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A Snow Storm For Rob and Ann

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Rob’s and Ann’s parents had been friends since high school and Rob and Ann had grown up together from the day they were born. Their birthdays were only three days apart. Today, they found themselves alone in Rob’s home. Ann had been staying over while her parents were off on their 25th anniversary and second honeymoon.

A snow storm had caused school to be cancelled for the day but Rob’s parents still had to go to work. As babies and toddlers, Rob and Ann had been bathed together and seeing each other naked was a common occurrence until they were about 8 years old. After that, modesty had taken over.

Here they were at 18 and about to graduate from high school, sitting on the sofa in the den watching a video together and sipping hot chocolate. Ann was still in her lavender, smooth, silk baby doll pajamas and Rob had slipped on a navy tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants to match.

Although he had seen her in her bikini and noticed how wonderfully she had filled out, seeing her in her silky thin pajamas peaked his interest. Her pajama top was cut low enough for him to get a nearly complete view of her 34B breasts every time she bent over to pick up her cup from the coffee table and her nipples made tiny tents against the front of the thin material. Her long, dark brown hair shined as it flowed over her shoulders. Her slim, firm legs were visible to within inches of her crotch and her skin was creamy smooth.

She had longed to be alone with Rob since beginning puberty. Today, fate had provided this glorious opportunity. She admired his six foot, muscular statue with six pack abs. and hairy chest. She often masturbated while imagining her five foot, six inch, one hundred ten pound body, naked and being held tightly against him in a loving embrace.

Her outfit this morning was no accident. She knew what she was wearing should entice any young man to have feelings of lust. Rob was no exception. He made some unremarkably funny remark and Ann accepted it as an excuse to laugh hysterically and softly place her hand on his thigh.

Out the corner of her eye, she watched as her stroking his muscular thigh took its toll on him and caused a tent to form in his sweat pants. Rob was a little embarrassed at this turn of events and tried unsuccessfully to cover the protrusion. Ann reached for his cheek and pulled his mouth to hers for the first of many warm, soft kisses they would share over the next few hours.

Her soft, warm lips sent shock waves down his spine causing his cock to continue swelling, pushing against the soft material of his sweat pants and creating a rather large wet spot where the tip touched the cloth. Ann’s tongue pressed against his lips begging entrance. Gradually he relented, opening his own lips to allow her tongue to probe inside.

Her tongue in his mouth felt strange at first but soon he began to enjoy her teasing and his tongue began to play with hers. As the tongue wrestling continued, her hand moved up his thigh closing the gap between it and his cock. His mind raced, wondering what he should do.

He had never imagined anything other than a perfect friendship with this beautiful girl. God knows he found her the most sensual girl he had ever known and having her touch him was exciting but should he make a move. Seconds later, hormones and instinct took over. His arms went around her and since she was so much smaller than himself, his arms wrapped all the way around her torso and each hand cupped a silk covered breast.

Instantly, her nipples became erect and pressed against his palms. He ran the tips of his index fingers around them and noticed they elongated even more and she let out a moan from deep in her throat. Her hand completed its journey and clamped around his manhood. He flinched at the sensation of her touch and his hands uncontrollably flexed around her breasts.

Although she reveled at the feel of his large hands on her tits, she needed him to caress her pussy. Since it didn’t appear he istanbul esc would make the move on his own, she used her free hand to move one of his from her breast to her crotch. His courage grew and he probed between her open thighs. Rob was surprised to find the crotch of her pajama bottoms soaking wet. He knew he produced a fluid when he was excited that would create an embarrassing wet spot on the front of his pants but hadn’t thought that girls might do the same.

Ann stroked his rock hard member though his pants and he returned the favor, massaging her soft fleshy outer lips through the silky material of her pajama bottoms. His right hand never left her breast as he became bolder and slipped his left hand under the waist band of her pajama bottoms. His fingers journeyed lower and lower searching for the soft curly pubic hair he knew must be lurking above her womanly gash. Finding the fur he had longed for, he entwined his fingers as he continued his search for the treasure of her vagina.

Being less timid than Rob, Ann had begun to explore her way into his sweat pants. His seven inches of rock hard man meat, had pushed the waistband of his pants away from his abdomen providing her easy access. His pre-cum covered the massive, super sensitive head of his prick and she smeared it down the shaft as she stroked him with her soft, warm hand.

Rob’s middle finger found Ann’s love tunnel and as it slipped inside, her grip tightened around his cock. He exploded with a copious quantity of man juice all over her hand, his belly and the inside of his pants. His pulsating cock and the inadvertent stroking of her swollen, sensitive clit, sent her into an explosive orgasm of her own.

Embarrassed and exhausted, they clung to each other not knowing exactly how to cope with this strange, new situation. As their breathing returned to normal, they looked at each other and Ann suggested they go shower. Rob immediately seized on the logic of this idea and with his hands on her waist from behind, guided her to the main bathroom. All the while enjoying the view of her exquisite hips jiggling ahead of him.

He adjusted the water, turned on the shower and helped Ann out of her pajamas as she slid his cum soaked sweat pant off of him and pulled off his tee shirt.

Once in the shower, they soaped up two large fluffy, white wash cloths and began softly scrubbing each other from face to feet. Rob spent more than enough time attending to Ann’s soft, beautiful breasts. Not that they needed cleaning, he just felt a need to spend time with them. Ann found the same desire with Rob’s dick and balls.

After scrubbing the cum from his abdomen, she thoroughly cleaned his cock and gently scrubbed his balls. Wanting to return the favor, he proceeded to clean every fold of her pussy, paying particular attention to the little knob at the top of her gash.

All this cleaning produced another effect. Rob’s cock grew to its full erect size again and Ann’s pussy began to ooze her hot sweet love nectar. As they reached around to scrub each other’s back, his cock was trapped between them and the head bobbed back and forth between her breasts. Each felt a tingle as the cloth slid between their ass cheeks.

Being thoroughly clean, they rinsed off all the soap and helped each other dry off. With arms around each other, they paraded to Rob’s bedroom.

After cuddling, hungrily kissing and lightly stroking each other for what seemed like hours, Ann whispered in Rob’s ear that she was a virgin and had fanaticized about giving herself to him for as long as she could remember. He pulled away, lovingly looked into her soft, dark brown eyes and confessed to also being a virgin. They kissed softly with more passion than before as their hands and feet explored each other.

Ann broke the kiss and began tasting Rob’s body starting at his neck working her way down his torso until she came to his cock. She looked up at him and his eyes told her he wanted her to continue. türbanlı escort She hesitatingly used the tip of her tongue to lick the pre-cum from the eye of his swollen, purple crown and found it to be a pleasant tasting combination of salty and sweet.

She kissed the tip and began a through exploration of his shaft with her tongue and lips. She loved the feeling of his heartbeat as blood pulsed through the large veins running along his shaft. His cock twitched and flexed with each new area she touched.

Had he not had an orgasm earlier, he surely would have exploded by now. Ann licked his scrotum and felt his nuts roll uncontrollably as they attempted to avoid pain while enjoying the pleasurable sensation of her warm, wet tongue. Working her way back to the head, she opened her mouth and engulfed the crown and two inches of his massive manhood while flicking her tongue across that most sensitive area just beneath the tip of the head. Her hand wrapped around the lower half of his shaft and pumped gently up and down.

She was thrilled by the power she possessed over Rob while sucking his cock. She could make him produce several strange, new sounds by touching her tongue or lips to different areas or by changing the pressure or tempo of her ministrations. When she added cupping his fuzzy nuts to the mix, she was in complete control.

Each time his cock began to throb, she would stop everything she had been doing and wait until he relaxed before resuming her very pleasant torture.

Knowing he would not be able to hold back the next time she brought him to the edge, he reached beneath her arms and pulled her on top of him. Her soft, firm breasts felt warm and wonderful pressed against his chest and he could taste his pre-cum on her tongue as their mouths locked in yet another passionate kiss.

Having fantasized about eating a virgin pussy, Rob knew that this was probably the one and only opportunity he would ever have to fulfill that dream and he wasn’t going to lose it.

He rolled Ann onto her back and slowly, passionately began exploring her body with his lips and tongue. Her skin was soft, smooth and tasted very sweet. He inched down her neck, across her shoulder and down her chest until his mouth found her left nipple. As his tongue circled the areola, her nipple hardened and became erect. She moaned when he applied just the right amount of suction and he made a mental note of how to exude that sound. After giving her left breast an exorbitant amount of attention, he moved to the right and repeated the process.

His love of her breasts finally gave way to his desire to search out his ultimate prize. Reluctantly he released her right nipple and inched down her abdomen, leaving a narrow wet trail with his tongue. He hesitated briefly at her concave naval, sending ribbons of pleasure through her with the tip of his tongue.

Her thick, curly, dark brown pubic hair tickled his chin as he slid down her body towards her pleasure center. A slight musky aroma filled his nostrils assuring him he had nearly reached his goal.

Ann spread her legs wide to allow Rob as much room as possible to explore her sex. His slow agonizing pace had created delicious excitement and desire throughout her body and had her love juices flowing profusely. Rob flattened his tongue and dragged it from the lower edge of her vaginal opening to the top of the thin pink hood covering her clitoris. He had never tasted anything so wonderful.

Ann shivered and her ass cheeks tightened with the overpowering sensations he caused. He kissed and licked her puffy outer lips and sucked each one causing them to swell with excitement. He moved on to the tiny, pink, sharp edged inner lips and gently nibbled them with his teeth while bathing them with is tongue. Rob eased his tongue into her hot wet love tunnel while softly gliding his finger tips over the skin on her abdomen and thighs.

She alternately tightened and released her aksaray escort vaginal muscles around his tongue as he slid it in and out of her. To Rob’s delight, her love juices began to flow even more profusely. His attention shifted and he began to pay homage to her little pink love button. Each time his tongue touched it she would gasp and press her pussy tighter against his face. She reached down and pulled the hood back to give him better access and he sucked it between his lips and flicked the tip with his tongue in rapid succession.

New, exciting sounds began to come from deep in her chest and he knew her release was near. He would stop, and as she relaxed, he would resume his teasing, pleasurable torture. Over and over he performed this ritual until she whispered, “Rob I need you inside me.”

With one final soft, warm kiss to her swollen, excited pussy lips, he reluctantly abandoned them to position the swollen head of his cock at the opening of her eager, hot, wet love tunnel.

Looking into her soft brown, moist eyes, he asked “are you sure?” Her smile said it all and to emphasize her readiness she reached between them, took hold of his aching cock and forced half the head into her opening. With his first firm, smooth push, the rest of the head entered.

Her hymen tore and she winced with a slight twinge of pain. He retracted and with the next thrust, a fourth of his length was buried in the soft, velvety warmth of her vagina. Her vaginal muscles gripped him as her mouth had done earlier, only more completely. Two more thrusts and their thick, curly pubic hair joined like Velcro.

They remained still for a few moments while her pain completely disappeared and her vagina adjusted to the size and shape of his cock. They began a slow rocking rhythm that each time, retracted and inserted his full length sending new and thrilling sensations through their bodies with the epicenter where they were joined together.

Placing his arms around her and his hand behind her head, he held most of his weight on his elbows. Ann wrapped her arms around Rob’s neck and her legs around his thighs. Their mouths locked in a passionate kiss and their rocking motion increased in tempo, forcing them towards their first mutual orgasm.

Hers began first, causing her pussy muscles to squeeze and release his cock in rapid succession. Her ass tightened, her pelvis bucked, electric shock waves ran the length of her body, and chill bumps covered her ass. Their mouths separated and they gulped for air. Their hearts slammed against their chests and perspiration escaped from every pore.

She breathlessly cried in his ear that she was coming and for him to please not stop. For what seemed like hours but was truly only a few short minutes, he complied with her wishes. He slammed his full length completely into her depths, pulled out to the base of the head then repeated the motion over and over until her body began to relax and he instinctively knew she was finished.

Her tightness and warmth forced Rob over the edge as numerous ribbons of hot love juice boiled from the base of his cock, traversing it’s length and squirting through its eye, sending that over powering, tingling sensation raging though his loins. Its warmth splashing deep inside of her at the very deepest valley of her vagina sent new pleasures vibrating through her body. She had enjoyed the wonderful release of her orgasm and now she had the thrill of enjoying his as well.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, Robs cock began to soften and Ann’s vaginal muscle contractions reluctantly but uncontrollably, forced it out of her. Rob rolled onto his back and pulled Ann next to him with his arms around her and her head upon his shoulder. They spent the next quarter hour gently stroking each other and sharing sweet, soft thank you kisses over each other’s faces, then drifted off to sleep.

Had the extremely loud banging of a snow plow not gone by the house, they might have been discovered in their exposed condition by his parents. The unexpected noise however woke them in time to allow them to clean up, dress, and upon the arrival of his mom, they were in the kitchen preparing dinner and hoping the glow of their skin didn’t betray them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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