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A Punishing Deed

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When I was younger my mother told me that a child needs a good spanking when he or she does something that warrants one. I have to admit, looking back, that I deserved every spanking I ever received and to some degree I even liked it. As a grown man, I even now, still enjoy a good spanking. I lived with my mother until I was about twenty years old. She was very strict on me and I didn’t get away with much. Every time she bent me over her knee, pulled down my pants and spanked me, my dick got hard. The harder it got the more I liked it. Eventually it got to the point where I would cum while she spanked me. What twenty year old still gets spanked with their pants down?

One night I was out with the guys a little too late and when I came home she was sitting in the living room waiting for me. I knew what was coming, and part of me had grown to like it. She motioned me to where she was sitting in the chair and told me to drop my pants. My dick was starting to harden already. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down stepping out of them. She curled her finger moving it forward and backward until I was standing in front of her.

“Aren’t we forgetting something?” she said, looking at my underwear and the growing bulge in the center of them.

“No Ma’am,” I said reaching for the waistband and pulling them down.

My dick sprang back fast and hard making a plopping noise on my belly. I stood before her naked and hard and ready for what was coming to me. She grabbed me by the thigh, digging her nails into my skin and pulling me toward her. I lay over her lap and braced for my punishment as my dick slid up her robe- covered thigh and my chest rested on her lap with my knees bent on the floor.

She shifted her thigh so that my rock hard dick was trapped in the bend behind her knee. I felt the first whack and it stunned me like it always does. Warm heat spread across my ass cheeks as the paddle lifted and fell again. WHACK! A shot of hot piss squirted out onto the back of her kadıköy escort knee and trickled down her calf and to her ankle.

“I, thought, I, told, you, to, be, in, at, a, decent, hour,” she said, stretching her words out to correspond with the whacks to my ass.

“Yes, Mother,” I whimpered, enjoying the burning feeling that was coming with each whack the paddle delivered.

After about fifteen whacks, she put the paddle down at her side.

“I don’t like to discipline you. You know this, but you make me,” she said, her voice hitching as little moans came out. She stroked her soft hand over my burning bum, soothing it with each loving stroke.

“I, know, Mother,” I sobbed, feeling her hand beginning to caress my reddened ass a little softer. Her fingers slid down the crack of my bum, lightly stroking the soft hairs that surrounded my asshole.

“I’m sorry, mother,” I whimpered, as a finger stopped on my asshole and lingered there for a moment. Her dry finger plunged into my asshole, causing me to shoot another stream of piss onto the back of her knee.

“You’re a dirty boy,” she scolded, shoving her finger up to the last knuckle into my tight bunghole.

I nodded my head in agreement as piss streamed out of my dick and onto the floor at her feet. I got turned on even more by hearing my piss splash on the floor in front of me.

“I promise to try and be good from now on mother,” I pleaded.

Her finger was suddenly gone from my ass. She pressed my head back down over her lap as I tried to lift up and look behind me at my swollen red ass.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she hissed.

I lay back down obediently and waited for the rest of my punishment.

I felt her reach down beside the chair and just knew that I was going to feel the whack of the paddle across my ass once again. I braced myself for the upcoming sting tightening my ass cheeks together, üsküdar escort which only made the paddling worse. I closed my eyes tight and prepared, but no WHACK! came. Instead, I felt a hot white heat, and I suddenly had the urge to shit. Something long and thick was penetrating my asshole.

My mother’s breaths were coming short and heavy, and her lap vibrated and rocked as her hand worked whatever it was she was holding in and out of my asshole. I started to moan as the object violated me, and made my dick stand out farther against my mother’s leg. I began to move my hips, causing my dick to jerk and fuck the back of her bent knee. Back and forth, forth and back the object plunged me. The last stream of piss had jetted from my dick and ran to my knees soaking them. I wanted whatever she was using in my asshole to ram me deeper, harder and faster. I started bucking my hips and moving my ass back against the object in her hand, lodging it deeper in my shit hole. I had moved so hard and so far back that my dick came dislodged from the crook behind her knee, and was now rubbing up and down the width of her thigh.

My mother began to convulse and moan loudly before she pulled the object from my asshole and tossed it to the floor. She pounded on my ass with her bare hand. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I felt my balls start to shake and move closer to my body as they tightened. As another whack landed on my sore ass, I shot my first ball of spunk onto her bare leg. Another jet landed and then a third and fourth. Hot thick globs of spunk clung to her leg and some plopped to the floor in the puddle of piss. My body was weak and sore. She pushed me off her lap and stared down at her thigh that was coated with my spunk.

“Get over here you dirty little boy and clean this mess up,” she hissed.

I crawled to her left side and used my tongue to lick my spunk off her milky white thigh.

She watched me as I licked and sucked my own spunk from tuzla escort her leg as her hand dipped between her thighs and stroked her wet muff.

“Get over her and service me well,” she barked, watching me scramble to do as I was told.

She spread her thigh open wide and I crawled in, burying my nose in her soft fur. I licked at her wetness, devouring her muff in greedy gulps. She pushed my head farther in as I pushed my tongue into her hot hole and felt it begin to quiver around it. She humped my mouth and tongue, bucking wildly in the chair.

“And when I’ve cum and you’ve licked me clean. You’ll start on the mess you made on the floor.”

I licked her muff until she was drained of her milk and she stood up and pressed my face to the floor.

“Lick it like dog,” she barked and I began to lick up my own piss and the globes of spunk that had fallen from her leg.

I watched her walk into the kitchen and return with the mop and a bucket of hot water.

“You really are a bad boy,” she said patting my head and making me stand up.

She mopped up the mess on the floor and walked back to the kitchen. My ass was really sore from being fucked and spanked. I looked down at the chair to see what she had impaled my asshole with. I found the polished end of what looked like a rolling pin lying next to the chair. I picked it up and hurried it over to my pants and slipped it into the pocket. She returned a few moments later, and kissed me on the head before going off to bed.

I hobbled into my room and sprawled out on the bed. I pulled the object from my pocket as my dick began to harden again. I pumped my fist up and down my dick a couple of times and then reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out the lubricating jelly and greased up my hot hole. I tossed my legs over my head and shoved the object deep into my asshole while my other hand yanked on my dick. I fucked and jerked myself hard and fast until my balls tightened again and spunk was shooting up onto my chest. I tucked my object back into my pocket and went to sleep.

I usually do things to warrant a spanking from my mother. I’ve thought about moving out on my own on occasion, but if I did, I would be giving up a good thing. I like being at home with mom, maybe, I am a momma’s boy, but who gives a shit, as long as she spanks my ass good and hard and makes me cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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