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A Perfect Man for Jess

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Chapter — 1: Jess gets impregnated

Jess wasn’t exactly feeling comfortable doing it. Cooking food in the kitchen on a warm Saturday afternoon wearing nothing but an apron and high-heels, she wasn’t particularly happy. The apron barely contained her 36-inch D cup breasts but hid nothing beneath a little below her navel. Her backside was completely bare. The high-heels did a good job jutting out her beautiful ass. Her luscious braided brunette hair were long enough to reach the small of her back. Her golden skin and her deep blue eyes gleamed in the afternoon sunlight. The empty cross resting between her perfect breasts testified that she was a devout Christian.

Jess was not new to cooking naked. She had done it many times before for her boyfriend, Alan. As Alan would put it, it was to spice up their sex life which had gone mundane and boring. They had met each other in college. Alan was in his final year when Jess entered college. He had asked her out just a few days after the welcome weekend. A year later, Alan left college and got a well-paying job. A few months into her sophomore year, Jess moved in with Alan in his small apartment. It had been 2 years since. Jess was now in her final year of college and just a few months away from graduating. But, in the last few months, Alan felt their sex life was missing something. That is when he thought about spicing it up. He tried a lot of things. Jess cooking naked was just one of them. He would make Jess wear sexy revealing clothes or do role-play with her. She would sometimes feel guilty about trying some of them and would spend the Sunday in church seeking Lord’s forgiveness.

However, this time it was hugely different. Some months ago, Alan had suggested something new which was too radical for a religious girl like Jess. He wanted her to cook and serve lunch naked like she had earlier but this time, in front of another man.

“No way am I going forward with this, Alan.” said Jess angrily.

Alan gave up the discussion quickly after this but again suggested the same a few days later. Jess refused it again. But Alan could never really let go of it. Perhaps it was Jess’s reluctance to go through with it that made that idea look so appealing to him or maybe it was a subconscious fantasy, but Alan kept on pestering Jess with this new radical idea. Jess kept on refusing him, which sometimes led to loud arguments between them, until she finally gave in.

“Let’s me get very clear about this, Alan. It will happen only once. You will never ask me to do something like this again.”

“Sure, Jess.”

“There will be just 3 people in this. Me, you and that other guy.”


“Nobody will take any photographs or try to record it.”


“It will only involve me cooking and serving lunch to you guys…”

“Naked!” interjected Alan.

Jess shot a fiery look at him.

“I will cook and serve you lunch guys naked. Nothing else. That other guy can’t kiss me…”


“…can’t have sex with me.”


“He is not allowed to even touch me.”

“Come on, Jess. Give the poor guy a break. We can’t be so cruel to him. Of course, he would want to touch you. We can’t expect a virgin guy to just stay quiet when there is a naked woman so close to him.”

“Virgin? What do you mean, Alan?”

“I am bringing a virgin guy for this.”

“Alan, are you bringing me a teenager?” said Jess furiously.

“No, not at all. He’s 25. But has never had sex.”

“Who, Alan?” said Jess, wondering which friend of Alan could it be.


“Who’s Vik.”

“He joined my company a couple of months back. Excellent guy to work with. Just moved to the States. Recently, he helped me finish a project on time which was anyways delayed. We got appreciated by the client for that. I would have certainly lost my job were it not for him. We partied for hours after that. Poor guy got drunk out of his mind & then blurted out that he is virgin to the rest of the team. C’mon Jess, I’ve got to pay him back.”

Jess sighed.

“Okay Alan. The things you make me do…”

Alan smiled at Jess and she smiled back. They kissed. Jess, right after that, went near her hanging cross and begged Lord’s forgiveness.

Jess was having second thoughts about this ordeal for two reasons, while Alan and Vik were sitting on the couch. Firstly, she found it morally wrong. Secondly, Vik was from India. He did not belong to her or Alan’s race and more importantly, he was a Hindu. Having grown up in a conservative, racist household, Jess had seen racial bias and discrimination first hand from her own parents. It was something that she chose to reject as she grew up coz she detested it personally. She was in favour of racial and religious equality, for sure, but perhaps, due to a racist upbringing, she’d always found the idea of her being with a non-white non-Christian man immoral. Here, she was not even with Vik.

Vik, sitting on the couch, was ogling at Jess, Kastamonu Escort or her bare back and her beautiful ass, while she was cooking in the kitchen. Alan had invited him over for lunch which he thought was going to be a simple lunch but only when he saw Jess sitting on the couch in an apron and high heels and Alan explained everything to him that he kind of understood the situation. His heart started racing trying to anticipate what will happen in the next few minutes. They started off with drinking large glasses of beer. Feeling extremely shy, he never looked Jess in the eye but could control himself from checking out her perfect slender body every now and then. Alan was amused at Vik’s hesitation. Once their glasses were empty, Alan asked Jess, “Could you get us more beer, babe?”. Jess obliged Alan’s request and went to get more beer. Alan saw Vik staring at Jess’s jiggling ass hungrily when she walked away. He also noticed a tight bulge forming in front of Vik’s pants.

“You like that?” asked Alan.

“Huh?” replied Vik’s after being caught off guard.

“Jess’s body. You like that?”

“Umm… I… “

“It’s okay, buddy. You don’t have to feel shy. This is all my idea. It’s my way of thanking you for saving my ass the other day. Now answer me, Vik. Do you like Jess’s body?”

Vik took a huge gulp and then replied “Yes.”

“Good. What do you like the most about her body?”

Vik hesitated to reply initially but then meekly said, “Breasts.”

Alan smiled. The poor virgin Vik was opening up.

“Do you want to see her breasts, Vik?”

“Ye… Yes.”

Jess returned with more beer.

“Jess, would you mind filling up Vik’s glass first?”

“Not at all, Alan.”

Jess came near Vik and started pouring beer in his glass. Almost instantly, Alan got up and pulled at the two knots of the apron that Jess had fastened behind her back. The apron fell to the floor and, lo and behold, there was Jess buck naked in just her high heels.

“Oh my God, Alan!” Jess got up and turned around to look at Alan but Alan wasn’t looking at her. She followed Alan’s gaze and saw Vik staring at her heaving breasts. Jess quickly sat down at the recliner beside the couch. She felt embarrassed and tried to cover her breasts with one hand while sipping beer with the other. She was not completely successful in covering her breasts entirely because of their sheer size.

Alan filled his beer glass himself. He was amused to see Vik still ogling at Jess’s breasts. They all sipped some more beer.

“Ma’am, you are really beautiful” said Vik in his north Indian accent.

Both Jess and Alan were surprised. Alan was glad that Vik finally said something that was more than just one word. Jess, however, was bemused as to how to react to his statement. She was not exactly sure whether she liked that statement coming from him or not.

“Thank you, Vik.”

The afternoon went on and after a couple more rounds of beer, Jess started to let her guard down. She realised ‘Yes, my breasts are beautiful’ and ‘Guys will stare at me like the way Vik is if I am in front of them fully naked.’

Alan could see that the prominent bulge in Vik’s pants was throbbing. Jess again got up to bring some snacks from the kitchen. Alan decided to tease the poor suffering Vik into a frenzy. As Jess was returning from the kitchen, Alan offered Vik, “You want to touch them, don’t you?”

“Er.. I’d like to…” said Vik. Perhaps it was the beer but he did not hesitate this time in saying that.

As Jess put the plates down on the table, Vik saw the nod as Alan gave the okay. Jess flinched when she felt one of Vik’s hands cup her hanging breasts. It was cold from holding the beer but more to that, it was foreign. It sent a shudder down Jess’s body, one that confused her. She liked the touch but was not sure whether she should like it or not.

Jess got up and so did Vik. He did not let go of her breasts. He did not want to lose this thing of sheer beauty that he had just discovered. Once he got up did Jess realise how tall Vik was. He was over 6 feet towering over her 5 feet 4 inches frame. He grabbed her other breast with his other hand. Jess stood there as Vik gently touched and fondled her breasts. Minutes went by. Jess’s eyes were closed. In a total erotic frenzy, Jess flung her arms around Vik and started enjoying what Vik was doing to her breasts. Alan was sitting on the couch enjoying the live erotica unfolding in front of his eyes.

“Kiss them if you want.” Alan offered.

Vik did not need another word. He sat on the recliner and pulled Jess towards himself. Jess fell in his lap sideways such that she was sitting in Vik’s lap perpendicular to him. She noticed her nipples were rock hard and proudly jutting out. Vik started licking, salivating and gently chewing on one of her breasts and nipples. He supported Jess’s back with one hand. With the other, he squeezed her other breast and pulled her nipples. He was a little rough in Kastamonu Escort Bayan the process but Jess was forgiving partly because he was a virgin but more importantly because she was enjoying it. She started to relax and let the warm feelings of attention wash over her. Vik was struggling with the pain of a heavily aroused penis and a pair of swollen testicles bound by his pants.

He now moved to her other breast and started sucking on that. His one hand was now free. He placed it on her soft belly and gently caressed it. He then traced a finger from below her breasts to right above her navel. The empty cross between her breasts was shining. Then he proceeded to rotate his finger around her beautiful navel. Jess was loving it. She did not know that playing with navel could feel so erotic. She kept anticipating when will he finally hit the jackpot and dip his finger in her navel. He kept at it and never did until several moments later he dipped his finger in her navel. Her belly fluttered when he did. With her eyes closed, her lips curved into a charming smile. All this while, Vik was sucking on her breast. On seeing the cuteness of Jess’s smile, Vik kissed her on one of her cheeks. Jess noticed it but chose to ignore it. Alan had noticed everything and was gently rubbing his erection over his pants.

Vik then moved his hand below, while licking Jess’s breasts again. He reached the dense forest of her pubic hair. Vik gently combed her pubes with his fingers. He sometimes rubbed them against her skin. Other times he gently pulled her pubes. Jess enjoyed the sweet pain she was experiencing from the pulling and rubbing of her pubes. A little while later, Vik homed in on her vagina. He started rubbing her vagina. Having no prior experience, he was doing exactly what he had seen in pornos. He was all over the place. Jess felt a little irritated with how he was handling her vagina. She grabbed his wrist and moved it at the pace and in the spot that she liked. Vik was a quick leaner. He moved his fingers the way she taught him to. Jess started to moan gently. Vik saw it as a good sign and increased his pace a little. Jess’s moans became more pronounced and louder. Vik was enjoying and feeling elated to see Jess react the way she was. That is exactly when he accidently rubbed her clit. Jess shuddered and Vik noticed that. He rubbed it again and Jess shuddered again. He then let go of the earlier spot and continued rubbing the clit. Jess moaned loudly before screaming “Oh My God!”. He got up and rested her elbows on the recliner’s armrest.

“Yes… Yes… right there… right there, Vik… Don’t stop… Don’t stop… Ah… Ah… Ah… Oh My Lord, Vik!”

Vik drove her into a frenzy. Jess knew she would cum any moment and she was prepared for it. But that was exactly when Jess’s phone started ringing. Jess looked at her phone. It was from a friend of her. She looked at Vik, panting heavily. Vik had stopped rubbing her and looked at her waiting for an order.

“It’s… my friend… I’ve… got to… take it.”

Jess got off Vik, grabbed her phone and ran inside her room.

“Oh come on, Jess. We’re in the middle of something.” Jess heard Alan behind her.

Vik kept looking at Jess as she disappeared in her room. Alan saw the situation building and was aroused to see how far could it go. Leaning across to Vik, he quietly suggested him to strip off to his underwear and wait for Jess to come back and see what happened next.

“Are you sure?” asked Vik.

“Absolutely.” replied Alan.

Vik stripped down to just his underwear. Jess walked back into the room where Vik’s massive bulge and a wet patch on his underwear startled her.

“What is going on? Alan, we had agreed…” said Jess.

“Relax Jess. Vik was feeling a little uncomfortable. Come back and let him finish what you guys started.”

“Alan, I can’t go any further than this. I forgot to tell you but I am ovulating this week. We have got to be very careful.”

“It’s okay, baby. We both know you enjoyed what Vik was doing to you just now and I am fine with that. In fact, I am proud of you, Jess.”

Vik looked from Alan to Jess. Jess looked back at him. Vik extended his hand towards her. She thought for a moment and then grabbed his hand and sat back in his lap perpendicular to him. This time she felt his huge lump on her thigh. She noticed the big wet patch of semen that his cock was drooling. She adjusted herself such that her ass was between his legs. She rested her knees on the armrest. Then she looked at him and that was when she realised how ripped Vik’s body was. His abs were literally the definition of washboard abs. She was in complete awe of his body. She liked the manly scent coming out of him. She wanted to touch those abs. When she tried to do that, she realised Vik was still holding her hand that she had given him to sit with him on the chair. She asked Vik for her hand back. “I’m sorry.” said Vik as he let go of it.

She, then, tried adjusting Escort Kastamonu herself again and to get support she placed her hand on his chest. She noticed two things. One, how perfectly chiselled his body was and two, the contrast of their skin tones. She kept staring at the place where her hand was touching him.

“Are you ready?” asked Vik.

“Oh yes… of course” replied Jess flashing her beautiful smile at him.

Vik knelt down and took one of Jess’s nipples in his mouth and started gently sucking it. Like the last time, he was supporting Jess’s back with one hand, while with the other he started to gently rub her clit. It wasn’t too long before Jess, once more, felt the stirrings of pleasure in her belly. Vik worked on her clit with a steady rhythm. He was doing exactly what Jess had taught him some time ago. Her moans became louder and she started breathing heavily. Jess tilted her head back and enjoyed the pleasure that Vik’s finger was causing in her body. She turned her head sideways and moaned loudly. A little while later, she opened her eyes to see Alan sitting on the couch completely naked vigorously rubbing his 6-inch dick. He gave Jess a thumbs-up sign encouraging her to carry on what they were doing. Vik gradually increasing the speed with which he was rubbing her clit. Jess had completely lost her mind. She threw her arms up in the air in excitement but then when she brought them down, she accidentally brushed one against the monster in his underwear.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!” groaned Vik.

He stopped sucking her nipple and reduced the speed of clit rubbing. Vik took a couple of deep breaths and groaned. He then took the other nipple in his mouth and sucked on that and increased his speed with which he was rubbing her clit. Intrigued by the amount of control she had at him, Jess did something very brave for her. She reached forwards and tried pulling down Vik’s underwear. Vik got the signal and took off his underwear. It was a little difficult with Jess sitting on him but he did it anyways. Springing out of his pants came a sight Jess had never seen before. A large cock, as big as Alan’s, uncoiled and slapped on her thigh. It was several shades darker than Alan’s with big thick veins like tiny rivers running its whole length. However, the biggest difference was he was uncircumcised unlike Alan. Jess did not like hooded penis considering them sneaky and concealed but was intrigued by the smell and cum that was oozing out of it. She delicately wrapped her fingers around this wonder object she had just discovered but she was very careful not to let his dick anywhere near her vagina.

In complete awe of his cock, she started masturbating him. This made him let go of the rhythm with which he was fingering her clit. Vik was totally enjoying what Jess was doing with him. But pretty soon, he felt his semen boiling in his balls just seconds away from cumming. He quickly grabbed Jess’s hand masturbating him.

“No Jess…” he panted. “I want you to cum first.”

Jess smiled at him and then let go of his cock. Vik again started to rub her clit. Pretty soon, Jess was moaning loudly and panting heavily. Vik gradually increased the speed and attained the maximum in just a few minutes. He kept looking at Jess’s expressions and how they changed with the movement of his finger. In another few seconds, he rubbed her clit some more and that was it. Jess shuddered in Vik’s arms and came hard sitting on that recliner. She cried loudly as small squirts of vaginal fluid squirted out of her pussy. Jess rested on Vik till she was done cumming. Vik’s fingers were wet with Jess’s fluids. Quite instinctively, he got those wet fingers near his lips and tasted Jess’s secretions.

“Alan, could you put the table away?” asked Vik. Alan obliged.

He lifted Jess and placed her on the carpet below. Then he adjusted himself such that his mouth was near her vagina. He stuck his tongue out and gave Jess’s pussy several long and slow lick. Jess was still recovering from her previous orgasm. It took her some time to realise that Vik was licking her pussy. When she realised what Vik was doing to her, she just laid back and enjoyed the slow licks that Vik was giving her. She liked the feeling that Vik’s tongue was giving her, like a massage after a long day’s work. Several minutes passed before Vik started to increase his speed. He was in awe of the hot slimy feeling that her pussy was giving him which encouraged him to lick her more.

Jess was completely spent with one orgasm. Vik’s pussy licking was giving her relief and arousing her as well. Several minutes of licking later, Jess had a mini orgasm. Some moments later, she signalled Vik to come to her. Vik obliged and laid on top of her. They both looked in each other’s eyes and that’s when their lips met. They both hungrily kissed each other as they swapped each other’s saliva. Their tongues wrestled in Jess’s mouth. Alan blew his load seeing his girlfriend kiss Vik. Once they were done, Vik showered Jess’s face with more kisses. He kissed her forehead. He kissed her eyes, her cheeks and then gave a peck on her lips before homing in on her neck.

Jess was enjoying this feeling being ‘loved’ by Vik. She accepted his kisses. But then as he was kissing her neck, she felt his throbbing cock kissing her vaginal lips.

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