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A Night Out

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Claire sighed as she looked into the mirror. She wondered what on earth she was doing. Her life had fallen into a terrible rut lately and she felt it all through her body and it was in danger of creeping into her soul. Then she received a cryptic email from her husband Craig. In it he requested that she meet him downtown at a quiet little bar she had heard was nice but had never been to. He had told her what to wear and what not to wear. She applied the finishing touches to the liner that framed her emerald eyes and the crimson on her full lips. She ran her fingers through her luxurious auburn hair giving it a last brush for that devil may care look. She smoothed her dress with her hands. She had loved this dress when she bought it but had never had the opportunity (or courage, she had to admit) to wear it. She was wearing a short silky dress with buttons down the front, thigh high stockings and four-inch stiletto heels. She had to admit that she looked stunning. No more delaying, it was time to go.

As she stepped to the curb to hail a cab she felt the warm breeze flow under her dress and caress her naked body. She had never gone out in public without underwear. She felt vulnerable and silly at the same time. In the cab she squirmed as she felt the silk press against the naked skin of her back and the coolness of the vinyl through the material on her ass and thighs. As the streets flew by the feeling of being naughty was beginning to spark inside her and her mind filled with anticipation.

When she arrived at the bar she stood in the doorway and waited for her eyes to adjust to the dimness. There was a group of ten or so men around watching a game on the television. Of course all eyes were drawn to her the moment the door closed behind her. She looked around for Craig but it was obvious that he wasn’t there and the disappointment showed on her face. She looked at her watch, sighed and moved to one of the high tables by the wall opposite the bar. She sat down on one of the barstools that surrounded the table, crossing her long silky legs and making herself comfortable. An attractive young waitress approached her and she ordered a gin and tonic with two limes. She took in the room, surveying the men at the bar but taking notice of no one in particular. She glanced once again at the television to see what’s on. Seeing nothing that inspired any interest there either she sighed opened her purse and pulled out a small mirror to check her make-up and hair. She realized that she was the only woman apart from the waitress in the place and she felt a quick thrill at being the center of attention. So was this what Craig had in mind?

The waitress returned with her drink and she smiled warmly and thanked her. The room was very warm and the cool glass felt good in her hand. She brought the straw to her mouth and darted her tongue out to catch it and draw it between her full red lips. A few men grinned in appreciation as the cool liquid surged up the straw and washed over her tongue. As she idly sipped her drink her shoe fell off her heel and dangled on her toe. It bounced lightly there off her stockinged foot. She set the glass down on the table and brought her fingers damp with the cool condensation from the glass to her neck. She traced her fingers along her neck and down the top of her chest. As her hand moved down the top button of her dress popped open, she closed her eyes and moved her neck from side to side stretching out the tension of the day. Her cool fingers traveled down a little farther until the second button popped open. Her hand moved up to her shoulder and back to her neck then down to the glass cool and firm against her fingers such a change from her warm moist skin. When she opened her eyes she saw that more men had taken notice of her, their eyes smiling with thankfulness to be in the presence of such a stunning woman. She returned a vague smile to all and glanced again at Rize Escort the TV.

She took another sip of her drink and bent down to capture her heel and placed it back on her foot. Her cool fingers played along the smooth silkiness of her ankle. Her dress fell open at the neck and her breasts came into view. Their fullness and the glimpse of her nipple now had the rapt attention of everyone in the bar. Her hair fell in front of her eyes and she couldn’t see the lust she was inspiring in the crowd. Sitting up she brushed her hair from her face and casually sipped her drink. Shifting her weight she uncrossed her legs and her thighs parted for a moment. She felt the air on the warm moist flesh of her skin. It moved up her dress with the eyes of all the men to her beautiful smooth pussy. She felt the gasp in the room as the men drank in her loveliness. From the corner of her eye she saw the waitress at the end of the bar biting her lip as her eyes flashed at her. She turned her head and locked eyes with the cute young blonde woman. She turned on her stool away from the bar to face the waitress alone. She slid her hand up her thigh and traced outline of her wet lips circling her clit making her thighs quiver. She brought her fingertips to her mouth and ran her moisture over her lips and darted her tongue out for a quick lick. She had the waitress completely under her spell. The young blonde’s hand was busy under her own skirt as she massaged her pussy staring at what she wanted so desperately. She was a sexual magnet charging the room with sparks of eroticism. Her moment with the waitress had not gone unnoticed by the men in the room though they couldn’t see exactly what is was she was up to. The faces of the men were flushed and she saw one or two moving to display or conceal their erections depending on their temperament or pride. Turning to face the bar again, she re-crossed her legs ending the show. A few men rose from their stools but Craig suddenly appeared at her side kissing her cheek and apologized for keeping her waiting. As he hugged her, she felt his hard cock against her hip. She turned her face to him and his mouth was on hers, their tongues dueling for possession, warm and thick and rolling over each other. As they kiss she rose and wrapped her arms around him. Easing apart he wrapped his arm around her waist and led her toward the door. The men behind them grumbled and cursed under their breath to be so close to such a goddess and not to have her.

“Excellent job gorgeous. I’ve told you that you could give a dead man a hard on. Maybe now you’ll believe me,” Craig whispered in her ear as they left.

They set out into the warm air giggling to themselves at the wreckage she left behind in the club. They walked to the curb and he took her in his arms again, admiring the played of the dusk light on her beautiful eyes and face. He kissed her lips softly and moved his lips down her neck to her shoulder. As his lips moved to the top of her chest he could smell her light perfume and the faint hint of her arousal coming up from under her dress.. Her hips and waist and back were soft and silky in his hands as he caressed her. Her knee ran up and down between his thighs with a silky glide. She gave a small moan of frustration and he knew it was time to go. Traffic was light as he stepped off the curb to hail a cab. His fingers played on her ribs while her hand moved down his stomach to his erection. She stroked his hard cock through the soft fabric of his trousers tracing its length and width feeling its pulse against her fingertips. Her thumb caressed the head creating a damp spot of precum on the front of his pants.

“Now you’re a marked man lover”, she whispered into his ear with a hot breath.

The cab pulled up and he opened the door for her. She eased down onto the seat and let her legs fall open, her eyes locked with his. She giggled as his glance darted Rize Escort Bayan down to the tops of her stockings and to her gorgeous treasure as she scooted further into the cab. He moved in beside her and gave the driver the address of a luxury hotel. As they pulled away his lips were on hers their hungry mouths devouring each other. Her hair was soft in his hands. She felt his fingertips against her scalp and down the back of her neck across her shoulder and down her chest. Her breast rose up with her breath into his hand. His fingers danced over the top of her lovely breast and down the outside and under it. He felt its weight and fullness. She felt his fingertips make lazy circles around her breast and she whimpered into his mouth. Her nipple swelled and pulsed begging for more attention. Round and round they went moving toward the center of her desire. Then like a spark she felt his fingertip flick across the angry red tip of her nipple. Opening her eyes she connected with the driver through the rearview mirror. He froze for a second then shot his eyes forward to the road. She broke their kiss and pushed him back against the seat. Her hand moved up his thigh to his belt stroking the soft leather appreciatively. Unbuckling his belt and opening his trousers she gasped with surprise at his lack of underwear.

“Well you couldn’t have all the fun”, he whispered to her with a throaty laugh.

Her face moved to his crotch and she inhaled the musk that her nearness has inspired. Her nose raked through his hair as her tongue snaked out of her mouth to feel the silky hardness of his cock. Her lips caressed him as her tongue moved up and down the side of his cock. Now it was his turn to moan softly while she savored the thing that she loved so much. Her tongue played up and down the sides of his shaft and only flicked the head carelessly on occasion. She felt him squirm and wiggle under her, panting in frustration.

Her moist lips came up to his ear and she whispered, “That will teach you not to torture me like that again.”

Then her mouth was on the swollen head of his cock sucking the precum feeling the smooth slippery liquid on her tongue. She brought her lips to his and they shared his flavor as their tongues played with each other again.

His fingertips ran up and down her thigh tugging at the rubbery top of her thigh-high. He felt her slick moisture there. His fingers worked their way up to crease of her soft skin where her leg met her hip. Her flesh was warm against his hand. His finger slid up and down between her smooth lips parting them and dipping inside her. She felt his fingertip massage the inside of her pussy finding the place that he knew she loved to have tended. Her hips thrust and her legs opened wider. Suddenly the cab stopped and the lights were much brighter. They look up to see the doorman grinning in at them. She shifted her weight and slowly sat up. He fastened his pants and reached into his pocket. It was a difficult maneuver but he managed. He paid the driver and leaned back to whisper in her ear, “I think the driver has a tip for YOU.” She leaned forward and smiled when she saw his pants open and his hard cock straining in his lap.

“That looks wonderful,” she laughed “maybe next time, okay?”

They jumped from the cab and danced into the lobby of the hotel and made their way to the elevators. They made their way through elegant lobby surrounded by glass and marble. At the elevators he stood behind her wrapping his arms around her waist, hiding the damp spot she created on the front of his trousers from prying eyes. Their reflections smile back at them from the mirrored surface of the elevator doors. She fit so perfectly against him. He could feel her sigh in contentment edged with a little impatience as they watch the numbers descend. At last the doors opened and they stepped into the car, looking through the glass at the Escort Rize back to the atrium beyond. As he pushed the button for their floor a small crowd suddenly pressed in around them. The floor buttons lit up one by one.

“Well I guess we’re on a local now,” he whispered against her hair.

“Damn you for getting a room on the 26th floor,” she joked as she jabbed at his ribs.

As they ascended he put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She could feel his hand move down to her hip and across her ass. His hand stroked down the delicious curve and found the hem of her short skirt. Moving in to nibble her earlobe he let her hem ride up with his hand and pressed her to the back of the car. She gasped as she felt the cold glass on her cheeks. She squirmed but he was holding her too close and the car was too full. All she was managing to do was slide her cheeks back and forth across the smooth cold glass.

“Behave!” she hissed between her teeth.

“Be still and maybe no one down there will notice. If you keep dancing like that you’re sure to draw attention.” he smiles back.

Her eyes flickered at him and he saw a thought moved behind them. How he wished he could read her mind sometimes. He knew she was fully enjoying the game now and he wondered where her wicked thoughts would lead her gorgeous body. Unfortunately the elevator chimed announcing their floor. They stepped out of the car and down the hall to their room. She stopped him at the door and pulling on his tie she kissed him hard pushing her tongue into his mouth with a deep wet hunger. He felt her hand on his chest and then she reached into his breast pocket and pulled out the card key. Leaving him reeling from her kiss she opened the door and popped inside, closing the door on his face. He knocked quietly but there was no answer finally the door opened slowly. She smiled at him from the open doorway as she presented herself, her dress open and her beautiful body framed by the silky fabric.

“Now I am all yours. You can do whatever you wish with me,” her voice a throaty purr.

He pushed against the door and took her in his arms carrying her into the room. Her legs dangled as they flew back toward the bed. They landed hard on the soft mattress of the old fashioned queen sized bed. She felt his weight on her, his swollen cock against her thigh. She felt his lips on her neck and ears. His beard tickled her face. He kissed her eyelids and nose. His hands moved her arms up, stretching them over her head. Their fingers intertwine as he devoured her with kisses. Her legs opened and wrapped around his waist, her silky thighs making delicious friction with his clothes. Their lips pressed together, their mouths open and yearning. His hands moved down to her shoulders easing her dress off them. She felt the smooth fabric glide down her arm to her hands and off. He lifted her by the waist and placed her back into the pillows piled up against the brass headboard. He took her face in his hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. You know it too deep down. You just forget sometimes. I figured you needed a little reminder and I know you’ve had this fantasy for a long time.”

Her hands moved down his body and opened his pants freeing his hard cock. She pulled him into her warm wet pussy.

“Thank you my love. What did I ever do to deserve you? Now please finish what you started.”

He thrust into her filling her with the lust she inspired. She grabbed him hard with her wet passion the way that she knew he loved. They rocked together united in a dance all their own. This was something that they had perfected long ago. Their bodies so well tuned to each other. They were indeed one in their mutual pleasure. He felt her vibrate around him as she came in glorious explosion and ignited him to erupt inside her filling her with jet after jet of hot cum.

He collapsed beside her in the bed. Their bodies glistened with sweat, legs and arms entwined. Claire sighed deeply. Craig had given her a beautiful gift. She felt beautiful and loved and most important appreciated for the sensual women she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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