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A Weekend of Reconnecting Ch. 03

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Only a minute or two after cleaning up from our little threesome masturbation session, Jimmy walked in the door to find Lisa still in the bathroom and Molly and I watching TV, sitting against the headboard, each in our own bed. Aside from being naked, we were looking as innocent as could be.

As Jimmy put the bag of beverages down, he looked at the two of us laying there naked. “What, did you already start without me?”

“No,” Molly answered as she got up off the bed and headed for a drink. “We needed the alcohol first.” As she pulled a drink out of the shopping bag, she leaned in and gave Jimmy a great kiss. While not overly long, she was nearly fucking his mouth with her tongue.

“Ewww, gross!” Lisa mocked as she walked out of the bathroom. “I need a drink after seeing that.”

Molly disengaged from Jimmy and handed Lisa the bottle she had in her hand before reaching for another one for herself. I was pretty sure that as Molly passed the bottle for Lisa in front of her, she made it deliberately dip in and rub against her hot little mound.

Each of the girls sat down on their own beds and Jimmy wasted no time stripping out of his clothes, leaving them in a pile in the middle of the room where they fell.

As he started to sit down next to her, Molly frowned and said, “Seriously? You are going to take your clothes off and just leave them lay there in the middle of the room?”

“I guess not,” Jimmy answered as he got up to pick up his clothes.

“I think his clothes were the last thing on his mind,” I chuckled, giving Molly a hard time.

We all chatted about nothing for a while and watched until the cook-off that the girls had been watching wrapped up. Molly again began flipping through the channels until Jimmy reached over and snatched the remote from her hand.

“Hey, I was flipping,” she said a little indignantly.

“Yeah, but you got to pick the last show, now it’s my turn.”

Lisa and I just laughed, knowing we had had the same conversation at some other point in time.

As Jimmy slowly worked through the channels, Lisa rolled onto her side, with her hand and arm propping her head up to look over at Molly as they talked. The movement brought her body just close enough to mine that I could feel her breasts rub against my ribs. Lisa’s nipples noticed too as the quickly became sharp little nubbins that worked hard to hold the rest of her tits away from my body.

Feigning interest in the bit of gossip Molly was sharing, I looked over at her lying there completely naked, her legs spread slightly allowing her pussy room to breathe. I could only imagine that it was an effort to keep it from overheating. While I stared at her fur covered mound, running from her lower tummy to where it ran down between her thighs, I was brought back to our time together in the bathroom, impaling her on my finger only to withdraw it and smear her juices around the head of my dick. I thought about pushing the image out of my mind in an effort to keep the blood from flooding into my shaft, but quickly decided not to worry about it. After all, who in this room hadn’t seen it already?

As Jimmy flipped, he came across one of the premium channels that the hotel included and stopped to listen. It was that show that taped couples in the back of a taxi as they discussed intimate details and even occasionally demonstrated for the cameras conveniently placed in the cab. With a pause in our own conversations, we all listened for a minute or two.

“What I don’t understand is how the driver manages to keep from running over the curb or into something else. They are always showing him looking back in his rearview mirror,” I commented.

“It’s probably just creative editing to make you think they are doing whatever while he is watching it all. Why would he need to watch anyway?” Molly argued. “He’s getting it all on tape.”

We all laughed and then fell quiet again as we listened to the intimate details of the couple’s experience in partner swapping. I think we were all building that thin sheen of sweat that indicates arousal. A few more minutes of quietly listening and Lisa reached over to wrap her fingers lightly around my cock. She just continued to give it light, almost nonchalant strokes as she listened to the people on the TV talk about having sex with their friends. While I don’t think she needed any, I ran my hand down her back and gave a small but firm push, as if to hug her with encouragement.

“Do people really do that?” Jimmy asked as girl on the screen reached over and pulled her partner’s stiffening prick out of his pants. “I mean, do real people really do that?”

“Which activity are you referring to?” Molly asked. “Swapping? Fooling around in a taxi? Playing with his thing?”

“No!” Lisa sarcastically responded. “Real women never play with those things!”

Looking over to see her still stroking my thing, Jimmy and Molly laughed hard, Molly almost spitting out the drink she had just taken.

A little indignant about his question not being taken too seriously, Jimmy spoke zenci porno up. “Well, I know women do that. I was talking about the other stuff.”

“I’m sure they do,” I answered. “And a whole lot more probably fantasize about it. Hell, I’d love to fuck around in the back seat while someone drove us around. But reality being what it is, prior to this weekend, I wouldn’t have ever seen it happening, having someone else in the car and in sight of us. But now, I guess depending on who was driving, we would just need dark tinted windows to keep from earning an indecent exposure charge,” I answered matter of fact.

“I have to agree,” Lisa followed. “After this weekend, it does sound a little exciting.”

“I would have to agree,” Molly added. “After this weekend, probably. But it would have to be one of you two driving,” she said as she looked across at us. I watched her eyes focus for more than a couple of seconds on the sight of Lisa rather absent mindedly stroking my prick before turning back to the TV.

I was a little surprised that we were all laying here completely naked, Lisa jacking me off, and absolutely no funny business had started up on the other bed. Oh well, their loss. I decided Jimmy was too engrossed in the program on the TV as he continued.

“Well, maybe that one’s not such a big deal either. But switching partners?”

After a moment for us all to consider, Molly restarted the conversation. “I’m sure people do do that. There are always rumors around town of groups swapping. And knowing some of the people, I could well imagine those stories to be true. As far as myself, I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it.”

“I haven’t either,” Lisa said, now watching the girl on TV pull her g-string down from under her skirt and climb on top of her partners lap. With her back to him, one particular camera had a perfect angle to see her pull her skirt up with one hand reach down with the other to guide her partner’s stiff prick into her. As she guided him in, Lisa’s hand paused just a moment on my pole, only to restart again with a little faster pace as she watched the couple on TV work into their own pace. And then, of course, the picture changed to show the driver yet again watching in his mirror as he adjusted the angle to see a little lower. Then it was back to the lovers as he reached around and roughly lifted her shirt and bra away from her tits, leaving them swinging for all the world to see.

Lisa went on, “I don’t think I would ever want to be with another guy. My husband is more than enough for me.”

I realized Jimmy was still completely unaware of the activities during his trip to the liquor store when he looked at Lisa and asked, “Ok, so no other guys. What about other women? Would you do that kind of swinging thing?”

Lisa was obviously choosing her words carefully as her deep thought again caused her hand to pause around the base of my dick. “Do you mean sharing him with another girl at the same time? Or both of us being with another girl together?”

“I guess it’s your fantasy, your choice,” he offered.

“Hmmm,” she said as she thought. “I guess if he would get to play around, I would want to too, at least to try it once.” I noticed the pace of her hand again quicken as she restarted her pumping. She was really getting turned on at just the thought of it.

“What about you? Would you have a threesome with another girl?” Molly asked, looking straight at me.

Without a mental filter, I would have been screaming “FUCK YEAH!”, but decided that might be a little too much at the moment. Out loud this time, I answered, “Yeah, I guess if Lisa were totally fine with it. I mean, I think most guys would find it pretty exciting to be with two women at the same time.” At that, Lisa ever so slightly increased the pressure of her hand around my dick as she continued working.

As I made a note of it in my mind for later, Molly apparently decided to break the slight tension in the room. She suddenly flew off of her bed, bounded across the gap between the two beds, jumped over Lisa and I, and roughly spooned in behind Lisa. “Yeah, baby. Come on, let’s do it,” she dramatically cried. She firmly thrust her hips against Lisa’s ass as she reached around and grabbed my wife’s tit. “Oh yeah, does that feel good? Come on baby, let’s all fuck like bunnies.”

The tone in her voice made it clear that she was being over dramatic in an attempt to be funny. But I had a feeling that deep down inside, there was some real desire behind the actions. After all, it wasn’t long ago that she was finger fucking my wife for real. I watched the two of them bounce off of each other laughing as I wondered how far she would take the ruse. Would she reach out and bring me into the game?

Falling into laughter, the dramatic hip thrusts stopped next to me as the girls tried to catch their breath. I did notice, however, that Molly’s hand still had not left where it tried to cover Lisa’s tit.

“See, that’s what I would be afraid of,” Jimmy chipped in from his bed. “If zorla seks porno we brought another girl in, they would get lost in each other and I would be left out, just left to watch.”

“Well I certainly couldn’t leave him out,” Lisa continued with the dramatic. “How could you ever forget about this?” And with that she dropped her head and ran her tongue up the length of my shaft.

“Oh yeah, suck that dick,” Molly encouraged her. And with that, she ran her hand up my thigh and grabbed my cock, holding it for Lisa to work. “See?” she said to Jimmy, “As much as I may enjoy another girl, there’s no way I could just forget about a good cock.”

And with that, both girls moved away from my pole and again laughed.

“I suppose I should go back over and keep him company,” Molly said to Lisa as she again gave Lisa’s tit a nice firm squeeze. She then got up on her hands and knees to crawl back over the two of us on her way back to her own bed. As she straddled her way over me, she locked eye contact and put her body at just the right height to drag her pussy hair over the tip of my dick as it bounced with each beat of my heart. As she moved, she looked me straight in the eyes and gave and wicked little smirk, and then was gone.

While the last few minutes had included an overly dramatic flair that worked to say it was all a joke, I knew better. With our little masturbation session earlier and Molly’s departure across my body after the joke, there was a real root of truthful desire behind it all. And who was I to argue with that?

“You know what we should do? We should go down and sit in the hot tub,” Molly suggested.

“You do realize that means getting dressed, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, but only in a swim suit. I wonder if the pool is still open.” She went to the desk and, finding the hotel information booklet, flipped through it. According to the schedule, the pool was open for another half hour. Looking at the three of us still sprawled on the beds, Molly directed, “Get up. Let’s go, we don’t have much time. I think a little time soaking in the hot tub would feel great.”

Not overly crazy about the idea of getting dressed and going out in public, the rest of us were a little slower to get up and move.

“Oh come on, it will be fun!”

Lisa was the first to actually get up off the bed, but drawn by the sight of her ass, I was quick to follow. It’s all about the motivation. She walked over to where our suitcase lay on the floor and bent over to find her suit. Bending at the waist, I watched as her puffy pussy lips peeked out from between her thighs. I reached down and gave myself a few quick strokes and then stepped in behind her, pushing myself in. No, there’s no need to go swimming right now.

Having just been fondled and even sucked for the last half hour, and having another woman grab my shaft and rub it through her pubes, I was surprised how aware I was of the feeling of my wife wrapped around my dick. I was expecting to be so horny I was numb to anything but cumming. After I humped just a few times, she stood back up with suit in hand. As she did, the positioning forced my cock to slide out. She turned her head back over her shoulder and gave me a little kiss.

“Just keep that in mind while we are in the hot tub.”

Pleasing Molly, we all got our suits on and headed out the door. I watched as they walked, Lisa in her conservative tankini. Other than the last 24 hours, she really was quite conservative and not overly comfortable with herself. Molly was a little more daring with a true, although conservative bikini. With the limited support of their swimsuit tops, I could see their tits lusciously jiggle as they walked down the hall. I could only imagine what it would feel like to walk up between them, drape an arm over the shoulder of each, and slide my hand down across their bare chests and under their suits to cup a creamy white tit. As we stood waiting for the elevator, I wondered if they had been having the same thoughts. I could clearly see their nipples trying to poke through their suits.

After stepping into the elevator and letting the door close, I immediately reached over Lisa’s shoulder and did exactly what I had wanted to do. Jimmy took the hint and reached into Molly’s top as well. It was actually pretty hot as each couple stood facing the other while we guys bared one of our wife’s tits and rolled her nipple. Getting into the mood, I watched as Molly ran her hand across her stomach and then down between her legs to rub her pussy. I couldn’t see from my point of view, but I was pretty sure Lisa was doing the same.

As the elevator dinged our arrival at 1st floor, the girls scrambled to pull our hands out of the way so they could adjust their suits and cover up before the door opened, exposing them to anyone waiting to get in the elevator. Properly covered, we all stepped out of the elevator and found our way to the pool area. With only a few others in the pool area, we found a spot right by the hot tub to lay our towels and room key and eased ourselves into the hot water. This was all actually pretty nice, with a little softer lighting than most pool areas and a flat screen TV hanging within easy view of the hot tub. Jimmy was quickly into whatever game was being broadcast.

Eventually, all others in the pool area had headed back to their rooms and we were alone, just soaking. None of us had really tried anything with our partners. After all, there were large windows to the main hall, clear sightlines to anyone the moment they walked into the pool room, and a couple of security cameras hanging around. No, too many chances to get caught. We sat and soaked until a hotel staff member came in and explained that the pool was closing.

“Oh, but it feels so good,” I whined flirtingly to the cute college coed that was trying to close things down.

With an understanding smile, she reminded us, “It will be open again tomorrow.”

“Yeah, but then there will be kids running all over the place causing all kinds of terror.”

She gave a little thought before agreeing to let us stay just a little longer and pointed out the last light switch that we needed to catch on our way out. “I’ll be back in a half hour to close up for real.”

We all settled back in to the water, grateful for the clemency and extra time. After about 10 minutes, Molly lifted herself out of the hot tub and sat on the edge. “I supposed we should be out of her way when she comes back to close the pool. She was nice enough to let us stay late.”

“We’ve still got 20 minutes before she comes back, and there is just about that much of the game left. Relax and sit back down.”

“I know we have time. But I want to use the shower here to rinse off before we go back upstairs.”

The pool area had a family style shower room available for just such purposes, and was quite open to allow parents to help their kids get through the shower. We didn’t have any soap or shampoo, but we could at least get the chlorine washed off.

“I’m going to shower. Who wants to come with?” Molly asked as she stood up next to the hot tub.

Lisa and I both sat in silence, expecting Jimmy to jump at the chance to take a shower with his wife. Instead, he let out a cheer as his team of choice made a big score.

“Anyone?” Molly asked again.

After a little more of a pause, Lisa stood up and said, “Well, I’ll go with you.” She looked at me and gave me a little wave of the hand signaling I was supposed to come with.

“Yeah, as good as the hot tub feels, I’ve had enough of the chlorine. I’ll rinse off too,” I said as I got up and out of the water. I walked into the shower room behind the two girls and realized exactly how dense Jimmy could be. Oh well, his loss.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as it was a private space, and yet was still part of the public pool area. I quickly had an idea of where it was headed as, walking through the door into the shower room, I watched Molly pull her bikini top up and over her head. Before her tits were done bouncing free, she turned and grabbed the top of Lisa’s suit and pulled it up and off. With the door finally shut, I reached back to lock it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched Molly put a tit in each of her hands (not her own tits) and then leaned in to suck on one of Lisa’s nipples. Lisa just leaned her head back and cradled Molly’s head in her hands, holding it there while she reveled in the sensation of another woman sucking on her nipple for the first time. By this point, I was pretty much out of any caution, and so moved over between the two, and as I leaned in to kiss on Lisa’s neck, I reached up played with one of Molly’s tits. No reason she shouldn’t be treated. I played with her nipple a little longer while she moved back and forth between Lisa’s tits, Lisa letting out little mewing sounds as Molly hit just the right spots.

With only 20 minutes left before we were kicked out of the pool area for good, I decided to move things along. I gave Molly’s nipple one final pinch, pulling on it and letting it slip from between my fingers, watching as her tit bounced back into its natural hanging shape. I moved around behind Lisa, squatted down and pulled the bottoms of her suit down to the floor. I slid my hands back up her legs and kneaded her ass a few times before sliding the fingers of one hand between her thighs. She shifted a little as she spread her legs, allowing me enough space to rub along her pussy lips a few times. As I did, I laid a few sensual kisses across her ass cheeks.

Realizing this ride now had three wheels, I stood up and moved behind Molly, again squatting down and pulling the rest of her suit to the floor while she continued the nursing of Lisa’s tits. After giving her the same treatment as my wife, I then stood up and paused for just a moment. I looked down at her ass sticking out towards me as she was still bent over into Lisa’s chest. Just a slip of my trunks and I could be driving home into that pussy that was so new and attractive to me. I debated, and then moved back beside the two. As I wrapped one arm around my wife’s waist and with the other hand began rolling her nipple again, Molly stood up, looked down to where my throbbing cock was trying to find its way out of the top of my suit and looked back at Lisa.

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