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A Smoking Girlfriend Knows Best

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I had been dating Cate for about a year. She had just turned 26, but I knew that she had been a social smoking for several years; she smoked when she went out with her friend, who all seemed to smoke and were gorgeous, she smoked a few times during breaks at work, and after a good dinner she always loved a good smoke or two. And while I tried to cast the impression that I didn’t approve of the habit, I knew she believed that was simply a front. I could sense she knew that privately I enjoyed it, I was aroused by it and more over, her smoking had become a central force in my attraction to her. Not that that her physical qualities weren’t intoxicating on their own. She was 5’9″, weighed about 125 pounds, had great brunette hair, long slender legs and pale blue eyes.

One night she was getting ready to meet some friends and was sitting in front of her make-up table. She was wearing a white v-neck t-shirt and faded jeans. She took out a pack of Marlboro Red 100’s, slipped one between her fingers, put it to her mouth and lit it. As she pulled that first drag it accentuated her high cheekbones. She let it dangle and enjoyed another drag as she used her hands to apply some smokey silvery eye shadow and black eye liner. She glanced over at me, snapped another inhale and said, “What?”

“You know I’d prefer it if you didn’t smoke in the house.” I sheepishly replied, towing the publicly approved party line.

I could get away with faking my disapproval at the apartment. But in the company of her other friends, all of whom were beautiful, alluring women in their own right, I didn’t dare speak up. Many times we would be at Laura or Ellie’s place, they would open a bottle of wine and, soon after, a pack of cigarettes would come out gerçek seks hikayeleri and they would smoke like fiends. Devouring a pack over the course of a couple of hours of laughing, gossiping, making fun of the guys they were dating. Every so often on these nights, Cate would put her arm around me, give me a kiss on my cheek and say, “Are you enjoying yourself? I think you are.” She would take another long drag of her ciggy, pop a snap inhale and rub my inner thigh. She could feel how I truly felt.

But back to this night. She pulled some sexy black suede boots up over her jeans, grabbed her beige large leather shoulder bag, placed the pack of Marlboro Reds inside and told me she had a surprise for me later.

“What?” I replied.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.”

I swallowed hard and felt a lump in my throat. I was excited and also slightly intimidated by her provocative words. “What could she be up to I thought to myself.”

She gave me a quick, smokey, wet kiss on the mouth, and headed out.

I tried to kill time doing some reading and watching a bad movie when suddenly after only about an hour later, she opened the door. “Good boy, you stayed right here for me.” She gave me a deep French kiss and I could taste the smell of smoke and some vodka lingering in her mouth. She then told me to sit in the living room across from the couch. She took some white rope out from her bag and began to tie my arms to the arms of the chair and my legs below me. “Just. One. Sec.” She headed back out of the apartment and a moment later returned with her friend Laura. A sassy blonde with green eyes and silk hair that settled atop her perfect breasts, she was wearing a tight fitting “little black dress” that clung to her revealing her long thin legs that were propped up by brown heels that strapped up around her ankles. She was finishing what remained of her cigarette. She walked over to me, and saying hello, exhaled some smoke to the side of my head that mixed with some amazing perfume she was wearing.

“Okay, Josh, so you say you don’t like my smoking. Well, I think you do and we’re going to conduct a little experiment.” Laura and Cate sat down on the couch and Cate reached into her leather bag to take out a fresh pack of Marlboro Red 100’s. She packed the tobacco down hitting it several times into the palm of her hands and unwrapped the cellophane wrapper. Laura opened a bottle of white wine, poured two glassed and sexily settled back into the leather couch next to her. Cate offered her a cigarette and lit it with her lighter. Laura took a long, cheek-hollowing drag, “Oh, so fucking good.”

Cate lit up as well saying “I know, right? Taste so good. So Josh, our smoking doesn’t do anything for you, huh?”

I put my head down defeated. But they were just getting started on me.

Cate walked over to me and letting her freshly lit Marlboro red dangle in her mouth, pulled my pants down around my ankles. She could see my cock had already swollen and was emerging from the slit in my boxers like a burgeoning mushroom.

“What is that all about?” Cate said coyly. I had been had.

She returned to the couch with Laura. They put on some dance music and as they enjoyed their cigarettes, basically ignored me for a few moments. Then Laura seductively approached me, hitting her cigarette, popping a snap inhale, she stared straight at me and then slowly french inhaled, then holding it at the side of her hips used her free hand to tease and gently pull and edge the head of my rock hard, shiny cock.

“Oh, why don’t you give him a kiss.” Cate said, “I won’t be jealous.”

Laura brought her lips to mine and as she began exhaling her white fresh smoke began French kissing me giving me a full taste of her smoke. A moment later, Cate approached. They looked at me and then smiled looking at each other. “Why don’t you finish him off Cate, he’s been such a very good boy. Just put him out of his misery.” As Laura stared at me with her green eyes, Cate, bent down in her black suede boots and tight jeans, went down on her knees and slowly buried my cock deep in her mouth. Laura took a few steps back, singing to the house music, shaking her hips, there wasn’t much left of her cigarette, it was almost down to the cork, she took another deep drag and exhaled. “I bet that feels so nice Josh.” 30 seconds later my hips started shaking uncontrollably. I looked down to see Cate’s blue eyes meet mine. I exploded like a geyser inside her mouth as my upper torso flopped over in total exhaustion.

A few moments later, the two of them sat on the couch, lit another cigarette and casually holding them up above their heads, Cate tuned to me and said, in a relaxed, definitive way, “Well then, I don’t think we’re going to have any more issues with my smoking are we.” I glanced at Laura, she tilted her head, and then resting her chin on the top of her hand and frowning in mock sympathy said, “Oh, Jake, it’s alright, I think you’re going to like dating Cate.” They continued talking to one another matter-of-factly, like nothing had ever happened and smoked their cigarettes down to the cork. Oh my, such bad girls.

Cate had proven three things, I was addicted to her, addicted to her habit and couldn’t wait to see the next surprise that awaited me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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