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A Weekend Away Ch. 03-05

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Thanks to Julia Nova and Grace for help with the editing.


Chapter 3

As I stood on the balcony hearing your whisper and your lips on my ear lobe a shiver went down my spine.

I had been caught playing with my hard cock, but maybe that was what I wanted. Your right hand went around my waist and replaced mine. You took my hard shaft in your hand.

“Let me do that for you,” you said in a sexy voice. How could I refuse? Your naked body tight against mine, you were still wet from the shower, you never did dry yourself off.

I moaned as your hand gently but firmly started to wank me off. With your thumb, you teased the tip of the head, you knew how sensitive I was there. “Isn’t it much better to have a sexy woman wank your off?” you said to me.

I leaned back into your naked body, rubbing my back against your breasts, knowingly teasing your hard and sensitive nipples. The cold air of the night sky heightened the sensation for both of us. I then turned around to face you, and looked into your eyes before kissing you deeply and passionately. Our tongues tangled together and explored each other.

Even then, you did not let go of my hard cock, you continued to massage it, to play with it, to tease it. I bent down, taking your nipple into my mouth, flicking the end of it sucking it, running tongue around it, as it grew even harder in my mouth. With my hands, I played with your other nipple, teasing it, pulling it.

You moaned aloud but still you kept hold of my cock, stroking it hard. “Let me suck it now.”

There and then, you bent down and stared at my hard cock, bright and shining there in front of your face ready to be sucked. You knew how to tease me. You just blew on it, your cold breath right on the tip, before running your tongue right around the head and just under the tip.

You moaned as you tasted my precum on your lips. Holding the base, you ran your tongue along its length from top to bottom several times before the sucking one of my balls into your mouth. You looked up and smiled.

“I shaved for you just in case,” I said to you with a smile. You loved the feel of my balls in your mouth as you stroked the shaft up and down, wanking me more urgently as time passed.

You wanted it deep in your mouth. You knew that you could take it because you had done it to me before.

My hard cock penetrated your open mouth sliding deeper and deeper, as far as you could take it; All the way to my balls.

I felt the magic that you performed on the head while it was at the back of your mouth. I loved the feel of fucking your mouth, holding your head, and slowly pumping my cock in and out; your hands on my arse as I continued.

“Let me taste yours” I said to you.

You sat up on the large table that was out on the balcony, and immediately opened your legs wide for me.

“Come kuşadası escort on and lick my cunt your bastard.”

I got down on my knees in front of you. Immediately the tip of my tongue touched the base of your pussy and I ran it all the way along your lips tasting your sweet juices until I reached your bud at the top.

I spread your lips to expose your pink, wet pussy and your engorged clit. You moaned as I licked over the tip, sucking it, licking it, pulling it into my mouth. I held your legs wide apart then pushed my tongue deep inside you, penetrating you, tongue fucking you. I kept exploring, kissing, and pleasuring you. Your moans got louder, you tensed your body, and I wanted you to cum all over my face and in my mouth.

My kissing and licking became stronger and harder. My fingers reached up and pinched your nipples.

I knew you were close. “Cum for me babe” I said.

You let yourself go in a mountain of pleasure. You knew how much I loved making you cum with my tongue.

The two of us got up and kissed passionately. You could taste your own juices on my mouth. We looked out over the pool, and saw the hotel manageress again down below. She looked at us with a big smile, and blew us both a kiss and walked on by.

How much had she heard, or seen? She couldn’t have. Could she?

Chapter 4

After a passionate night on the balcony, and a wonderful early morning wake up we spent the morning exploring the beautiful town that was located behind the hotel. We returned to after lunch fully intent on spending the afternoon by the pool. We changed and gathered all our gear and of course, sun tan lotion before heading down to get a great spot. There were a few other people around but it was in no way over crowded.

Lying down on your front, you wanted sun tan lotion rubbing into your back. I was an eager volunteer.

Unhooking your bikini top, I poured the clear oil onto your back, down your spine and across your shoulders. I was going to enjoy every moment of this. Massaging your shoulders, you were immediately relaxing as I rubbed the oil in down your back and across your sides. I used firm pressure, and of course every time my hands went down your sides I had a lovely feel of the sides of your breasts.

I moved down to your legs, massaging oil into your ankles, the back of your knees and your thighs, massaging them hard and deep. I kept moving my hands higher, upwards on your inner thighs. Did you want more?

Your legs relaxed, moved slightly farther apart and as my hands moved up to your bikini line, you let out a moan. Question answered, you did want more. My hands rubbed over the gusset of your bikini, I could feel the warmth as I rubbed; now massaging your pussy through the thin material.

You were enjoying the pleasure, and so was I. I looked around, no one was really noticing so I continued. I slipped a finger under the material an on to your naked skin. My finger slid inside you. You were so wet. Your cunt opened easily to accept two fingers. I was now openly penetrating you, fingering you. You were certainly enjoying yourself, and not bothered by who was around us. No one really noticed.

As I continued, I was carefully looking around just in case. Then I spotted her.

It was the Hotel Manageress again. She was openly watching from a distance. She was dressed in a tiny skirt and sheer white top, visibly without a bra. It showed off her beautifully firm breasts and nipples under the material. She smiled at me and licked her lips at what I was doing to you.

My fingers were still moving inside you, completely oblivious to the fact that we were being watched. The Manageress clearly enjoyed what she saw and gave signs for me to continue. You moaned and started to shake with pleasure, your orgasm was close. I continued faster, bringing you to the point of no return. I could feel your pussy grip my fingers as you came. I looked across at the person watching us; she looked back at me, then lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them erotically, giving me a wink.

As you lay there in the sun covered in oil, I went off for a swim to cool down. You fell asleep and when you woke, it took you a while to spot me. I was over at the bar talking to the hotel Manageress.

You could not tell what was happening, until I came back over with two drinks for us both.

“What were your two talking about?” you asked of me.

“Oh nothing,” I replied, “just getting a drink for you to cool off.”

“It’s you who needs cooling off after talking to that hot babe,” you replied back to me with a wink.

Chapter 5

The afternoon by the pool was long slow and relaxing, we had some fun, we were both still turned on, and feeling good after a couple Piña Coladas.

I disappeared off to the showering area that was attached to the pool. It was somewhere to lock clothes away and have a cooling shower to remove all that sweat of the warm day before jumping in the pool again.

I enjoyed the feel of the cool fresh water on my skin, still thinking about earlier that afternoon and how I was sliding my fingers in and out of your wet pussy as you lay on the sun lounger. Turned on, I started getting hard under the shower. A bit too public, so I headed off into a private changing cubicle. I needed to stroke myself off.

Closed in the cubicle I dropped my beach shorts, taking my cock in my hands, my eyes closed leaning back against the wall.

I was thinking of you deeply kissing the hotel manageress. Your tongues exploring each other’s mouths, your experienced hands on the woman’s breasts, feeling her hard nipples.

Fuck I was horny, and in a world of my own. The tip of my cock was so wet.

I could visualise the two women undressing each other, getting more and more passionate.

All of a sudden the cubicle door opened to my shock and in you walked, I thought you had fallen asleep on the sun lounger after all that excitement and would not have missed me for a few minutes but there you were again in front of me with a smile on your face.

”Don’t you think my mouth would do a better job that rather than your left hand?”

Without waiting for an answer you dropped to your knees and took the tip of my wet cock into your mouth.

“Mmm,” we both moaned. I to the feel of your warm, expert mouth taking my hard cock in slowly further and further; you to the pleasure of knowing you would be able to bring me off yet again.

Your hands grabbed my arse firmly as you started to pump your mouth up and down on my shaft. You loved the feel and the control you had over me. As you let the head pop out of your mouth, you grabbed the shaft in your hand and slowly pumped it as you licked the tip, flicking your tongue just underneath the head where you knew it was so sensitive. I let out another loud moan. My god you were so good at it. How long could I last?

You wanted more, you wanted me and you wanted the pleasure of my hard cock deep inside you.

“Come and fuck me baby, I want you” you whispered in my ear.

I sat on the toilet seat, completely naked, my hard cock pointing up waiting for you, ready for you. You straddled me, pulling your small bikini thong to one side exposing yourself to me. You rubbed your lips across the tip of my cock, but you could not tease me, you wanted it so much. In one slow but sure movement, you slide down onto my shaft, your cunt taking my full length in one single movement.

You looked straight at me and kissed me long and deeply. Your arms tight around my neck, my cock deep inside your, you started to move on me. You started to fuck me, you started to use me, you wanted your pleasure, and you wanted it now.

“Go on fuck me, your sexy bitch” you whispered to me. You loved it and wanted it all. I started, quick and fast.

You bounced up and down on me, as deep as you could take it, down to my balls. I took one of your sensitive nipples into my mouth, licking it, sucking it, biting it. You were turned on by it.

My balls soaking, your fluids running out of you all over me, I felt the tension and pressure rising in you. You started to shake as you fucked me harder and faster, we no longer cared about the noise we were making.

You started cumming; the orgasm inside you reached a crescendo of pleasure as your whole body exploded. Your cunt tightened around my shaft pulling me into you. You put your arms around me and hold me tight. We kiss each other long and deep.

We calmed down, suddenly we heard some noise outside the cubicle, was it a moan, a laugh, footsteps moving away. Who cares, we held each other again, smiled and kissed deeply.

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