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A View Through The Keyhole

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James Purvis, at the age of eighteen, was obsessed with his older sister Carol. He lay on his bed recalling the day that he had accidentally seen up her skirt whilst he was in the pool, and she had walked up and squatted down to talk to him. A perfect view up between her shapely legs had his young cock pushing a rampant tent in the front of his swimming shorts in no time. She had squatted there providing him with this exquisite picture of her taught white cotton panties, stretched over her gorgeous hairless split. James had been unable to tell if she was aware, or not, that she had exposed him to such a cock throbbing sight.

Not in his wildest imagination had James, before this point, suspected that Carol would have been capable of flashing her womanly parts to her younger brother. But flash him she did, and if she had carried on doing so, under the pretence of talking to him about the new housekeeper their mother had employed, James would have filled his shorts with a massive load of boy cum.

Lying on his bed James began to recall the events if that day as he toyed with his hard cock.

“Have you seen her, the slut, she must know that her tits are on constant show for anyone to see?” Carol moaned.

“If mother doesn’t say something to her then I will, someone’s got to tell her, if she carries on like she is the next time she serves my dinner she’ll poke my eye out with those nipples,” she went on.

James had heard every word his sexy sister had said to him, but not one sound of it could he have repeated, as his young horny mind was concentrating on the view of her sisterly womanhood before him. He remembered wondering at the time whether he could reach down into his shorts, under the water, and release his rampant young cock from the confines of his cotton shorts without her suspecting anything.

Carol had kept on moaning, “The fucking cow, I don’t know why mom needs her, she’s obviously here for what she can get out of us, dad will have a fucking fit when he sees her.”

James had managed to slide his hand quite easily into his shorts and had pulled his cock out without raising the suspicion of his older sister. Carol still squatted there in front of him showing her tender panty covered pussy and it was no more than a few seconds of having felt the release of his cock, that his boy seed erupted into the water causing him to shudder and shake without control. His sister, oblivious to this, carried on spitting out obscenities about the housekeeper to him. James legs bucked underneath him causing him to grab hold of the side of the pool, giving him a closer view up his sister’s skirt. Suddenly she had realized what was going on and had stood up quickly.

“You disgusting little rat, you’ve been looking up my skirt, I’m telling mom, you’re no better than that bitch in there,” Carol shouted.

Back in the real world James lay there squeezing and pulling his hard dick as he recalled that nothing else had mattered to him, at the time, except the fact that he had shot the biggest load of his life whilst looking at his sister’s pussy. Clinging there, as he had been, with his sister walking away muttering to herself, had been probably the most satisfying feeling James had had in his young life.

Snapping out of his daydream, James heard voices in the hallway of the large country house. He knew that one of the voices, although only very low in volume, was his sister Carol’s. But he had no idea who the other one belonged to, as it was equally low in volume but also had a foreign accent. Trying, quite unsuccessfully, to stuff his cock back into his pants, James headed for his bedroom door to see who was outside in the hallway. The only view James got as he slowly put his head around the door was the one of his sister’s bedroom door closing.

James stood for a while wondering if it was his mother that had gone into Carol’s room with her, but that wouldn’t explain the foreign accent. He tried to remember if any of her friends were from abroad, but as he knew very few of Carol’s friends, he couldn’t recall any. It took a few minutes as he stood there, his hard-on sticking out in front of him, to realize that it must be the new housekeeper in there with her. James couldn’t believe what the fuck Carol was doing, going into her room alone with a woman she so obviously hated. He had to find out what was going on, so as quietly as he could James crept out of his room and down the hallway until he stood outside the closed door of his lordbahis güvenilirmi gorgeous sister Carol’s bedroom.

Listening carefully close to Carol’s wooden door, James could hear muffled sounds coming from inside, but he couldn’t make out what was being said. He gently put his head up against the door and began to listen as hard as he could. James’s iron-hard cock made a sudden jolting throb as the unmistakable sound of a woman moaning in joyous ecstasy came from within his sister’s room. The shock of this sound made him weak at the knees and he pulled his ear from the door and leant against the doorframe. Could his pompous prude of a sister be indulging in some sort of sexual act, with another woman? He had to find out.

James had often tried to peek at his sister through her bedroom keyhole, but had only managed a fleeting glimpse of her long, shapely legs as she had slid in between the covers of her bed. The door being opposite gave a perfect view, from the side of Carol’s large bed, so quickly James dropped to his knees, cock in hand, and put his eye to his spy hole. Being as young as he was, he had very little staying power in the orgasm department involving his sister and anything remotely sexual.

His hard, young cock exploded its heavy rope of boy cum into the deep piled hall carpet the moment he saw the incredible sight inside the room. Carol was on her bed in the doggy position, her naked sweating ass moving up and down against the face of the crouching housekeeper behind her. James’s cock did not soften one bit, even after such a forceful and draining orgasm like the one he had just had. He kept his hand wrapped around the shaft and gently wanked it up and down, watching intently as his slut sister had her pussy licked out from behind on her own bed. The state of carnal abandonment that his sister and the housekeeper were so wrapped up in meant that their moans grew loud enough for James to hear clearly.

Carol’s voice now hoarse and raw moaned, “Oh you heavenly bitch, suck that pussy, lick my cunt with that sweet wet tongue, stick it up my ass, tongue fuck me, ooooohh you’re driving me crazy.”

“You like young missy, you like?” Asked the housekeeper between long sloppy licks of her young lover’s dripping pussy and ass.

Carol moaned back, “Oooohhh yyyeeeessssssssss, I fucking like alright, don’t fucking stop, get that tongue right up there, ooooooohhhhhh yehhhhhhhh fucking hell you slut lick my cunt out.”

James was suddenly feeling that familiar warm glow in his cock again as he felt another approaching cum boiling up in his balls. With a sudden jolting return to normality James was shocked to be pulled away from the keyhole by his hair. His tall slender mother stood before him, hands on hips, looking down with an iron-lady stare burning into him.

“James Purvis,” she hissed, “What in the world are you doing, peeping on your sister and masturbating, you little pervert, wait until your father hears about this.”

In that fleeting instant James thought his whole world had fallen around his ears. Stumbling back on his ass against the wall opposite the bedroom door he could only manage to stutter, “B… b… b… buuutttt I… I…I…justtt.”

His mother glared down at him and growled, “Stop blubbering boy, does Carol know you spy on her, you little shit?” Before he could utter a reply she continued, “Really, I didn’t bring you up to become a sneaky little pervert did I?”

Bowing his head, James ashamedly groaned, “No mother,” before returning his sorry eyes to hers.

Moving her gaze from him to the door James’s mother whispered, “What is it that you find so fascinating with her?”

Bending down at the waist, James’s mother put her eye to the keyhole of her daughter’s room. James sat on the hall floor directly behind her and was suddenly aware of the perfect picture, that his mothers short skirt gave him, of the back of her long shapely legs. As he came around from his shock at being found out, James sat looking at the most beautiful and sexy legs he had ever seen, his mouth suddenly watering and his cock throbbing once more.

As his mother peered at the gloriously slutty scene inside, James heard her start to whisper again, “Oh my… look at her, I never would have guessed, the slutty bitch, getting a tongue bath from our new housekeeper, oh Carol darling, if I had only known how dirty you are, mmmmmmm sssooooooo dirtyyyyyyy.”

It was definitely lordbahis yeni giriş no mistake; his tall thirty five-year-old mother was getting more than a little turned on at the sight before her. The keyhole was giving her a wonderful view of lesbian lust, and grew feelings of incestuous delight within her quickly dampening pussy. James had realized that his sexy mom had not even mentioned his still iron hard cock, nestled in the grip of his right hand.

A low groan passed her full red lips as she opened her legs slightly to gain finger access to her shaven sex. James, behind her, had an unobstructed view of his mothers open legs, her white cotton panties moving sensually with the fingers underneath them. The young boy, forgotten now by his peeping mother, thought he would explode with lust at any minute. The desire he once had for his slightly older sister had now been surpassed by the hungry feelings of sexual longing for his mature mother. Bending over before him, legs apart slightly and bent at the knees, she swayed rhythmically as her soaked fingers fucked in and out, and up and down her dripping cunt.

Lost in the moment of impending orgasm, James’s mother did not react, at first, to his bold move; he lifted her short mini-skirt slightly at the back, giving him a great view of her ass cheeks. Being slightly bolder he lifted higher until the skirt hem was at the waistline.

Suddenly she was aware of him behind her and turned her head to growl, “Fuck off, you little shit, go have a wank in your bedroom.”

James was a little shocked at the obscenities his mother was directing at him. His sudden wanton slut of a mother had always conducted herself in a vaguely pompous manner with her family. James watched as she returned her gaze to her advantage point at he door, he then decided to stay where he was, after all why should he give up the wonderful position he had so fortuitously gained! He would wait a little longer until his slut mother was more turned on and less likely to object to his advances.

Inside the room Carol and her young lesbian lover were in the full sixty nine position and busy fucking and sucking the life out of each other.”Mmmmmmmm, aahhhhhh, oohhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeeeesssss,” Carol screamed as her fourth orgasmic shudder of the afternoon overwhelmed her again.

The pert young housekeeper’s hot little cunt squirted more boiling love juice into Carol’s open mouth as she too had another earth-shattering cum. “Ohhhhh mmmisssssssyyyyyy, ohhhhh, yyyyyyyyyoooou fuuuuuck meeee goooodddddd,” she wailed her tight ass bounced against Carol’s slobbering mouth.

Back in the hallway, James’s mother remained glued to the keyhole, her soaking panties now removed to the bottom of one leg, three of her long slim fingers fucked deep into her aching cunt. James, his cock gripped tight in his right fist, decided to try another move. Now kneeling right behind his mother, his face at eye level with her bubble shaped ass, James ventured a finger of his left hand against her ass cheek… no reaction. A bolder James opened his hand and gently placed it against the globe of shaking flesh… again no reaction. James then moved his hand between the cheeks of velvet skin and pushed inside the crack.

His mother unexpectedly groaned, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh,” as his hand rubbed the golden jewel that was his mother’s asshole.

As if suddenly coming out of a trance his mother jerked her head away from the door and turned it towards him. Glaring at him she forcefully ordered, “Stop that you little rat, keep those pervert hands to yourself, why don’t you go to your room and play your pervert games, and leave me to mine.” Returning her eye to the keyhole, her fingers still dancing on her clit, she continued her voyeurism.

James, more surprised than annoyed, moved back from his bending mother. He noticed, however, that her skirt was still raised up over her back and she had made no attempt to cover her gorgeous round ass. This being so, James could still see his peeping mother’s fingers were avidly rubbing her soaking cunt.

James decided, once more, that may be if he was a little more patient he may be able to make another attempt at groping his gorgeous mother again. All he needed to wait for was her to get past the stage of no return. But having this thought still didn’t retract from the fact that his rampant cock had other ideas of its own. The view of his stooping mother’s long legs and dripping pussy was lordbahis giriş enough in itself to make his cock meat throb to a glowing red.

Ignoring his mother’s forceful order that he should go to his room, James knelt back against the wall behind him again, not taking his gaze from his mother’s ass and pussy. Still very turned on, his mother moaned a throaty growl as she climbed the next stage towards orgasm. James gripped his cock hard and slowly rubbed his pre cum all over it, making it wet and slippery.

James hoped with that sound from her, that his time had come to make another move. This time he approached her even more gently than before, his nose sniffing in the heady aroma of dripping cunt juice. He was now inches away from his mother’s sweaty bouncing ass, when he heard another growl this time accompanied with a long moan.

Suddenly realizing that his mother was beyond the point of no return, James let go of his steel-like cock and placed his right hand against his slut-mother’s other ass cheek and opened her up. Sniffing in the pungent smell of her open, dripping wet cunt and her puckered pinky-brown asshole, the heady aroma of sex-crazed woman met his open nostrils. All resistance long gone, her hands now having left her pussy, were outstretched against the doorframe. Her eye pressed firmly to the keyhole, she opened her legs further and pushed her ass back towards him.


James pushed four fingers up his groaning mother’s cunt as he buried his face in her ass. Licking, slobbering, drooling and grunting he fucked his fingers, nose and tongue up his quaking, bent over mother. Bouncing her ass against her little incestuous son’s face she began to cum harder than she had ever done before. The electric glow started at every extreme of her body and made her legs sag with lust as the cum rushed over her in hot waves. James held her ass cheeks now in each hand, which also held her up and stopped her falling back on top of him as he licked her cunt lips to heaven.

Her orgasm ripping into her whole body, she suddenly let out a hoarse groan of utter pleasure, “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

As his mother gasped before him, James’s feelings overtook him and in one swift movement he stood up and pushed his rock-hard cock meat up into his mothers yielding cunt tunnel. He pushed his hands up under his mother’s loose top and grabbed a hanging tit in each of them. The juice squirted out past the sides of his shaft as he humped his whole length into her oily wet pussy. Unable to stop herself anyway, his mother made no attempt to prevent him fucking her, still coming down from the orgasm she had just had he pushed her back up towards another.


James did as he was told and fucked his hard cock up into his mother’s boiling cunt, forcing her to scream, “PULL MY TITS YOU FUCKER, MILK MY UDDERS WITH YOUR HANDS, PULL MY NIPPLES, SQUEEZE THOSE TITS BABY, THATS IT KEEP FUCKING ME AND PULLING MY TITS, MMMMMM YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM SO HARD.”

Now with his rhythmic fucking bottoming out his cock, with every stoke hitting her quaking cervix, he reached his next mind-blowing cum. James was amazed that it took this long before he felt his cum rising up his cock.

With a wailing cry of, “FUUUUUCCCCCCKK,” He unloaded a mug-full of hot bubbling cum into his well-fucked mother.

Feeling the hot fluid of her eighteen-year-old son enter her very soul made her tip over the edge into another gut-wrenching orgasm. Screeching, almost at the top of her voice, she yelled out, “CUUUUUUMMMMMIINGGGG, CUUMINGGG SOOOOOO HARRDDDDDD, LOVELY COCK, LOVELY COCK, FUCKKKK MEEEEE, CUMMINGGGGGG YEESSSSSSSSSSSS,”

Both mother and son, glued together in sexual union fell face forward into Carol’s bedroom as she opened the door with an opened mouthed expression of disbelief across her shocked face. On the floor in front of her, her brother and mother lay in a sweating, heaving mass. Stark naked herself, Carol looked down at them stunned. “What the fuck,” was all she could say.

Mother and son were too exhausted to do anything but groan, cum juice and boy spunk covering their bottom halves, they just lay there breathing heavily and still locked together.

Suddenly the little tanned face of the housekeeper appeared over Carol’s left shoulder and muttered, “Mummy and boy like fucky too missy, which one you want?”

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