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A Quickie with Gina

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This story is much shorter than my previous submissions. The sex is implied and not detailed.

Thanks to DragonSlayer for polishing-up my many mistakes. I greatly appreciate the quick turn-around.


Finally, thanks to Gina, a Literotica friend. You are an inspiring woman!

“Can you tell me which isle has the personal lubricant?”

The eighteen-year-old kid, behind the drugstore cash register grunted a bored, “Huh?”

Deciding to liven up his afternoon I said, “You know, the personal lubricant?” I nodded my head in your direction, as I continued, “so, when I fuck Gina in the ass, my cock will be able to slide in, without hurting her…” I finished by winking at the kid and saying, “…too much.”

The store clerk was definitely awake now. He was breathing hard and gasped, “Yeah! Isle 8! Half way down on the right.”

“Which brand do you recommend for ass-fucking?” I innocently asked.

“Beats me Mister. I’ve…um…I’ve never…you know?”

Turning to you, I continue by asking, “What brand did we use last time?”

With kurtköy rus escort a combination nervousness and embarrassment, you answer, “Astro-Glide.”

“How did it work, Gina?”

Red faced, you obediently answer, “You’re kind of thick, so it helps a lot.”

“I was thinking, since I broke your ass in last time, I’d lube my cock in your pussy and then bang your ass. Do you think your pussy will give me enough lubrication?”

Looking at the floor, you mumble, “Please. Can we get some lube?”

“Sure. Go ahead then. It’s in isle 8.”

As you turn to find the Astro-Glide, my eyes and those of the clerk are glued to the globes of your ass. We watch your knee length flower print skirt, glide from side to side, as you walk away. Returning a few moments later, you hand me the tube and as the clerk rings up the sale, I ask, “Is there any chance that you will let Gina and I use your bathroom? Lets say for 30 minutes?”

The kid’s eyes got as big as saucers as he asks, “You mean…?”

“Yeah. Gina and I only have kurtköy otele gelen escort a short time. It’ll be private and much more comfortable than the back seat of my SUV.”

Looking around the empty store, the clerk says, “I guess you can use it. The owner won’t be in for a couple of hours and it’s dead, this time of day.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.” Looking at you, I continue, “Gina, give him your panties, as thanks.”

You visibly shudder, but reach under your skirt and pull off a red lace thong, bunch it in your palm and hand it across the counter. “Is she excited?” I ask the clerk.

He rubs his fingers through the small patch of pussy soaked red lace, smiles and vigorously nods.

“How does she smell?”

He brings the lace thong to his nose and inhales. His answer is a simple, “Oh God!” “Where’s the bathroom, kid?”

He nods toward the back of the store and says, “Through the swinging doors and at the far end of the storage area…”

As we turn from the counter and start to the back of the store, I put my hand on your shoulder. “Pull your skirt up,” I instruct you.

When you hesitate, I tell you “Do it now!”

With your ass facing the kid, you wiggle and pull the hem of your skirt over your ass. Reaching out, I grab each cheek and pull them wide, exposing you completely.

“Do you see this asshole?” I ask the startled clerk.

With his mouth hanging open, he nods without taking his eyes off your pink butt hole.

“I’m going to spend most of the next half-hour, balls deep in this tight ass.”

I give the kid a wink and lead you to the back bathroom.

Almost a full hour later and after dumping two loads in your butt, we’re loitering in front of the cash register, while the clerk finishes with two customers. After they leave and the store is once again empty, I surprise both you and the clerk, when I tell you “Show him what a well-fucked asshole looks like.”

You simply say, “Yes Sir,” turn your back, bend over, flip your skirt over your back and pull your cheeks apart.

“Notice the difference?” I ask the clerk.

His two word, “Holy Shit,” answer speaks volumes. Your formally cute pink rose is now raw and red. The shine of the lube is spread half way up your cheeks and a trickle of sperm can be seen at the entrance.

“Have a good day,” I tell the kid.

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