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A New Summer Experience Ch. 08

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


The phone ringing in the living room woke me up. For a minute, I was disoriented and surprised to see Jake in bed with me instead of Amanda. The memory of the night before flooded back, and I grinned. I’d finally literally slept with a man, and now that he’d fucked me once I figured I could get him to do it again.

I untangled myself from Jake, who was laying next to me with one arm and one leg thrown over me, then quickly went into the living room to answer the phone.


“Good morning,” I heard Lana say. “This is the third time I’ve called. You guys sleeping in today?”

“Pretty much,” I replied with a laugh.

“Well, Mom called Dad this morning. They were on the phone for about an hour. I think that everything is going to be ok with them,” she said.

“‘With them’?” I echoed. The way she said it, it sounded like there was more.

“Yeah,” she said. “Dad doesn’t think that you’re out of the woods with her yet.”

“Great,” I groaned. “How is my girlfriend?”

Her voice went down to a hushed whisper. “Wet,” she giggled. Then her voiced raised to a normal level. “We’re bringing donuts. Wake Jake up. We’ll be there in ten or fifteen minutes.”

I went back into my bedroom to wake Jake up. “Get up, Jake,” I said, shaking him. “The girls are on their way home.”

“‘k,” he mumbled. However, he didn’t move or even open his eyes.

I tugged at his arm. “C’mon, Jake,” I said. “If Lana catches you in my bed, she’ll know you slept with me…er, with Wilma.”

“‘k,” he said again. Still he didn’t move. After a few seconds, he started snoring again.

“Last chance,” I warned, shaking him again. He mumbled something that I couldn’t make out, then went back to snoring.

I shrugged. I promised him that I wouldn’t tell Lana, but if he let the cat out of the bag by not getting up then it was his fault.

I really had to pee. I went to the bathroom to relieve my screaming bladder and when I came out the girls were already home. Amanda saw me, still in panties and make-up, and said, “Jeez, what’d you use to put that make-up on…a trowel?”

I laughed, then winked at her. Lana raised an eyebrow at me, then went to her bedroom. Not seeing Jake there, she stepped back out. I pointed at my bedroom and she disappeared into it. A minute later, Jake came stumbling out closely followed by a smirking Lana. He had a confused expression on his face.

“So, you’re banging my ‘sister’ when I’m out,” she said to him in a mock angry voice. His face turned beet red, and he looked at me helplessly.

“Well, in all fairness, sis,” I said, trying to come to his defense, “you were banging my girlfriend last night.”

“Actually,” Amanda said brightly, “your girlfriend was banging your sister last night.”

“Whatever,” I grinned.

Jake looked like he’d rather be anywhere but there at that moment. Lana let the silence go for a few long seconds, than laughed. “It’s ok, baby,” she told him soothingly. “But from now on, when you want anal you know where to go and you can leave my poor ass alone. At least he’s not better than me at that.”

“Actually,” Jake blurted out, before stopping himself. büyükesat escort Lana motioned for him to continue, standing there with one hand on her hip. “Actually what?” she demanded.

“Actually,” he said slowly, giving her an apologetic look. “He fucks back. You just kinda, uh, lay there.”

I glanced at Amanda when Jake said that, and I saw in her eyes that she caught it too. Jake had just acknowledged that he’d fucked ME, Will, and not “Wilma” by saying “he”.

“Fine,” Lana said grumpily. “At least tell me I still have the best pussy you’ve ever had.”

“By far, you’re the best I’ve found or ever will find,” he said quickly. “There’s nobody, and I mean NOBODY, that’s better where that’s concerned.”

She gave him a stern look, then slowly cracked a smile. “Tell me you love me and you’re forgiven.”

He smiled. “I love you, baby,” he said.

The three of them attacked the donuts while I showered and removed the make-up. I finished the box of donuts after drying off and getting dressed.

“So what happened when Mom called?” I asked Lana.

“Dunno,” she replied. “All he said was that they came to some sort of agreement. He said she was coming home in a few days. He seemed happy about that.”

I felt a gnawing uncomfortable sensation in my stomach when I realized that I’d have to talk to Mom at some point. Still, that event was still days away. Maybe by the time she got home, she wouldn’t be as angry.

When Amanda and I got to work, the place was abuzz. We quickly found out that John had been been promoted to district, and we had a new manager. I assumed that it would be someone in the store, but I found out from Jason that it was the guy from corporate who’d been there the last week.

“Fuck!” Jason said angrily. “I just got the closing shift back and the new manager changed everything back around. Now I’m just closing on the weekends.”

“Who closes now?” I asked.

“You don’t know?” he replied. “You are.”


“Yeah, you. He’s got the schedule posted in the back. Go look.”

Sure enough, when I read the schedule I saw that I was closing Monday through Friday. Amanda’s schedule hadn’t changed, however, so she would be getting to work and leaving two hours before me. That was going to be a problem.

I found out that the new manager’s name was Gary, an older guy probably in his 40’s. He pretty much stayed in his office all during my shift and I didn’t have an opportunity to talk to him about the problem with the new schedules until I was almost ready to leave.

“Hey, Gary,” I said, as he stepped out of his office. “Uh, can you put Amanda’s and my schedules together? I’m kind of her ride home after work.”

He frowned. “Well, John told me that you were the best closer, and I don’t need two people closing. I’m sure you’ll work something out.” With that, he turned and went back into his office.

Amanda was as disgruntled as I was. She bitched about the schedule change the entire drive home. Lana saved us, though, offering to pick Amanda up after work when we told her about the situation. “I’m sure we can think of something to keep us occupied until you get home,” she said, with a twinkle in her cebeci escort eye.

The next day, I dropped Amanda off at work then bummed around the apartment until it was time for me to go in. We were busier than normal, and my shift flew past. Before I knew it, we were closed. I did all the closing tasks quickly, regretting that Amanda wasn’t there to help, then went by Gary’s office to tell him I was done and leaving.

“Hold on, I wanted to talk to you,” Gary said from behind his desk. I sat, waiting expectantly.

“I’m just here temporarily,” he said. “I need to find a full-time manager. We’d prefer to find someone in the store rather than hire from outside…’promote from within’, you know.”

“Ok,” I said. I figured he wasn’t considering me, as young as I was and the fact that there were other people who had been there longer.

“Tell me your feelings about Rick, Jason, and Rosalee,” he said, standing and moving around to the front of his desk and leaned on the edge.

“Uh, Rick’s a good guy,” I said. “better than Jason, honestly.” I didn’t want to bring up Jason’s recreational habits with him. Jason was ok but a bit unreliable, but I didn’t want to throw him under the bus.

“Rosalee’s good, too, but it’s hard to understand her when she gets mad,” I continued. Rosalee was from Panama, a sweet girl who was a good worker, but she sometimes let her temper get the better of her.

As I finished speaking, I got the feeling that he wasn’t really listening to me. He was looking at me…weirdly. There was a long uncomfortable pause while I waited for him to say something.

“You really are fucking cute,” he finally said.

“Uh, what?” Where the hell did that come from???

He stood up straight and took a step towards me. “John said you were a helluva closer. Went on and on about it, in fact.” His hand slowly slid up and down the front of his crotch, and I could see his hardon blooming behind the fabric.

My face reddened slightly. So John told him about the post-closing blowjobs, and now Gary wanted it. I was a little mad that John couldn’t keep a secret any better than Amanda could. Still, the idea that he was getting turned on by me got my dick twitching too.

He stepped closer, ending only a few inches away from me. Without a word, I unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. He helped me pull his pants and underwear down, and his hard cock sprang out. My mouth watered…it was nice, nicer than John’s. Without hesitation, I leaned forward in my chair and took him into my mouth.

I don’t know who groaned louder, him or me. He was thick, and it took some effort to open my mouth wide enough. I couldn’t get his whole length in, either. I worked what I could, taking him as deep into my mouth as I could, then slowly sliding off, popping him out of my mouth to caress his cockhead with my tongue.

I continued for several minutes, until he roughly pulled me off of his dick by my hair. Surprised and confused, I looked up at him as he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to a standing position. He spun me around and pushed me towards the desk, then yanked my pants down in one hard motion.

“I need your ass,” he said, bending me over his desk. kolej escort Part of me wanted to fight him…he was being a lot more forceful than anyone I’d ever been with and to be honest, it scared me a bit. Pushed down onto the desk by one of his hands, I heard him spit on his cock a few times, then I felt him press his cockhead against my asshole.

“Hey, wai…” I yelled, my statement turning into a screech of pain as he shoved himself into me hard. Nobody had ever done that and I tried to turn under him and pull his cock out of me. However I couldn’t move, trapped against the desk as I was.

He fucked me with a fury, slamming himself into me hard and fast. My dick, which had hardened while I was sucking him, wilted at the pain in my ass. I tried to relax, but his assault on my poor asshole was so fierce that I couldn’t.

He didn’t last long. His thrusts rose to a crescendo, then his hands slipped up to my shoulders as he lunged into me one last time and held himself there. I could feel him throb inside me, his cum pumping out of his cock and flooding my insides. That sensation did make my dick harden again.

He yanked himself out of me and I felt his cum flow out of me and down my inner thighs. He released me and stepped back. I scrambled off the desk, pulling my pants up while giving him an angry look.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said, walking around to the other side of the desk and cleaning his cock with a hand towel. As he pushed himself back into his pants and zipped up, I fled.

I was angry on the drive home. Despite that, my dick never went down. In fact, the more I thought about him fucking me like that the harder it got, made worse by the feel of his cum on me and the throbbing ache in my ass. By the time I made it to the apartment, I was confused by my reaction. I didn’t like what he’d done…did I?

Amanda was in bed reading when I got home. “Hey, babe,” she said, putting her book on the nightstand. I didn’t say a word, quickly stripping and climbing into bed with her. Her eyes went wide at the sight of my hard dick.

Without preamble, I climbed on top of her and reached between us, pulling her panties to the side. I had a desperate need to cum, and slid myself into her. There was no slow lovemaking like we’d done in the past, this was just a hard, fast fuck.

“Oh…oh…oh,” Amanda huffed as I took my need out on her pussy. I felt her cum, her pussy contracting hard around my thrusting dick, then a minute later my own orgasm hit me like a sledgehammer. Locked together, I felt her go over the edge a second time as my cum sprayed deep inside her.

As soon as my orgasm fled, I realized that I was doing to Amanda what Gary had done to me. Suddenly filled with shame, I gently pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

“Wow,” she said breathlessly. “What brought that on?”

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Jesus Christ, sorry for WHAT?” she said.

“For that,” I said.

“Don’t be,” she giggled. “I LIKE the caveman you. You’ve never done that before. It’s always been me starting things.”

I explained what had happened at work, and my mixed emotions of it.

She put her head on my shoulder and cuddled up against me. “Well,” she said, “I can understand how being forced like that would upset you. But, on the other hand, you felt pretty excited to be…uh, ‘taken’?”

“Excited after the fact,” I said, “maybe.”

“If it’s something that you don’t like, then put a stop to it,” she yawned.

I fell asleep thinking about my reaction to Gary’s assault, giving me troubled dreams.

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