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A Sexy Reunion with High School GF

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I ran into my high school girlfriend the other day. I had not seen her in 30 years. I should clarify that by “ran into” I mean I was running an errand in a part of town I never go to, got a flat tire, and while I was waiting for the tire to get repaired I stumbled into a coffee shop I didn’t even know existed, and that’s where I ran into her. Or she ran into me, bumping into me while we were waiting in line.

She greeted me in the appropriate way. “Well hello stranger, long time no see,” she said smiling.

“Hey…Kelly,” I stammered out. I knew WHO she was right away, but it took me a few ticks to recall her name, and I knew I would be paying the price for my memory loss.

“You almost forgot my name,” she grinned. “It hasn’t been that long has it?”

I collected myself in the nick of time. “It wasn’t that I couldn’t remember your name, it was that I couldn’t believe you still look 18,” I replied.

“Nice catch,” she grinned.

I couldn’t help but blush. She really did look fantastic, and seeing her out of the blue like that was pretty unsettling.

“Let me make it up to you and buy you a cup of coffee,” I said.

“You’re on,” she replied.

We got our coffee and sat down and it didn’t take me long to get comfortable. Kelly was always the social butterfly, and she was easy to talk to. When we had broke it off some 30 years prior it hadn’t been ugly or anything, and time had smoothed out any awkwardness that may have been there. She was in town visiting her parents for a few days. Her parents actually still lived in the same house! We talked about our lives, we both had two grown kids and were both fairly recently divorced, and both of us had hilarious stories about our failures in the post-relationship dating world.

We talked about our jobs, what we’d been doing for fun, the usual stuff you talk about when you run into someone from high school. It was more like two old friends catching up.

Of course, Kelly was more than just an old friend. She was my first. First date, first slow dance, first kiss, first make out, first to have sex with. As we chatted a segment of my mind replayed the memories. I was a shy kid in high school, probably a little on the sheltered side. This was back in the last 70s, before we had the internet to teach us all about sex. I had not really worked up the nerve to ask a girl on a date, but I had heard through the grape vine that Kelly liked me, and after two weeks of cleverly smiling and catching her eye in the hallway and one week of actually making some form of verbal communication with her I finally worked up the nerve to ask her to the spring dance — on the last possible day I could’ve done it. After she said yes I literally got so dizzy I nearly passed out, but luckily recovered enough to avoid that embarrassment. At the spring dance we had our first kiss, and from there we became steadies and stayed that way through high school.

The only downside was that her parents were on the strict side, and wouldn’t allow me to actually take her on a date until she turned 18, so we spent most of our time just making out in the hallway between class.

But after she finally turned 18 (I was a little older), my world changed pretty dramatically. Dating had negatives, but they were far outweighed by the positives. On the negative side, dating was expensive, so I had to put in more hours at work. On the really negative side, dating meant I had to deal with Kelly’s dad, who gravitated between glaring at me silently one time I came by and the next time making up stories just to mess with me. He pranked me four or five times with the story that Kelly wasn’t home when I came by to pick her up, that she was out with another boyfriend. Then he would say, “Oh, I was just messing with you.” I was so naive and trusting of adults I would fall for it every time.

On the positive side, dating introduced me to the back row of the movie theater.

On one of our first dates, we went to the movies, and about halfway through the movie Kelly put her hand on my knee. Being 18, it didn’t take much to make my dick hard, and having a GIRL put her actual HAND on my KNEE was more than enough to cause me to make some adjustments in the Levi’s corduroys. Her hand never got much higher than my lower thigh, but that was more than enough to keep my pants tented up for the next several days just thinking about it. I spent a lot of time masturbating to the thought of her moving her hand up higher on my leg.

As I said before, I was pretty naive, and didn’t really get the idea that going to the movies on a date was often more about making out than watching the movies. Kelly was sheltered too, but sharper on the uptake than I was, and I think the hand on the leg thing was the way to get things going.

At any rate, going to the movies became the greatest thing in my life over the next month or so, because every time we went, Kelly would slip her hand over to my knee, and I would bust out a huge boner. Eventually her hand started moving up higher on my leg, and it reached the point where I would reach a state of anticipation that would become agonizing. I started moving my hand over to her Malatya Escort leg, and as she would inch her hand higher I would inch mine higher. I’ll never forget the time that her pinky finger actually reached high enough where it was grazing the edge of my turgid cock. I think I actually stopped breathing, begging her via mind control to move her hand just a little bit higher. I reached the point where I just couldn’t stand it anymore, and I moved my hand down on top of hers and pulled it up over my cock.

And that my friends is when all hell broke loose, both short and long term. Having a girl’s hand on my actual cock, albeit through my corduroys, was way more than I could take for very long, so I experienced a fast and fairly explosive, soggy orgasm in my underwear, which back then was the standard tighty whities (don’t judge me, that was what everyone wore back then, I’ve since graduated to boxers).

I was embarrassed at first, both that she knew I had experienced an orgasm and that my pants were probably going to be showing that to the world, but passion (which I had a lot of back then) overcame the embarrassment factor. I figured out that wearing darker pants would hide the wet marks. I came to the realization that having an orgasm wasn’t a bad thing. We started sitting on the back row, where we could enjoy some privacy. We went to the absolute shittiest movies, so the theatre would be less full. And we got good at making out and enjoying some really satisfying heavy petting. I spent a lot of money going to movies I didn’t see, and wrecked a lot of underwear. I probably had over a hundred orgasms there in the dark seats of the back row of the movies, her with her hand stroking my cock while I awkwardly attempted to return the favor, not having a clue what I was doing. I didn’t know what I was doing but she made up for it. She was a fantastic kisser and she knew just how to gradually build up my arousal by moving her hand slowly up my leg. Eventually we reached the point where we would shift around enough in our seats to where her other hand would end up doing the cock stroking while we engaged in deep french kissing, which took my perspectives on just how tremendous the universe was to all new heights.

Which was where my mind had wandered off to, as Kelly was rambling on about something to do with her ex-husband’s relationship with her two kids, and suddenly I realized that she realized that I wasn’t really listening to her and she was grinning at me.

“What are you thinking about?” she said.

Which sent me immediately into a time warp back to my teens, and I briefly became the same blushing, shy, nervous teen who was afraid to even say the word sex, much less talk about it. But then I remembered I was a grown up now, and I could speak maturely about such things.

So I grinned and blushed and managed to stammer out “I was thinking about how much fun we use to have going to the movies.”

Then it was her turn to blush as I watched her mind drift back, and she got a big grin on her face and pretty soon we were laughing hysterically. We started sharing memories of our early escapades, but it had been so long it was almost like we were talking about different people.

“You have no idea what you did to me when you put your hand on my leg,” I said. “I loved going to the movies, but I could never tell my parents what the movies were about.”

Kelly laughed. “That’s pretty wild, I was never really sure you liked it, I was worried you would think I was too aggressive,” she said. “I was always afraid to, um, you know get to close, but then I remember you kinda did it for me.”

“I do remember that,” I grinned. “If you could have heard my mind during that time, it would have been screaming PLEASE GO HIGHER! but I was too scared to say that.”

Kelly got a faraway look in her eyes as her mind went back in time and revisited our moments, and I couldn’t help but grin watching her. Finally she spoke up. “Yeah, after that day it definitely kinda escalated,” she said.

“Yeah, like went crazy,” I replied. “Do you have any idea how many pairs of underwear you ruined?”

She smirked and punched me on the arm. “I’d apologize but I think I know better – you seemed to enjoy yourself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that…aroused.”

Now it was my turn to get a faraway look as I revisited some of our escapades. I had a flashback to a time when we were making out and I finally got up the courage to let my fingers brush up against her breast, and how she didn’t pull back and even seemed to enjoy it. Thus began the lengthy, drawn out process were I went from brushing up against her breasts to actually touching them on purpose through her sweater, which I somehow managed to do despite my hands shaking with nervousness. The next movie I ended up reaching the point of actually caressing her breasts, which I realized she enjoyed very much from her quiet sighs. Then the next movie she showed up wearing a sweater that was cut pretty low, showing just a hint of cleavage, and I somehow worked up the courage to slip my hand inside her sweater and actually caress her breasts through her silky Malatya Escort Bayan bra, which practically made me cum in my pants without having her hand on my cock. She started wearing shirts that buttoned down and let me unbutton a few for better access, but resisted me from putting my hand inside her bra for a few more movies. Just when I was feeling like I was going to actually touch her breasts she disappointed me when she showed up for a date wearing a sweater instead of a button down. I was feeling defeated until I began caressing her breasts through her sweater and realized she was not wearing a bra. This lead to the incredibly momentous occasion of my first actual direct contact with a girl’s breasts. I remembered what it felt like to have my mouth literally watering, mostly because the memory was making my mouth water now. Which I was doing while Kelly was smirking at me knowingly.

“What are you thinking about now?” she said with mock derision.

“Oh, just remembering that time at the movies when you didn’t wear a bra,” I said smiling. “You had really, really great … sweaters.”

She chuckled and playfully punched me in the arm. “I remember that too, that was so scandalous sneaking in and out of the house without a bra on, if my parents had caught me I’d still be grounded.”

“Well I’m certainly glad you did,” I said. “That was the greatest moment in my life up to that point.”

“What, are you saying you’ve had better moments since then?” she grinned.

“Come to think of it probably not, that was the pinnacle of my life, everything before and after doesn’t match up,” I replied.

“What about our beach spot?” she said. “That was pretty fun too.”

Ah, the beach spot. We lived close to the beach, so we had a favorite spot that we went to, during the day and at night. During the day we sometimes made little towel tents so we could make out. At night I can remember many times when we would go for a walk under the stars and end up with sand in our clothes from rolling around in the privacy of the dark beach.

“Our beach spot was the best,” I replied. “We had some great times under the towels!”

And so the conversation went, each of us remembering details that would jar the other’s memories, leading to more faraway looks and more laughter. The whole time it was almost like we were talking about different people, and all of the things we were too shy to actually talk about 30 years ago were just another part of the conversation now. Two more cups of coffee and an hour went by in no time, and I hated it when she said she had to go. In fact, I had enjoyed our visit so much that I really wanted to spend more time. I really wanted to ask her out on a date. But my brain had reset back to high school, and I was suddenly reliving the week when I spent every day trying to get up the courage to ask her to the dance.

We had walked outside and said goodbye, had the standard hug that old friends have when they haven’t seen each other in a while, and she had turned to walk away. I felt my throat catch and suddenly I heard a voice, and before I even realized it was mine I had gotten the words out.

“Hey Kelly, what would you think about going out with me tonight?”

Kelly stopped, turned around slowly and got an odd grin on her face. She walked slowly back to where I was standing, somewhat petrified to the spot I was on.

“Like, to the movies?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah, we could go to the movies,” I stammered.

She looked at me for a few long moments as my legs quivered and I got a little light headed. Just like the old days.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going to the movies,” she smiled. There was definitely something playful and sexy about the way she smiled at me. She turned and began walking away.

“Pick me up at 8, I think you remember the address,” she said. “I’ll tell my dad you’re coming, I’m sure he will look forward to seeing you.”

I had suddenly recovered enough to put together a complete sentence. “Oh shit, not your dad,” I said. “I’m having some really bad flashbacks.”

Kelly laughed as she walked away. “See you at 8.”

It wasn’t even noon yet, so I had a solid 8 hours to stroll down memory lane. Memories of making out in the back seat of my car. Memories of making out at parties. Memories of making out on the beach at night. Memories of making out about anywhere possible. And I had a lot more flashbacks to back seat movie experiences. The only thing I couldn’t remember about the movie experiences were the actual movies.

I also had a flashback to the night that her parents went out of town, we had been dating over a year by then. We had graduated to advanced pre-intercourse activity by then, getting completely naked together and doing a lot of heavy petting, but she wasn’t quite ready to green light going all the way and if I was being honest, I wasn’t ready either. But on that summer afternoon in her bedroom, she said let’s do it.

Most of that memory involved the awkward embarrassment of not knowing what we were doing and stumbling through it like blind people playing cards. When your partner says “I don’t think Escort Malatya it’s in yet” that’s a really good sign you don’t know what you’re doing. On the plus side, my first time was definitely with someone I loved and cared for and was comfortable being awkward with. After losing our virginity, we drove down to our favorite spot at the beach and sat there until the stars came out.

So by 8 pm I had practically relived my high school years, which created lots of smiles and several erections. But when I pulled up in front of Kelly’s old house I had the overwhelming feeling that I was actually BACK in high school, cruising by to pick up Kelly for a date and praying her dad had not discovered that her daughter had been stroking me off in the back row of the movies. I was actually nervous when I knocked on the door, and even more nervous when her dad answered. I hadn’t thought about how I should address him.

“Hello, uh Mr. Mills,” I stammered.

To my shock, Mr. Mills, who looked like he hadn’t aged a day in 30 years, smiled for the first time I had ever seen, shook my hand and welcomed me in. “Good to see you Jack” he said. “You can call me John by the way.”

Mrs. Mills, or Jane as I was to call her know, came walking out and gave me a hug, she looked fantastic as well and I could see why Kelly still looked so young and fit, she had good genes. We made small talk and laughed about the old times, and John let me know that out of all the boys Kelly had ever dated or married, I was always his favorite, which shocked me and made me feel really sorry for all the other guys.

Then Kelly came out from the back hallway and I relived the moment I had lived hundreds of times before, seeing her appear for a date, always well dressed, always smiling. I had always loved that moment, seeing what she was wearing, smelling her, catching her eyes. She was blushing slightly, no doubt caught up in the same moment. And she looked fantastic. She had looked great before at the coffee shop, but with her hair down and makeup on she had taken it to all new levels. She had on a white, silky button blouse, tight jeans, and heels that were just high enough to be sexy.

“Wow, you look great,” I said, which is something I never would’ve said when I was a teenager in front of her stern dad. “You look just like you did at 18.”

She gave a smile that lit up the room. “Lucky for me your eyes aren’t what they used to be.”

For the next five minutes while we worked our way to the door we went through a hilarious discussion of what Kelly’s curfew would be, what we were doing, and what my intentions were. At one point her dad made the suggestion that we could stay out all night if we wanted, which made Kelly blush and roll her eyes.

We finally made it out the door and to the car, and headed out towards the movie theatre.

“What movie are you taking me to?” she asked.

“Transformers 8, its supposed to be one of the worst movies ever made,” I said.

She smirked. “You always did know how to treat a lady, take me to the worst movies.”

I winked back at her. “Less crowded.”

“So I see you traded the old rabbit in on this heap,” she joked. The rabbit she was referring to was my beat up old vw rabbit that broke down every other date. The heap she was joking about was my fairly new late model SUV.

“Yeah, I drove the rabbit until last year, made a straight trade on this heap,” I responded.

She giggled, and then we both got quiet for a few minutes, both of us absorbing the memories of the old rabbit. We had enjoyed quite a few epic make out sessions in that back seat. But my mind went back to a time when we were on a road trip to see some friends at a lake an hour away. We spent all day having a great time at the lake, and then took showers at their cottage and got back in the car for the trip home. I could almost smell the suntan lotion, feel the warm glow of a mid summer tan and hear the 80s music on my car radio. For some reason Kelly was feeling very frisky that day. During that time our make out sessions had been getting more intense but we had not graduated to nudity.

So I was driving along and she moved around and put her head on my lap. For a while we were just chatting like that, with her looking up at me, but eventually she got quiet and then moved over so that her cheek as on my thigh, and then she started kissing my thigh. I was just wearing running shorts, so it wasn’t long before I was becoming super aroused. I think she sensed my arousal and it started having an effect on her, and she started rubbing her cheek along my thigh and occasionally kissing my leg. Then she rolled over so her other cheek was on my leg, and now her face was just inches from my cock. She once again started rubbing her cheek on me, moaning slightly and kissing me, and then she was rubbing her face on the outline of my incredibly stiff cock, and then she was planting soft kisses on the bulge in my shorts. Then she started running her lips up and down the length of my cock, through my shorts. To this day I have no idea how I didn’t lose my load in the my shorts, it may have had something to do with the fact that I was desperately trying to avoid crashing the car, which I no doubt would’ve done had I lost it. After several minutes of this she finally stopped and sat back up, saying she was sorry she had kinda lost it for a minute. It was probably good we had stopped, but it was also painful!

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