue and lips devouring you as I work you to orgasm… Do you want me to pleasure your clit, to eat your ass, to make your pussy drip?” I whisper in your ear. “Give me a sign Tiff, don’t say anything simply give me a sign.” As I begin nibbling your shoulders and upper back again you reach to your hips and begin peeling down your thong. I wish you could have seen the look on my face, knowing that in a few moments I would be sending you into a pleasurable abyss. As you peel them down past the bottom of your cheeks into the crook of your knees, I step back from you so I can pull them the rest of the way off.

For the first time, I now see you in all your nakedness. Your taunt ass cheeks, the way your ass crack perfectly separates your cheeks, the way your asshole sits perfectly centered above your beautiful moist pussy. I now see the sexiest sight in the world and smile in satisfaction knowing I am about to eat your ass and pussy till you cum screaming. Unable to control myself anymore I drop down behind your beautiful ass now inches from my face. Massaging your cheeks with my hands I begin to run my tongue up and down your crack.

You laugh and say something about how insatiable I am. I respond by spreading your cheeks and flicking my tongue across your cute little anus. You settle into a more comfortable position by rising a little and putting your hands against the desk in front of your chair. I continue to lick away at your pucker. I love feeling the little ridges against my tongue. I love forcefully swirling my tongue around and around your anus and then pulling away with only the tip of my tongue barely brushing against your sensitive skin and the fine thin hairs that line your crack. I love hearing you moan with pleasure as I tongue you and finger your clit.

Your ass may have looked good before but now naked it looks so sensual and inviting. I lean over and lick your pussy from behind driving you wild. Then I have the over powering urge to tongue your beautiful ass so I swipe my tongue from your pussy up and over your tight hole and back to your pussy. You gasp out loud when my tongue touches your naked asshole. I really begin to get into it and grasp both of your curvy ass cheeks and pull them slightly apart so that I can get my tongue in deeper. Probing your pink aperture with my tongue as I insert two fingers in your dripping pussy. You start whimpering, gasping and rotating your ass. Whether it is voluntary or not, your body is telling me you want more. I can tell you want more and I’m ready to give it to you. I lick some more around your rosebud and gradually apply more and more pressure.

Using the tip of my tongue I push my way into your tight ring. Your breathing deepens in ecstasy as I push in further and wiggle my tongue ever so slightly. You love having your ass tongue-fucked as much as I love doing it to you. As I move my tongue in and out and finger your clit you begin to rotate your hips more insistently. I know you are getting close: I can feel your muscles contracting under my tongue and I can hear your breathing change. Pushing my tongue in one last time your orgasm explodes over you. You cry out with pleasure, a sound I love to hear, as the sensations course through your body. I continue to run my tongue around your anus and between your cheeks as I rub those beautiful mounds of flesh.

But I want to taste more than swipes of your clit and stabs at your ass. I want to lap up your juices and truly taste you. I pass my lips trough your light brown curls and down into your sex. I’m in heaven. I love how you taste and the sight of your glistening pink flesh. I lap at your pedals and then use the flat part of my tongue on your clit. I can feel you writhe with pleasure as I wiggle your clit back and forth rapidly with my tongue. You love it when I suck your little bud into my mouth and nibble at it with my lips. And I am taking my time. Sometimes I tongue fuck you, sometimes I lick at your pedals, sometimes I let my tongue wander down again to your little pucker and swirl around and around your tight ring. I can tell you’re getting closer by the amount of juices that is ending up in my mouth.

You are wet and I love it. I love the way you taste and it turns you on to know that I am getting intoxicated with you as my tongue, with the gentlest of movements is pushing your whole body towards a rush of intense pleasure. Your hands are reaching back now to spread your own cheeks wide for me. I take that as a sign and begin licking your pussy deeply. I harden my tongue and begin fucking your wet hole as I tickle your ass with my nose. The further I force my tongue into your pussy the farther my nose gets crammed into your asshole. Your taste, your aroma, the feel of your hot flesh on my face is enough to make me start stroking myself again. With one hand on my cock, I start fingering your pussy and rubbing your clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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