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A Summer Seduction

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*Note: A lot of people made some comments for the original story, and I realized they were right: the non-consent angle was a bit ridiculous, so I changed the story for this one. From this, I plan to continue making it a series. Please let me know what you think and any ideas for the future would be appreciated!*


It was 11 PM on a Wednesday night in June. Usually after work, on weeknights when I didn’t go out, I would talk to this guy Travis online. I found him online about a month ago. He lives about an hour away, still within my state, Missouri, but we’ve never met. He was twenty-two, and I was nineteen, so I thought the age difference was alright. I washed up (it gets hot working at an ice cream shop in Missouri in July all day), got on my computer, and messaged Travis on Facebook.

Brooke: hey cutie 😉

Travis: hey honey! whatchu up to?

Brooke: just got back from work, all showered up… wish you were here with me 😉


Travis: mmm me too 😉

just hanging out

probably going to sleep soon

Travis always had to get up pretty early to work on his farm. I ended up keeping him up for another hour or so, despite him saying he had to leave. We didn’t get as sexual tonight as we sometimes do, tonight we just talked about life. Around midnight, we started saying goodnight, but not before I asked him something I’ve been meaning to ask.

Brooke: so… when are we gonna meet up? and do allll the things we talk so much about doing?? 😉

Travis: i dont know… idk if im ready for that

Brooke: come ON!! we’ve been talking about this for a while now…

i don’t care if you’re not ready, when can i come over!

Travis: you free on saturday? my family will be out of here then.

Brooke: seeya then! 🙂

i’m exhausted, goodnight trav!

Travis: see you soon!

I leave my apartment around 10 AM that Saturday morning, pretty nervous to meet Travis for the first time. I made sure to look my best to see him, wearing a light blue tank top and a white short skirt. I think he’d like that simple, but sexy look. Making my expected time, I arrived about an hour later. It was in the countryside, far away from other houses, still in the distance, but nothing like in the city where I live. I double-check the address to make sure I’m in the right place, get out of my car, and knock on the door.

“Hello!” was the first thing I heard, coming from the mouth of an older woman. This must be Mrs. Newdell. I thought he said his family would be gone?

“Hey…” I awkwardly say.

“You must be here for Travis!” she said, “come on in.” I walked inside the house and sat on their couch. I wasn’t supposed to be known by his family… did I show up too early? “Travis went on a quick run to the store, he should be back soon, and I’ll be leaving then. Sorry about us being in the same house: he ran into a lot of job trouble which I’m sure he told you about.”

“Yeah, he did,” I quietly answered.

She joined me on the couch. “I’m Sadie, Travis told me a lot about you.” I gave a small smirk. “You’re exactly how I pictured: beautiful skin, slim, blue eyes, short, blonde hair… you’re a beautiful girl.”

A little awkward, but I’ll take the compliment. I chuckled a bit, “thanks, ma’am.”

Sadie then grabbed my leg, not being covered by my white short skirt. “Smooth, silky skin,” she whispered. She then grabbed my right breast, got closer, and whispered, “small, but perky breasts.” I fidgeted away from her quickly, and jumped off the couch.

“When is Travis getting here?” I demanded.

“He’ll be back in just a few minutes,” she said with a smile. “Sorry about that, I just think you’re beautiful. You really wanted to look your best for my son.”

That definitely wasn’t enough, I still felt violated beyond relief. She groped me, and I’m not even into women. I didn’t respond to her. Sadie then stood bursa evi olan escort up from the couch, and looked at me. “So tell me, Brooke, why do you like Travis? Is it how he looks, or the things he says?”

Not wanting to sound shallow at all, I nervously said, “well, of course he is a handsome guy, but he is very sweet and I love talking to him. He’s a great guy, ma’am.”

She started walking closer, and I started walking back as she walked. “What about all the sexual things? Did he make you feel good?”

Awkward. I quietly answered, “yes.”

“He’s told me a lot about you. You may be too pretty for a regular looking guy like him.”

I chuckled at the… compliment? “Oh no, Sadie, or Mrs. Newdell, I’m nothing special. He’s a great looking guy in the pictures.”

“I guess you could say he takes after me. If you think I’m alright, then I’m sure he is alright,” she said with a smile and a chuckle. Awkward comment, but I forced out a chuckle as well. Looking at Sadie now, she had average-length, straight, black hair. Her eyes were brown, and her skin was pale. She was definitely busty and curvy, and a healthy-sized stomach for a women of her age. She was probably in her mid 40s. “So, Brooke, Travis tells me you’re nineteen?”

“That’s correct, ma’am.”

Sadie’s brought her face closer to mine, and she placed her hand softly on my leg. “I hope you’re not too young for my son. I hope he makes sure to treat you respectfully. I wouldn’t want my son to take advantage of a young, pretty girl like you.” She was so close I could feel her breath blowing on my cheek. She turned my head so we faced each other. “I may have to keep an eye on you two,” she said softly, me now able to smell her breath. She then laughed at the “joke” she had made, and I too forced out a chuckle.

I stood up, feeling a bit uncomfortable. “Did Travis say when he would be home at all, ma’am?”

Sadie stood up as well, and got close to me. “What if Travis as you know him doesn’t exist, but all the things he’s said to you and the things that made you feel good does?” What? I have absolutely no clue what she is talking about… before I knew it, she kissed me, and I quickly stepped back. Sadie didn’t step forward, acting much less forceful than before. “I’m sorry, Brooke. I didn’t mean to be so forward just now.”

Still confused, I exclaimed, “wait, so you’re Travis? You pretended to be someone else the whole time?”

Sadie’s expression changed from confidence to sorrow. “Yes, I’m Travis. I’m sorry about all of this, I just really liked talking with you. I knew it couldn’t go on forever, so I thought I would take the chance and tell you who I really am.”

“Why would you do this to me?” I said, confused and embarrassed.

“I like younger women, and yes I took advantage of you… but over time I grew to like you and care for you. I knew I had to tell the truth somehow, and I guess it didn’t work out… I’m sorry honey, could you ever forgive me?”

I stood there crying, hurt that someone would do this to me and upset that Travis doesn’t exist. Sadie, who I was a bit scared of, calmly approached me. “Shhh…. It’s all right…” She put her arms out and embraced me. I didn’t reciprocate the hug, feeling uncomfortable, but I didn’t try to squirm out. For some reason, I didn’t feel that she was going to be as aggressive as earlier. “It’s okay,” she softly said, as she pet my hair. She seemed honest at this point, and legitimately sorry for catfishing me. Her hug felt like that from an aunt or a close, older family friend. I put my arms around her as I continued to cry.

We stopped hugging and Sadie looked at me, saying “I know you’re lonely, and I wanted to be there for you,” as she pet my hair. She was right about that. There was a moment of silence. “God, you’re so beautiful,” she said.

“Thanks, ma’am,” I said, my eyes still red, but the tears subsided.

“Whatever altıparmak escort you do, I want you to know that everything I said was real. I may not be Travis, I’m sorry for that, but the things I said we could do together, and how I feel about you is all real.”

“I don’t think that changes anything…”

Sadie brought her face closer to mine, though I did not make eye contact with her. “I’m sorry that I kissed you just now, I don’t know what I was thinking. But, maybe I could kiss you for real now? Just once?”

A lot went through my mind when she asked this. Even though she was a woman, and I thought of myself as straight, and even though she lied to me, she seemed completely honest at this point, and legitimately sorry for what she had done to me. I thought it would be okay, it would just be a kiss. I didn’t want to disrespect Sadie, and I felt bad for her. I slowly lifted my head up, and she slowly brought her lips towards mine. She gave me a warm, long, passionate kiss as she held my head in her hand, closing her eyes while I closed mine. I had never kissed a girl before this, let alone an older woman. Although it was new to me and something I would have never thought of doing, it felt strangely comfortable.

After the kiss, we slowly opened our eyes and I was greeted with Sadie’s smile. I opened my mouth to invite another kiss. She pushed me up against the wall, sticking her tongue in my mouth. We began to make out with more saliva and more breathing, her hand making its way down to my ass. She became more aggressive, but at this point I was inviting it.

We stopped for a moment. “This is exactly what I wanted,” Sadie said, “how about you?” All I could do was chuckle and nod, and she laughed with me. She kissed me while smoothly removing my tank top. She then threw me on the couch and joined me on there. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but was excited to go on this unexpected adventure.

She caressed my breasts as she licked all over my chest and neck, often returning for more kisses. The way she touched them was so much better than any guy had ever done for me. “Your breasts are so cute,” she said, caressing and kissing them. In between kisses, she said “We’re gonna do all the fun things we said we would do, if that’s alright with you.”

This was it. “Yes, ma’am.” I couldn’t believe how easily I was going along with everything.

Before I knew it, her hand was rubbing my crotch area. She rubbed it smoothly and calmly, and it felt good as I started to breathe more heavily. “Oh, Brooke, I knew you’d come around,” she said.

“I am, ma’am,” I said in between breaths, “I love it.”

She then dug her hand beneath my panties, and started fingering me aggressively. I’ve never been touched the way she was touching me: men never did it right, it took a woman to understand. My moaning grew excessively louder as she inched closer to my clitoris. Sadie was continually whispering “oh yeah,” as I responded with loud bursts.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I continually shouted. I struggled to open my eyes from the intense pleasure, and saw Sadie making eye contact with me. She, exerting energy from fingering me, was breathing heavily upon me. I’ve never been attracted to a woman before, let alone an older woman like Sadie, but I wanted her badly after this amazing sexual pleasure she just gave me.

She slowed down her rubbing, and loosened her grip on my arm. I grabbed her head, and kissed her. I needed her right now, her strategy of getting me to want to fuck her worked. Her soft appearance may have been a front, but it worked. As we kissed, I unbuttoned her blouse, unveiling her glorious breasts, contained in a sexy, silky bra. Her breasts were much bigger than mine, and she had a bit of a stomach sticking out. She was not “fat,” but definitely had some cushion. I groped her breasts and began to attempt to remove her bra until I was interrupted.

“Wait,” Sadie interrupted. “Remember online, when I said I wanted to suck your breasts? Let me do that first.”

Oh god, she’s right. I completely forgot that I’ve been talking online with this woman for over a month, and we had already planned this. We kissed, and I was so eager to have her kiss my breasts that my bra was already completely off before I realized it. She began to grope me, while looking at me, smiling. I couldn’t believe she appreciated my small-to-average size breasts, considering the size of hers. She’s probably had sex with women so many times before with bigger breasts, but the fact that she chose me this time turned me on so much more.

She brought her head down, pushed my breasts together, and licked them all over. She went on to do all sorts of things with them. She then squeezed my right breast with all her strength, and sucked my nipple until it popped out of her mouth, all while looking up at me, giving me the sexiest glare. I wanted to kiss her again, so I forcefully grabbed her head and gave her a passionate kiss.

“Should we go somewhere a bit more comfortable?” She whispered, as we breathed between kisses. I nodded, and she lifted me up. She walked me to her bed, as I was in her arms, kissing her. She dropped me on the bed, and we laughed as I bounced on it. I opened my arms, inviting her into my grasp.

We rolled over, and I was now laying on top of Sadie as we kissed. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. “I said I would give you head, didn’t I?” I said as I bit my lip, and stroked her hair. She gave me a sexy gaze in return. “I can still do that, right?” I asked innocently with a chuckle.

“Mhmm,” she said.

I slithered down to her crotch, took off her pants, saying “this is only my first time, ma’am,” and began to eat her pussy. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I did my best, but it tasted nice, and I wanted more. I dug my tongue deep into her clitoris, I figured she would like that. She began moaning, saying “oh yeah… so much better than what guys do,” while laughing. I was glad I could turn her on, especially that I’ve never done this before.

After a few minutes, I went up to her and kissed her, and Sadie whispered “that was good for your first time, but let me show you how it’s done.” She began to eat my pussy, and it was beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. I’ve had guys do this to me, but Sadie did it so much better. Her matured tongue slithering inside me turned me on so much, and I began to moan.

Sadie looked up at me, delivering the most sensual glare I could imagine. I screamed from the pleasure, and instantly grabbed her head to force her tongue deeper inside me. The pleasure only grew with time as my entire body began to shake. I couldn’t believe a woman could make me feel so good. “Yes!” I screamed out as it grew more and more. I pushed her head deeper in as she continued glaring at me.

After a few more minutes of the intense pleasure, I was completely out of breath. She took her face out of my vagina as I laid there on the bed completely exhausted. I was gasping for air, my body covered in sweat. Sadie crawled up closer to me, giving me a toothy smile. I grabbed her head furiously to kiss her, and got on top of her.

At this point I was completely exhausted, but I continued to thrust away at her, our pussies touching each other. We kissed furiously, as our sweaty bodies stuck to each other. I was even more energized with her face right in front of mine, feeling and smelling her breath on my face. I continued to hump more vigorously than I’ve ever done before, as the bed springs beneath us bounced up and down. Sadie’s body fat was moving with the rhythm of my humping, as I grabbed her mature, round ass.

Before long my body completely gave in, as I surrendered to lay down on the bed while I came. Sadie was there and ready to kiss me as we slowed down, the two of us breathing heavily, sweaty, and feeling high from our unexpected and amazing sexual experience.

“I told you you would like it,” Sadie whispered, the both of us chuckling.

“You were right, ma’am.”

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