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A Quiet Night at Home

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She was already pretty excited by the time she got home. She’d stayed out long enough to be on the right side of pissed, but not so long that she got really drunk and went home with some guy. No, she’d been planning this for a while, and she wasn’t going to ruin it for some spur-of-the-moment thing.

She’d gone out with Kirsten and left her at the club – she was with her boyfriend, and Siobhan knew they were going back to his place tonight.

Knowing she had the place to herself for the night gave her a frisson of excitement as she put her key in the lock. It wasn’t that she didn’t masturbate with her flatmate around, but this way she could do whatever she liked, and do it wherever she liked.

Making sure the door was shut properly, she flicked on the hall light, turning the dimmer way down.

“No time like the present!” she whispered to herself as she hung her jacket up on the peg. She was wearing a small, but quite chaste, dress, which she pulled up over her head, dropping it to the floor where she stood.

She looked to the end of the hall, where she could see herself reflected in the tall mirror. She was wearing a white, lacy push-up bra – not the sexiest one she had, but she was still pleased at how her tits looked in it.

Her eyes were drawn downwards, to her sheer, dark brown stockings. Again, these weren’t sexy, suspendered things, but she loved the way they made her legs look.

Turning around and looking over her shoulder, her arse also looked fantastic, the tight material clinging to her buttocks and making them look beautiful.

Spinning back around again, she peeled the stockings down her legs. She sat down on the cold tiles with the stockings bunched around her ankles, and quickly slipped off her black, strappy high heels. She dropped the stockings, and left them, like the skirt, where they lay.

Before standing up again, she decided to put her shoes back on to her bare feet. Masturbating with sandshoes or running shoes on did nothing for her, but these made her feel so naughty, especially when, not too much later, they would be all she was wearing.

She stood up and admired herself in the mirror again, turning side-on this time. She struck a pose – one foot in front of the other, chest pushed out and bum pushed back, one hand on her hip. Looking herself up and down in the mirror once more, the butterflies in her stomach confirmed that leaving the shoes on was a good idea.

Putting on a sexy pout, she gave herself the once-over again, concentrating on all the sexy details – her up-for-it expression, her modest-yet-enticing cleavage, her just-right bottom, sexy legs, and oh, those wonderful shoes.

With this mental image of herself, she left the hallway and walked into the kitchen. She went straight to the sink and filled a big glass with water, downing half of it right there.

Following “there’s no time like the present,” as if it were her mantra, she opened the pantry, and got out the big bottle of olive oil. She had all sorts of creams and oils in her room, but ever since she first used olive oil as a young girl, she found the smell and feel of it incredibly sexy.

She unscrewed the cap and leaned over the bench, pushing her body onto the top of the bottle at a point somewhere between her neck and where her cleavage began. Grabbing the bottle with both hands, she pressed the opening tight against her skin, forming a seal. She then stood up straight, so that the bottle was horizontal, the oil sloshing down the bottle and touching her skin.

She was about to let go completely when she remembered that this was a new, and expensive bra that she really shouldn’t drench with oil. She bent back over the bench again, leaving the bottle there. Standing up again, a drop of oil sensually slid down between her tits.

She reached around to unclip her bra, shrugged it off her shoulders, and let it drop down her arms to the floor. Having remembered to take off the bra, she decided a little more preparation might be in order.

Wandering back to the hall, she relished in the feeling of the night air on her exposed nipples and breasts. She got a couple of big towels out of the hall cupboard and took them into the lounge, laying them out on the floor.

The more she did to ready herself, the more excited she became. As she walked to her bedroom, she could feel her labia sliding deliciously past each other – already she was wet through.

She delved around at the back of one of her bottom drawers, eventually bringing out a dark, polished wooden box. Reaching in again, she brought out a CD in a jewel case, and carried it and the box back to the towels in the lounge.

She sat down gently on the towels, making sure her bum (and therefore her fanny) were mecidiyeköy escort right in the centre. Leaning back on her hands, she drew her knees up and let them fall to the side. The air over her inner thighs made her realise that her legs were wet too, not to mention her panties.

She was just about to lie back when she remembered the oil in the kitchen. Quickly she stood up to retrieve it, feeling the butterflies in her stomach intensify as she heard a very slight squelch from her fanny.

She placed the oil bottle on the towels, and while still up, she removed the CD from its case and put it into the DVD player, closing the drawer with a small flick.

She had only done so in readiness for later on, but as she looked at the DVD player’s screen, she realised it was starting to automatically play the CD. Whispering, “there’s no time like the present,” to herself again, she picked up the remotes from the couch, went throught the sequence of turning everything on.

The amp came on before the old CRT TV showed any picture, and for a few seconds there was a disembodied buzzing and squelching noise from the speakers. Once the picture came on, she saw herself, in her bedroom, masturbating.

She’d filmed it a couple of nights ago, and hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet – she didn’t even know how long it went for. Setting up the camera had been a last-minute decision, so by the time she’d done so, she’d been very close to coming. Getting the camera ready to record had given her a bit of time to pull herself back from the edge, but even so, there wasn’t much in the way of preamble before she started coming on camera.

She’d had the camera set up on her desk, while she’d been on the bed. She’d been lucky in that she’d lined the shot up well – she was slightly side-on to the camera, but the leg closest to the lens was off the bed, the other splayed over to the side. This meant that she was completely on show, with nothing obscuring the view of her vagina.

In the video, she was completely naked, her breasts bobbing up and down in time with her movements. She could just see her little vibrator, held in place in her anus by her left hand, which, along with the vibe, was covered in the juices dripping down from her pussy.

Her right hand was on her stomach, pulling the skin tight to expose her very obviously erect clit. The middle finger of her right hand was flicking across her clit from side to side – occasionally she’d move the whole hand down and push three fingers deep into herself, smearing the juices up over her stomach before going back to rubbing her clit.

Siobhan was absolutely amazed by what she was seeing – even though it was definitely her in the video, she could barely remember having done it, she had been so deep into a kind of sexual fog. She remembered when she had finished that night being in two minds as to whether to keep it to watch later or just get rid of it – she’d been worried that she might be disgusted by the sight of her fucking herself.

Thank god she hadn’t deleted it! She’d downloaded plenty of amateur videos of women doing themselves before, and had been very excited watching them and wanking to them, but this was on a whole different level. She wasn’t doing anything that any of those women hadn’t been doing, but because it was _her_, it felt that much more real. Hell, it WAS real!

There was a pause in the action on-screen while the TV showed blank grey, and Siobhan was briefly dismayed that the show had stopped. To her great relief (and excitement) it started up again after about 30 seconds. This time, her clit was right in the centre of the picture, zoomed in so that all that could be seen of her was from her chest down to her upper thighs.

She was still in the same position, right hand still flicking left-to-right over her bright pink clit, left hand pushing the vibrator into her arse. Siobhan could only vaguely remember having stopped and zoomed the camera in like this – the kind of memory you have if you’ve been really drunk and are remembering some of the things you said or did the night before. Instead of a feeling of mortification and embarrassment, the memory and realisation of what she’d done was pleasant, a real turn-on in fact.

On screen, she had moved her right hand off her stomach, and was rubbing her clit with three fingers. She was still using the same side-to-side motion, but speeding up now, her fingers becoming a blur. The wet flicking noise this made almost drowned out the low buzzing of the vibrator, but couldn’t hide her breathless panting.

In the video, she saw herself sit up, both feet out of sight on the floor, her bum right on the edge of the mattress. With her fingers momentarily off her clit, she could hear nişantaşı escort the vibrator change tone as it became held in place by the bed, rather than her hand.

Her left hand, now free, pulled the skin above her clit tight, exposing the little pink head still further. Her right hand went back to work on the hard, fleshy button. She alternated between rapidly flicking side-to-side as before, and using her middle finger to press hard, and squeeze over her clit from bottom to top. Each time she did so, she could see her clit flick back to erectness.

She could see now that, in the video, she was getting close to coming. She had stopped the side-to-side movement, and was concentrating on pressing hard, stroking from bottom to top. Her memory of that night was even more hazy about the point this close to orgasm, but she knew from experience that it wouldn’t be long before her on-screen self came.

Sure enough, she saw herself pressing harder, moving more slowly over her clit. The sight of it flicking back each time was incredible – nothing she had ever seen before had looked this horny.

Her finger started to rub over just the very tip of her clit, becoming faster again. The panting had been joined by sighing and soft moaning as she neared a climax.

Suddenly, she saw her labia go a deeper purple, swell up and appear to tense. The next flick of her clit made the lips flutter slightly, the flick after that made them flutter more strongly and for slightly longer. Then, with the butterflies in her stomach working overtime, she watched as her labia spasmed, opening and closing slowly at first, then more quickly as her orgasm took hold.

Each spasm produced something between a grunt and a moan, much louder than she ever realised. Briefly, she thought of Kirsten in the next room – there’s no way she wouldn’t have heard that!

Her on-screen self was still stroking her clit, less urgently than before but still with some pressure. Siobhan was a little surprised to see this, as her clit was normally far too sensitive to touch while she was still coming, and for a few minutes afterward. Thinking of how carried away she must have been that night, to barely remember an orgasm like this, turned her on even more.

She was glued to the screen, now that it had gone past the point of what she remembered from that masturbation session. She was incredibly curious to find out how it finished – she could only picture hazily standing up in a post-orgasmic fuzz, and turning off the camera.

She hadn’t stopped stroking herself in the video, and now the movement over her clit was directly tied to the movement further down. Each time her finger stroked up the bottom of her clit, her lips would swell, darken and clamp together. When her finger flicked over, and her clit sprang back, her lips almost popped open, showing the deep red inside.

A slight pressure on her foot made her look down – her panties were caught up in the buckle of her shoe. So engrossed was she in watching herself, she’s pulled them off without really noticing!

Reaching down, she freed the material and worked the soaked, clinging fabric over her shoes. Just as they were off, her attention was drawn back to the screen by a gasp louder than any before.

Siobhan watched herself, awestruck. Her finger was still moving over her clit in the same way, but the lips were now wide open. As her finger moved over the bottom part of her clit, they swelled up, but her cunny didn’t close completely.

Her finger started to move more rapidly once again, and Siobhan vowed that she would film herself more often, if only to recover the memory of what was obviously an epic orgasm! Oddly enough, although she couldn’t remember specifics, she knew something wonderful was about to happen – looking at herself on-screen, she could almost feel what she had felt like that night.

Without warning, a spray came out of her cunt, along with a blissful, “oh!” from her on-screen self. She knew now what had happened that night, although she still couldn’t remember anything more specific than feeling absolutely fantastic.

Without really knowing it, she had filmed herself doing two things she hadn’t realised she was even capable of. She had come, then kept herself coming in a multiple climax, and on top of that, she had ejaculated!

Siobhan now had to use all her willpower to keep her hands away from between her legs – every few seconds she’d suddenly realise that one of her hands had moved to her inner thigh without her bidding. Once this had happened a few times, she quickly pulled her panties back on, just to put a physical barrier between her hands and her clit.

She knew that the longer she could leave herself alone, the better etiler escort it would be when she finally got down to business.

Her video was still running, and to her amazement, she was still masturbating! She was still in much the same position as before, sitting on the edge of the bed. Her thighs glistened with moisture from her ejaculation, and her right hand was very wet indeed. Her finger slowly stroked her clit from bottom to top as before, her labia remaining open the whole time. The lips were a very dark red, almost purple, and opened wide each time her finger moved over the bottom of her clit.

The slow movement started to become faster again, gradually increasing from one stroke a second to two, then four, then so fast that her finger was a blur again. Her lips opened and closed in time with the movements on her clit, increasing in speed as her finger did.

She was completely mesmerised by the image on the big TV as she watched her finger move imperceptibly faster, and her labia clamped shut once more. She could see her now extremely hard clit offering resistance to her finger as it rubbed over. For almost ten seconds her lips remained firmly closed together, swelling and reducing in time with her finger on her clit. The pulsations became more and more pronounced over those ten seconds, her labia seeming to grow before her eyes.

Her lips started to flutter rapidly, like they had when her on-screen self had her first climax, only this time it was even more obvious. The labia clamped shut again, her finger continuing its hard work on her clit, only to flutter and spasm longer and harder after a few seconds.

The fluttering stopped again, but this time her lips remained wide open, showing her vagina begin to clamp down inside as her orgasm started to take hold. Her insides pumped down and back up again, almost snapping as they did so.

Suddenly, her labia clamped almost completely closed, clear fluid jetting out from between them as she started to really come hard. She’d thought the previous ejaculation was a strong orgasm, but compared to this one, it was nothing! Her finger was still ministering to her clit with undiminished speed and pressure, and her climax didn’t seem to be slowing down either.

Her lips continued to clamp together hard about once every second, opening up to show her still-spasming vagina. About every eighth time, a further spray would get jetted out through her almost-closed labia. Each ejaculation was at least as powerful as the last. It was impossible to tell how much fluid came out each time – all Siobhan could think was, “it’s a lot!”

As she watched, her mind wandered back to what she was going to get up to later tonight. Whatever she ended up doing, she was determined to get to the point she was now at on the video. Nothing could possibly describe just how fantastic she must have felt the night she taped herself, and how incredibly horny it was making her feel now.

Whatever it took, tonight she would make herself come, over and over again, ejaculating as much as possible. If nothing else, she wanted to know where all that juice came from, and just what it felt like. Was it watery like pee, or was it more like her internal lubrication?

Tantalisingly, the screen Siobhan had moved her left hand off her stomach and was using it to rub over her still-spasming fanny. In the process, her hand was getting soaked, redirecting some of the liquid down into her arse and onto the bed.

In no time, there was a very noticeable dark patch on the bedsheet between her legs, growing bigger with each new ejaculation. Her orgasm had been going for well over two minutes now, meaning she must have squirted at least 10 or 15 times, without any noticeable decrease in the amount.

Gradually though, the spasms began to grow further apart, slowing down in time with the slowing of her fingers on her clit. Her labia still moved just as much, and inside she could still see the same orgasmic contractions, they just started to gradually become less frequent. The ejaculations continued too, still the same amount, but with less and less force as her orgasm wound down.

The final squirt ran down the inside of her thighs as she stood up, leaning forward. The image moved around a bit now – obviously she was picking the camera up. She caught a brief flash of her fanny, still tensing and relaxing, and then the screen went blank as the video stopped.

Siobhan was completely dumbfounded for a moment or two, sitting on the floor stunned at what she had just seen herself do. She snapped out of it, and dashed into her bedroom, again feeling the cool air on her wet thighs and pussy as she walked.

Kneeling down by the bed, in exactly the place where she had been sitting in the video, she pulled back the sheets to expose the mattress. Running her hand over the cloth, she could feel that it was definitely slightly damp. Moving her face closer to the material, she breathed in, trying to catch the scent of . . . whatever it was.

To be continued . . .

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