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A Perfect Massage

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“Do you mind if I touch you?” Joe asked. “To massage your leg,” he added quickly.

“No that’s fine,” I replied. Managing not to add the dirty comment that flashed through my mind.

“Where does it hurt?” Joe asked. He touched me either side of my knee and a shiver ran through my body. My leg spasmed and pain shot through my thigh. I cried out in pain.

“It’s my thigh,” I gasped. “I’ve pulled something.” Tears welled in my eyes. Don’t be a wimp, don’t cry, I willed myself in my head to stay calm.

Joe ran his hands above my knee and I moaned. A mixture of pain and pleasure tingled up my leg.

“Sorry,” Joe said, a look of concern on his handsome face.

“That’s okay,” I replied. How could I be getting aroused now, when my leg hurt so much.

I was lying on my back on the physio table in my football kit. My long dark hair in a ponytail curled by my neck. My slender legs stretched out. I still had my boots on, long socks, and shin pads. I hadn’t been able to bend to take them off.

I tried to think of something else to ignore the pain. It had been such a stupid attempt at a tackle. I stretched way too far. Didn’t get anywhere near the ball. The girl had just pissed me off too many times, and I was desperate to get the ball off her this time.

Joe’s hands went higher, kneading my thigh and I groaned inside. I closed my eyes. I tried desperately not to get turned on, but as he massaged my thigh the ache between my legs got stronger.

“How’s that,” Joe asked. “Doe’s that help?” He was squeezing my thigh with his hands. It felt good.

“Yeah, that’s better,” I said.”Bit higher though.” I closed my eyes. Trying not to reach out and touch him between his legs.

He moved his hands higher. I felt him brush the bottom of my shorts. Oh god, any higher and he’d be touching me. Feeling my wetness.

Joe continued to massage my thigh. I looked at him. He was hot. He was 20. I had asked him once. He was the physiotherapist for our football team. He was tall with short dark hair. He loved his sports and kept himself fit, he had a great body from what I could see.

He had been part of many fantasies. Just like this moment now, but with his hands sliding higher into my shorts.

“You can go higher,” I said. I needed his touch now.

“I’m as high as I can go Hannah,” Joe mumbled under his breath.

Joe was staring at my thigh, concentrating on the job at hand. Was that a bulge in his shorts that I noticed.

“How’s my little star?” a voice came from the doorway. We both jumped. A spasm of pain shot through my thigh. I groaned.

“Jesus coach,” I said. “You made me jump.”

Brian laughed. “I noticed. Sorry,” he said. “How is she, Joe? Big game next weekend.” He stood in the doorway, a look of concern on his face.

“Glad you care boss,” I said. I smiled at him. David was a great coach. In his 60s, and like a father figure to all of his players.

He was kind and supportive. He stood in the doorway holding his large belly. He looked like Santa Claus in a big red tracksuit. I had said that to him earlier and he laughed like I imagined Santa would.

“She’ll be fine I think,” Joe said. “Light training. I’d like to see you Wednesday after training please Hannah. See how your leg is.” He added the last bit quickly. I gave him my cutest smile.

“Okay,” I said. Keep it simple, I thought. Don’t make a fool of yourself.

“Good,” David said. “We’d struggle without our star midfielder.” He smiled again at me.

“Bet you say that to all the girls,” I said. I winced as I stood. I missed Joe’s touch already. An ache still burned between my legs.

“I don’t know what you mean,” David said. He stood aside as I limped dramatically through the doorway. It did feel a bit better already.

“See you Wednesday Joe,” I said as I left. I looked back and he smiled at me. He was swinging on his jacket. God he looked good. Fuck, I was horny now.

“Hurry up and get changed then,” David said. “I’ve got a roast dinner to get home to.”

“Yeah sure boss,” I said.

I limped to the changing rooms. It was quiet now. Most of the girls had left or were leaving.

“Hope your legs okay Hannah,” Bryony shouted from the exit as she left. She waved goodbye.

I waved back and went into the changing rooms. Violet was sitting on one of the benches. She was wrapped in her towel. A big pink fluffy thing. I chucked the keys on the bench.

Her long wet red hair clung to her slender shoulders. Her elfin features made her look cute. She was seriously pretty and I was seriously horny. This was not my lucky day. I was trying to behave recently.

“You okay?” Violet asked, noticing my limp. Real concern in her voice. Caring as always, I thought. She was a good friend.

“Yeah,” I said. “Had a nice massage from Joe.” I smiled a devious smile.

“You’re so lucky. I’d let him massage me anytime.” Violet said. “I wouldn’t mind those hands running over my legs, or something else.”

“Violet!” I said, bahis siteleri acting all innocent.

“So?” she said, “we’re 18 now. If we fancy a bit of extra coaching sessions what’s the problem.”

I laughed. My eyes looked over her body in her towel. I was aroused after my massage experience and my mind was working overtime. Violet’s body was hot. She was more curvy than me, but that wasn’t hard. Good sized firm breasts and a full bum. Those naked legs looked good to get your head squeezed between.

“Snap out of it,” I mumbled to myself.

“What was that?” Violet said.

“Nothing,” I said. I focused on getting undressed. Trying to think of other things non sexual. It was hard. “Give me a minute to shower and I’ll be ready.”

I was pretty confident about my body so was quite happy stripping off in front of Violet. I took my boots, socks and shin pads off. I pulled my football shirt over my head and then took off my black sports bra. I pulled my shorts down and pants down at the same time.

I noticed Violet staring at me, still sitting in her towel.

“Are you getting dressed,” I said.

“No,” she said. “In a minute.”

“Okay,” I said. I liked her watching me right now. I didn’t want to question it. When I was horny my mind worked in different ways. Normally I would have found her behaviour odd, but right now it turned me on. Go figure!

I grabbed my towel and shower bits and limped over to the showers. I heard Violet stand, and footsteps. She was following me.

“Must have been quite exciting, Joe massaging your thigh,” Violet said, standing in the doorway and watching as I pressed the button on the shower and stood under it.

“Just a little,” I said. Water ran over my hair and down my petite body. I was only 5’4″, and very slim. Not the ideal build for a midfielder, but I was quick and aggressive. As soon as that whistle went I didn’t stop.

“I keep meaning to fake a groin injury,” Violet said, smiling. I laughed. “I wonder how much he would get stuck in.”

“Oh don’t,” I said. I was already wet, and I don’t mean from the shower.

“Knowing you I’m surprised you didn’t cum in his hands,” Violet said, grinning.

I laughed again. “Fuck off,” I said. I wasn’t offended, she just knew me too well. “If coach hadn’t walked in I might have gone too far.”

“That would be a good sight to see,” she mumbled. I only just caught what she said.

“You better get dressed,” I said, quickly. I didn’t quite trust myself at this point, and the way Violet was looking at me wasn’t helping. “Coach is waiting.”


Wednesday evening came and I arrived at the ground. Some of the team were already on the pitch, warming up. Violet was one of them, she waved at me and I waved back. She looked good in her football kit.

I was down for some light training so headed to the changing rooms to put my own kit on. My thigh was feeling good, I squeezed it through my tight black jeans as I took them off, it was a bit tender but was okay I think.

I got changed quickly. My hoodie and top quickly replaced with my shirt, number 4 of course, the number of Viera, one of the greatest midfielders. Well, my dad’s favourite, so he became mine too when I was a little girl. It had taken me a while to get that number. I pulled my shorts up over my pants. My shin pads, socks, and boots on, and I was done. I put my long long dark hair into a ponytail as I walked out.

As soon as I was out Violet trotted over, her own red ponytail bobbing around on her neck.

“How’s the leg?” she said.

“Hello to you too Violet,” I said. “I’m glad my legs are getting all the attention.” I laughed.

“Sorry. Hello Han,” she said. “It’s just we need you on Saturday. All the girls are worried.” We started walking to join the others.

“I’ll be fine,” I replied. “It’s feeling good.”

“Anyway, those legs deserve all the attention,” she said, grinning. I shook my head.

“Behave,” I said. I felt myself flush.

“I suppose if you’re okay you don’t need Joe’s massage,” Violet said.

“I always need Joe’s hands on me,” I said. “Where is he anyway?” I looked around, fighting the urge to worry. I couldn’t see his car.

“Don’t panic. He’s always late,” she said. “He’ll be here. Just don’t fuck that leg up when your grinding on that cock of his.”

I laughed hard. Probably too hard. I fucking wished what Violet said would happen. I knew I would end up being disappointed though. My fantasies always got away from me.

My train of thought was interrupted by coach. “Hannah!” he shouted. It made me jump. “Just jog gently around the pitch. No balls today.”

“Well that’s my evening ruined,” I said. All the girls laughed. I smiled.

“Go!” Coach said. Shaking his head. I jogged off.

I jogged around the pitch, jealously watching the rest of the girls play. I couldn’t help but keep looking at the entrance to the car park. Joe still hadn’t turned up. I stopped occasionally to stretch and do some light exercises canlı bahis siteleri before continuing my run. It was getting late and still no Joe.

My disappointment turned to butterflies in my stomach as I saw Joe’s car pull into the parking lot. I watched as he parked up and got out. I had increased my pace and felt the ache in my thigh, I slowed down.

Coach had heard the car too and waved over to Joe, who waved back. I added my own pathetic wave just in case he looked my way. No such luck as I saw him hurry inside.

I saw coach send Zoe in. I know she had issues with her ankle. It was late in the season and we were all feeling it. After about fifteen minutes I saw coach send the others in, he jogged over to me.

“Okay Hannah,” Brian said. “Let’s wrap this up so you can get in and see Joe before it gets too late.”

“Okay coach,” I said. I jogged over to him and we started walking back to the changing rooms.

“How is it?” Brian asked. He saw my bewildered expression. “The thigh Hannah. Remember, your injury.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry,” I laughed. “Not bad, I think. Bit tender but it’s definitely better than it was.”

“Do you think you’ll be better this weekend?” he asked, hopefully.

“I’m playing coach,” I said. “Just try and stop me.”

“Good girl,” he said, smiling. “Come on let’s get you to Joe and his magic hands.”

I smiled. I liked the sound of magic hands. We headed inside and I headed to the ER, as we liked to call it.

“Sorry I was late,” Joe said. He looked up from examining Zoe’s ankle, our goalie.

“That’s okay. You alright Zo?” I asked. She didn’t look in too much pain.

“All good,” she replied. “I came down wrong and thought I had twisted it. Hurt like a bastard for a second, but soon went.” She swung her legs over the side. She was already changed, her usual shorts and hoodie combo. She was tough as nails and looked it.

I stood there watching Joe work on Zoe’s ankle. I heard the others leaving, some stuck their heads in to say bye. Violet was one of them, she had to get back for something.

“You’ll be fine Zoe,” Joe said, after a while. Zoe swung her legs over the side of the table and jumped up, testing her ankle.

“Thanks Joe,” she said. We bumped fists as she walked past. “Behave yourself Han.” She winked, I blushed, and she burst out laughing. They all knew me too well.

I climbed up onto the examining table. Stretched out my slender legs, straightened my shorts to make myself decent, and pushed my ponytail to the side.

“How is it?” Joe asked. He had his back to me and I checked out his firm bum in his tracksuit bottoms. I wanted to reach out and give it a squeeze. He turned and I looked away quickly.

“It’s okay,” I said. “Feels a bit tight after training. I can feel it stiffening up already.”

“Yeah that’s going to happen,” he said. “Let’s see what we can do.” He stepped over and touched my leg, just above the knee. I shivered and made a stupid nervous giggle. Joe smiled at me, I was sure it was pity.

Idiot, I thought. Why did I feel so nervous? Who was I kidding, it was because I wanted him. I wanted his hands higher, touching me. Just the thought made me incredibly wet.

He massaged my thigh, his warm hands on my soft skin, kneading and stroking. It was murder. I wanted to say I was fine and get out before I made a fool of myself, but the other part of me, the stronger part, wanted to stay and push it further.

Just then David appeared, with the keys in his hand. Oh god, I thought, if he leaves us alone.

“You guys okay to lock up?” David said. “It’s just you two left.” I almost moaned.

“Yeah sure David,” Joe said.

“Thanks Joe,” David said. “Just keep hold of the keys for me Hannah.”

“Yeah sure coach,” I said. Cursing myself for saying it a little too quickly.

“Thanks Hannah,” he said. “How is she Joe?”

“All good I think,” Joe said. “Feels a bit tight, but she’s the best one to answer.” David looked at me, eyebrows raised.

“I’ll be playing at the weekend,” I said. “You won’t keep me off that pitch. Unless it’s cold and wet, then I’m staying in bed.” I smiled.

“No chance,” David said, laughing. “See you guys Saturday.” We said bye and he disappeared, dropping the keys on the side.

“Just you and me,” I said to Joe. He looked nervous. “How old are you again Joe?” I wanted to try and start a relaxed conversation.

“I’m 20,” he replied. “How’s being 18 treating you?”

“Not too shabby,” I said, the girlie part of me sent butterflies through my stomach, he had remembered how old I was. “Not having to worry about being ID’d in the pub is a bonus.”

“Yeah I remember those days,” Joe said. I laughed.

“Must be hard to remember old man,” I teased.

“Lie on your stomach please Hannah,” Joe said, giving me a smile.

“Sure Joe,” I said. “Don’t go staring at my bum though.” He blushed again as I turned onto my stomach. This wasn’t going anywhere I thought. He seemed too nervous. canlı bahis His hands went back onto my thighs, more massaging. He started low, working his way up. The higher he got the better it felt. I desperately wanted that hand to inch higher, to touch the fabric of my shorts.

“I think we’re nearly done,” Joe said. His voice cracked slightly. If I wanted something to happen I would have to instigate it. It annoyed me, but I wasn’t shy. I also needed it now. He was standing close to the table, the slight bulge in his shorts near my hand by my side. I wanted it.

I reached out and touched him, feeling his semi hard on with my hand, feeling his thickness through his shorts. He flinched back slightly, and then after a slight hesitation, his hips pushed forward. I gripped his penis harder and rubbed him, I heard him moan softly.

“Touch me,” I pleaded, his hand so close to me.

“Hannah. I’m not sure…” he started.

“Touch me!” I said more firmly. I wasn’t in the mood for politeness.

Joe must have been happy with his attempt at resistance, he had tried to be the gentleman, and now he was free to feed his own desire. His fingers touched the fabric of my shorts between my legs and I groaned loudly, squeezing him harder with my hand.

I felt him push the fabric into me, my pants entering me, I could feel how wet I was, he must have felt it too. He rubbed me through my shorts for a bit, as I felt his now solid shaft through his own shorts.

Finally I felt his fingers push the crotch of my shorts and pants aside, his fingers pressing into my exposed pussy lips, sliding in between.

“Oh fuck Joe,” I moaned, pushing my bum up off the table, forcing him into me slightly. I closed my eyes as pleasure rippled through me.

“Oh Hannah,” Joe said, he leant in and kissed the back of my neck as he pushed his fingers into me deeper.

He played with me for a while as I groaned and writhed on the table. It wasn’t long before I wanted his cock. I turned over, moaning as his fingers left me.

“Pull your shorts down,” I instructed, and watched hungrily as he dropped them with his boxers. His cock sprang out, he was a good size, I wasn’t disappointed. He took his t-shirt off too, and I stupidly moaned out loud, he was fucking hotter than I thought.

I turned onto my side and pulled him close to my head by his cock. He laughed.

“Jesus Hannah,” he said. “Careful.”

“I’ll make it up to it,” I said, smiling up at him. I ran my tongue up his shaft and felt him stiffen further. As I reached the top I took him in between my lips, wrapping my mouth around him and forcing him into my throat. I loved the feel of him inside me, as he hit the back of my throat, I forced harder, gagging slightly but holding him there. I came back up for air, spit stringing out between my lips and the head of his penis.

Joe groaned as I took him in my mouth again, working his penis with my mouth and tongue. I felt his hand run down my side and then inwards, squeezing my small pert breasts, he fondled and caressed me through my football shirt, making me moan on his cock. His hand went down over my hip, squeezing my bum cheeks, his fingers gripping into me.

He then ran them round to my stomach, I groaned again as his hand slid inside my shorts and pants. I rolled onto my back, my head to the side, still sucking him off.

“Oh fuck Joe,” I moaned as his fingers touched me again. This time he didn’t hold back, pushing fingers into me, parting my wet pussy lips and playing with my clit. I was soon moaning and writhing as he picked up the pace.

I tried to concentrate on sucking his cock, but his fingers were too much, attacking my clit. My own arousal had been high to start with, now I was losing control. I pulled my shirt up and squeezed my own breasts through my sports bra, exposing my flat stomach. My body tightening with his touch, my ribs stretching my skin. I looked down to see his hand bulging my shorts between my legs. I couldn’t stop it, I didn’t want to stop it.

“I’m cumming,” I groaned, my body stretching tighter, my boney hips lifting, and shaking as I orgasmed on Joe’s fingers. I closed my eyes as my pussy flooded with my juices and Joe’s fingers slid inside me as he watched me cum. I closed my legs on his hand, trying to get him to stop, it was too much. Luckily he did, holding his fingers inside me as my pussy squeezed them.

I realised I was still trying to pleasure him with my hand, my strokes random and disjointed. I wanted more now though, I wanted it inside me. Cumming hadn’t satisfied my need, it made it want more.

I shakily sat up and pulled my shorts and pants down together, lifting my bum to slide them off and then down over my feet. I spun and sat on the edge of the table in front of Joe, I spread my legs wide, either side of his thighs. I guided him forward by his cock.

“Are you sure Hannah,” he said, nervously.

“Don’t I fucking look sure?” I said. If he couldn’t get the hint now we had no hope.

He laughed. “Yeah I suppose,” he said.

“Then hurry up and put it in me,” I said. I guided him forward, the tip of his cock pressing between my dripping pussy lips. He pushed his hips forward and I nearly came again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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