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A Strange Encounter Ch. 04

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Sue sat on her bed naked, just showered she glowed and tingled. Colin walked in a towel round his waist.

“Mum’s still out cold, I just checked,” he said.

“Okay, I had a look at her before I showered and she was asleep then.”

They dressed and went downstairs, hugging and holding each other. They made coffee and went to sit in the lounge.

“What do we do little brother, this is turning into one huge mess?” Sue sat on his lap and swung an arm round his neck.

“Big sis I wish I knew, I’m as confused as you are. This thing about Mum and dad is not good, I hope they can fix it, I hate to think of them tearing each other apart,” he said and hugged Sue, kissing her breasts through her jumper and blouse.

“We’re ok, I reckon we’re strong enough to hold on, don’t you?”

“Sure, we’re kryptonite sis, we can beat anything, we’re all the aces and everything.”

“What happens when Dad gets home?”

“We need to check on Mum again soon,”

The lounge door opened and Anne, their mother, walked in. She had dressed and came towards them. She sat next to Colin and he looped an arm round her.

“You okay Mum? want a drink or something?”

She shook her head and put her hand on his knee.

“No I’m fine, I’m just fine.” she patted his knee and smiled.

“I’m sorry about earlier, I went completely over the top. I’m so sorry, but finding out about you two just tipped everything out of balance. I’m so sorry, and well, I’m really happy for you. I hope you two don’t fall out, or if you do stay friends.”

“Are you going to tell Dad?”

“Yes Colin, I’m going to tell him everything, You, me, everything.”

“are you sure? is that wise? it might be an idea to break it to him slowly.”

“No he’s a good man and I think he knows enough about us to understand, I do love him so much and he loves me too.”

“How do you think he’ll be about us?”

“He’ll be cross, confused, angry, upset, but he’ll cope, he always has.”

“We’re really sorry Mum, honestly, we love you both and would do anything not to hurt you.”

“I know sweet girl, but leave it with me.”

Later that evening after their meal together, Colin and Sue went upstairs to finish their homework. They sat in Colin’s room, holding hands and listening. Gradually they heard rumbles, then angry voices, shouting, screaming, crying, doors slamming, then silence. They looked at each other, and tears formed in Sue’s eyes, Colin put his arms round her and she wept on his shoulder.

“Stay,” he said, “Stay here tonight, don’t be alone, please stay.”

“Okay, Thank you,” she kissed his cheek, then buried her head in his shoulder again.

They heard footsteps on the stairs, a heavy tread, but also a light skip that they knew meant Mum and Dad were coming upstairs together.

Sue ran to the door, with Colin just behind. They bounced onto the landing just as their parents reached the top. Their naked parents!

“Oh! err, hi guys, err, we’re just going to bed, can we talk in the morning?” said Stuart, their Dad, his left arm holding Anne, his right their clothes.

His dick hung limply under his middle age spread, and it was definitely leaking something. Anne looked down gasped and put her hand over his cockhead, squeezing it and holding the cum in her hand. Without hesitation she put her hand to her mouth and licked the cum off.

“You two sleeping together tonight?” Stuart said raising his eyebrow.

“Yes we are,” said Colin warily.

“OK well be careful and sleep well.” he said and leaned over to kiss Sue on the forehead, “G’night sweetheart,” he said and turned towards their bedroom. As they walked his hand slipped to cup Anne’s left cheek, circling round it, she bumped her hip against his and they heard him laugh.

In the morning Colin woke and went for a pee, he opened the door and saw his Mum sat on his Dad’s lap on the toilet both naked. He heard the sound of someone pissing and realised his Mum was pissing over his Dad’s dick. She couldn’t see him as she was facing his Dad, but he couldn’t see either as he was kissing Anne passionately. they had their arms round each other and were hugging each other tightly. Suddenly Anne rose slightly and broke the kiss.

“Are you pissing in my pussy?” she giggled and wiggled her arse on Stuart’s legs.

“Didn’t you just piss on my dick?” he said and kissed her again.

Colin felt an arm on his shoulder, and turned to see Sue, naked and smiling at him.

“If you need a pee, use the basin, bath or shower,” said Stuart, as he moved his hands down to Anne’s arse.

“Bath or shower?” said Sue, winking.

“Bath, and I’m going to lie down,” he said.

“It’ll be cold on your back, little brother,” she said scrambling over the side of the bath as he lay down.

“Warm me up then sexy sister,”

“How’s this bro.”

She straddled his thighs and moved her pussy over his cock. Smiling she relaxed her bladder and a warm stream of piss soaked his cock, balls and pubic hair. Just as she finished his piss arced up and güvenilir bahis flooded her pussy, he held his dick so the stream played on her clit, as she held her lips apart with her fingers.

“In the hole now please,” she begged and he obliged. “Fuck that’s good little brother.”

As he finished his cock began to stiffen she looked down between her legs and lowered herself onto him.

“Ohh God are you sure about this sweet sister?” he croaked as her delicate tunnel swallowed his cock, wrapping round him like a silk sheet.

“Ohh yesss, little brother, this is most definitely the best idea yet.” she sank down onto him until her lips met his groin.

“You’re my first and last, you can have my cherry and I’m the luckiest guy on earth.” he said as he felt her rise slightly then fall back.

“Snap little bro. you have my cherry too, and I give it willingly knowing that whatever happens, we will love each other forever.” she bent to kiss him.

As their lips met and they began to kiss, Stuart lifted up off the toilet and with Anne impaled on his cock. walked over to the bath. Anne had wrapped her legs tightly round him as he stood and was making little lifting and sinking motions as he walked. Stuart half turned so Anne could see her children in the bath. She sighed and buried her head in Stuart’s shoulder, tears forming, he held her head against him and gently patted her hair. Suddenly aware of their parents proximity, Sue and Colin looked over at them.

Colin made to stand and Sue placed her weight on the sides of the bath so he could stand, with her still penetrated. Her legs wrapped round his waist and he stood in the bath. Stuart edged closer and the two girls reached for each other. Holding hands they pumped towards their climaxes as the two men bucked and swayed towards theirs.They reached their climaxes almost together, as they screamed and shouted out loud. As they bucking and swaying, rising and falling slowed, the guys sat on the rim of the bath, one in, one out.

“Fuck that was good,” said Stuart, “you are the best Anne, perfect, I’d always wanted to go down on you.”

“I am exhausted by you and it doesn’t hurt a bit, it was fantastic. I lost count of my climaxes. I have never, ever enjoyed sex like that, Stuart you’re amazingly patient, and your cock tastes divine.”

“Whooa folks too much detail.”

“It’s true, and I’m thinking of trying it again soon, just to check I’m right, what do you think Stuey?”

“I think another couple of hours of sixty nineing like last night would be the perfect Sunday afternoon.” he smiled.

“Mum, Dad, that’s really none of our business, but kinda kinky to know. How come you changed your mind Mum?”

“We argued and fought and Stuart said that instead of being frightened of his cock, I should take it in hand and show it who’s boss. And he confessed he’s always wanted to go down on me, so we tried it.”

“Yeah and a couple hours later, four orgasms…”

“and several facefuls of cum, I was hooked.” Anne smiled, “Your old Dad can really spew out the juice when he comes, I love it, I’m just sorry it’s taken so long to find out.”

“Colin, are you pissing in my pussy?”

“Sorry, I had to go again, but I’m still semi hard and inside you.”

“Stuart don’t you dare, Stuart, it tickles ohh stop, no don’t stop, it’s lovely; now look I’m pissing over you. and it’s dribbling on the floor.”

“Right, take this, see how you like it over your cock and balls.”

“I love it sis, mmm, so warm as it trickles down.”

They all laughed and began to disentangle themselves.

“Group Shower,” shouted Stuart propelling Anne and Colin towards the shower, Sue squealed and ran after them.They climbed in wedged together and Stuart hit the on button. They all screamed as the first gush was icy cold, then grinned as the warm water soaked them. Anne wriggled as Colin’s dick poked between her arse cheeks.

“Stuart your sons dick is between my cheeks and heading for heaven.”

“Up to you and the lucky bastard.” he said.

“It’s okay Daddy, here hide your dick in me.” Sue wriggled round and spread her legs either side of his dick, Stuart moved slightly and his shaft slide along her slit, massaging his cockhead against her lips and opening, his shaft rubbing against her clit.

“Mummy please can I hold your breasts?” Colin asked in his best “little boy” voice politely, feeling his cock slide along his mothers slit as Stuart’s was with his sisters.

“Mmm yes please, hold me gently though, your Dad’s made them quite sensitive.”

After a few minutes and several climaxes later they relaxed against the walls and enjoyed the heat and power of the cleansing water.

The next morning

Stuart lay on his back as Anne, his wife, rose and fell on his cock , her knees against his thighs. He reached up and covered her breasts with his hands, feeling their weight and bounce as she rose and fell.

“Stu, I think I’m about to cum, are you?”

“No, yes, but don’t stop I love it when you cum when I’m in you, ahhh, that güvenilir bahis siteleri feels so good, wait I’m gonna cum too, urrghhh!”

Stuart pushed up from the mattress and pushed into Anne as hard as he could, as she pushed down and wriggled on his groin, spasms of pleasure coursing through her pussy, her groin, her breasts. Her mind exploded in a million colours and sensations, Stuart lost all sense of feeling except in his dick and balls. He pumped his seed deep into her and spasmed as his groin muscles contracted in agony, he roared and shook adding to Anne’s pleasure, she rocked back and forth feeling the pleasure surge from her clit across her body. She began to shake and shiver, screaming Stuarts name over and over. They collapsed together onto the bed and panted for air, sweat running off them in little rivulets.

“My God Stuart, that was unbelievable, we’ve been making love for nearly three hours, I’m exhausted but I feel so alive, I love you so much, I am so sorry that I let you down for so many years,” she kissed his shoulder.

“Anne, don’t be silly, we’re closer than ever now, it’s like a new beginning, everything is the same but different. You have given me so much pleasure over the years, but this is like having the whole cake, icing, cherries and all.” he returned the kiss on her shoulder.

They dozed until nearly eleven, when there was a knock on the bedroom door, and their son Colin appeared, he smiled at his naked parents and the heavy scent of sex that hung in the air, he sniffed and raised an eyebrow.

“Hi folks, Sue and I are going out, do we need to bring anything back?”

“A bandage and splint for your father’s dick, I think I’ve broken it!” Sue exclaimed, turning her head towards her son.

“Your Mum needs a young stud, I’m knackered,” said Stuart in a feeble voice.

“Hmm, Dad, are you sure Mum’s not shagging you to death for the insurance money when you kick the bucket?” Colin smiled.

“If she is I’ll die happy!” said Stuart trying to sit up and bringing Sue with him. His dick sliding out with a squelch.

Colin and Sue laughed as Stuart grimaced, his groin muscles were so tender.

“If I was, you’d know it!” Sue murmured, “You’d have no dick left, I’d wear it away.”

“Yes please, go for it, last one standing gets the money.”

They laughed and cuddled, Colin turned to leave,

“Shall we eat out tonight, we could go to the Star, say eightish, I’ll book it and pay,” said Colin

“OK good call Col, I’ll book a Taxi there and back,” Stuart offered.

“Done deal, see you later Parents, have a good day, I’m sure you will,” and he was gone.

They heard Sue’s voice, laughter, the door slam, voices outside and the car reverse off the driveway.

“Hmm, looks like we’re alone again,” Stuart looked at Anne and winked.

“You have got to be kidding me, I’m so sore although in a very nice way; I couldn’t do it again Stu..mmmmmmmmmmm.” Anne’s response was lost as Stuart swooped in and kissed her lips, his arms reaching round her and pulling her close.

An hour later they lay among the crumpled sheets and scattered pillows of the bed, the duvet piled up on the floor.

Anne crawled away from Stuart, sliding off the bed to the floor, Stuart watched unable to move, gulping in lungfuls of air.

“Fuck, Stuart , you sexy bastard I can’t walk. I’m going to have to crawl to the toilet, I ache.” She giggled and her shoulders shook, as she lay face up on the carpet, cum oozing gently from her pussy. “Now I’m leaking on the carpet, you’re bloody insatiable, I can’t think straight, I’m so sore and you know what?”

“What babe?”

“If you started on me again I’d do it to. Now I need to pee and I want to see another room in my house. I’m getting cabin fever from sex,” her shoulders heaved with laughter but she tried to turn over, wincing at the effort. ” Fuck you Stuart, I can’t move, I am so tired, I need a rest.”

Stuart tried to prop himself up again, but sank back on the mattress, sighing he relaxed and closed his eyes, sleep came easy. On the floor Anne had relaxed too and soon she was snoring as she lay speadeagled on her back.

After a half day shopping, Colin and Sue returned, throwing their bags down they realised that the house was silent, except fror a low drone coming from upstairs, stifling their laughter they tiptoed upstairs and along to their parents room, peeking round the door.

In the room Anne still lay on the carpet, snoring gently, spreadeagled; the crust of Stuarts cum on her pussy and arse cheeks, a dried pool on the floor under her, Sue grimaced, not a good sight, despite her mother’s beauty. Colin nudged her and his eyes directed her to the bed. Snoring loudly Stuart lay flat on the bed, his dick stiff and upright. Sue snorted and backed out of the room, dragging Colin with her. Closing the bedroom door they held each other and tried to stop their laughter.

Unable to contain themselves they rushed to Sue’s room and running in dived on her beautifully made bed, burying their faces in the iddaa siteleri duvet. Several minutes later, they heard the door open and a deep harrumph from behind them. They turned to see Stuart standing in the entrance his dick pointing straight out towards them. Sue howled and lay flat on the cover, screaming with laughter, her hands beating on the duvet. Colin rolled over and convulsed with laughter, tears rolling down his face.

“OK, OK, it’s very funny an old man with a hard on, yeah, yeah, yeah, go on get it out, ha, ha, ha, Daddy’s got a stiffy, well one day my son this will be you.” he pulled the door shut, but didn’t quite step backwards in time, the wooden door hitting his cockhead and sending hin staggering backwards,Sue and Colin heard his pained “Bollocks, Fuck!” as he nursed his sore dick and headed for the bathroom.

“Ah, ha, ha, ha, Dad just banged his dick on the door!” screamed Colin, reaching for Sue and burying his head in her stomach.

“Don’t, don’t!” screamed Sue, “It hurts, stop, please stop, it hurts,” they rolled around the bed, messing up Sue’s earlier handiwork.

A couple of hours later, they met in the kitchen, Stuart and Anne unable to look their children in the eye. Sue and Colin smiling at each other and exchanging knowing glances, smirking and prodding each other.

“Oh for God’s sake stop behaving like children!” Stuart roared, clenching his fists.

“Oh but my Daddy we are your likkle childwun,” Sue said, before collapsing in laughter again, but seeing Stuart smile and Anne grin.

“Bastards, I hate you all,” Stuart said grinning, “I’m going to cut you out of my inheritance, I’ll give it all to the cats home in my will,”

“What will and what inheritance,” said Anne, “all your worldly goods belong to me, you promised.” She sat and raised her big sad eyes to Stuart.

“Leave it,” said Stuart in a deep voice, kissing Anne on the forehead, “Any road up, you’re supposed to be on my side.”

“You’re on your own with these two buster; sarcastic buggers the pair of them.” she glanced at them and winked.

“We get it from you, dear mother.” Sue said fluttering her eyelashes.

“Sod off the pair of you,” Stuart added and put his arm around Colin, “You’re getting too bloody quick for us,” he added.

“Seriously folks, your Mum and I are happier and closer and stronger than ever, thank you, we wouldn’t have got through this without you.” he man-hugged Colin and slapped his shoulder with his hand.

“So true. You really helped us get in touch with each other again, it’s been a long time but the results are well worth it, Anne hauled Sue into a firm embrace and ran her hand over Sue’s hair. “Thank you baby, we really mean it, you saved us from ourselves.”

Sue felt her Mums tears on her shoulder and pulled Anne in close to her.

“Oh Mum, we love you so much, we really do.” Sue felt tears dripping from her cheeks onto her Mum’s shoulder and pressed her face into her.

Stuart and Colin hugged and patted each other, tears in their eyes too.

The men parted and stood side by side, the family resemblance showing through, Colin looking like a younger version of his Dad, although slightly taller.

Sue and Anne disengaged but held hands and wiped tears from their eyes.

“Happy families,” Stuart said and slapped Colin’s back.

Sue walked over to her Dad and slipped in under his arms hugging him and burying her face in his chest.

“Love you Daddy, so much.”

Stuart moved his arms round his daughter,

“I never doubted it Princess, not for a moment.” He squeezed her close and kissed the top of her head.

Colin wrapped his arms around his mother and kissed her lips, “Love you Mum, thank you for being you,”

Anne cried openly hugging Colin as he squeezed her back.

After a while they relaxed their grip and organised drinks. Sue boiling the kettle, Colin retrieving cups and spoons. Stuart reached for the tea and coffee, Anne asking everyone their preferences and putting coffee or teabags in cups. They traipsed to the lounge and relaxed, Sue watched her parents as they sat close to each other, constantly touching each other, little flirty dabs and strokes. They nudged and touched arms, elbows and legs, gazing at each other and lip kissing, little smacks of lip on lip inserted into the conversation.

She caught Colin’s eye and he nodded slightly a grin on his lips. Colin noticed they finished each others sentences, talking over each other and linking back to each others points. They smiled constantly and their eyes constantly flickered to the other as they winked and raised eyebrows. Colin felt easy and relaxed, an unknown in the house until recently. Sue sat with a grin like a Cheshire Cat, or the cat that swallowed the cream. Her eyes danced over her parents and onto Colin, sparkling and bright. He winked and smiled at her.

“What!” said Stuart catching the look between them.

“Nothing Dad, we’re just happy being with you and Mum.”

“and the subtext is, that’s not always been the case huh?”

“Honestly? no, but it’s in the past and seeing you two so happy gives us both a blast.”

“Yeah, Dad, seeing you and Mum all lovey-dovey and so close is a real tonic, I’ve not seen you this happy in years, long may it continue.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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