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A Week At Papaw’s Ch. 06

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Friday — Complete and Absolute Submission — On Display

I made sure the alarms wasn’t set for the morning to let her sleep in and to give me a chance to say good-bye to my guests. After the pleasantries and good-byes Dominique and her friends are at the car and about to go. Dominique tells me that I need to come to visit her at her club, she would love me to bring Leah to a party there. I let her know that Leah will be leaving after the weekend, but maybe I will start to be a little more active in the community now. Kisses and hugs then they are on the way.

I go back in the house, into my bedroom. Leah is laying in the bed, like the little girl she has deep inside. As she sleeps I watch her, wishing there was time to explore what I have seen inside her, what she is made up of. Yet, the time is almost over and not enough to even get her to understand what is hidden there. With a sigh, I consider the possibilities and all to soon realize that it is time for her day to start.

I sit on the bed and shake her, waking her just enough for her to stretch like a cat coming out of a nice nap. I shake again and when her response is slow once again, I slap her across the ass with a “thwack” and she jumps up to her knees and sits back in front of me.

“Well, good morning pet, had a little trouble waking this morning didn’t you?” laughing a little as I ask.

“I am so sorry Sir, I was rather wiped out after last night, it will not happen again.” She lowers her head as if she had let me down and I tell her that it is ok.

“No need to be concerned lil one, I let you sleep so you could get a little more rest. Today I have allot to do for business and will be gone all day. There is a list of chores for you in the kitchen and I expect them all done. When I return you will be dressed for a night at an event, a party of sorts. Dress for public and be ready at 5 o’clock, kissing her I stand and start to the door. As I reach the door, I turn and say, “Don’t be late, be ready and make me proud tonight, it is all I ask of you.”

“I will Sir, I promise. I will miss you today.” Then I am out the door and off to town.

I spent the day taking care of some business dealings that I had neglected this week, and it takes me most of the day. When it rolls around to 4:00 o’clock, I head to the house and get myself ready for the evening. As I step out of my room and into the living room, looking at the door I see Leah sitting in the chair, ready to go.

“Good girl, that is a great start for this evening, let’s go to a party.” She opens the door for me and we head out to the car.

Driving through town and to the other side, we go about ten miles into the country. Leah looks around not knowing where we are headed and then we slow down to pull into a large stone gateway with a long winding lane laid out behind it. As we get to the end of the lane there is a very large house at the top of the hill. It is an old Victorian mansion with beautiful grounds. Pulling up to the front door, I can see the place is already in full swing, as we get out to let the valet park for us.

When we enter through the front door, Leah is almost floored. The place is really beautiful and alive with kinky friends. There is a live band and dance floor in the great room off to the right, and on the left, a large open room filled with entertainment and smaller groups dotted around that entertainment. It was like a circus, fire eaters and rope suspensions are scattered around the room. In the very center is a large bed, the orgy bed, open to any one. Beneath the over look of the second floor, surrounded by the dual staircases on the sides, was center stage. It is for both the performers and anyone else that wanted to been seen or had something to show.

I walk around with Leah, just side by side, to set her at ease with everything she was going to see and eventually experience tonight. She does look very lovely. A small black dress, again way to short for usual wear, but perfect here. No bra, so her hard nipples pushing through to escape, black french cut panties very lacy and sheer. Her hair down and caressing her shoulders, looking so very sexy and sultry.

As she walks, there is just a slight sway of the tiny ass that grabs your attention as she passes. She looks closely at the work of the rope masters and their “victims”. I can see the spark, the twinkle in her eyes as she admires the work. I can tell she wishes she was there, hanging and being enjoyed.

Walking through the open rooms, Leah sees things she had never experienced, tattoo artists and piercing stations, rope masters teaching their art, vendors showing some wares, and lots of open public sex all around us. Men and women, men and men, women and women, I think I see a few of the mixed variety as well, they always seem to round out a good party.

Leah is being very hands on with each place we stop, touching the toys and machines, holding the ropes. I even see her at a leather table, looking at the whips, crops and floggers. Picking them up and striking her palm, a few seem to peak Kartal escort bayan her interest. We stop at a small table with a display of needles and other pointy things, both surgical and what looks like long thin knitting needles. The girl that is showing us everything is a very nice looking redhead and she seems to like looking at Leah. Needles were never really my thing, but watching her interests is rather intoxicating. Leah picks up one of the needles, pokes her finger, jumps, yelps and rushes to my arms. I laugh out loud and say, “well then, maybe not needles, huh my pet?”

We make the rounds of all the different little areas and play spots around the house and end up in the atrium just out from where the stage area was set for the entertainment. As we stand there the music stops and the Host, a very good friend called Master Lee, steps to the mic on the stage.

“My dear kinky friends, WELCOME! It is a pure joy to see you all here tonight to help me celebrate my birthday. This is truly the BEST birthday I have ever had! I would also like to wish a long over due welcome back to a dear friend, he has been gone for far too long. I am sure that most of you may not know him, but I am sure you have heard of him. He has done so much for our community. He has either trained directly or trained someone for almost everyone I know in this life. He has been sorely missed. Papa Sweet, we are honored by your return.”

A spot light hits us and we are the center of attention. I wave and smile, then lean in to whisper to Leah, “Make me so proud lil one, I have faith in you.”

I step back away from Leah as Lee continues. “To commemorate this occasion, my friend, my mentor, has requested us to show off his latest work in progress.” The spot again surrounds her little frame and shows her to all.

“Friends, this is Leah, she is only a week old in kink terms, and she wants to show us what she has learned. Give her some love, please.”

As the crowd cheers and claps, Leah whips around and looks at me, a mix of fear and excitement fills her eyes. I hold up my finger to silence her and smile, she smiles back, lowers her head, places her hands in front and slowly lowers herself to her knees extended her arms to all. There is a cheer as she assumes the position without even a word from me.

From this position, two of Lee’s entertainers, dressed in black leather and hooded, walk to her. With one smooth pull, the dress is over her head and gone. She is left in just her panties. Then, they each fix a rope to a wrist cuff. The ropes extend down from the overhang of the second floor. As the ropes are drawn she is lifted with her arms in a Y shape and her feet dangle about a foot off the floor. The rest of the lights except the stage are dimmed making my hanging pet the center of attention, all eyes on her.

She is hanging as one of the men removes her panties, leaving her bare for all to see. I look closely, just above her shaved pussy is a small black pattern. As I see it so does Lee, he walks to her and looks closer and roars in a deep laugh.

“It says, property of Papa Sweet, I love it Sir,” he says to me. I respond by tipping my hand to him, yet I had no idea she had done that. “Maybe we should make that permanent before you go,” laughing as he returns to her.

Now my dear, we are ready to begin, how about you?” She nods at the question and he continues, “Shall I get you a blindfold lil one?”

She raises her head and shakes a definite no, then softly says, “I want to see everything Sir, please.”

Knowing Lee could never resist a little begging, I was sure she would not be in darkness for this adventure. Lee tosses the blindfold aside and picks up a whip from his table of toys. Unwinding the whip with a crack, she doesn’t even jump as the tip lashes against her belly, wrapped around her before the strike. Lee continues to give her well placed strikes with the whip, leaving almost straight lines wrapping around her. Lee is am artist with his whips. After a series of these lashes, Lee motions to his friends and each takes a leg and ties her to the floor using her new gifts. This leaves her hanging in a X and even more exposed.

Next he gets a grip on a very lovely flogger, lots of straps and long. Lee walks around her and uses the flogger on all of her exposed skin. Which as I said was every where on her. He continues walking and flogging as she squirms but never cries out. When he is done with this he motions again and the other pull the supports for her legs forward and this leaves her in close to a sitting position, with legs spread wide leaving her completely open and waiting for anything to come. Lee kneels between her legs and rubs her clit with his thumb, making it swell, he slaps the little bud to make it grow deep red. Next he clips a small clamp onto her clit and I see it has a weight attached to it, he lets it swing away from him, tugging at her clit as it swings.

He moves away and the supports for her legs are moved again, this time moving her to a position with her front facing Escort Kartal the floor at a steep angle. A machine with a large rubber cock on the arm is moved in behind her, and pushed into her pussy first. Lee flips a switch and the machine starts to robot fuck her with no letting up. She is writhing and dancing on the ropes like a puppet on a string. I can see she is fighting the orgasms that is trying to over take her. Lee see this as well, he has no desire to with hold or deny the thing everyone is waiting for so he tells Leah, “You are such a god girl lil one, and I appreciate the effort, but by all means, you may cum for me now.”

With hardly even a beat she is letting go and squirts like an unattended faucet. She floods the floor under herself and lets out a wonderful scream as she does. After she has had this animal fucking for long enough Lee motions the machine away and has the two get behind her and share her pussy together. The start to swap back and forth and eventually both are deep in her pussy and ass at the same time double filled, she is thrashing and panting, pulling against the restraints holding her there. As she is filled with the two strangers cocks, Lee moves in front and grabs her by the hair, pushing his hard cock into her mouth and down her throat. They develop a rhythm and soon have her swinging between them. It doesn’t take long and all three are splashing her with their cum shots. She is trying to lap it as it rains down on her.

Lee moves away and the supports are return so she is again in the sitting position. Remember the red head at the needle table? Well she steps up from the shadows and has a small container with needles. She starts to slide them trough Leah’s nipples making a pretty little star with the pearl heads, around the hard little nipples. She hardly moves or cries out as she is pierced. It is then that I notice and remember the weight on her clit, still swinging. The clamp is removed and the weight placed to the side. As if a way to say good-bye, the redhead grabs a close candle and lets the hot wax drip on the tender, swollen flesh of Leah’s clit. This causes a reaction and a great cheer from the crowd.

This exhibition of my pet continues for almost 90 minutes. I am amazed at her strength. When the show is over she comes running to me and wraps herself around me and kisses me over and over.

“Thank you Sir, thank you so much, you are the best Master ever,” As she lays her head against my chest I pull her into my arms to carry her.

We continue enjoying the party for several more hours and experienced all there was to do. I even lost her for a short time as she was pulled into the orgy bed to join some new fans. I am thrill watching her as she opens so many new doors to fill her life. I can see that she has learned well and will be a very big part of any community she ends up with. For the first time I realize that I will miss her terribly.

Making our nice good-byes around the room and finally getting to Lee. He give my pet a long kiss and a tight hug, telling her she is welcome at his place anytime she wants to come by. Turning to me and shaking my hand, he says, “Papa, you know we all miss you. I miss your being around. I do hope this is a trend that you plan on continuing.” Another round of hugs and we head to the door.

As we leave the party Leah is like a kid, excited and in wonder of what she had just seen and done, she was bouncing all over the place. In the car she settles and lays across the seat with her head on my leg. Pulling out past the gates to the county highway headed home, Leah sits up and with excitement in her voice tells me.

“Master, thank you so much for bringing me here, it was wonderful. So many amazing things, so many things that made me hot and horny, I am just so thrilled with it all.”

As I smile and stroke her hair, she lays her head back on my thigh and starts to slowly rub her tiny hand across the bulge in my pants. Which seems to have been trying to escape anyway. This was how the trip home went and she stayed there stroking me until I pulled into my drive and up to the house. I tell her to go get ready for bed, tomorrow is an early morning, Tina and the others will be back in the morning, not sure how early, but Tina is an early bird. She kisses me and is gone to the house. I get inside and get me a nice glass of wine, heading into the living room. I relax by sitting in my chair, listening to some music before bed. After about 15 minutes I go into the bathroom and slip into a hot steamy tub, still with the wine in tow.

As I sit and begin to nod off fro the sensations of the hot bath I hear a knock at the door. I answer with a “Yes” and the small voice on the other side came back with, “Sir, may I come inside, I am ready for bed, but you have not told me anything more?”

“Yes my sweet, you may come in,” was all I had to say. The door opened and she got to the side of the tub and dropped to her knees waiting for more from me. “Would you like to take a nice soak with me before bed lil one?”

“Please Sir, may Kartal Rus Escort I?” looking up, her eyes beaming brightly.

“Yes my pet, climb in with me for a good steamy bath,” She jumps up and slips into the tub on my lap and lays back against me.

We sit in the tub for just a bit, I know I am so wiped out and she has to be, but it is just so nice to lay against each other, bodies pressed in the hot water. It is about 15 minutes later that I lift her up, stand and carry her into the bedroom, she grabs towels on the way out of the bathroom, drying us as we get to the bed. Sitting beside her, I get the last prize out from the drawer, her new collar.

I wrap the leather band around her neck and fix the little lock in front. “You know, you really did earn this, I am so very proud of what you have been able to accomplish this week. I will miss teaching and helping you explore your sexuality. But you now have a great start and I will always be here when you need me, you will see that once in, you never really leave my family. These are yours for always, if you find a new Master, I only ask two things, first, please save these gifts to remember this time we shared. Second, show me the courtesy of letting me know that you have found another, I will not hold you to this collar. It is just my gift to show you who you are and can become. And I guess we are no longer in training, so you are free to do as you please tonight.”

She looks at me and a tiny smile slide across her face, “You are my Master, now and forever. No one will ever change that, everything I have learned and experienced this week makes my head spin. The only time it is still is when you take it in your hands to guide me. I love the path you have led me down and can only imagine what lies ahead. Master, I will always be yours. Tonight it would please me to fall asleep in your arms.”

She gives me a kiss and wraps her arms tightly around me. We lay down and snuggle tight, falling asleep in record time.

I am suddenly awaken by the sounds of people in the living room, oh shit did I leave the gate and front door both unlocked. I jump up and look out the bedroom door. It is Tina and her friends bringing in a little bit of luggage. I spin and wake Leah, telling her the girls are back and practically push her into the bathroom, “get up the back stairs and hit a bed, NOW!!”

Almost laughing she heads up the stairway and out of sight, I get my robe from the bedroom and covering up head into the other room.

“Good morning ladies, how are you doing. I didn’t realize you would be this early,” was all I could imagine to say.

Tina laughed and shot back, “Early, Papaw it is almost 3 o’clock in the afternoon, have you just gotten up?”

Looking at the clock I am stunned, I reply to her, “No just a quick shower, was a little sweaty from being in the garden already.”

“Nice cover, Sir,” I hear come from behind me. Leah is standing on the staircase on shorts and a tube top. I look and she is proudly still wearing the collar and cuffs she had earned.

A smile hides my true pride in her as I answer, “All I could think of.”

Tina looks up and see her friend. “Wow, Leah, I like that choker, when did you get that, it is lovely?”

Leah glances past me and smiles, “This, I don’t remember, it feels like I have had it forever, you know, it’s a part of me.”

Tina runs up to give the hello hugs and they bound off to the living room with the other girls, laughing and telling the stories I’ll get to listen to for the rest of the evening. Then the music comes on and the house is alive again.

I stay pretty much out of sight after dinner, but can hear them in the other room, still having a great time it seems. I clean up the kitchen alone, for the first time this week I think to myself, hit the shower and then into bed. The girls still hard at it in the other room. I am glad that all seems to be back to normal for Leah. But you know, I am not really sure it will be that easy for me to go back.

The louder rock has drifted into some softer tunes and just a little quieter from the living room, I assume the girls are dropping off to sleep one by one. Then the door creaks and slowly opens and I hear a familiar tiny voice say, “Sir, are you awake?”

I turn to my side and answer, “Yes, hurry in, not sure who is still up.”

Leah is standing across from me and in a tiny white nightie. I sit up at the side of the bed and start to say, “Leah………. “.

She stops me with a kiss, just a light touch on my lips and a whisper, “Did you think I could sleep alone tonight, I want to return the gift you have given me with a gift of my own.”

She stands and pulls off the thin nightie and pushes back into the kiss she had just left. This time with much more vigor. She wraps her arms tight around my neck and kisses deep and hard, probing inside. She continues to push me back until she is lying on top of me and starts to slowly slide down the front kissing, licking and sucking as she goes. Her hands caressing and exploring as if it is the first time to touch me. She continues down and slips my cock along her face. Tender kisses and nibbles make me flinch and throb at her touch. She wraps her tiny hands around me and strokes slowly, getting me wet with her tongue as I slip and slide across her palms.

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