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A Old Guy And The New Ride

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The old Harley, the old Guy and the new ride

Well it’s was about time I took the old Harley out for a ride. It’s been awhile and both she and I need this. Time has pasted since I rode her hard and put her away wet. I’m not a young man but I’m not a dead man either.

So the ice burg I live with stays home.

The person I have at home got older than I, in my mind, maybe more sensible one would call it.

I bought this Decker years ago so the two of us could have adventures, now it sits more than goes. I loved the overnighters, new roads and new smells, yes the sense you don’t get when you’re in a cage. We bikers know why dogs hang their head out the window.

I packed the bags and took an extra helmet in the beer box thinking maybe. I phoned Jeannie and told her I was stopping by. Now Jeannie was a friend who worked in the same field as I for years. We became close and teased and laugh at each other all the time. She told me she doesn’t ride on motorcycles so I took up the challenge.

It was early Saturday morning when I pulled up to her place, she was just finishing up washing her car, she smile at me and I smiled back because not only just seeing her but to add to it she had on these tight shorts that fit her wonderful ass just right and an old T shirt that set off her beautiful rack just eye popping.

After a short hello I told her I came to get her, she looked at me with the old raised eye look telling me we could flirt but you’re married so don’t go there. I laugh and said no come for a nice long ride and see how you like being a bitch on the back…and I laughed. She started to tell me no when I said the weather is great and at least give it a try, and I will buy lunch. Well ok but be nice to me I’m a virgin, now I laugh.

I got her to change into jeans and strong riding boots, showed her how to but on the helmet right and adjust her glasses. Gave her the instructions on keeping your feet up and lean with me and the bike and if you need to hold onto something just reach around me and grab my cock for support, at that she hit on the shoulder and laughed.

We left slow and easy letting her get use to the completely different feelings and thoughts. It was Bostancı Escort great on the roads not a lot of traffic and weather was getting warmer. I leaned back into her so we could chat a little and wow those tits in my back felt so nice I started to get hard. This is nice.

WE chatted about the scenery and again the smells and all your heighten senses, it was getting comfortable, once and awhile I would place my hand on her leg so we could chat better, but she wanted both hands on the bars. She was relaxing and letting it get to her.

Now the great thing about an old Harley is the light vibration in it. It comes up through the seat and massages you sort of. This was affecting Jeannie in a nice way. She was hugging and touching me just so that my hard on wouldn’t go away.

We stopped in this out of away place buy the water with a million dollar view, it was getting warm and we needed to stretch our legs. I took of my jacket and smiled and said so what do you think? Jeannie to my surprise just smiled back and said I didn’t know it could be so so so invigorating. I laughed. We always had no problem hugging and share a friendship kiss, but she came up to me and grabbed me and gave me just an open mouth passionate kiss I thought my head was going to explode. Our tongues twisted and searched it was wonderful then she shoved her pelvis into me grinding away at my hard dick. I reached and pushed her beautiful ass into me with a cheek in each hand I was in heaven.

When I stopped for some air I said what? She said I know that you always wanted me, but you are with someone, so it wasn’t going to happen. But today you should me a new non conservative way of life, freedom to do something that you like for yourself, and just do it. On the back of the hog I thought, fuck it I’m horny, I haven’t been laid in so long and Jack here is a niceguy who I like and feel so comfortable with, let my hair down and be a real biker bitch.

I smiled like a guy who was going to get prize he has been seeking for a long time. I went to her. Our kiss before was nothing like this new passion. I touched her, starting at her face and head holding her close, kissing her neck touching her ears Ümraniye Escort with my tongue waiting for the signs that yes this is good, and they came.

Jeannie’s hand came down onto my cock and it jumped and she smiled and said someone likes me. I said holly fuck yessssssssssssss. I said hold for a moment let me get a blanket out of the saddle bag. When I turned around she was there with her buttons undone on her shirt, I just stopped and looked at what I have longed to see for years. What magnificent breasts…tits to die for. I almost jumped into her arms to get my hands on them, in an instant her bra was off and I was touching and cupping and lifting them up to my waiting mouth and lips. Jeannie was purring now, I know she wanted this done as much as I wanted to do it.

She had my tee shirt off some quick and her mouth on my nipples I just said O yes is all I could get out. By now I was onto her pants undoing her buttons and pulling them down, this didn’t slower her from sucking on my nipples and working on my belt. I lowered her onto the blanket, and pulled my pants and boots off. She looked at me smiled and said come here. I took one step and she grabbed my cock in one hand and my balls in the other and I almost died as in one motion she had all of me in the mouth and massaging my nuts I thought I was in heaven. It has been years that since I have had this done to me.

Ok stop I’m going to cum, she smiled and winked at me and with more vigor attacked my cock like it was the last Popsicle on earth. While she licked and sucked my balls her hand gave me an expert stroking she felt me cumming and popped it back into her mouth and swallowed as I moaned. She smiled and whipped some leakage off her lips with her tongue and all I could say is wow.

Its my turn to make you happy now, she said O yes please. I eased her down on her back and started over again, kissing every part of her wonderful body, she is mature with mature sides and hips and legs but mature full breast that are nice and heavy when you pick them up to suck on. The nipples just shot out for attention and I gave it to them. After a minute or two her ass was squirming for me to touch, without letting go of Anadolu Yakası Escort a nipple I reached down and lightly rubbed her vagina. This brought out a load moan that everyone would know what she wanted, and now. I left those heavy tits for now and worked my way down her body kissing and licking, as I went hearing her breathing getting faster I knew not to stop. I slid down between her legs and put a leg on each shoulder looking at this perfect shaved cunt I said to her it’s is a wonderful piece of fruit let me taste, at that she replied o please do…and quickly.

I wanted to taste her so I started slowly licking the hole I was after, I knew it would be wonderful later, but now I moved to her clit like a boy with a new toy I wouldn’t want to give it up. She is very verbal now and begging me to fuck her…as a matter of fact her words where “stick your dick in me now now now”. I was still enjoying her clit and slipped my finger into her and she screamed, I worked in two looking for the spot and sure enough she said yes very plainly…”O Fuck Yes”. She exploded and tightened on my hand.

Now being an older guy I usually have only a single shot gun, but her taste, her sounds, her smell and her looks had me back to life thinking I was a teenager. I moved up her body and got her to roll over and stick her ass in the air, what a wonderful view. I slipped in behind her and shoved my newly harden dick into that glory hole with the energy that I didn’t know I had in me. We both moaned together. I started pumping and she caught the rhythm quickly. O it felt good, it has been forever since I had myself balls deep into a beautiful woman that wanted me. I stroked away for a moment then reached under her to rub her clit with my hand she almost collapsed and loudly proclaimed that she like it.

I knew I wouldn’t last very long so I slowed down and I felt her cumming, she tightening up on my dick I shot my load into her. I almost collapsed on her, we both landed on our sides facing each other I kissed her tenderly stroking her body both of us sucking for air saying wow.

I held her close, without talking just looking at each other, eventually we got up and slowly got dressed, I admired the view and she afforded me every opportunity that I wanted to look and admire. So how do you like motorcycle riding? She tells me that it might have been her first but I hope it won’t be the last ride, let’s do it again real soon.

The old Harley still has it in her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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