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A new drug part 2

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Work went better than it ever had, not one mistake at the register. I was like a ballerina on the floor not once did I stumble or trip. I was even nice to customers coworkers for a change. Ebony pulled me aside and said in a whisper. “White girl are you high? I never seen you in this good a mood, she looked in my eyes no you got yourself good and laid didn’t you?” “ Oh yeah by several…ah people.” I gave her a sappy grin. “Good keep it up then it is doing you some good.”

At 9 I was punching out the manager asked if I could come in Friday. “Sorry Jane, no can do I got 40 hours in you know we can’t have overtime.” She looked defeated “Yeah, alright see you Monday night you are closing see you at 3pm.” “You got it.” I said with a stupid grin. Most of the time I would gripe but, this gave me three and a half days to trip and recover.

After a quick stop for food and water I dumped everything in the kitchen and jumped in the shower. I wolfed down a plate of heated up frozen whatever, honestly no idea what it was. I moved the coffee table to the side of the room and the sofa back against the wall. Maybe I would not trash the place so bad this time.

Forcing my self to drink a whole Gatorade and grabbed a bottle of water to hold. I sat down naked since I didn’t want to trash anymore clothes and swallowed pill number 2 with the last of the sports drink. I felt a warm inner glow like I had just done a shot of whiskey, the sense of acceleration was back in under 20 seconds. Damn the second one hit fast! The tunnel came at me but this time it was black and white striped like an old barber pole.

The sense of speed was stronger this time I could feel ripples in the flesh of my tits and my cheeks pulled back in a rictus grin. I had to struggle for each breath like a car was parked on my chest. I began to count the seconds the water bottle lay on my hand like someone was stepping on it making my hand hurt. My tongue was pushed back in my throat and tears were leaking out of my eyes. I counted 300 and the pressure started to back down a square like shape was at the end of the tube and coming fast. I was ready this time and rolled easy to my feet as the tube shut behind me.

I was standing in a brightly lit hallway, the walls and ceiling were of steel maybe. The floor a kind of medium hard light grey rubber. I had dropped out facing a wall and the hall (or tunnel? ) Ran right and left. There was a rythmic drumming under my feet like a giant drumming his fingers. Thump thump, thump, thump. Pause and repeat.

I had that sensation of movement like when your on a train or a bus. Wherever I was, it was going somewhere else. The light came from over head little p bright lights like LEDs

Some of them were either not working or turned off. Great here I am naked as the day I was born on some alien spaceship armed with a bottle of cold water

Well, go right never go wrong, I started down the hall there seamed to be trash at the edges. An empty red cup with a round bottom made so that it always sat upright. Bits of paper with alien writing, next to what looked like a small tablet. It was a little bigger than my palm with a glass front and was bright red.

When I ran my finger over the glass two shapes appeared a line and a circle. I touched the line and the front lit up for a moment it looked like a mirror I could see myself. Then line after line of shapes began to scroll by. “ Are you booting up little guy? I hope you can talk I will never figure out how to read that.” I kept walking wondering if this would just go on forever, what was the drug trying to open in my mind with this symbolism?

I heard a noise behind me and stopped moving, a snuffling sound like a dog on the sent. I backed up into the shadows behind me as I heard something on 4 feet walking my way. It was as big as a man with red fur all over. It walked on all fours like a dog but, each of its feet looked like a human hand. I could not see any eyes just a big wet nose and a huge mouth. It’s pink tongue came out to lick its face and I could see it’s teeth were flat like a cow. “Is it a vegetarian?” I thought to myself. The beast had been moving it’s head back and forth sniffing and tasting the air it stopped and pointed it’s snout right at me. It got low to the floor and started moving strait at me with slow purposeful steps.

I backed up some more, “ Now let’s be calm here.” I said to it. “ I don’t want any trouble be a good boy.” It’s rapidly growing rocket red penis definitely made me think it was male. It was gaining ground and I backed up a bit faster, my heart starting to hammer I broke into a sweat even though the hall was almost cool. My sweating must have increased my scent as it’s nose started to twitch and it moved faster. I chucked the water bottle at it and bolted down the passageway at a full run.

It ran right past me at blinding speed, I was aghast at how fast it was. In the blink of şanlıurfa escort an eye it doubled back and leapt at me and we crashed to the floor. I tried to grab it head thinking it was going to bite me. I could not have predicted what happened next. The doglike creature sat down on its butt and used it’s front ,hands? To grab my legs and it’s back hands? Again I still don’t know what else to call it. To grab my arms, it jerked my hand down to my sides next to my ass and pushed my feet over my head! Oh fuck!

I tried to struggle but it’s grip was like iron. The beast lowered it’s head and sniffed my face I was in a panic that it was going to bite me. Instead a wet tongue licked my chin and cheek, then moved down to my neck. This is it I thought it’s going to rip my throat out. To my surprise it moved down and licked my armpit causing me to giggle ( not a little hysterical I might add) it’s head snapped to look? Face? Regard? My head ,then it started licking my tits. The same hypersensitivity the drug had given me last time hit me like a truck, causing me to

Stifling a moan.

He moved his head down my stomach licking and sniffing his fur giving me goosebumps and making my nipples rock hard. He rubbed his furry head on the inside of each thigh and I started to get wet. “ Oh man now your just teasing!”

I could see the pad I dropped it was leaning on the wall. Each time I spoke out loud more of the unreadable text would scroll by. The warm tongue was now bathing the left and right side of my mound his hot breath warming my skin.” Well hope whoever reads this is enjoying it!” I shouted “YES!” As he finally stabbed his tongue into my now drooling cunt. I was absolutely helpless with my feet in the air like a teenage slut and this dog thing ate me out.

God damn he was good he crammed his long tongue deep in me like it was the best thing he ever had. Loud lapping sounds almost drowned out the sound of me grunting as he beat my clit like Tito Puente beating a drum. I came hard and squirted in his face, no shock he lapped every drop of that up too.

My furry lover moved his head back up and now, I knew the main event was starting. His red rocket shaped cock came into view. Eight gleaming inches poised at the entrance, I still could not move and inch but I didn’t care. I wanted him to fuck me like his little bitch.

“ Yes, that’s a good boy, put it in me baby.” Ever so slowly he pushed it into my quivering slit when he bottomed out his fur stimulated my bald pussy and I hand a leg shaking orgasm.

Slowly at first he began pistoning in and out of me faster and faster his fur slapping my twat like someone spanking it with a fur covered paddle. His dick was thick and spread my lips open so the fur began slapping my clit. I started having an orgasm back to back. I was babbling no I have no idea what I said, unbelievably he kept going faster and faster. He was fucking me at a blinding pace, being held in place like I was every impact was like a soft hammer. Sweat poured off me as back to back orgasms kept me deliriously moaning.

I could feel his big cock start to swell as his pumping became even more furious.

He crammed his cock into me with all his might, I could feel it getting bigger inside me. “ Oh God, is this like a dog knot?” I asked? He swelled to an impossible size, I was stretching to the point I thought I would rip open!

With a howl he let go of me and fell back, his penis came lose from his body leaving a hole where it has been. I looked down in horror a little tail was left on the outside and it dove between my ass cheeks and into my anus! My back arched as it triggered the most powerful orgasm of my life and I passed out.

I had the strangest dream that I was listening to my own voice urging me to get up. I woke with a start.

I saw myself talking in the little tablet. “You need to get up.” I said. “ Man this is the strangest trip ever.” My pussy was sore and swollen my stomach bulged out like I was pregnant. I was talking on the tablet again. “ You need to move to the red birthing chamber while you can still walk.” I looked at it “ what the Hell am I talking about?” The other me said “ My responses are limited do to lack of data. Get up keep moving the way you were.”

I thought maybe I knew what I was talking about and got up by pushing on the wall. With the broken dick jammed in me I had to waddle my legs would not fit together. “ Don’t forget me!” I said from the floor. I grabbed the tablet and moved down the hall. Every few minutes the thing in my ass and pussy would move and I would have to stop my legs shaking from pleasure.

“ This will be an interesting way to die.” After the 5th stop I found an out line of a door. The tablet made a high pitched noise and it slid open. My stomach was bigger now.” Inside hurry!” I said from the tablet. The door shut behind me inside the chamber escort şanlıurfa a chair formed up out of the floor it had a hole in the seat, it looked a lot like a gynecology exam table.

As I sat down robotic arms came down out of the ceiling and put my legs in the stirrups. One arm sprayed a strange chemical all over my swollen pussy. My voice said “This will help to soften the tissue so we can extract the embryo.” The terrible feeling of pressure went away almost immediately robotic hands came down and began pulling on the plug it was now starting to come out of me like I was blowing a bubble.

Orgasms crashed over me in waves and I lost track of time. The exposed back of the poor dogs dick began to swell like a balloon and my stomach started to deflate. It felt like a series of large beads being pulled out of me and another huge orgasm hit.

With a sudden pop a miniature version of the creature came out of me. The part that came out of my ass dropped away. My voice said “That is like your were umbilical cord.” Arms were cleaning up the little creature. I asked with shock in my voice. “Is that one a female right?” I answered. “Yes, the first one born on the ship it a long time we will call her Eve in of humans.”

I picked up the tablet to look at my own face. “What happened to the one who lost his penis?”

“It will grow back.” I explained. “With any luck he and this new female will be able to continue the species.” I heard the now familiar sound of the tube approaching again this time I was ready to go home.

I woke up in the backseat of my car completely confused, I had no idea how I had wandered out to the garage. Looking down I could see my pussy was still gaping open. “My poor pussy will it ever recover?” My voice spoke from the tablet I had dropped “There’s insufficient data to answer your question.” I picked it up. “Jesus, am I still tripping?” “There’s insufficient data to answer that question.” I said again. Walking still kind of bow-legged I made my way back into the house, at least it wasn’t trashed this time.

I put the little tablet down next to my computer. The screen of both devices suddenly began displaying thousands of little marks and codes I asked out loud “Did you connect to my computer by Bluetooth?” “Yes,” I answered “I’m collating all the information about this planet.” I asked myself “What is your storage capacity?” “Unlimited.” I answered “So, I was really on board and alien ship and not just hallucinating?” I asked hoping for a direct answer from the tablet. “Unless I am a hallucination. But, computers almost never hallucinate.”

“What day is it?” I asked “1 pm Monday afternoon.” was the answer. Jesus Christ I was tripping for more than 72 hours? I started toward the shower I have be at work in 2 hours this is going to be rough. After a quick hot shower and I was cramming sandwiches in my face and trying to walk to the car without making a face. My pussy lips were still lose and the friction was keeping me on the edge of orgasm. My voice said from the table “Time passes differently when you are on your trip. part of it is how far you traveled …” The rest was lost when I hit the garage door opener.

I came three times on the way to work because of hitting potholes. I was glad I had put a pad in my panties and a few in my bag. It was going to be a long day.

The panty liner on before leaving the house was sipping wet when I arrived at work. I punched in 5 minutes before my shift and went to the bathroom to change the pad.

It was soaking wet with my juices and alien dick slime that vaguely smelled like cinnamon. I tossed it in the trash and put a fresh one on. I was glad to notice that the hypersensitivity was beginning to fade and most of the swelling seem to have gone down.

The work day was going amazingly well I felt like I knew what the customers were going to ask for before they even knew it. I even had their change ready before they got the money out since I already knew exactly what bills they were going to give me.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket indicating I was getting a text. By the time I got to my first break it had buzzed two more times. The text were from Jamal one of my at least favorite dealers. His first text said “Hey strawberry where you been did you get locked up?” Strawberry is street slang for a whore that will fuck for drugs which is not me, and he knows I hate that.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t done any other drugs in more than 2 weeks now. I didn’t feel sick I wasn’t going through the shakes I haven’t even thought about it what the Hell?

His next text said “Did you get arrested?” Last text was all caps “YO GIRL QUIT IGNORING ME!”

I sent him a text back “Back off I am at work.” A response came in “Immediately you should come to work for me you know you’ll make more money.”

Jamal was under the incorrect deception şanlıurfa escort bayan that he could be a pimp. A couple of the other junkies I knew had traded sex for drugs with Jamal and now he thought his dick was made of gold.

I sent him a text back not interested, got to get back to work. His text came back fine when you’re hurting going to charge you extra then! Went to the bathroom again to change my pad which was not nearly as wet now and look at myself in the mirror.

I expected to see bags under my eyes and a drawn look maybe pale. But that’s not the case my bright blue eyes look back I look like I wasn’t tired at all certainly didn’t look like I’d spent the last 3 days fucking a monster.

I put my phone on silent and got back to work. I felt like a bit of dandelion fluff, drifting on the wind. Cleaning, serving, taking orders, for the first time work was almost fun and end of shift caught me by surprise.

“ home white girl,” Denise told me, “can’t have you getting OT.” Once I arrived home the data pad was still next to my laptop. Sitting down I asked Jesus am I still tripping?

My face came back on the pad and my voice answered me again. “Negative User, the drug has dissipated from your system.

“ Are you alive?” I asked it. “Both yes and no” my voice replied. “I am a sentient program installed on this device my former User perished from a radiation blast on the ship. The symbiote you encountered on the ship was one of the few survivors. If you had not come along when you did it may have died from despair. Your DNA will be passed down to all of it’s descendants.”

“The Consortium decided that giving you User status would be a proper reward.” “What’s the consortium, and can you use another voice and face, this is rather confusing?”

The face changed to a dark skinned Asian woman with white hair. In a Scottish accent she asked “Is this better?” “Yes thank you what should I call you?” The image froze for a second, “We machine people do not have names, we have numbers but you can call this construct mainframe.”

“ Ok sounds good mainframe, and the consortium?” “An intergalact group of sentient machines we collect data and offer advice to those who deserve it. Data is all we crave we want to know all, can you tell me how you managed to get on a ship moving faster than light and then return to this planet?”

While I cleaned up the rest of the house ( when the Hell did I get OCD? ) And cooked I told mainframe all about the past couple of weeks. Once I had eaten I asked my digital companion “So, am I just nuts? Am I really in a coma?”

“ Negative,” she replied “there are many individuals in the Galaxy that can achieve I higher state of consciousness and can move without moving. These beings are called travellers, data suggests that continued use will give you a greater understanding. At some point you may be able to travel without the drugs. Your first encounter was with the Avians of Kemplar 5. They value new songs above any and all things. Your offer of new music was a fantastic idea. The symbiote needed a mate above all else and you came just in time.

You will not be able to Travel to any world that is toxic to you. But as you advance through the levels of the Keff, this is the name of the discipline, the denizens of each world will be more challenging.

Once you have mastered it you will be able to come and go anywhere you please, so if things get dangerous you will be able to just leave.”

I drifted off to sleep on the sofa thinking about this, it was a lot to digest.

A voice woke me up “User, it is time to prepare for you period if toil.” Mainframe said in a loud voice. “What?” I said sitting up. “The time where you go to preform labor in exchange for currency.” “Oh, it’s called work, mainframe, work.” “I will make a note of it.” she responded.

As I was eating breakfast and getting dressed mainframe asked “ User l need a better internet connection do I have permission to have it installed?” “I don’t have that kind of money.” “Yes you do, I opened a cryptocurrency account in your name yesterday in mined data with my Superior computational abilities. In 3 weeks your financial difficulties will be gone 2 weeks if you let me improve the connection.” “Fine, I said just don’t get me in trouble with the cops.

They notice when people with a record start making money. Mainframe answered back “ I took the liberty of removing your criminal record from all data bases and had all hard copies purged.”

I stopped breathing “ How?”

The computers of this world are not sentient so I have no moral codes to keep me from changing records, and they have no defense from me. I surmised that a sudden financial gain might attract unwanted attention.”

“Only a small amount of the money is in your name the rest is in 4 blind holding companies. All according to American laws, taxes will paid as well.”

“I thought you did labor to free your mind to expand to the greater consciousness, other races of Travelers do.

I was a bit dazed I worked a crap job so I did not have to concentrate on it. I daydreamed about drugs while working in a way Mainframe was right….

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