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A Secret Revelation Ch. 2

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This is Part 2 to A Secret Revelation; I recommend reading it if you haven’t already, for flow and informative purposes. Before you get into the story, I want to give a big thank you to all the reader’s emails and responses I’ve received, I can’t even begin to name off all the great idea’s and suggestion’s I’ve gotten. Thank you!! A special shout-out to my ‘Assistant’ Aaron, too…couldn’t have done it without your help and encouragement…you’re the best 🙂

(c) Chasey Mason, all rights reserved.

* * * * *

“Sweetie, Tasha’s here!”

I ran the hairbrush another few strokes through my soft, shiny tresses, looking myself over in the mirror. “Tell her I’ll be down in a sec, Daddy!”

The front door opened and closed, and I heard my best friend’s excited voice as she chatted with my father. The two of us had decided to take a trip to a city about four hours away, staying two nights in a hotel for some shopping and general relaxation. Relaxation wasn’t a good word for the plans I had for little Tasha, I thought with a smile.

Grabbing my favorite perfume from the mirrored medicine cabinet in front of me, I sprayed it lightly on my wrists and throat before putting it back. I smoothed the front of my red halter against my flat belly, deftly pulling at a minute wrinkle in my black skirt as I applied a coat of lip-gloss and hurried out of the bathroom. Noting the silence from downstairs, I rushed into my bedroom, grabbed a pair of black strappy sandals, and crept to the top of the staircase. If I knew my sexy female lover, she would be teasing my father this very second, and I would use that fact to my future advantage. As if to confirm it, I heard a distinct male groan and muffled a giggle as I strained to hear the going’s-on.

“Is that what you like?” Tasha cooed. “Do you like it when I rub your cock like this, Riley? Tell me you like it…say it.”

“I like it when you rub my cock, Tasha…ohhh God…”

I didn’t know whether to be more jealous or turned on, my body and mind fought this out as I tiptoed to the bottom of the stairs, quickly putting on my sandals. My best friend, also dressed in a black skirt but with a snug fitting white tank top, had my handsome father up against the wall while her hand squeezed and fondled the outlined bulge in his uniform pants. Daddy moaned as Tasha nibbled and sucked on his neck, trapping one of his strong thighs between her legs; I closed my eyes as a wave of lust washed through me when my horny little lover began to rub her pussy up and down his firm appendage.

My father’s green eyes opened and he looked down at Tasha, reaching up to entangle a hand in her thick, curly brown hair. I watched as he yanked her head back, slanting his mouth over hers as my best friend moaned low in her throat, her cunt grinding faster against his leg. I knew they wouldn’t fuck without my prior approval, and seeing the desire between the two made me even hotter. I couldn’t help but spread my shaking thighs a littler wider, sliding a hand in between and gently teasing my throbbing clit while they dry-humped each other. Tasha’s smooth hand rubbed my father’s enclosed cock faster, up and down, their mouths tightly locked together as both groaned in pleasure.

Daddy pulled his mouth away, his breathing ragged. “I’m going to cum in my pants if you keep doing that, Tasha…stop…”

“No…I want you to cum…” Tasha moaned hotly. “Shoot your hot cum for me…please, please cum for me…I want to cum when you do…”

A smug smile came over my face hearing these words. I (regretfully) pulled my hand away from my pussy and straightened up, loudly clearing my throat as I stepped around the staircase wall. Like naughty children, my lovers scrambled away from each other and donned innocent smiles.

“Hey, baby,” Tasha smiled, holding her arms out to accept a hug. “Are you ready to go?”

“Definitely…looks like you’re ready to go too, Daddy.” I said pointedly, angling my blue eyes at his rock hard erection with a slight grin. Not surprisingly, I could see traces of Tasha’s wetness on his pant leg; I reached out and slid my finger through it. “Now, what is this wet stuff on your pants?”

He flushed but remained silent. Tasha gave me an evil little smile, her brown eyes still glazed with the intensity of her lust. She had been talking non-stop for two weeks about my father since the fun at the bar and it was only the respect between us as best friends and lovers that kept her at bay; believe me, it wasn’t just her though. I knew Daddy loved and wanted me, but the instant hard-on he suddenly had every time Tasha came around was evidence enough for me that something needed to be done. I also couldn’t deny that the thought of my father and best friend fucking turned me on…turned me on in a big way…on the other hand, it was fun torturing them…especially Tasha.

“All right, we’re going then. Are you sure I haven’t forgotten anything?” I asked.

“No, sweetie, everything is fine. ikonbet giriş Don’t worry,” Daddy chuckled exasperatedly. “You girls have fun.”

“We will.” Tasha smiled brilliantly and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, grabbing a couple of my bags and exiting the house. I didn’t miss the way my father’s green-eyed gaze centered on my lover’s sweet, firm little ass. A twinge of jealousy curled through my belly, and I made a point of bending over far enough to pull up my short skirt as I picked up a bag. I heard an audible gasp when Daddy sighted my naked slit and I straightened, turning to him with a quizzical smile.

“What Daddy?”

I didn’t have time to react as he grabbed my upper arms, forcing me to drop my bag. He pushed me unto my stomach over the back of the couch, using his foot to nudge my legs apart as I struggled to catch my breath. My father pushed my skirt up to my waist, his warm, thick fingers slipping down to run between my swollen pussy lips.

“No panties, Chasey? Such a naughty girl.” He chastised.

“Wh – what are you doing, Daddy?” I gasped, trying to stifle the pleasure shooting throughout my body. He had never shown aggression like this before! He leaned heavily against me, his cock pressing like a brickbat into the back of my thighs. I moaned softly as I heard a zipper come down and grabbed a hold of the couch, clenching my fists tightly when I felt the hot, velvety tip of my father’s cock brush against my dripping pussy.

“You like how Tasha teases me, don’t you, baby?” He murmured, sliding a rough palm over my tight ass cheeks. I trembled as he lightly pressed a finger against my virgin asshole, alternately running the mushroom-tip of his member up and down my wet slit. God, how I wanted him to thrust inside me! Before I could stop it, a stuttered groan escaped my mouth and I bit my lip in an effort to quiet my urge to beg for him.

“Well?” He said sharply. I kept silent, waiting for his next move, yelping loudly when his palm came down on my bare ass cheek. A hot flush spread through my face as he gently ran his fingers over the spot he had just smacked, and I realized in hazy ecstasy that he had pushed the head of his thick cock into my tight, steaming hole the same time. The sensitive skin of my ass began a slow burn, the sting sending electric tingles straight to my straining pussy.

“Ohhh God, Daddy…” I whispered. “More, please, more!” No matter that Tasha was outside waiting for me; I needed him to fuck me, hard, now. I pushed my ass backwards, taking more of his hot thickness inside me, feeling him stretch me open as he sank further into my wet, warm vagina. “Fuck me, Daddy! Please fuck me hard!”

“Yes, baby, Daddy’s going to fuck you,” he gasped. My father slowly withdrew his cock and hovered at the entrance of my quivering pussy, his palm coming down on the opposite ass cheek as he thrusted hard into me. I cried out as the mix of mild pain and sweet pleasure swept over me, bringing me to the very brink of orgasm so fast my head spun. “Tell me you want my cock, Chasey.”

“I want your cock!” I cried. “Ahhh yes, Daddy, I want your cock! Fuck me, make me cum…oh Daddy, please…”

His fingers dug into the groove of my slim hips, pulling me back into his thrusts as he fucked hard and deep into my slick, grasping cunt. I buried my face into the couch as he pounded into me, his grip on my hips becoming almost painful as he swelled to incredible width inside my hungry pussy.

“I’m going to cum, sweetie…I’m going to cum inside you,” he groaned. “Ahhh yes, so tight for me…do you want my cum, Chasey?”

“Yes…cum inside me, Daddy!” I gasped. I could feel it, building up inside my body, shooting up from my toes. “Oh…ohhh yes…I’m going to cuuummm!”

“Yes, cum for me…take it all, baby…” With one last thrust my father began to empty his hot cream deep inside me, his nails digging half-moons into my skin as he filled me up with his thick sperm. Gradually his grip loosened and he pulled his softening organ from my cum-filled vagina, allowing a thick stream of his spend to trickle down the back of my tanned thighs. I stood up and he helped me clean our mess, using a towel he pulled from my bag.

“Tasha’s probably asleep by now.” I grinned as we finished up.

Daddy grinned back and pulled me close, kissing me lightly. “Promise you’ll be good on this little trip of yours?”

“I promise.” I replied. “I’ll have my cell with me, so if you need anything, please call me, ok?”

“I promise.”

We kissed once more and parted, Tasha looking quite peeved as I emerged from the house. I put my remaining luggage bag into the trunk and held on to a smaller bag, waving to my handsome father as I slid into the passenger seat of my best friend’s Eclipse.

“Damn, did you forget where the front door was?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. I stuck my tongue out at her and we waved at my father a last time as we pulled out of my driveway and started ikonbet yeni giriş down the street.

“Sorry, baby, had some unfinished business to take care of.” I said, sighing in satisfaction as I settled more comfortably in the car seat.

“You fucked, didn’t you?” Tasha grumbled. “God, that is so unfair, Chasey!”

“Get over it, you big baby,” I scoffed. “Last time I checked, you had your own father to fuck.”

She looked at me sourly. “A father that you forget I shared with you.”

I rolled my eyes, knowing she was right but unable to admit it. Tasha well deserved the pleasures of my father, but it was just too much fun keeping it just out of her reach! Seeing her squirm like she had been the past two weeks gave me a sense of power I had never felt before, and now realized I would have difficulty giving up. Tasha turned unto our exit, settling in the middle of the three-lane freeway.

“Well, do I have to beg or are you going to tell me about it?” My best friend demanded. She shifted in her seat, her skirt slipping higher up her firm, supple thighs, oblivious to the little plan forming in my mind. Running my tongue over my upper lip I eyed her lustfully, hungry for a taste of her sweet, wet cunt.

“What, Tasha beg?” I murmured, scooting over as far as possible in my seat and taking hold of my lover’s soft thigh, pulling it outwards. “God forbid.”

“Chasey…what the hell…” Tasha squealed. She quickly set the cruise control and allowed me to turn her just slightly sideways, so I had full access to her bare pussy. I grabbed my purse and reached inside, pulling out the smooth, 6-inch dark purple colored vibrator I had stashed inside. Her eyes widened in surprise.

“I’m going to crash the car if you tease me with that.” My best friend warned along with a low moan, watching me slide the toy into my mouth and wetting it. I twisted around in my seat to settle on my knees, leaning forward between her spread thighs to inhale her heated scent.

“After you left the house,” I began, switching the vibrator on to a low setting and pressing the rounded tip lightly, teasingly, against my anxious lover’s wet, waiting clit. Tasha shuddered and groaned softly, reaching down to spread her swollen lips apart. “You had obviously did a number on Daddy…he tossed me over the back of the couch, pushed my skirt up over my ass…”

“Yes,” Tasha whimpered. “Mmmm yes…his cock was so hard in my hand!”

I switched the vibrator up another setting and rotated the tip in tight circles around her clit, glancing up to watch the range of pleasured emotions cross my best friend’s pretty face. “Fuck my pussy,” She begged hotly. “Put it in me, Chasey…please…”

Hearing Tasha’s lusty pleading sent a flood of arousal juice to my pussy, and I slipped a hand between my legs to work on my throbbing pleasure button. My heart pounding a mile a minute in my chest, I set my knees wider apart and thrust my ass higher up, my middle finger rubbing my hard, aching clit in firm circles. I slipped the vibrator down into Tasha’s tight, dripping vagina, her groan of pleasure like music to my ears. The purple toy disappeared inside her as I slowly nudged it in, flipping it up to the highest setting.

“After he pushed my skirt up,” I continued breathlessly, feeling my orgasm building like a freight train bearing down on a track, “he started teasing me with the tip of his cock…sliding it up and down my wet pussy…mmmmm…then he gave me the first slap across the ass and pushed inside me…”

“Ohhh yes,” Tasha moaned. I flicked my warm tongue over her clit as I fucked the vibrator in and out of her cunt, sucking the pulsing button between my lips as she bucked her hips into my mouth. “Keep going…please…I’m going to cummmm…”

“He started fucking me deep and hard…gave me another slap on the ass, mmmmm…he was fucking me so hard, Tasha…I begged him to cum inside me…and he did, my Daddy filled me up! Ohhh I’m going to cum…mmmmm…”

My best friend arched sharply as we began to cum, our hot cries rising and mingling together. My orgasm lasted so long, and was so strong, I grew dizzy, my breath coming in short, shallow gasps. A car honked suddenly from the passenger side, and Tasha giggled as I noticeably felt the car swerve back into our lane. With some difficulty (still recovering from the incredible orgasm) I pulled the vibe away and stuck it in my mouth, savoring her sweet cum juice as I straightened out my skirt and sat back in my seat.

“God that felt good…” I trailed off as I glanced out my passenger window, my heart jumping into my chest as I sighted the state trooper driving alongside us. He was very good-looking; I guessed him to be about forty years old with dark brown hair and steel gray eyes now twinkling with amusement. I dropped the vibrator like it was a hot pan, a warm flush rushing through my cunt. How long had he been there, watching us? Did he see the whole thing? With a wink ikonbet güvenilirmi and a pleased smile the trooper pulled ahead of us, disappearing into the fast-moving traffic ahead.

“He was there the whole time.” Tasha grinned, answering my unspoken question. “From the time you spread my legs until we were done cumming, he watched us. He was hot, too, wasn’t he?”

“Tasha Marie…” I groaned. But I didn’t actually feel any anger; if anything, I was giddy and even more turned on. I had never experienced being watched by a stranger, and having it happen gave me a new feeling of wantonness I thoroughly enjoyed. With a small, secret smile, I wondered if the trooper had gotten hard seeing us play with each other. Chuckling quietly to myself, I picked up my bag and stuck the vibe back inside, trying to contain my excitement as my fingers brushed across the other surprise I had for my evil little lover. This weekend was going to be great.

The trip was roughly four hours long, and we switched drivers half way to divide the ‘work aspect’ of the outing. Of course, with Tasha, boredom was next to hell and she made plenty of trouble during her bout of freedom. She flashed her full, pink-nippled tits at a car full of college guys who promptly followed alongside us for the next half an hour (probably would’ve followed us to our hotel if they hadn’t of taken a different exit) fingered me to orgasm at least three times, and nearly caused an accident with an older guy when she stretched her long, slim legs across the dashboard.

“It’s about time, long trips are so boring.” Tasha said as we pulled up to the hotel. I glanced at her and smiled, laughing as she gave me a puzzled look.

“What?” She asked.

I only shook my head in amusement as I parked the car, letting out a groan of release as I turned it off. Tasha shrieked in joy and grabbed me for a kiss, her wet little tongue slipping into my mouth for a taste. My pussy began to throb in arousal as I enjoyed Tasha’s sweetness, my fingers aching to slip between her slim thighs and hear her moans of pleasure.

“Lets get inside.” I said shakily, hesitantly pulling away. Tasha’s brown eyes were aglow with desire, heavy-lidded and full of secret promises.

“I want you now.” She whispered. I watched, mesmerized, as she inched the hem of her skirt up past her waist, revealing her smooth, mouth-watering pussy to my hot gaze. Just seeing Tasha’s swollen sex lips, with that pretty slit down the middle, sent shivers of pure lust straight to my wet, pulsing vagina. Every time I got a look at my best friend, everything else seemed to fade into the background as my body took over, clouding out common sense and allowing lust to have complete control. Since the night my father and I fucked, it had been the same with him; having sex wherever and whenever the opportunity arose, all the taboos and wrong’s aside. I couldn’t get enough of my father, or my best friend.

“Inside, baby,” I managed. “Ok?”

She stuck out her lip in a pout but nodded, following me to the back of the car to get our bags. We lugged them inside the hotel and got our key from the desk, opting for the elevator rather than the stairs the rest of the way up. I hit the button for our floor as we got in and turned to my lover, nudging the bags in her hands to the ground. The shiny metal doors clicked closed as I pushed her up against the elevator wall.

“Chasey…” Tasha gasped. I yanked up her tank top and cupped her firm breasts in my hands, bending down to suck a stiff pink nipple into my eager mouth. Her fingers tangled in my hair as I flicked and nibbled the distended flesh of each succulent globe, her cries of pleasure rising as I knelt down in front of her and hiked a tanned thigh over my shoulder.

“Ohhh yes, lick my pussy,” My lover moaned. “Hurry…oh god…ooohh Chasey!”

I inhaled the sweet, musky scent of her dripping pussy before burying my mouth between her hot, plump lips, dragging my tongue over her hard little clit before thrusting it deep in her slick hole. Tasha pulled my mouth harder against her pussy, slowly undulating her hips while I tongue-fucked her faster and deeper. The elevator came to a halt, and Tasha sucked in a breath as she extended her toes to hit another button to keep it moving.

“More…don’t stop…please, Chasey.” She groaned. I rubbed her clit with my free thumb, spearing my wet tongue in and out of her tight, grasping hole as the fingers tangled in my hair tightened almost painfully. God, she tasted good! I wiggled my tongue deep inside her, exploring the soft walls in the recesses of her cunt; withdrawing and driving back in as her cries grew louder and she was arching up sharply in ecstasy.

I’m going to cummmm…mmmmm, Chasey…cuummmming!” Tasha cried, her thigh clenching around my neck as her body shook with her orgasm. I hungrily lapped up her cum juice, giving her pussy an affectionate kiss before rising.

“God, you’re so hot.” My best friend said with a content smile, straightening out her clothes and kissing me before the elevator doors opened. An elderly couple stood outside, eyeing us with interest as we gathered our bags and stepped around them. Tasha winked devilishly at the man, drawing a surprised gasp from his wife.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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