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A Second Round With Chris and Rosie

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After Rosie left Chris’ apartment, I decided that I would go for a walk to clear my head. The events of last night played through my mind, and I was still in shock at what happened between the three of us. Was that me? I wondered. I experienced desires that I didn’t know I had.

I left the apartment and walked down the street. There was a coffee shop nearby, so I ordered a small coffee and found a seat by the window.

I had visions of Rosie, Chris and I all dancing together at the bar. What were my thoughts in that moment? There was alcohol involved, so it was hard to recall. But some part of me wanted to go home with the two of them. Some part of me wanted to experience making love with a man and a woman. And some part of me never expected it to really happen. But it did, and truthfully I felt as if I’d stepped outside of my body.

I took my coffee and walked up the street to the nearby park. I didn’t force any thoughts onto myself. Instead I let my mind drift. Every so often I would have a flashback: Rosie’s hair falling down over her shoulders. Chris grabbing me and kissing me. The two of them kissing each other as I watched. I felt as if I wanted more.

So I walked back in the direction of Chris’s apartment, wondering how I would fill the events of my day. Much to my surprise, I saw Chris and Rosie outside on the sidewalk. They were smiling at each other, and as I approached they both turned to me and smiled.

“Well this is a surprise,” I said.

“Yes it is. I left work early, hoping you guys would still be here,” Chris said. “As it turns out, Rosie had the same idea.”

I walked up to them. Rosie put one arm around Chris’ waist and the other around mine. I felt the energy from last night returning. Standing out on the street, embracing the two of them, I felt electric again. I didn’t care at all if the entire neighborhood knew our secret. In that moment I felt so very connected to my desires that I only wanted one thing. Luckily for me, the two of them wanted it as well.

We walked up the stairs and back to his apartment. I felt my heart pounding again. What was going to happen this time? I wondered.

When we stepped inside, Rosie approached me and rubbed her hands onto my chest. She smiled and slowly stepped towards me, and then planted a kiss on my lips. Chris was right behind her, rubbing her shoulders and her back as she kissed me. She let her tongue run over the tip of my lips.

Chris stepped in closer this time, and the three of us embraced as we had on the street. As Rosie pulled her lips away from mine, Chris leaned in and kissed me. Much like I remembered from the night before, her kiss was soft and sweet and his was rugged and masculine. If I had any doubts about it before, those doubts were gone: I was definitely bisexual.

“Why don’t we go to my bedroom this time,” Chris said.

The three of us walked to the back of the apartment. It occurred to me that we hadn’t even seen his bedroom the night before. We were so wrapped up in one another, we never left the living room.

Rosie crawled onto the bed and laid back against the headboard. “You two fool around with each other. I want to watch,” she said.

Chris stepped in and kissed me again. From the corner of my eye, I could see Rosie had opened her legs. Being with two people like this was such torture. I wanted to watch Rosie touch herself, then kiss her and rub her. But I also wanted to melt into Chris’ kiss. What an awesome predicament!

Chris and I took off our shirts and then escort bayan our pants. Standing there in our underwear, we continued kissing each other. There was a musky scent coming in the room. I don’t think any of us had showered the night before.

Rosie had pulled her pants down, and her hand was inside of her underwear. I could see that her cheeks had become flushed, and her eyes were glued to Chris and me. I laid down on my back, and Chris crawled on top of me and continued kissing me. I could feel our penises touching through our underwear.

Rosie stood up. By now she was bottomless, although she had left her top on. She went behind Chris and slipped his boxers off so that he was totally naked. Then she reached underneath and pulled mine off as well. Chris’ penis was now rubbing against mine as he kissed me.

Rosie grabbed both of our penises and began to rub them. Chris then stopped kissing me and stood up on the edge of the bed. He grabbed my legs and pulled me closer towards him. Now, there was more room for Rosie to jump in. Chris put his hands through her hair and caressed her as she stroked the both of us.

She leaned in and put the tip of her tongue first on Chris’ penis, and then on mine. The warmth of her mouth was so wonderful it left me aching. I watched as she slowly descended on Chris’ penis, and afterwards she put her mouth around mine and did the same thing. Chris’ eyes were closed now, and his head was back. I could tell he was really enjoying it.

Rosie continued that pattern, slowly going down on him, and then down on me. By now, she had gotten our penises nice and wet. I let out a soft moan as she stroked mine while sucking on Chris. When she switched, I breathed harder as she put the length of my penis into her mouth.

Then, I watched Chris as he grabbed the base of his penis and placed it between my legs. He then put my legs over his shoulders, and I knew that he was going to enter me. I had never had a man inside of me before, and I felt a mixture of fear and excitement all at once.

He pushed his penis inside of me, slowly. When he got it all the way in he, he paused for a moment. He asked, “Is it ok?” I nodded. At first it hurt, but after awhile, the pain turned into a sort of aching, lower pleasure. Meanwhile, Rosie held the tip of my penis between her lips. One of her hands was down between her legs so she could touch herself.

I closed my eyes, and Chris continued to slowly and gently thrust inside of me. At this point, Rosie pulled her lips off of my penis. I’m glad she did, because I was close to coming, and I didn’t want to come just yet. Rosie had been such a generous lover. I wanted to repay her with a bit of loving myself.

She then sat back again and opened her legs. She watched us as we made love right there, continuing to rub herself.

Chris’ motions grew faster and deeper. His eyes were closed, and he continued holding my legs as he humped me. When I looked over at Rosie, her eyes were closed, and she was rubbing herself faster than before. Rosie’s mouth was open and she was breathing deeply. “I think I’m going to come,” she said, one hand rubbing her clit, and the other inside of her shirt touching her chest. I listened as she let out a series of moans, and her head rolled back as she came. The sound of her moans was too much for Chris, and he said, “Oh God, I’m going to come, too!”

He then gave one final thrust inside of me and left his penis there, all the way up to the base. He let out a huge moan as he shot his load adana escort deep into my body. When he was done, he slowly collapsed on top of me, his penis still in me. I wrapped my legs around him and rubbed my hands against his back and neck.

Rosie came over to us and rubbed her hands on him as well. I’m sure it must have felt nice to have both of us rubbing his skin. After awhile, Chris stood up and went into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, presumably to clean up.

Meanwhile, Rosie slid up against me and I placed my arm around her. I could tell she wasn’t totally done yet. We kissed and embraced each other. In that moment, I thought about what was going on. There was something special about this connection between the three of us. Even though I didn’t know these two people, there was something deeper there. It didn’t feel like sex. It felt like the three of us were making love to one another.

Rosie stopped kissing me for just a moment, and then said, “How about a 69?” I eagerly agreed, of course.

She climbed on top of me and backed her pussy up against my face. I put my hands around her, and softly caressed her butt. Then, I rubbed my tongue against her clit. Around the same time, I felt the warmth of her mouth envelop my penis.

She had a small patch of pubic hair that I could feel against my chin. I closed my eyes. Every so often I felt her fingers wrap around the base of my penis, then go down to rub my balls. I moaned into her pussy.

Her motions grew faster, and she would occasionally stop and rub my penis. For a second, I thought I was going to come, so I told her to pause.

“Why don’t we go surprise Chris in the shower,” she said, with an eager smile across her face.

“Let’s do it,” I said.

We entered the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. Chris was washing himself with soap. “Come on in,” he said, “The water feels wonderful.”

Rosie stepped into the shower and I followed her. The shower wasn’t huge, so that just meant we all had to get very close.

Rosie put her arms on Chris’ soapy body and started to kiss him. I walked up behind her, rubbing her wet shoulders, my erect penis pressed up against her butt. The 69 that we had on the bed left me feeling eager. And I knew that she was already wet from being licked. So I put my hands around her waist. She inched her butt back towards me and spread her legs a little wider. I then guided my penis inside of her pussy.

She moaned as I entered her, and she looked back at me and smiled. By now, Chris had all but ceased washing himself and was instead stroking his wet cock. As I slowly humped Rosie from behind, she bent forward and put her arms on Chris for support. Her face was now right up against his penis, and she put it inside of her mouth. Each time I thrust into her, she bumped forward into Chris’ cock.

I massaged my hands onto her hips and lower back. By the sounds she made, I knew she was feeling good. Chris then pulled her off of his cock and stepped in closer for a kiss. I watched as they made out. Chris kissed her neck and cheeks, and held her face as he kissed her all over. She let out a series of moans when he touched her neck. I leaned forward and managed to kiss the top of her back and shoulders. By now, we were all soaking wet and surrounded by steam.

The two of them were passionately locking tongues. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds they made. They both moaned as they made out with each other. My thrusts grew faster until adıyaman escort I felt myself going over the edge. I held onto her hips and pushed my penis all the way into her. “I’m going to come,” I said, and I held my penis there as I reached my climax. The two of them continued kissing as I felt myself finishing. Afterwards I opened my eyes and she had leaned forward into Chris’ arms. The shower water ran all over them.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I was pretty well spent. So I laid on the bed while I waited for them.

They came out of the bathroom after drying up and then laid down on their sides. Rosie was facing me and Chris was behind her. I was amazed at Chris’ stamina. He was completely hard again! He lifted one of Rosie’s legs and entered her from behind. I slid closer to them. Feeling eager to please her, I licked my fingers and then rubbed them lightly on the outside of her clit. She closed her eyes and put her hand on my face.

Chris moved himself inside of her slowly. She moved her arm around behind him and placed her hand on his butt, as if to encourage him. I continued to rub her clit, using my spit and her wetness. Her eyes were closed again, and she let out soft moans.

She looked like a true queen. Lying there with two men on either side of her, I thought to myself that I wanted to remember this moment forever. I felt a joy that could only come from sharing in another person’s deep pleasure. In this case, two other people.

Chris planted a kiss on her neck, to which she responded with a moan. He had definitely found her soft spot. He continued to kiss her neck as he pushed himself inside of her. By now, her clit was completely hard. I noticed goosebumps had formed all over her body. She moaned again.

“Yes,” she said, “Please fuck me,” to which he responded by moving faster. Her mouth was open but she made no noise, and her brow was furrowed. I knew she was going to come any minute. “Don’t stop,” she said, and then she arched her head back. Chris continued thrusting her as he moved his lips over her neck. She then let out the loudest moan I had heard her make. “God, yes,” she said, “Fuck me,” she said, and then let out a series of moans as she reached her climax.

A moment later, she rolled onto her stomach, goosebumps still on her body. She laid down onto the pillow with her eyes closed and a sort of satisfied smile on her face. Chris laid up against her. They were both so gorgeous, I remember thinking. I curled up next to the two of them and fell asleep.

~ Epilogue ~

All of that happened five years ago. I saw Chris and Rosie many more times, but after a few months our three way connection began to fade. Something as intense as our sexual connection could only be sustained for so long.

The two of them remained together and eventually married. As you might imagine, they are in a swinging relationship where they explore both of their bisexual sides. Of course, they have a particular fondness for the male-female-male dynamic. I’m still friends with them, although we don’t play anymore.

As for myself, the entire experience changed me. I discovered a part of myself that I didn’t know was there. Or perhaps I always knew and simply denied it. Either way, it was something I explored in therapy as a way to become more accepting of myself. I have this theory that my own bisexuality stems from my childhood, some kind of deep-rooted desire to please both of my parents. I have no real evidence to back this up, it’s just a hunch that I have. Perhaps I was born the way I am, perhaps not. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that two people helped open a door in my life, a door that leads me to a hallway of pleasure and desire that I wish for everyone to experience.

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