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A Mother’s Tale

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A Mother’s Tale….

She raised her son alone; his dad wanted no part of it. She struggled at first but would not change the life she chose for anything. He was her baby and she was proud of what she could give him and admired what a young man he was becoming.

Over the years she never brought a man home, never in front of her son. She did have her one night stands or weekend getaways with men but she would never bring one home. If she did she wanted to discuss it with him.

Her son Charlie was turning 18 and she promised him and his best friend a vacation. They were discussing where to go and to make plans. They decided on a resort down in Florida, the activities were good and then they could spend a day at Universal. She went ahead and booked 2 rooms, one for her and the other for the boys. The rules were simple, she would either shop or stay by the pool or get some spa treatments, and the boys could do whatever they wanted. They had to meet for breakfast and dinner was all she requested. She was dying for a mud bath and an oil massage, and the thought of oil in all her crevices. But what was turning her on was Charlie’s friend Curtis; she was imaging him giving her that massage. She had Charlie when she was 17, at times she felt old but she was aging gracefully and Curtis would remind her at times she looked amazing. The boys could do whatever they wanted. And she meant whatever, even sex. She trusted her son and his judgement.

The first night they all had dinner at the Olive Garden, the boys made plans to go and hit the strip. She told them to have fun and would see them for breakfast. So Mrs. B decided to go for a swim and then turn in, the drive was only 5 hours, but she wanted to loosen up, maybe she might even watch some porn.

Just as Mrs. B decided to climb into bed, she heard her cell jingle. It was a text from her son; they escort izmit were still out and would be back by 1am. She texted back to have fun! He replied that they hooked up with some girls. Be safe! Was the text she sent him.

To be young again, she thought! She climbed again back into bed and turned on the TV, she needed porn. She found her station and was listening to the pathetic dialogue and decided to mute it. Much better, she laid back and took her robe off, she was naked underneath. She stacked her pillows and started to relax and watch. Where do they find these guys? How do you apply for a position like that? His cock was better looking than his face, it was real nice. She started to play with her nipples and her hand trailed down to the top of her pussy. She began to rub it with two fingers; then took her whole hand and slid it down her pussy lips back and forth. She was watching the TV so intently she didn’t hear the soft knock on the door. She had to stop what she was doing and strain herself to hear something, yup a knock. Who could it be? Maybe someone has the wrong door, they were persistent. She got up and put her robe on and went to turn on the light, and asked who was there. She was shocked to see that it was Curtis. Her son was not with him, she assumed that something was wrong.

She quickly opened the door and asked what was wrong. Curtis stood there and quickly stepped inside. He put her mind at ease that Charlie was out with a girl and he would be back in a few hours. She asked why he wasn’t with him. He was bored was all he said and he gazed upon the opening of her robe. Her breasts were putting on a show for him, without her realizing it. She tried to cover up and he stopped her. Right now they were holding each other’s hands at chest level and they were staring at each other.

She broke the ice first, what was he planning on doing? izmit escort He forced her hands down and pushed her up against the wall and started to kiss her. She pushed him back but he backed off. She was quite speechless, turned on but speechless.

Then he started telling her how he wants her and to fuck her all night. The reason he and Charlie parted was so that he could come here and fuck her. He’s been waiting for this for quite awhile. She didn’t know what to say to that, definitely a compliment.

She gave in, she wanted this to. She opened up her robe and he took her in his arms and kissed her hard. He had her against the wall and she raised one leg to get a better feel of his cock through his pants. He was hard already, she started to pull his jacket off. She was anxious to see his cock, their hands met at his belt buckle. As she was working on his buckle he pulled off his shirt. She was now rubbing his cock and his hands were all over her, stroking her arms and playing with her tits. They parted briefly and she started to walk back to the bed, grabbed the remote to shut off the TV. He pulled off his pants and climbed into bed next to her.

His cock was rock solid, and standing at attention. A young cock she thought, could he go all night? There was pre cum on his cock, he was going to shoot soon. She pushed him down on the bed and her lips were on his cock. She had both hands at the base of his cock and started to suck up and down, with her saliva his cock was wet and she rubbed it all the way up. Such young cock, she could see that he could not control himself. She motioned him to get on top of her. He needed no more guidance. He pushed his cock inside her and then started to fuck her slowly then he picked up the pace, he was pushing harder and harder until finally he came. He apologized but she told him to rest because they had izmit kendi evi olan escort all night.

She had to show him how to really please a woman, it was more than just fucking. All she kept thinking what was Curtis going to say to Charlie? She liked the fact that Curtis would tell her son how he could please a woman and he had an amazing night! If only he knew.

Curtis was now hard again, didn’t take long which she was grateful for. He turned her over and started to give her a massage, he found some oil in the bathroom and applied it to her back. His hands felt amazing soft yet strong. He continued to rub her down and she could feel his cock getting harder it was resting against her ass. She moaned softly and spread her legs just a bit to tease him and maybe he would take the hint. His hands were now on her ass as he gently massaged it. She asked him if he was ready to put it in her ass, by his hesitation she sensed he was unsure. She would guide him and she turned around and could see he was fully aroused. She sucked him again, she couldn’t get enough of it. When he became harder she disengaged and positioned herself with her ass in the air, her legs spread wide and her head on the bed. She told him he could do it, to gently enter inch by inch, and not to worry if she was screaming because that meant it felt good. Now she told him to put his hands on either side of her hips. Curtis slid in so easily, he was getting the hang of it. Now he started to pump her slowly, in and out and he could hear her moaning again with pleasure. This felt so good he thought and he started to pump faster into her, he was shocked at how easily his cock fit so nicely. She took it all in like a champ. He could see her put her fingers in her cunt and rub them, she was truly enjoying this. He grabbed her tits now and was pumping her faster and faster, now she was screaming and moaning louder.

He shot his load in and collapsed on top of her, still inside her. She told him not to move yet and took his hand to her cunt and told him to finger her so she could come again. Curtis was in heaven and did what he was told.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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