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A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 09

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“Mrs. Hodgson?” I asked as I heard someone pick up the phone.


“Hi, it’s Jim from next door, at the McCoy’s?” She didn’t respond, so I continued. “I’m sorry I couldn’t come back yesterday to finish fixing the water heater, a few things came up over here.” I flashed back to fucking my little sister Vicky in the gas station, feeling my cock stir at the thought of her little twat.

“Oh hi Jim, don’t worry. With this heat, we haven’t been taking hot showers anyways!” She chuckled and made sure to add, “Although we do need to run the dishwasher.”

“Well it shouldn’t take but another hour or so, I’d almost finished the other day before I had to come home and help mom with dinner.”

“That’s fine. I won’t be here, but Sarah should be able to let you in.”

I grinned at the thought of being home alone again with Sarah, and grabbed my tools.

“So Jim,” Sarah asked as she loomed over me on my back. I was trying to actually fix the water heater in time for us to mess around, but she kept asking inane questions. “Do women taste different? You know, down there?”

“Yeah,” I grunted as I found the loose cable that was keeping the heater from igniting.

Sarah didn’t like my one-word answers. “Well, what about guys?”

“How should I know?”

“I dunno…” she squatted and I saw her long legs as her knees pointed outwards. “Just askin I guess. Did you bring the condoms?”

“Yes,” I shot back. “If you’ll let me finish this we can get to it.”

Sarah stood up and let out an exasperated sigh. She’d clearly been eager to have sex, and me canceling on her yesterday probably didn’t help any. “Well hurry up, I’m soaking wet over here.”

I hurried to put the rest of the assembly together at the thought of her pretty little pussy dripping wet with anticipation. Of all the strangers’ vaginas I’d seen this summer, Sarah’s was definitely the prettiest. She kept her hair neatly trimmed, so it didn’t look like a jungle bush. Her labia was perfectly shaped, a light shade of pink with no weird roast beef-looking folds. She had a little clit that just jumped out to say hello when it was excited, and either my mind was playing tricks on me or I could smell her juices already. “Ok, all done!” I slid out from the nook I’d been working in.

“Good,” Sarah said with her arms crossed. My eyes widened at the sight of her, buck naked except for a pair of striped knee-high socks. “Cause I want to get some dick.”

“Get a condom from my bag,” I gestured as I started to undress. She unfolded her arms to reveal one in her hand, curious about how to open it. “I got it,” I took it from her and opened it, starting to roll it on my rock-hard dick. “So, how do you want to do this?”

“I thought you’d know,” she said, starting to caress her own ass.

I kind of wanted to taste that pussy again, but my cock needed attention and fast. “Well, have you ever used a dildo or anything?”

“Yeah,” she giggled, as if I was the naive one.

“Ok, well how does doggy style sound?”

Sarah shrugged and got down on her knees on the concrete floor. “Here?”

“We can go somewhere else if you want.”

“This hurts my knees,” she said. I smiled, thinking about how much her knees were about to hurt. “Let’s go to the living room.”

I followed her up the wooden stairs from the basement, admiring her sculpted ass on the way up. I couldn’t wait to feel it push against me as I started plowing her. “Here,” she led me through the kitchen and into the living hiltonbet giriş room, where there was a shaggy carpet and the couch I’d eaten her out on.

Sarah got down on her knees and then leaned forward on her hands, looking back at me. “Are you ready?”

“Oh, I’m ready,” I eeked out as this beautiful blonde virgin presented herself to me. I took a moment to appreciate the shape of her figure against the beige carpet. Her ass was thrust upward into the air at a high angle, and she seemed ready to put her face down against the floor and take what was coming to her. “Here it comes,” I warned as I spread her ass apart with one hand and guided my dick with the other.

I felt the tight lips of her cunt greet me as I pushed the tip of my cock inside. It was so hot, so wet. She flinched as the head breached her labia, pushing back with her ass to meet me. I let out a moan as she took a deep breath, it felt like she was flexing to pull every inch of my cock inside of her.

“Oh, Jimmmm…this is wonderful!” She looked back at me to see me hard at work. I was only watching my cock disappear into her pink, little snatch. She gave up on talking and put her head down, looking at the carpet.

“Christ, you’re so tight, Sarah.” I started to slowly pull my cock back out, hoping to get a rhythm going. “Hang on, I’ve got to loosen you up a bit.” I slid back in and started backing out with a regular rhythm. Each time, she flexed her muscles to tighten around the tip of my dick and it felt wonderful. As much as I’d gotten laid before, this girl was one of the better ones…and she was a virgin!

“I love it when your cock is almost out, the tip of it feels amazing,” she moaned. I could tell she was focused on squeezing it with her kegel muscles.

“Jesus, where did you learn that Sarah?”

“It’s just how I masturbate, I figured it’d feel good for you too.”

“Ungh,” I grunted as I started to make faster strokes. “It does.” She cooed as I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and started my usual speed of pumping.

“Smack my ass, Jim.” I took my right hand off a cheek for a moment to give it a slap. “Harder!” I smacked it again, hearing her grunt in approval. “Fucking spank me again, Jim!” I gave her a hard smack, which was met by an audible wince. “Not that hard, it gets sensitive.”

“Sorry,” I apologized. I slapped the left cheek hard.

“Mmm, that’s it. That’s what I like.” We continued bucking against each other, building up in pace and meeting each other’s bodies. I loved the feeling of her bottom pushing up against me. She wasn’t satisfied just lying there and getting my dick pounding her, she wanted to fuck me back, and she was doing a great job at it. “Fuck me with that cock, Jim!”

She shouted that just as we heard the front door open. Knowing that only a foot of drywall separated the front door from the entrance to the living room, I realized that whoever just entered the house heard Sarah’s cries in the throes of passion. God knew, they probably smelled the stink of our sex as well.

“Sarah?!” a concerned voice called out from around the corner.

“Shit,” Sarah grunted as she started bouncing her ass like a yoyo against my dick. “I’m almost therrrrre,” Were we doing this? I figured it was probably Mrs. Hodgson, but Sarah seemed more intent on getting off than hiding the fact that she was shamelessly taking every inch of my cock that I could give her.

“Sarah,” Mrs. Hodgson stood in the doorframe holding a grocery bag, a hand on hiltonbet yeni giriş her hips. “You told me that you were going to weed the garden today.”

“Sss..ss-ssorry mom,” Sarah kept her frantic speed as she took over all the work. I was standing there in shock, my hands still grabbing her daughter’s beautiful ass, as Mrs. Hodgson watched us fuck. “I got dist…tracccted.”

“Well, after you two finish you’d better get your chores done, Missy.”

My jaw must have been on the floor.

“Ok mom,” Sarah barely squeaked out as her orgasm was building up. “I WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL,” she squealed as I felt her pussy clamp down. She jutted her ass up against me and I remembered what we were doing as I resumed the pumping, trying to heighten her orgasm. Sarah’s mom didn’t bat an eyelash as I pumped her daughter through climax. Sarah collapsed on the carpet and tried to catch her breath. “I will…mom…”

Mrs. Hodgson carried the grocery bag into the kitchen and Sarah slowly got up to look at me. “I really better go do my chores, I haven’t been able to get anything done in anticipation of that.”

“Was…was that ok?” I was still sort of shellshocked.

“Excellent,” she stated as she started to walk out. She covered her butt so that I couldn’t see, strangely modest.

I felt pretty awkward. Sarah had gone upstairs and I was standing here, naked, in their living room. My clothes were downstairs in the utility room, and I couldn’t walk past her mom in the living room without her seeing the cum-filled condom hanging from my dick. “Fuck it,” I thought. “Maybe she’s not in the kitchen anymore.”

The coast was clear in the kitchen, so I started to sneak to the basement door. “Hang on a minute, Jim.” Mrs. Hodgson stood up, she must have been crouching down behind the counter to put groceries away. I froze in place, hoping she just might not notice my dangling cock. “Did you fix the water heater?”

“Y-yes, I did ma’am.” It’s tough to pull off the whole formal thing with a woman when your cock is soaking wet with the juices from her daughter’s cunt.

“Wonderful, thank you. I’m afraid I don’t have any cash to give you.”

“It’s…it’s fine, Mrs. Hodgson.”

“It looks like Sarah already paid you,” she said as she got some vegetables out of the fridge. She placed them on a large wooden cutting board and began to cut them.

“Listen, I can explain — “

“Jim, I told you about Sylvia, right?” I nodded, noting the large knife she had in her hand as she chopped up a carrot. “She went whoring all over town, and ended up with a baby from that no-good Billy. I told you I can’t have the same thing happen to my baby girl.” I gulped as she beckoned for me to come to her.

“I know, I’m sorry — “

“Shutup,” she cut me off, looking down to inspect my body. My cock was all but hiding in the condom, making it look like a gross water balloon. “I see you’re using a condom, that’s important.” I nodded again. “Girls have needs, Jim, I’m not naive enough to forget that. I’d rather you fuck Sarah’s brains out than Billy’s. You’re a nice boy, and you’re smart enough to use protection.”

I tried to fight back a smile. I was still incredibly uncomfortable, and she still had a knife. “Thank you Barbara, er…Mrs. Hodgson.”

“Women have needs too,” she stood closer to me, brushing her chest against mine. “But it looks like you’re all spent down there. What’s the matter, can’t do a double?” I didn’t appreciate her talking down to me, and wanted hiltonbet güvenilirmi to inform her of my disgusting sexual conquests so far this summer, but that knife made me think otherwise. “Rick doesn’t touch me anymore. That drunk, shrimp-dicked nobody spends all of his time and money getting drunk and fucking trash.”

I knew where this was going. “You want me to fuck you?” It was amazing how casual these situations seemed to me now.

“No, you little fuck. I don’t want your little prick anywhere near my pussy.” I wasn’t sure if this was just part of the dirty talk or if she actually thought of me as a piece of shit. She put the knife on the cutting board and picked up a zucchini. “Fuck me with this.”

I took the zucchini from her hand and looked at her quizzically. There was no way this woman could actually fit this inside of her. The tip of it seemed as big as my wrist, and I just couldn’t picture a pussy that big. “Like, in your…”

“In my cunt, moron.” She flipped her skirt up to realize that she had no underwear on. I saw a thick, untamed bush that looked nothing like Sarah’s. Given the discrepancy between the two, both in terms of body and personality, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah were adopted! “Stick it in me!”

I kneeled down and squinted to find the opening to her pussy as she peeled her pussy apart from me. I quickly realized the folly of my adoption theory as I caught a whiff of Barbara’s cunt. Her sweet musk invaded my nose and almost made me dizzy like her daughter’s. I finally caught a glimpse of the enormous beast amidst the jungle of pubic hair. Barbara had an enormous cunt. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready you fucking pervert, just stick it in me!” I felt like someone changing a lightbulb in a lighthouse as I craned my neck to get the right angle. I pressed the cool tip of the zucchini against the base of her warm pussy, feeling intoxicated with its scent. She shivered, and I pressed onward. “Oooh, Mama likes that.” I wasn’t sure how far to stick such a huge phallus, so I slowly worked it in. I occasionally had to wiggle it side to side as the width grew towards the middle. “Start rotating it,” she commanded as I tried to find a way to twist it. “Work it in and out,” I stifled a giggle at the absurdity of the situation. Here I was, in this woman’s kitchen with my head under her long skirt, fucking her senseless with a zucchini.

“Mom?” I heard Sarah come down the stairs, probably getting an eyeful of her new fuck-toy in her mom’s skirt.

“Yessssssss,” Barbara hissed at Sarah.

“Is that Jim?”

“Who the fuck else would it be,” she barked. She had a good point, I was sitting naked, the lower half of my body exposed, jamming a fucking vegetable inside of her.

“But I thought that he and I were, you know…”

“If you get to fuck him, I get to use him tooooooooo” her voice rose at the end as I started to play with her clit. “No Jim, you don’t touch me.” She reached a hand into her skirt and started working her clit. I could feel her legs starting to tremble as I grabbed the zucchini from the bottom and lazily started to pump it up and down. This was boring.

“Well I get to fuck him first, you cow. You scared daddy away, I won’t let you scare Jim away too!” I heard Sarah storm up the stairs as Barbara focused on her impending orgasm.

“I’m not fucking him!” Barbara called back, controlling her breathing with huffs and puffs. “I’ll never,” she exhaled heavily, “ever,” she inhaled sharply, “FUCK HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” I watched her quake from her toes to her thighs. Her knees buckled and I was almost sure that this poor zucchini was going to get snapped in half inside of her. I sighed in relief and she pushed me out from under her skirt. “You hear me Sarah,” she called up the stairs, “this one’s all yours!”

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