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A Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 10

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Big Tits

***The chapter begins at the end of chapters 8 and 9, which ran concurrently.***

Katie was not sure how long she had been dozing, but she still had a bit of a buzz, so it couldn’t have been too long. She felt the heat of her mom’s body beside her in the bed. As her consciousness returned, Katie became aware of Kat’s hands roaming over her body and hot breath puffing onto her neck. She also felt the rubbery stiffness of her mom’s strap-on pressing against her thighs. Katie lay still, hoping to see where her mom would take things if she stayed asleep.

Kat kissed Katie’s neck lightly as she ran her hands down her daughter’s lithely muscled back. Kat had promised Becky she was going to fuck Katie like crazy this weekend and did not think that one session of sex qualified, no matter how incredible ass fucking her daughter had been. Even though she could not feel the sensation on her rubber cock when it slid deep into her daughter’s tightest hole, the idea of conquering her in that way was scintillating. Plus Katie had loved it. No, it was more than that. It had satisfied her in some way that was almost like she was addicted to it. Kat did not think anyone could actually like anal sex, let alone love it, but Katie seemed to crave it.

Kat slid her had down to her daughter’s tight, round butt cheek and gave it a long squeeze. Katie did not move, even when Kat added a few sucking kisses to her neck. As she fondled Katie’s ass, Kat kept thinking of Brent and what Katie had been saying when Kat was fucking her as hard as she could. Brent was always trying to get into Kat’s ass, but she had never wanted it. Katie, on the other hand, apparently could not get enough of it. In fact she was, if Kat had her way, about to get some more. Katie could be the perfect surrogate for Brent’s desire, but there was no way he would go for doing his own daughter. Plus, Kat admitted, she still really liked sneaking around on him. So while the idea lingered in her head, for now at least, Katie was all hers.

She slipped her hand between the creamy soft cheeks of Katie’s ass and quickly found her little butthole. It was still slippery with oil from their last fuck session. Kat gently caressed Katie’s crinkled hole, spreading the lingering oils around and onto her fingers. Her hands traced across Katie’s skin, feeling all the little welts and raised areas where Kat had scratched and spanked her daughter’s ass. She had been too rough, she thought. Katie’s ass was too perfect to be marred like that. It was also too perfect not to be fucked. Kat reached over to the end table and grabbed her lube. She coated her dick in the thick, slippery oil after throwing the covers aside. She wanted to see all of her daughter while she fondled her.

Katie was lying on her right side, faced away from her mom. Her reddened ass looked back at Kat in a crooked smile. Kat saw that Katie’s ass was indeed quite marred from her aggressive attention. She felt bad and slid down to plant a gentle kiss on the one cheek she could get to. She kissed each little welt and scratch, working her way around Katie’s otherwise beautiful globe while her hands slathered oil onto her cock. Kat worked her way over to Katie’s ass crack, but had no intention of eating ass, which she thought was just about the worst thing anyone could do. Instead, she kissed Katie’s delicate line up and up until she found the spot where her butt joined the small of her back. She thought that this would make the perfect spot for a tramp stamp that read “Mommy’s Girl”. Kat kissed that spot too, sliding her hands up to grip Katie’s hips before kissing her way up Katie’s spine toward her neck.

Katie’s breathing was ticking up as her pulse quickened, but she still pretended to be dozing. She liked the thought of being at her mother’s mercy, or her dad’s, or even Becky’s for that matter. She was their plaything now, and she liked that very much indeed. When Kat had said she had fingered Katie in her sleep, it had sparked some dirty fantasy she had probably always harbored about Brent walking in at night and taking her on her own bed while she slept. The fact that her mom had actually done it was unbelievable, but definitely not unwelcome. She wondered if Becky knew. Katie felt her mom kiss her spine between her shoulder blades and shivered slightly, bringing her back into the moment. Chill bumps arose all over her back from the hot breath and gentle lips working their way up her body. Hard slippery rubber brushed her inner thighs, rising toward her crotch a little more with each kiss. Her already wet pussy began to flood with her juices once again.

Kat brushed Katie’s hair off of her neck and gave her ear a nibble. She scooted closer to Katie, pressing her breasts into Katie’s back and spooning her. Kat felt her rubbery shaft plant itself into the crack of Katie’s ass like a hot dog lying in a bun. She kissed Katie’s neck and began to suckle there. She reached around and cupped a firm, round breast, hoping to get her daughter to stir. Kat kadıköy escort felt Katie’s breath rising and her nipple harden in her hand, but she otherwise remained still. She let her hand ride back down Katie’s body, across her hip and over to the fleshy dildo. Kat cocked her hip back a little to let her shaft slide down Katie’s crack. Using her thumb as a guide for the head of her cock, Kat found Katie’s asshole and let her tip press against it. Satisfied that it was snugly in position, Kat brought her hand back up to her daughter’s curvy tit and cupped it once again.

She stayed like that for several minutes. Just spooning her daughter with a breast in hand, kissing her neck gently, and letting the head of her dick push lightly onto her daughter’s puckered little butthole. Before too long though, Kat’s kisses became more insistent and her hands began to work Katie’s breast more fervently. She found herself unable to keep from pressing her dick forward. She wanted her daughter’s ass again and she was going to have it. She nibbled Katie’s earlobe and pushed her dick forward a little more. Katie moaned quietly as the crown of Kat’s cock began to spread her tight little ring.

“Wake up, sleepy head. Mamma needs to ask you something,” Kat whispered. She pushed a little more and felt something start to give. She realized that Katie’s asshole was opening for her, or rather, being pushed open by her slow, slippery invasion. Kat vowed to fuck Katie’s ass gently this time, to savor the experience for as long as possible and not mar the gorgeous work of art that was her daughter’s ass.

“Mmm?” Katie mumbled. “What mommy?” She pressed herself into Kat’s breasts and gave a happy sigh. “You’re so warm.”

Kat pushed her hips forward. Her breath was like fire on Katie’s neck and ear. The head of her cock was stretching Katie’s asshole delightfully wide as it worked itself enticingly slowly into her. Katie groaned again, making Kat’s breath come even faster. “Oh my god, Katie. You are so perfect,” Kat huffed. Her hand roamed up the underside of one perfect breast before cupping and squeezing it tightly. “Mommy needs to fuck you in the ass again. Would you like that?” she huffed. “If not,” she added almost sadly, “I can do it the other way.” Kat pushed a little more before waiting for an answer and went back to suckling on Katie’s neck.

“Mmm. That feels good mommy. I like how you kiss me so softly,” Katie cooed. She pushed herself back against Kat’s cock until the fat round head pushed through her anal ring. “Uhhhh,” she moaned. “But I love when you fuck me hard even more.” Katie rolled slightly, presenting a bit more of her ass to her mom. Kat pushed in a little deeper with a lusty sigh and locked her lips onto Katie’s neck. “Mmm, yeah. I think you figured out my secret, mamma.”

Kat lifted her head and asked, “What secret, baby?”

“That I love cock in my ass,” she said quietly. “Push it in all the way mommy. Mmm. Push it in and fuck me.”

“Oh Katie,” Kat moaned. She bit down on Katie’s shoulder and started working the rest of her shaft into her daughter’s tight, dark hole.

Kat took her time. She spooned her daughter, kissing and nibbling her ear, cheek, and neck for several long minutes as she let steady but gentle pressure ease her oil drenched cock bit by bit into Katie’s butt. Katie writhed and panted and begged her mom to fuck her several times, but Kat resolved herself to go slowly. She wanted this to be a lovemaking session her daughter would never forget, not just a quick fuck.

Kat slid her other arm underneath Katie and grabbed a handful of her other titty. With two hands filled with her daughter’s fleshy, cream colored tits, Kat gave herself the best possible leverage. She hugged her daughter tight to her, breast flesh bulging between her clenching fingers. Kat flexed at the waist, pushing her thick shaft the last two inches into her daughter’s pulsing, oily butthole, and making Katie give out a needy groan.

Still side by side, Kat held her daughter tight against her breasts and started gyrating her hips. Her cock began to slip back and forth with luxurious tightness. Katie moaned into her pillow and slid her hands down toward her slit. Kat grabbed her arms and forced them back up to Katie’s tits. She made Katie squeeze her own breasts and clamped her hands on top of them so she could not slip them back down to her clit.

“No no, baby girl,” Kat huffed. “My cock… your ass… nothing else. Let’s see if you can cum like that.”

Kat picked up her speed just slightly. Holding her daughter tight, faint clapping sounds arose from their embrace as hips began to bounce against against ass flesh. Kat pushed deep with each little thrust, but still focused on fucking her daughter with excruciating gentleness. The cock head now buried deep in her ass tickled something that made Katie gasp each time her mom pushed into her.

“Uh… üsküdar escort uh… uh… uh. Mommy… uh… that’s… uh… driving… uh… me… uh… crazy,” Katie gasped between the slow thrusts.

“Is it, baby?” Kat groaned, loving the way each little bang was making the base of her dildo stroke her own swollen, throbbing clit. “Is my cock going to make you cum?”

“Uh… ah… uh… not yet… uh… but… uh… don’t stop.”

Straining to control herself, Kat did her best to keep her rhythm steady and fought off her threatening orgasm by biting her lip from time to time. Despite her best efforts, the clapping from Katie’s tight little ass eventually kicked up to a quicker beat. Katie was kneading her own tits under the guidance of her mom’s hands. She tried to slip them free a few times to get to her clit, but Kat would not let her.

“No, baby,” Kat panted. “You’re going to cum from my cock in your ass, or not at all. Just let it happen, Katie.”

“Mmm… uh… uh… mommy? Uh… I need… uh… to cum. Uh… it feels… ah… so good,” Katie panted and grunted as she spoke, letting each of her mom’s strokes fill her ass completely. Each stroke had begun to give her a very deep pleasure. Still, it was different from how rubbing her clit felt, more like a slowly kindling fire than quick flash of flame. “But I don’t… mm… know… ah… if I… ah… can.”

Kat was grunting steadily herself, floating on the edge of a massive climax, but somehow holding it at bay. Her crotch was soaked from pussy juice oozing out around her harness. It added a thick wetness to the sound of Katie’s butt clapping, which had gotten faster even as Kat fought not to lose control.

“Mmm… you will, baby… Mm, oh my god… just let go,” Kat said in a voice that was almost begging. Then she sank her lips back around Katie’s neck and sucked wetly while she fucked her.

Katie stopped groaning at each of Kat’s thrusts and became silent. At first Kat thought she had done something wrong, but she noticed that Katie had started to quiver and her top leg had started to rise off the bed as she spread her legs wider. Her toes began to point straight out as the tension in her body rose. Kat lengthened her stroke but kept up her pace. Her clit was like a red hot coal in her crotch and the dildo was lighting it on fire.

Kat still held her daughter’s palms against her tits but managed to trap Katie’s nipples between her fingers. She kneaded Katie’s breasts, tugging her nipples at the same time. That broke Katie’s silence as she let out a series of moans punctuated by each of her mom’s thrusts. Kat groaned, teetering on the edge, feeling the first little rockets igniting inside her in what was about to be an earth shattering fireworks display.

“Oh, Katie!” she panted onto the hickied flesh of her daughter’s neck. “Oh, please cum for mommy.”

Katie’s entire body was quivering as something primal rose inside of her. That feeling deep in her ass had blossomed into a fire in her belly that somehow had worked its way to her throbbing clit. She felt pussy juice leaking down her legs. Her toes began to curl and flex uncontrollably. Grunts and guttural groans filled her throat and came out in a stuttering cadence that matched her mom’s thrusts.

“Oh fuck,” Kat huffed. “Cum on mommy’s dick. Oh please cum for mommy!” Unable to hold back much longer, Kat remembered what Katie had said earlier. She tucked her lips to Katie’s ear and whispered, “Pretend daddy’s in your ass, baby.”

That dirty thought worked against her and pushed Kat over the edge first. Another tiny rocket went off inside her, but she felt the fuse light on a massive finale. Wanting to get into Katie as deep as she could, Kat used her grip around Katie to roll them both onto their backs. Now Katie lay face up on top of her mom who was thrusting into her from below. Katie’s own weight slammed her back down to meet her mom’s cock on every thrust.

They were at such a pace now that it sounded like applause coming from Katie’s ass. Her butt cheeks clapped against her mom’s hips with the speed of a jackhammer. Katie had thrown her head back against the pillow beside her mom’s head. The tendons on her neck stood out sharply against her smooth skin. Her eyes had rolled up into her head and all conscious thought was focused on that deep burning fire in her ass that now blossomed into an inferno.

“Oh my god, mommy! Uh, uh, ah… OH … AH… UHH… my… fuck…mmmm… MMMmmm… Somethn’s… ahhhh.. fuuuuuck!”

Katie went silent again while Kat, having lost all self control, pounded her ass from below. Katie tried to cry out in ecstasy as a massive orgasmic wave crashed over her. She could hear Kat grunting as she came beneath her. Her mom’s thrusts came harder and harder, bouncing Katie into the air and ramming her back down onto her mom’s rock hard shaft.

“Fucking cum for me, Katie!” Kat screamed. “Cum on daddy’s cock! Unnnggg!”

The tuzla escort image of her dad ramming his thick, meaty dick into her pushed Katie’s over the edge. She grunted a few times, then was able to groan, and finally scream as her voice returned at the height of her orgasm. The huge waves of pleasure crashed through her, stronger than anything she had ever felt. Her pussy clenched over and over while her mom savagely drilled her from behind. A gout of pussy juice rocketed into the air and splashed back down against their legs. She babbled incoherently for what seemed like forever while her mom held her tightly to her chest, sank her cock to the hilt inside Katie’s ass, and held it there. Another orgasm hit her out of nowhere, making her squirt again just as her mom’s thrusts resumed in a last barrage of furious strokes. Exhausted, Kat was forced to slow to a softer rhythm. She kept her softer strokes going until the last of Katie’s spasms had faded.

They lay there panting until Katie rolled over to lay on top of her mom face to face. As soon as she rolled, the cock plopped out of her ass, leaving her feeling strangely empty inside. They kissed deeply, but briefly since they were both still out of breath. Pussy juice oozed out of Katie’s cunt onto Kat’s belly, but neither of them cared how slimy and wet they felt. They stared into each other’s eyes, knowing that they had each just shared in the most intense orgasm either of them had ever had. They also both knew that the mention of Brent had been what triggered it.

The next morning, they straightened up as best they could, but the room stank of sex and dried pussy juice was all over the bed. Kat left a massive tip as they headed out the door and back home. Katie limped a little, but never complained. She actually looked like she had been in a fight with scratches and hickies all over her neck, back, and ass. On the drive home, Kat gave Katie advice on how to hide the marks from her father.

“So…,” Katie started. “About that… um, and last night… where do we go from here?”

“Where do you want to go from here?” Kat asked nervously. “It’s totally OK if that was a one time thing.” She laughed nervously. “It’s, uh, also more than OK if that’s an every day thing.” She looked down briefly as she drove. “No, that’s weird. Is that too pervy? I just can’t help myself Katie, but if it was too crazy for you, I’ll never do that again. I promise.” Kat gave Katie’s knee a motherly squeeze.

“No!” she said too harshly. “I mean, no. It was not too weird. Whatever we did, that was the most… intense, um, orgasm I ever felt.” She had all but whispered the word “orgasm”, somehow feeling self-conscious despite all the nasty things they had done last night. “But if I let you butt fuck me every night, I won’t ever be able to walk.”

Kat let out an unexpectedly loud cackle. “Language!” she managed to sputter out. After getting herself under control, she added, “I still need my little girl to be the good girl she has always been. I don’t ever want to lose that or have you lose who you really are. So be good OK…unless we’re fucking.”

“Mom, now you need to watch your language!” laughed Katie.

Kat slid her hand up Katie’s thigh to her crotch and began rubbing it while she drove. “Ah, ah. I make the rules, Katie. You follow them. Spread your legs for mommy.” Katie spread her legs and pulled up her skirt obediently.

While her mom worked, Katie lay her head back and asked, “What about those things you said… about daddy?”

Kat’s hand paused briefly. “What about them?”

“Do you want dad to do that to me too?” she asked innocently.

“Katie, I… that was a fantasy. Dirty talk,” Kat said, but had started rubbing Katie again.

Kate pulled the hem of her panties out and pushed her mom’s hand inside. She was already wet. “You’re being dirty right now. So talk dirty while you finger me, mommy.”

“Um,” Kat’s breath was suddenly becoming rapid. What did she think? The wetness in her own panties growing just as fast as Katie’s told her the wicked truth. She found Katie’s clit and started circling it. “Well, I wouldn’t know how to talk him into it. He might be grossed out by it, but… what if I could?”

“Could what, mommy?” Katie asked with her head back against her headrest.

“Talk him into fucking you.” Kat felt Katie’s pussy get suddenly wetter.

“In my ass?”

“Wherever you want as long as I get to be part of it too.”

Katie starting rocking her hips. “Like dad in my ass while I eat your pussy, mommy?”

Kat nodded silently and dipped a finger into Katie’s cunt for a few probing strokes. “Or maybe I will fuck you in your ass while you suck his dick,” she added quietly. “He has a big dick, Katie.” said Kat while returning to her daughter’s clit. “Can you take a big dick?”

“Mmm hmm, all the way, mom,” she moaned and began to buck her hips.

Kat kept her eyes on the road as best she could while Katie writhed beside her. Katie was massaging her tits through her shirt while fucking herself against Kat’s finger. Kat picked up her pace, jealous that she could not cum herself, but amazed at how horny and ass addicted Katie seemed to be.

“You think you could take dad and I in your ass at the same time, baby?” Kat’s finger was flying now.

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