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A Mother’s Promise Ch. 07

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Author’s note: I appreciate the comments and emails. I do try to reply to them all. Also, thanks for the style suggestions; I am trying to incorporate those suggestions in this chapter.


Her bathroom had been dark and as she led me into it, she turned the knob to bathe the room in a soft, low amount of light. Standing there next to her and looking into the full size mirror behind the vanity and sink, I realized that I was on completely unfamiliar ground. I mean, what’s the protocol when you’re naked in a bathroom with your naked mother and you have to pee? I didn’t have to pee when I was lying in the bed with her, but I had to go now.

Was I just supposed to go over there, lift the lid and let it go with her standing there? What if she had to go? Was I supposed to let her have the first chance? Was it ladies first in the bathroom, too? Was I supposed to give her some privacy?

Standing at the sink looking into the mirror, it was really the first time I got to see her completely naked and standing up. Her breasts weren’t perfect. One seemed a little larger than the other and there was some sag to them. I’d heard that breast feeding did that. She wasn’t skinny like a model, either. She was, though, still very cute and most men would give her at least a “9”. To me, she was beautiful. Not just in a “face” beautiful way, but, her disposition was usually good and kind, and the color in her face and that twinkle in her eye you could see from time to time made her, at least to me, stunning, luscious and beautiful.

It hit me that she was a “real life woman”. And she was naked. She didn’t make any moves to hide her breasts or her pussy either, and that impressed me because I felt she was proud of who she was, and she wasn’t trying to be anyone else but herself.

“Do you need to go?” She asked.

“Huh?” I replied.

She was asking if I needed to pee. I did and I told her so. “Go ahead,” she said, “your father and I share the bathroom all the time.” I started to step over to the toilet, but stopped when I saw her watching me in the mirror.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing.” She said. “I was just thinking I might hold your, uh, you know, your penis while you go. Or, would that distract you too much?”

Actually, I wasn’t sure I was capable of getting another hard-on so I told her it would be okay. She moved me over to the toilet and opened the lid, pulled the seat up and stepped to the side of me. As she reached down to hold my soft pecker in her hand, I realized this wasn’t as easy as she’d made it out to be. What if I start to go and she’s not aiming it right? What if I end up having a sideways pee and spray it all over her floor? It wasn’t that I was getting another erection, but I couldn’t pee because something just didn’t feel right.

“Can’t go now?” She asked.

I told her I didn’t know, but, I think she knew what was going on. She told me to put my hand over hers and when I did, I adjusted my weenie with the right angle and trajectory and then I felt the flow begin. Once I started to pee, I took my hand away and let her take over. I’ll be damned if she didn’t start waving it around, making circles in the water below and aiming it back and forth. She started to laugh saying, “Hey, this is pretty neat. You could write your name if you wanted to.” Her words cracked me up, but I had to remain still or I knew I was going to be peeing all over the room if I wasn’t careful.

When I was done she took a tissue from the back of the commode and lightly dabbed my cock head and dropped it in the toilet. “I’ve always liked doing that.” She remarked. “Was that too weird for you?”

“Not really,” I answered, “It was just kinda strange at first because I was afraid you weren’t aiming me right, or something.”

“Hmm, I see.” She said. “So, there’s a special way to aim it when you pee?”

“You know what I mean, Mom,” I replied, “But, I’ll let you have another chance next time I need to go.”

We both chuckled a little and then she told me to get out of the way so she could go. “Do you want me to leave?” I asked.

“No way!” She said as she sat down. “I bet you’ve never see a girl pee, have you?”

She was right. I always thought someone’s bathroom duties were personal and it never once struck me that I might even want to watch someone else pee. But, she had my curiosity up now.

“When we were kids,” she told me, “Your Uncle Mike used to think that a girl’s pee came out of her vagina. When I told him it didn’t, I think he thought I was kidding. I took him in the bathroom and sat down and showed him.”

With that, she opened her legs and pulled one of my arms to guide me down on my knees in front of her. “Okay,” she said, “Now watch”.

She moved her hands down between her legs and opened her outer lips. As she did, she leaned back a little and it was just like a curtain opening in front of the movie screen with all her pinkness now opened up to my eyes. I could see everything now. As I looked kırklareli seks hikayeleri closer, I saw a little pucker above her pussy hole. Like magic, it opened up and she started to pee.

“Can you see, Bobby?” she asked as she tried to open herself up more for me to see. All I can say is that it was amazing. I guess I thought the same as Uncle Mike did, or maybe I didn’t understand female anatomy much, but when I saw that little hole open and her pee start, it was nothing short of being very cool. When she was done, the hole closed right up and sort of disappeared into her skin. “Damn,” I thought, “Now, that’s pretty cool.’

I handed her a tissue as she had done for me, but she shook her head and reached for the toilet paper, took off a few sheets, and used it to dab herself saying, “The tissues have dyes and perfumes that can irritate us down there,” She said, “So I just try to stick with normal, white toilet paper. Learn something all the time, don’t you?”

I guess she was right about that. She stood up, lowered the seat and lid, flushed the toilet and asked “So, what did you think about watching me pee?” I told her I didn’t know which I liked more, having a nice clear view of her opened up, or getting a close lesson of how girls pee. “Well, you can look all you want after we get some rest. Come on,” she said, “let’s try to get done in here so we can get a little sleep.”

She turned on the hot water at the sink and handed me a washcloth. Taking it, I started to move it up to my face, but she stopped me. “That’s for your wee-wee, sweetheart.” She said. “You’re going to have to learn to keep yourself clean, baby. If you don’t wipe yourself off, you’ll be crusty in a few hours, and you don’t want that, do you?”

She took the washcloth from me and reached down to cradle my penis in her hand. With her other hand, she wrapped the warm washcloth around it and started to wash me. She got down in front of me and looking up and smiling, continued to wash my poor spent cock. “I’m glad you settled down a bit. I was beginning to wonder if you had some kind of terminal erection disorder.” She joked.

When she was finished washing my cock, she told me to go into my bathroom and brush my teeth and meet her back in the bed. On my way out of the bathroom, I turned to see her drop the washcloth in the warm water, I assume to rinse the washcloth so she could wipe herself off. I found my toothbrush and brushed my teeth as quickly as I could and went back into her room. Since she wasn’t in bed yet, I walked over to the bathroom and looked in. She was wiping her pussy with the washcloth, and as I watched, I wished to myself that I was the one washing her pussy. She looked up and saw me peeking in at her saying “You’ll do just about anything to see me down there, won’t you?”

Throwing the washcloth in the sink, she said “All fresh again. See?” She turned toward me and pulled her lips open with her fingers. My gaze went straight to her pussy and I was stunned to see her slide her finger inside her vagina. I watched in fascination as she repeatedly sunk her finger all the way into herself, pulling it out and then pushing it back in. “Baby,” she said, “I love the fact that you’re so interested in looking at me, but, if you’re going to go ‘ga-ga’ every time you see a vagina, you’re going to be in serious trouble when you get a girlfriend who will let you see hers. I hope you learn to not be so obvious.”

Telling me to go back to the bed, I heard her turn on the water again and brush her teeth. After a minute, she turned off the bathroom light, walked back into the bedroom and got into the bed. “Turn over,” she said, “I want to lay behind you for a few minutes.”

Turning over as she asked, I felt her scoot up behind me. I could feel the warmth of her body lying right up against me and I felt good about that, like she needed me and that I was pleasing her. Content and cozy with my mother, I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up about 9:30 to find her still sleeping soundly next to me. What a beauty she was, too. I couldn’t help but think how lucky my dad must feel every day waking up next to her, having her lying right next to him just begging to be touched and caressed. That thought caused me to turn my attention to my morning erection, a glorious thing that seemed to happen each morning since I was about twelve years old. Most days, I would take a hold of it and give myself a nice morning stroke, but, I didn’t want to wake her and I just knew that if I started to stroke it, I would end up shaking the bed. So, I just laid there, looking at her and thinking about all the things we had done and what else we were going to do. We had a full nine hours before my sister and dad returned, and even though that really wasn’t a long time, my head was full of things to discover.

It wasn’t until about ten o’clock that I saw her looking back at me. I don’t know how long she had been awake, but, the smile that started to curl up from the corners of her mouth was nice to see. At least she didn’t show any regret about anything and I was happy about that.

“Come here.” She said, opening her arms out to me. As I scooted over next to her warm chest, she pulled me into a nice warm hug. Feeling my morning erection poke into her belly she said “Oh, well good morning to you too, sweetheart!”

“And what is it that’s got you so excited?” She asked.

“Oh, nothing in particular.” I answered and then proceeded to tell her how I woke up in an excited state and then watched her sleep for a while, admiring her as she snoozed. Looking past her, I saw the panties she’d worn last night on the corner of the bed above her pillow. Seeing my stare, she turned to see what I was looking at. “Ah.” She said. “I see what it is now.”

Reaching behind her, she snatched the dry panties and held them in the air between us. Even from a foot away, I could swear I smelled her scent on them. As she twirled her delicate undies in front of me, my cock twitched and swelled. She started to swing them back and forth very slowly as she held them between her thumb and first finger. “You’re getting sleepy…. Sleepy…. Sleepy.” She chanted.

It took a minute, but, I finally got the joke and laughed with her. She broke into one of her hearty laughs and then in one fell swoop, held the panties under my nose and said “Here, you can have these for a while.”

When I reached up to take them out of her hands, she turned over towards her night stand and took something from there. “Roll over,” she said, “there’s something I’ve been dying to do.”

I didn’t argue, or even think about it. Her panties were intoxicating me and I was completely lost in the moment with them, holding them to my nose and inhaling deeply. When I had rolled over onto my stomach, she told me to lift my chest up and when I did, she placed two pillows under me. “Up on your knees now, baby.” She urged. I looked at her with a puzzling look but she ignored me and told me to just lay my head and chest down on the pillows and stick my rump up.

“You go back to what you were doing,” she said, “but don’t even think about touching yourself.” She shoved the panties next to my nose and I settled into the pillows with my head turned to the side in a comfortable position where I could continue to sniff them. I felt her move behind me and position herself between my legs. The next thing I felt made me jump.

She stretched out her hands, one cupping my balls and one stroking my cock from between my legs. “No talking now.” She told me. After a few minutes of very slow and methodical stroking and touching, her touch left me. I heard a ‘snap’, and then shortly after I felt her cool slippery finger again on my bottom. As soon as I felt her there, I got a vision in my mind of how I must look. I was naked, my chest propped up on two pillows with my ass in the air and my mom was between my legs. I cursed and prayed for what I hoped would happen next.

Her hand grasped my cock tightly just before her lubricated finger began to enter me. As her finger went in, my cock flexed and lurched in her hand uncontrollably. “You know you’re at my mercy now, don’t you, sweetheart?” She asked.

When I started to say something, she pulled her finger out of my butt and let go of my cock. “Bad boy,” she said, “Didn’t I say no talking?” I immediately shut up and pulled her panties back to my nose. Again, I felt her grasp my cock tightly and then reinsert her finger into my bottom. As before, my cock lurched. She stroked me a few times and then stopped her ministrations, but still gripped me tightly.

“We’re going to try a little experiment.” She said. “You’re going to lay there and I’m going to massage you back here and see if I can make you cum.” I started to say something again, and as soon as I spoke my first word, she let go of my cock and pulled her finger swiftly out of my butt. All I wanted to do was tell her “Okay”, but she didn’t care — she told me not to talk.

“Baby, you just don’t get it, do you?” She said. “No talking means no talking. I’m in control here, sweetheart. This is your punishment for peeking at your dad and I that night. Just be quiet and take it like a man.” She giggled.

I remember thinking that if this was punishment, I was definitely going to be bad again and again. “You need a little more lube back here, though,” she said to herself, just loud enough for me to hear, “if I’m going to get two fingers in you.”

With that, I felt her put more lube on my bottom and poke her finger into me a few times. Finally, I felt her grasp my cock again and slip her finger into my now super lubed hole. Just as before, my cock jumped as she entered me. A second later, I felt her slip another finger in me and slide both fingers all the way into my ass. At that point, I wanted nothing more than to just let her take me. I relaxed my chest and sunk into the pillows. Moving her panties to my mouth, I began to suck on the gusset of her panties as I had done a few hours earlier, trying to extract the dried juices from the cotton panel.

My butt muscles relaxed and she praised me saying “That’s right, Bobby, just give in and suck mommy’s panties while I rub that magic little spot inside you. I promise you will love this if you just give in to it. Trust me, you won’t believe how nice this is going to feel.”

“Oh gawd, yes!” My mind screamed. She didn’t have to convince me one bit. This was nice, so nice. She had two fingers in my ass and I could feel her gently pushing and rubbing me. I was able to relax my hips and butt more and when I did, her fingers sank into me deeper.

Somewhere along the way, she moved her hand to the tip of my cock and held my cock head in the palm of her hand, squeezing me in a rhythm that matched the pressure she was applying in my ass. As I sucked her panties, she said “Baby, I didn’t tell you this last night because you had your mind set on sniffing and licking those panties, but, they were soaked with your father’s cum when I took them off. I just didn’t have the heart to tell you. I hope you can forgive me for that.”

Her words only heightened my excitement and I sucked her saturated panties with more determination than ever. She had taught me her lesson well about not talking — maybe that’s why she picked this exact moment to tell me about her cum soaked panties, but again, it didn’t matter — nothing mattered — not right now anyway. All I wanted her to do was keep doing what she was doing. It felt that good.

I didn’t realize it, but my cock was leaking precum profusely and I guess it had been for a while. Her hand, cupping the head of my cock, was slipping all over my knob and it felt like she was massaging my cock head and just around the sensitive crown as she continued to rub my prostrate.

Whatever it was that overtook me came on so fast that I didn’t even recognize what it was when it happened. All of a sudden, I felt a huge rush of cum flow out of my cock and into her hand. It seemed to go on a long time and while it poured out of me, she was saying “That’s it baby, just let it go.”

It didn’t feel like a normal orgasm — the kind I was used to. But it was good, just as she said it would be. I felt the cum pumping out of me in a stream as my bottom contracted down on her massaging fingers. It was deep and animalistic and I loved it. “This,” I thought, “is what my dad was feeling that night.”

She must have milked me for a good sixty seconds before I felt the feeling subside and her fingers slide out of my ass. I let out a deep breath and then took another one in. What a feeling it was and I basked in the glow of my release as she took the panties away from my face so I could breathe better.

After I was able to catch my breath, I turned my head to look back as her. She was still sitting behind me, but she was sitting back on her heels licking the fingers of her hand that caught my seepage. I lifted myself up to watch her and that’s when I saw her other hand between her legs rubbing her pussy up and down.

She didn’t stop as I adjusted myself better to watch her. Instead, she put her cum soaked hand down to her crotch and, holding her self open with her right hand, used her left hand, dripping with my cum, to resume her masturbation. She looked right at me and opened her legs more for me to see. The sight of her masturbating was mesmerizing and she stared right at me, never once looking away — meeting my stares eye to eye.

Her pussy was saturated with a mixture of my cum and her juices and the only thing I could think about was getting my face down there closer so I could watch. And without wasting another moment, I turned myself around and laid down so I could see what she was doing. She had other plans, though. Once I was lying down again, she got up on her knees, pushed me over onto my back and straddled my face – bringing her pussy down on my mouth.

I tasted the mixture of her lubrication and my cum as she settled herself above my face. She didn’t smother me, but I think I would describe it more as she hovered her pussy over my face so I was able to lick and nibble her, which I gladly did.

As I licked, I felt her fingers and I knew she was touching her pussy while I ate her. “Oh, yes, baby,” she said, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum now.”

She froze as she hovered over me and then she shook, her body convulsing in time with her swaying breasts. It was nothing short of spectacular to have a pussy-eyed view of her as she came. When her climax was over, she slumped forward onto her hands and knees and pulled her leg over me and collapsed on the bed.

“Baby,” she said once she caught her breath, “you’re a fast learner and you’re going to make some girl a very happy woman one day.”

Neither one of us said anything for a few minutes. Once she had regained her composure, she turned to me and said “So, did you enjoy your ‘punishment’?”

I stopped myself from saying what I really wanted to say. Instead, I only nodded my head up and down. “Then, on a scale from one to ten, how would you rate it?” She asked.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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