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A Twin Desire

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Edited 7-10-2019

Here’s my first venture into the taboo world of incest. Please rate it and make comments as you wish. I hope you enjoy it. This is a work of fiction from my twisted brain. And, of course, all characters portrayed are 18 or older.

**** **** **** **** **** ****

**** BRIAN ****

I slipped the card into the door lock reader and waited for the green light. When it appeared, I opened the door and stepped through pulling my suitcase behind me. I held the door for Barbara as she entered behind me.

“Mom and dad overbooked us,” I said looking at the huge room stretching out before us.

“It’s nice though,” Barbara mused.

“Well, it’s a suite,” I stated. “Long day. You wanna shower first?” I asked, being the gentleman.

“No, you go ahead. I’ll wait.”

It had been a long drive. We were halfway home. We are both in our second year at University in Seattle. We were driving home for our first visit since leaving mid-summer to move our things and get settled before classes began. We’re out for Christmas break. I was looking forward to three weeks of warm and dry. If we didn’t stop much, we’d drive 10-12 hours each day to get home to Phoenix. Halfway between is a small town in northern Nevada called Wells. Sneeze and you’ll miss it. It seems to be a tourist town with more gas stations, casinos, and hotels than residents.

Barbara and I are twins. I’m the “big” brother. Yeah, seven minutes separate us but that never stops me from lording my advanced maturity over her. We both received the best mom and dad had to offer. Dad is 6’3″ and very athletic. Mom is 5’11” and enjoys a very athletic body. I received dad’s rugged looks and height as I stand at 6’4″ while Barbara got mom’s youthful looks, well-proportioned body, and good height as well. She stands at 5’10”. We both won athletic scholarships from the University of Washington, her for volleyball, and me for baseball.

When we started puberty, as girls normally do, she started the maturation process about a year before me. She grew three to four inches taller than me and became stronger. She loved that year of being taller and even stronger. Many times, she wrestled me to the floor and pinned me down, making me cry “UNCLE” to my shame.

A year later, I started my growth spurt and her fun was soon over. I learned quickly that being pinned down wasn’t such a bad thing. It seemed we usually had our tussles in the evening. We were both fairly lax in how we dressed around each other. Up until a few years before, we had seen each other semi-naked quite often as we shared a bathroom. I had seen her prepubescent breasts many times, but we never actually saw each other’s “private parts”. She always had panties and I had my boxers on.

When I hit my growth spurt, I realized I had regained my upper hand but purposely let her pin me down several times. With the growth spurt came my male sex drive. Now at age 20, I have the hots for my sister. It’s fun when she grabs my wrists and slams them down over my head. Her braless breasts are right in my face. I could lick or bite at them if had I the intention.

Even though I’m hot for Barb, I’ve never really had any sexual fantasies about her. Simply watching her mature into the woman she has become is enough to keep my attention. I now wonder, in all our wrestling, does she ever feel my erection when she has me pinned down? If she does, she never lets on. I don’t know how she could miss it.

**** BARBARA ****

When Brian opened the door, I was amazed. This cheap hotel in this small town had a nice large room. I stepped in and looked on in awe. Everything was perfect. Except one thing. Being a suite, there was one bedroom. With one queen-size bed.

While Brian showered, I called the front desk to ask about a room with two beds. The clerk apologized and told me the hotel was completely booked. He did mention the couch pulled out into a bed.

“That should work,” I cheerfully said, thanked him, and hung up.

I knew Brian would be the gentleman and allow me the bedroom, so I moved my belongings in and unpacked my necessities. Brian and our brother have always treated our sister and me as ladies, something dad burned into their personalities from a very young age. Even when we playfully wrestled as kids, he was very gentle and rarely hurt me. One time, my arm was caught in an awkward position and I felt a snap in my shoulder. I was in a cast and sling for two months and had to listen to Brian apologize at least five times a day until I was healed. My “big” brother was always my protector; my knight in shining armor. I adored him for it.

As I prepared for my own shower and eventually going to bed, I could hear Brian singing a pleasant song as he showered. He was no professional, but I always loved hearing him sing. He usually made up his own lyrics which were pretty funny. The water shut off after a long while and a few seconds later, he opened the door to dismiss the cloud of steam he had built up.

He hadn’t taken the time to dry but had a towel rize escort bayan wrapped around his waist. As I stood there and watched him exit the bathroom in the cloud of steam, it was like watching an Axe commercial. Although I’ve seen him many times wet and nearly naked when we were growing up, for the first time in my life, I noticed how ruggedly handsome and ripped my brother is. His hair was dripping wet and water droplets were forming and running down his wispy, sparse chest hair, to his six-pack abs, and into the towel. He walked over to me slowly as I stood and stared at him. For a moment, I had several carnal, and very dirty thoughts about what was about to happen.

In my mind’s eye, I saw him saunter toward me, let the towel drop to the floor exposing his erect manhood as he stopped directly in front of me. Without hesitation, he grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and ripped it and my bra over my head. He practically ripped my sweatpants off me along with my panties, then put his muscular hands on both sides of my abs, picked me up and threw me on the bed.

He followed me onto the bed and in one movement, his lips found mine and kissed me with a passion I had never felt as his hard cock slid into my waiting, wet pussy. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as I felt his cock invade my most private place.

Suddenly I was being drenched, shaken out of my dream state. When Brian got close enough to me, he “dogged” me. This is something we had both done since we were young kids. I should have expected it. He closed in quickly and when he was within just a few inches of my blank, sexually aroused stare, he shook his wet hair out all over me.

“DAMNIT!” I yelled at the rude awakening. “WHAT THE HELL?”

“HAHA!” he laughed. “What the hell were you daydreaming about? You usually see that coming a mile away. You just stood there,” he said with a laugh.

I realized I couldn’t tell him why I didn’t try to escape and tried to use his boyish immaturity against him.

“I don’t know,” I said in a fake angry voice. “I figured a little time in college would have helped you grow up a little.”

“PFFFFT!” I spat with a laugh. “You know my motto. ‘Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.’ I’ll never grow up. What the hell were you thinking about?” I asked again.

I knew I was had and started laughing with him. Had I been in the same boat, I would have unloaded my wet hair on him. I pushed him away and told him to go away and get dressed. My lusty thoughts kicked in again as I realized I would prefer him in the towel … or less. I watched him do a victory dance as he loudly sang “I am the champion, my sister,” mimicking Freddy Mercury and Queen. I watched his sculpted body and towel-covered ass as he danced away.

When he was out of sight, I grabbed my things, including my special “waterproof” friend, and went in for my shower.

**** BRIAN ****

Barbara disappeared into the bathroom. I watched her curvy ass as she sauntered in and closed the door. As the water came on, I let the towel slip off and used it to finish drying myself. I found a clean pair of boxers and athletic shorts in my bag. I started pulling on the boxers then wondered why I was bothering. I’ve always slept nude. I hated wearing boxers. Too confining. I put them away and slipped the shorts on. I couldn’t be schlepping about in the nude with my sister around.

It wasn’t until I sat down on the couch that I realized we had one bed. I looked around to see what other options we had. Barbara would be getting the bed. I didn’t even have to think about that. I opened the closet in the bedroom and saw two extra pillows, sheets, and blankets. I took them out and spread out a bed on the couch. I grabbed the remote and began channel surfing as I listened to the water run.

Small town hotel TV is nothing to write home about. I settled on some old western with John Wayne. I muted the volume and listened to the sounds of what was very familiar over the years. All the different splashing sounds as Barbara washed and rinsed various parts of her body. I could always tell when she was done showering just by listening to the nuances of the water hitting the shower floor. Sure enough, the water shut off when I anticipated. I heard the shower curtain pushed to the side.

I could now hear her softly humming my “champion” tune. I smiled then chuckled to myself. I readied myself for her revenge, but it never came. I heard her moving about then the blow dryer kicked on. I relaxed and watched John Wayne shoot a few bad guys off a cliff. I know guns and have always been amazed that a “six-shooter” could be fired eight to twelve times before reloading in the movies.

Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door open. “When did the blow dryer turn off?” I wondered to myself. I realized I had drifted off to sleep. Deep sleep. When I woke, I noticed two things immediately. First, my neck was hurting and stiff. Second, Barbara was wearing a very sexy, nearly see-through little spaghetti strap camisole and very small rize escort bayan shorts. Her top only covered her breasts and a few inches below. Her hair was perfect, and she was wearing a light amount of makeup. Damn, she looked like a lingerie model. My cock noticed as well.

As I began to sit up, my neck decided it didn’t want me to move.

“FUCK!” I yelled as I reached to rub my neck and lie back down at the same time.

“Whoa, language,” Barbara said. Dad had always taught me that using profanity was not gentlemanly in the presence of ladies. Barbara was not accustomed to hearing that word from me. I can’t remember ever hearing her say it.

“How long were you in there?” I asked, rubbing my neck and wondering how long I had been asleep.

“Dunno. Pretty long.” she shrugged.

“Wow. I passed out. This couch isn’t much too comfy for sleep,” I said as I rubbed the kink out of my neck.

“I called the front desk. The guy said the couch folds out into a bed. I can sleep there if you want the bed,” she said. I looked at her with ‘that look’ and she knew I wouldn’t allow that.

“Well, I’ll pull it out and see if it’s any better.”

“Here,” she said, moving toward me. “I’ll help you.”

She went to the opposite side as I stood up. We removed the cushions and found the handle. In a few seconds, a new bed was visible. I threw the sheet on and we both began making the bed. I stole many glances at her sweet tits bouncing under that sheer top. Her nipples were attempting to bore holes through the flimsy material. The short top and those short shorts exposed her tantalizing flat stomach and just enough ass cheek to make it interesting, and me a bit too horny. My cock was hard and getting harder.

With the sheets, blanket, and pillows in place, we both flopped down and watched as silent John Wayne had words and a fistfight with another bad guy.

“I can’t believe we used to watch this stuff,” Barbara said, playing leisurely with her hair. “It’s so … corny.”

“Hey, don’t be bad mouthing the Duke, Pilgrim,” I said in my best John Wayne drawl.

“That’s the worst John Wayne EVER!” she teased and hit me with a pillow.

I grabbed my pillow and the fight was on. After a few smacks to both our heads, I reached out and grabbed her around the waist. I pulled her toward me as I fell back and rolled off the bed. When I hit the floor on my back, her legs came down straddling me. She quickly grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head.

“THOSE TITS!” I shouted in my head as her breasts were right there, braless, and nipples poking through the flimsy, nearly see-through material. I quickly looked up at her face. She seemed quite satisfied with herself for the ‘ninja’ move she applied on me.

I bucked my hips and sent her flying over my head. I quickly recovered and pounced on her. As I straddled her, she reached up to push me off. I caught her right arm, then her left, and pinned her arms over her head. She tried to buck me off but couldn’t get the leverage. I simply grinned and gave an evil laugh.

“No fair,” she protested. “You’re bigger.”

“You shoulda grew more,” I teased.

She continued to struggle to no avail.

“Still ticklish?” I asked with that evil grin.

“NO!” she lied defiantly.

“We’ll see about that.” I quickly crossed her left wrist over her right and was able to hold both her wrists with my left hand. I moved my right hand toward her armpit. I didn’t even have to touch her. She was squirming before I made contact.

“NO, PLEASE, NO!” she shouted. “DON’T TICKLE ME!” she pleaded.

“Who? ME?” I asked as I ran a finger from her armpit and down the side of her body to her waist. She burst out laughing, wriggled and twisted but couldn’t free herself. “Did someone lie to me?” I asked.

“A little,” she laughed and pleaded at the same time. She tried to use her “puppy dog” eyes on me but she couldn’t hold that pathetic look and laugh at the same time. “Please, no more. You know I hate to be tickled.”

I couldn’t let her off that easy. Her tiny top had slid further up her torso just shy of her breasts. I couldn’t let her up now. I was feasting on eye candy. I ran my hand from her hip to the center of her stomach then used my fingers to dig into her sensitive belly. Again, she laughed and squirmed but couldn’t get away.

With her arms pinned and her top riding up, her breasts were heavenly. As I tickled her, I noticed how they moved and jiggled as she writhed against my onslaught. I suddenly noticed my erection. I was rock hard. I stopped tickling and let her calm down.

“Uncle?” I asked.

“NEVER!” she replied defiantly and bucked her hips up into me in an attempt to get away.

“Never? Really?” I asked again as I went for her other armpit. She continued to fight, and her left hand nearly came free. I quickly grabbed it and reset my grip.

“Damn you,” she cursed in laughter.

“LANGUAGE!” I scolded playfully. She smirked at me. “Uncle?”

This escort rize time she paused a moment, thinking her options through. Her face transformed from humor to defiance before blurting, “SCREW YOU!”

She bucked her hips, again and again, trying to get me off her. I noticed she was no longer trying to free her hands. I also noticed that each buck of her hips was pushing her crotch against my raging hard-on. Damn, it felt good. Her camisole was now riding up enough to expose some underboob.

I suddenly wanted to feel up my sister, strip her naked, and fuck her right there on the floor. “We have a phrase for that,” I said in my mind. “It’s called ‘incest rape’,” and I quickly dismissed the thought.

“Uncle?” I repeated as I started in on her tummy again.

“UNCLE!” she screamed. I let go of her hands. Still under me, she pushed herself up into a sitting position.

Looking directly into my eyes, her anger was half real and half fake. “ASSHOLE!” she said with a smile.

“Language!” I mockingly scolded again. “What would mom and dad say?”

“They’d say you’re an asshole,” she said as she pushed my chest and sent me backward. I must admit, I let her push me onto my back hoping she’d take advantage of me. She did. As I fell back, she again pounced on me, grabbed my wrists and pinned my arms down.

“THOSE TITS!” I said again in my mind as they were right there.

I started to struggle but let her keep her place on top of me. Her pussy was sitting right on top of my cock. I knew she had to be feeling it slide along her slit as I fought ‘bravely’ to escape. She made no indication that she noticed my cock nor that I was staring at her lovely tits.

“If I could, I’d tickle the snot outta you,” she threatened hollowly. She knows my ticklish spots, but her hands aren’t big or strong enough to hold mine with one hand. She could only tickle me when she caught me off guard.

“Go ahead,” I encouraged. “I owe you one.”

“Really?” she whimpered knowing defeat but hopeful for pity revenge.

“What the hell,” I smirked.

She slowly let go of my wrists. When she felt confident I was true to my word, she reached with both hands to those spots right above my hip bones. I did my best to allow her to tickle me for as long as I could. My cock was, again, digging into her crotch. When I could take it no more, I grabbed her wrists, put some effort in, and bucked her off to my side.

She fell to the side and rolled onto her back. I rolled onto my back and we lie there, laughing, panting, catching our breath. We always had so much fun together. This time there was a sexual vibe in the air.

“God, I love you, big bro,” she said, half laughing but more serious. She became quiet for a few seconds. She turned her head to look into my eyes. Her eyes were wet and misty. “Someday, this will be gone. You’ll find someone, I’ll find someone, we’ll go our ways, have kids, get fat and lazy, and this will all be gone.”

As I looked at her, I felt the sadness in her epiphany, and I misted up as well. I reached between us and took her hand. “We’ll always have each other and our memories. And dad has some pretty good footage of us and our famous wrestling matches.”

“I know,” she said quietly. “But it’ll never be the same again.”

“I’m sure you’ll find a fine replacement to take you down and ravish you,” I winked. How I wanted to be that guy right now.

Her forehead furrowed. “PERV!”

**** BARBARA ****

I took my time in the shower. I took extra care of my hair and every crack and crevice on my body that any dust or odor could hide. Aside from being freakishly turned on by the sight of my brother in the role of Adonis in an Axe commercial, I wasn’t thinking about any sexual activity with him. I simply wanted to be the object of his attention as he was for me. In the back of my mind, however, I was riding his cock and fucking him wildly. I glanced at my waterproof friend but decided against having him hear me in waves of ecstasy. These walls are paper-thin.

I took extra time after the shower to dry and style my wavy, below the shoulder-length brunette hair. I added some makeup, not a lot but enough to accent my best feature; my eyes. I picked out a skimpy camisole and some very short shorts to wear hoping to get his attention.

When I finished, I stepped outside the bathroom to find him asleep on the couch, a muted John Wayne movie playing on the TV. I stood there admiring him for the second time tonight. His hair was still wet and uncombed. He was shirtless and wearing shorts. He looked sexy as hell. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I watched him.

“Should I really be feeling this way about my brother?” I wondered to myself. Just as quickly, my thoughts shifted to “Who cares?” and I continued to stare and got wetter and hornier. What did it matter? Nothing would come of it. I wanted his attention after all the time I spent preening. “Screw this sleeping shit,” I said under my breath.

I went back into the bathroom, closed the door quietly, then opened it rather loudly. As I stepped into the room, I saw Brian react, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I noticed his surprise of how I looked but I also saw pain. He started to sit up but yelled out a rather nasty vulgarity and grabbed the back of his neck.

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