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A Mere Figment Ch. 03

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Summary: Amy has time to think about this ‘thing’ with Aiden. Will she come to a satisfying conclusion (no pun intended)?

A/N: Happy New Year! Final part. Please enjoy.


Using his finger he continued to tap against her contracting nub until he saw in her expression that it hurt. He moved back up her burning body, and positioned himself at her entrance, the tip of his cock teasing her flesh. She could feel her core clenching in anticipation of the pleasant intrusion, but there was no way to prepare for the fullness, the intimate joining of two bodies. Relentlessly, he thrust into her deeply. “You’re so tight.”

She was so sopping wet that she only felt a sting of pain when he first entered her.

“You’re so wet for me.”

He moved severely within her once she adjusted to him, and rested her hand tentatively on his backside. He always slid almost completely out before burying himself to the hilt for the most tormenting feeling of her milking him, squeezing him, surrounding him. He used his thumb to rub circles against her clit, and quickly, she could feel the approaching bliss fulfill her again.

Every time he thrust into her deeply, he saw her brow form a slight frown. Unable to resist himself, he bent down and kissed the frown away. Then, he slid his mouth over her open one, catching all her breathless little gasps, probing the cavern of her mouth. She tasted herself on his tongue, but soon forgot the foreign taste when he plunged his cock into her again and again, hard.

With each thrust, he knew he couldn’t hold out. He couldn’t wait for her any longer; he couldn’t give her the pleasure before his. “I’m sorry,” he whispered into her ear.

Using his hands, he wrapped her legs tightly around his torso has he pounded into her brutally, nearing completion.

He muffled his pleasure in her ear, only she could hear. Only for you. He felt like the room around him was shattering into thousand pieces, leaving only him and Amy on the bed, joined. She felt the rush of warm moisture flood her body, a much different sensation than the previous night.

Oh no.

He, they had forgotten… but her mind was in a completely different place. Pure rapture.

She felt his slick cock slip out of her, and she heard impatient protest brewing in her throat, but she held it back, keeping collected. His penis left a chain of cum across her inner thigh. As if reading her mind, he wrapped two fingers around the head of his cock and used his thumb to smear the final drop of cum around the head. Then he rubbed it gently over her hard clit. She lifted her head off the bed, seeking his lips, fingers clinging to his back tightly. She needed to feel, needed to hold onto something as she shattered into a frantic, pulsing chaos. She could feel the tell-tale sensation of the agonizing tension coiling until, until it ruptured, sending pleasure through her body, consuming her, breaking her. She had no words, only moans that joined the sound of his slippery member rubbing against her soft flesh.

Before he collapsed on her small form, he leaned to the side and fell beside her, breathing heavily.


In the back of her logical mind, this was wrong. But the physical awareness, the way her body protested when his cock slipped out of her – like she felt empty, that had to count for something, right?

It was too complicated, but for now, she didn’t care.

Her mere figment had turned into reality.

And she needed more.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She jumped out of bed and retrieve it from her purse. “Hello?”

“Hi honey, sorry to bother you on your first day back, but can you go over to Mrs. Steele’s to watch over her kids for a couple hours while she runs some errands. She couldn’t find anyone else last minute.”

“Yeah, tell her I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Luke and I won’t be back until tomorrow. We’re staying at grandma’s house for the night. There’s supposed kolej escort to be a big fair here tomorrow that grandma says we shouldn’t miss.”

Hearing only the beginning of the conversation, before Amy gave him a deathly look and moved out of earshot, Aiden gave a sigh of complaint. “Don’t leave me.” Not now. Not ever.

“I have to babysit for a bit.”

“Can you find someone else?”

“It’s too late for that.”

After some more pleading, he finally gave up. “Not like that you aren’t.” He said, running his index finger over the tender bruise caused by his fervent treatment of her neck.

He walked over to her closet and pulled out a collared shirt. “You are wearing this if you must go out.”

“It’s 90 degrees out.” She griped.

“It’ll be cold at their house.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Just do this. Please.”

He didn’t want anyone to see the raw marks on her. Mine. He thought possessively.


Later that evening, Aiden ordered a large pizza, half chicken and mushroom, and half pineapple, Amy’s one and only preferred topping. He waited patiently for her by watching some local news.

By nine, he had taken a nap, eaten half a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and sat through the movie, Pride and Prejudice. All things opposite of him. He blamed it on his tired body (and not being able to find the TV remote) and the passionate sex which he hoped to recreate again, tonight.

Deciding to check up on Amy, he grabbed a set of keys and headed for Mrs. Steele’s house down the block.

On her porch, he rang the doorbell once. “Coming!”

“Amy, can I open the door?” He heard on the other side of the door.

“Let’s check.”

Amy raised the small girl in her arms so that she could look out the peephole.

“It’s a man.”

“Let me check.”

Shaking her head, she opened the door. “What brings you to this neck of the woods, brother Aiden?”

He winced at that formality. “Just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Yes, I’ll be back before 10.”

“Alright. Do you need me to come pick you up?”

All this small talk was so foreign to her.

“Uh, no, I’ll make it back alright.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Stop worrying about me like you’re my boyfriend or something.” She whispered so that the kids behind her couldn’t year. “Nothing’s going to happen to me in 500 feet.”


Amy tiptoed to her bedroom and changed into her pajama shorts before slipping into Aiden’s bedroom. He was sitting in his bed reading a thick book. She had been thinking about him all day. Thinking about how knowledgeable he was of her body, exposing her to the most primal, unadulterated form of pleasure. Stripping her of all conscious thoughts.

“What are you reading?” Amy asked, settling beside him on his queen-sized bed.


“I see,” she replied seductively, settling her uncertain, but exploratory hand over his crouch. She crawled over to straddle his legs and pulled the waistband of his boxer-briefs down slowly, teasingly. She was met with his aching cock which was peeking out, toward his bellybutton. She gripped the head of his cock with two fingers, like he had demonstrated this morning, wriggling it a bit to see how it felt in her hands, at her command. Then, her mouth proceeded to kiss the head. Even this barely existent touch made him recoil. He couldn’t embarrass himself, ruin this by coming in her hands like an overeager teenager before she had even done anything.

He didn’t want her to see how weak he was to her touch.

Her tongue flicked out to lick the tip like an ice cream cone, sliding it against the small seam. She gazed up nervously at him to see his reaction and whether or not she was doing this right, but his head was tilted back, eyes closed, teeth clenched.

Assuming this was a good reaction, she latched her mouth around the head and licked. She felt a drop kurtuluş escort of hot salty fluid on her tongue and looked back at him. Removing his cock from her mouth, she swallowed before asking, “Is it over?”

His eyes opened and shook his head fervently as he grunted, “No.”

She ran her tongue around the head of his cock, torrid circles, before plunging it deeper into her mouth. When his cock felt the soft velvet wall of her mouth, he moaned.

“Deeper.” He knew he was requesting too much, that he was suppose to guide her slowly, but the burning sensation was escalating. He needed this. She continued to suck him, each time pushing her self deeper and deeper until she gagged.

She immediately removed herself from him and muttered, “Sorry.” Surely that harsh sound was unwelcome and showed her inexperience. Probably all the girls before her had pleased him well, and now she paled in comparison. A crimson shade spread across her cheeks and she hoped that he didn’t see. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, to be so bold, to want to pleasure him the way he pleasured her.

“No, continue.” He instructed calmly, stroking the back of her head.

With the need to oblige, she swallowed her pride and continued to suck him, this time shallowly so as to not set off her gag reflex. As the slow torturous pleasure began to swell, he tightened his fists in the sheets to prevent him from thrusting into her. And them her mouth left him again. She was taking deep breaths. He was throbbing viciously, the haze of lust near stifling his conscious thought, and he needed her to hurry up. He needed this badly, he was aching for her to finish. He had been in such a drought for the past weeks, and to have her offer herself to him so readily… the opportunity was so…

He couldn’t hold back now.

Impatiently, he sputtered, barely coherent, “Ride me.”


“Get on top of me.”

She moved up his legs, the bottom hem of her soft shorts dragging across his legs teasingly. Kneeling over his thighs, she hesitantly slid her panty to the side and waited above his cock. Aiden grabbed her hip with one hand and fisted his cock with another as he impaled her on his cock without another word. She felt the walls of her pussy accommodate him easily. This was different, she felt lost. Before, it had been his sure, long strokes inside her, filling her, every ridge of his cock touching her, making her feel. Now, despite feeling deliciously full and throbbing, she didn’t know what to do. Moving up and down felt ridiculous, he’d see her above him moving all awkwardly and…

Taking initiative, he lifted his hip and pushed into her until he couldn’t any more. So ready. Combined with his hands on her hips bouncing her up and down on him, he soon started an aggressive pace that was bruising and rather rough. After several long strokes, she felt the pain subside and she began to move her body with his, matching his rhythm stroke for stroke.

“Put your arms around my neck.”

She followed his directions, tilting her face down so that he couldn’t see her self-conscious expression in the glow of the lamp.

She began to move against him, forward and back, feeling him so deep within her. Soon all his motions stopped, but she continued.

It was too late to be ashamed.

Amy looked down to see his cock slip in and out of her, mechanically, slick with her juices. It was like an aphrodisiac. This back-and-forth movement caused his cock to rub against her clit, causing her to move faster. The ache between her legs intensifying. She laced her fingers in his and pulled another to his breast, encouraging him to knead it.

“Hurry.” She cried, wanting them to climax together.

He laughed, surprised to see his prim little Amy so desperate and indulgent.

Bringing his body forward, he closed the distance between them, pulling her with him to the headboard, hugging her close to his maltepe escort chest as she continues to ride unabashedly.

“Nuhg, I’m coming!” She cried, her hands fisting his hair, even pulling against several tufts at the nape of his neck, but he didn’t mind. She was aware enough to clamp her voracious mouth over his shoulder to silence her prolonged screams.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock, the heat almost blinding him. Almost. Her core trembled; the exquisite pain spreading to her toes as pleasure finally came crashing around her. Her mouth formed a perfect circle.

That perfect mouth had been on his cock minutes ago.

He had enough patience to wait for her to ride out her orgasm slowly on him, shallowly, barely creating enough friction for him to sustain his erection. When she finally stopped, he desperately pushed himself to the hilt, holding himself there for several beats as he felt himself engorge fully. Her slick walls were convulsing tightly. It felt delightfully hot. He drew out quickly, making her frown with dissatisfaction. Oh how much he loved to see the change of emotions play across her face. He pulled her face down to his as he pounded his cock into her for the several final strokes, unrelenting. His dark eyes gazed into hers, fascinated by how her eyelids drooped in her current dissolute state, as he finished himself inside her.

He kept himself buried in her, his forehead pressing against hers. He felt his heartbreak calm down.

She started to move again, her hard nipples rubbing against his chest.

His eyes fluttered open to stare back at her in astonishment. “More?” And here I thought I was the horny one.

A twinge of pain filled her eyes. “Sorry.” She hadn’t even realized her body had started moving again. This was only her third time and she was already morphing into this insatiable nymph?

“No. I’m sorry. I’ve been so impatient with you. It’s just that… I haven’t had sex for a long time. And I just… got off really easily.” Thing will be different. I promise. “I haven’t been able to satisfy you completely and—I’m just surprised you still want more. Because I really haven’t shown you how good it –“

“You have. You taught me.” She interrupted.

“You’re incredible. You know that?” He returned, clamping his hand on her hip and encouraging her to start up again.

“Sorry for stopping. Do go on.” He rested his head back on his arms and watched her move cautiously. His nestled cock was soft inside her, but as soon as she started up her delicious grinding, he could feel his need return. Watching her pert breasts bounce up and down was a vision of heaven. He bowed to take a nipple in his mouth and taste her. The noises from his little sucking kisses drove her wild. The tension inside her was building. Building. When her nipple became sore, she nudged his eager mouth away and kissed him fully on his lips.

As the thin sheen of saliva evaporated from her sore breast, she began to gyrate faster, harder, feeling her orgasm curling within her. His bottomless brown eyes glittered back and her, encouraging herself to let go.

“Come for me, Amy,” he whispered as she surged off the precipice of pressure, crashing into a beautiful climax. Free.

Afterwards, the small aftershocks washed over her.

When she finally moved away from him, she felt a hot rush of fluid seep out. It dripped thickly onto the sheets.

“We’ll have to clean that up.” Aiden chuckled.

Amy fell away from him, lying beside him, looking at him. “I’m sorry for reacting so negatively this morning.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry for acting like such an aggressive dick. I’ve been pining for you for so long. And to finally have you was like paradise.”

“About that dream I had. I can’t even think of him anymore.”

“Good. Otherwise I’ll get jealous.”

You’re not a figment. You are my reality. Amy thought before cuddling close to Aiden.

This was going to be a passionate summer. And who knew where this would take them?



A/N: Thanks for reading. Any prediction about what will happen between them? Will this just be a summer fling, or a full-blown romance?

First story here. I’d love to hear your comments. 🙂

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