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A Long Week

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When I got home from work you were standing in our bedroom naked. I did not even hesitate before crushing your lips with mine and pushing you down onto the bed. It was the end of a long week where our schedules had made it impossible for us to have sex. I was ravenous. As I covered your body with mine, our eyes locked and I could see the fire burning within you. You wanted this as badly as I did. I bit your lip and sucked it into my mouth, running my tongue along the captured skin. I love making out with you. I could spend hours exploring your mouth with my tongue, teeth, and lips. I love how you taste, the sounds you make when I do something you like, and the way your body arches against mine as you get so turned on you cannot stay still. You know how much I love it, too. You sucked my tongue into your mouth and bit down on it, just shy of too hard. I groaned and my entire body shuddered. After a week of deprivation, I was already on the edge of coming.

I lifted my body up in a half push-up and let my pelvis grind into yours. “Is that what you want, baby?” Your answer was to wrap your legs around my waist and dig your nails into my back as you pulled our lips back together. You rubbed your center against the seam in my pants, desperate for release. I could smell how wet you were and I was going to be soaked in your juices, but a dry cleaning bill is a small price to pay for the privilege of fucking you. I let my weight rest completely against you once again as I rotated my hips in a gentle rolling motion. The rough cotton of my shirt rubbed against your naked breasts and I could feel your nipples hardening against mine. I moved my mouth from yours and you groaned in disappointment. Your frustration was short-lived, however, as I moved my head to the side and ran my tongue up the side of your neck. My tongue continued its path up to your ear lobe where I gently bit down and sucked. Whispering in your ear, I said, “Are you going to come for me?” You whimpered and started grinding harder against me.

I could tell you were close, but I was not going to let you come until I had you in my mouth. I lifted my body up so you would not have anything to grind against. The look of pure need you gave me almost broke my resolve, but I was dying to feel your clit pulsing against my tongue. My hand moved down and gently cupped your naked pussy. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m going to take care of you.” My mouth made its way back down your neck and to your collarbone, where I peppered light kisses across the sensitive skin. Then I moved on to your gorgeous breasts, with their creamy skin and erect nipples ringed by rosy pink areolas. My tongue made a lazy, wet trail down to your right breast. I teased it and nibbled around the edges. You tried to force me to take more of it into my mouth as I licked increasingly smaller circles around your nipple. When I finally ran my tongue across the stiff point, you moaned in ecstasy. I smiled and lifted my mouth to blow on the wet trail left by my tongue. That made your entire body shiver and you grabbed ahold of the short zonguldak escort hair at the nape of my neck, guiding me to your neglected left breast. I attacked it with the same intensity as I had your right breast.

After only a couple of minutes of this, you were panting and trying to push my head down to your throbbing pussy. I could feel your nails scratching my scalp as you tugged on my short hair. But I was not going to be rushed after having been denied for a week, I scattered some more small kisses across your belly and ran my tongue down to your belly button. I dipped my tongue lightly inside and toyed with the delicate area.

By now, my pants and boxers were feeling uncomfortably tight. I was vaguely aware of my distended clit pressing fervently against the confining material. Most of my attention was focused on the divine sight presented to me as I kneeled on the floor and moved your legs over my shoulder. The smell of your wet pussy made my clit pound so hard I was afraid I would come without any contact. Your arousal was clearly evident as it had dripped down onto the inside of your thighs. You were open, pulsing, and swollen, just waiting for my tongue to soothe your burning need. I pulled you towards me until only your shoulders remained on the bed. In this position, you were completely vulnerable to me; unable to do much more than beg and lift your hips to my hungry mouth.

Teasing you further, I ran my short nails up the back of your thighs. I could feel the goose bumps forming on your skin. I turned my head and bit lightly at the inside of your thigh. You locked your heels behind my head and tried to pull me into you. I resisted, however, and instead rubbed my face into the soft curls just above where you wanted me most. I knew you were reaching your limit when you screamed, “Fuck me!” I growled deep in my throat, grabbed your ass with both hands, pulled you to my face, and enclosed your pussy with my mouth. Sucking at your lips, I drank the fragrant, sticky come that covered you. I ran my tongue down to your entrance and embedded it inside you. I adore being inside you this way: the velvety muscle contracting around my tongue, the succulent arousal coating my face, and the pungent smell filling my nostrils.

I firmed my tongue and let you ride me, digging my hands into your firm ass and helping you. You grabbed ahold of my hair again and forced my entire face against you. My nose pushed against your clit and I moved my face side-to-side. I could hardly breathe, but I cannot think of a better way to die than buried in your pussy. Now, your moans were constant and I could feel your hips starting to lose their rhythm as you got closer to the edge. At last, your entire body stiffened and you ground hard against me. You let out a scream of ecstasy and, though muted by your thighs wrapped around my head, it made my clit pulse in sympathy.

I eased your limp body back onto the bed and stood up. Gazing down at you, I smiled cockily. Making you come so hard you nearly pass out always zonguldak escort bayan makes me feel like a rock star. Looking at myself, I realized that I was still fully dressed. I had not even kicked off my shoes yet. My pants were soaked with your come and my dress shirt was half un-tucked. I also realized that I was still completely horny. In the excitement of making you come, my own arousal had been put on the backburner, but it was now back full force. I started unbuttoning my shirt when you brushed my hands aside. “Let me. I love undressing you.”

Still sitting on the bed, you started to slowly unbutton my shirt. Once it was removed, you un-tucked my undershirt and slid your hands underneath. Knowing how it would affect me, you rubbed your nails lightly across my stomach. “I love when your stomach is tight like this. It means you’re desperate to come.” My only response was to grab you by the hair and pull you up to meet my waiting lips. You swept your tongue around the outside of my mouth and darted it inside. You seemed eager to explore every part of my mouth. My knees got weak when I realized you were tasting your come on my skin.

You sucked my tongue into your mouth as you reached down to unbuckle my belt. After opening my pants, you slipped a hand inside. I moaned into your mouth as you lightly fingered my erect clit through my boxers. I pumped my hips against you, so close to going over the edge that I could feel the tendrils of orgasm starting in my stomach. Feeling how close I was, you pulled your hand out and started lifting my undershirt. Our mouths broke apart for only a moment as you slipped both my undershirt and bra over my head.

My now exposed nipples were rock hard and begging to be touched. You moved your mouth down to my neck and bit down just as you fiercely twisted my right nipple. I threw my head back and groaned at the intense feelings of pleasure and pain. I knew I would have a mark there in the morning. I love when you claim me like that. Moving my head back down, I growled in your ear, my voice husky from arousal. “Fuck. If you do that again I’m not going to last long.” The slight lift at the corner of your mouth and the glint in your eyes told me that you already knew that.

You moved your lips up and started nibbling along my jaw. Continuing your assault on both nipples now, you pinched and pulled at them until they were bright red and aching. I was rocking my hips against you, dying for any contact to my throbbing center. “Make me come,” I demanded. But you continued on, pretending not to hear my frantic plea. Knowing this torture would continue until I did something about it, I grabbed your shoulders, pushed you backwards, and fiercely whispered, “Get on the bed and lay on your back.” Your eyes widened in surprise, but you did as I asked.

Gazing down on your beautiful naked form on the bed, I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my pants, boxers, and socks. I reached my hand up and toyed with my own nipple. “You know, it’s not nice to get me all escort zonguldak worked up fucking you and then not let me come.” I moved my other hand down and played in the dark hair at the apex of my thighs. “What if I just made you watch while I finished the job myself?” Your throat swallowed convulsively and you made a move as if to get up. “No, stay right there.” I climbed onto the bed and straddled your hips. My pussy so wet I could feel myself dripping onto your skin.

My hand slipped down between my legs and I gave myself a firm squeeze. The quick jolt of pleasure shot through my entire body. “Fuck. That feels good.” You moaned and thrust your hips up towards me. “Damn, baby. Does that mean you want to make me come now?” You shook your head in affirmation. In response, I rocked against you a few times, covering you in my arousal. When I stopped moving, you tried to urge me on with your hands on my hips, but I resisted. Throatily, I murmured, “No, I won’t let you have it that easily. I’m going to make you work for it.”

I scooted up the bed until my knees were on either side of your head and I was kneeling over your face. My soaking wet center was poised right above your eager mouth. I reached my hand down and spread myself open for you. “Is this what you want?” You moaned audibly and tried to lift your head up to reach me. “No, I told you I was going to make you watch.”

I ran a finger from my other hand down to my entrance and dipped it inside. When I pulled it out it was covered in my come. “Having you ride my tongue made me so fucking wet. It’s almost painful to be as hard and swollen as I am right now. I think you should do something about that.” I took my come-soaked finger and stuck it into your mouth. You sucked on it greedily, running your tongue around it so you could get every drop of my juices. The erotic feeling of your wet, slick muscle worshipping my finger nearly undid me. Unable to stand it any longer, I growled, “Make me come.” I lowered myself so you could reach me and you sucked my swollen, throbbing clit into your mouth. When you bat at it with your tongue I had to lean my arms against the headboard for support. You let your tongue explore, running it down to my entrance and then bringing it back up to smear come over my clit.

The sensation made me drop my head down against my chest. Our eyes locked and that was all it took to push me over the edge. My entire body stiffened and I came hard on your face. My hips jerked, my clit pulsed, and my nipples were so tight I thought they would burst. The long denied release continued for what seemed like an eternity. Right as I was coming down from my intense climax, you drove two fingers inside me. “Fuck, yes. Just like that.” It only took a few thrusts and I could feel myself cresting once again. I let out a loud moan and my stomach and thighs tensed so hard I was worried I might cramp. After I had finished, you pulled your fingers out of me, eliciting a growl from deep in my chest.

Afraid my legs would give out and I would smother you, I lay down on the bed and pulled you against my side. You cuddled your face into the curve of my neck and I kissed the top of your hair. I could tell you were falling asleep. The warm and sweet lassitude that happens after good sex ran through me too. I could feel my eyelids getting heavy. It had been a long week, but, sometimes, the wait is worth it.

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