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A Wife’s Lover, His Boss

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I didn’t act like it at the time but I was shocked by what had happened. I didn’t let my husband know it but I was scared. I felt like a little girl. I smile to myself when I think back about that now. I acted brave, vixen like, but I was scared. I was putting up a good front and didn’t know if I could go through with any of it. I learned that not only could I, I learned that I loved it and would not stop. I took a lover other than my husband, one that would become my Master and owner. I could not stop becoming the sex slave I became for a real man, am man other than my husband. He ended up owning me completely.

I had been dominant over my husband for years prior to meeting my lover, my Master. My husband created the Dominatrix that I became at home with him. That became the very easy part of our marriage. I took to it naturally. I loved being spoiled and making him wait on me hand and foot. I learned to love punishing him too, more than I thought I would. I discovered that it not only got me excited it made me wet!

It all started with him sharing his dirty fantasy of me being with another man. I thought it was all so much dirty talk. But it did get me hot! He’d get so turned on having me play with his penis while talking dirty to him about me fucking another man, going into much detail. Early in our marriage he confessed his desire to have me dominate him, to tease him with me being with other men. I’d drive him crazy in bed like that. I was amazed at how wet it made me to talk like that, to think about actually being with another man and treating my husband as a submissive house slave. That was his fantasy. And that was to become our reality, on step at a time. Little did I know how much of a reality. And then along came my husband’s boss, Alan.

The first time we were together was at his house. It was a company cook out, a party at his house for his employees and business associates. I knew he liked me as soon as I walked in with my husband. It may have been the tight little skirt and blouse I wore with the top two buttons undone. I tied the bottom of it up under my breasts. I was the perfect hot wife. I took extra time doing my makeup, even did a cute little push up bra. I made up my mind I was going to flirt and add to the fantasy my husband had created. I was going to give him much more than he bargained for. I got hot thinking about that. He even commented on my outfit, saying I was gorgeous, maybe too hot for a party like this. When he started in on me about being too hot for the party I slapped his face. I told him to deal with it, I’d go by myself if he didn’t want to be seen with me. I just laughed and told him he created me, now live with it. Besides, I didn’t look slutty. I looked super feminine. I’m an attractive woman and know how to work it.

As soon as we arrived at the party and I met his boss I knew I did the right thing, chose the right sexy outfit. His boss couldn’t keep his eyes off of me, his gaze going right to my cleavage. He was undressing me with his eyes as soon as we were introduced. I lost count of the times I caught him looking at my rear end or my breasts, during the day. And I remember working it, bending, sitting, doing the ‘girly girl’ thing, teasing as us women are so good at doing when we want to. An hour or so into the party after eating me up with his eyes he asked me if I wanted to see his house, take the tour. I had commented on his house, how nice it was when we arrived. I told him I’d love to. That was the beginning of something special. That was where it all started.

It was just me and him going through his house upstairs and down. We ended up in his basement. That was when Alan made his move on me. My husband was upstairs lost in conversation with the many guests and his co-workers. I remember that first time and still get wet when I think about it. He was so bold! He’d been chatting me up, brushing up against me as he showed me around his house but as soon as we got to his basement office he went for it. He took my arm and pulled me to him. He kissed me deeply. I was shocked. But I did not stop him. I kissed back. I got instantly wet! I had a drink or two prior and was feeling more than receptive to this man. He was all man. He kissed me antakya seks hikayeleri and I started to feel myself melt into him. I felt his hand go right to my butt, no playing around with this one. I felt his hand go up under m skirt and down into my panties in the back. I didn’t stop that either. He had his tongue deep into my mouth and with his other hand he held my arm so tight I thought me might bruise me, pulling me up close and tight to him. I felt his fingers start to probe the crack of my butt, felt him separate my cheeks with his large hand. I didn’t resist him. I wanted it. I thought he was moving down to my pussy from the back but he wasn’t. I was so wet for this man! I remember his finger went to my wetness from behind, moving one finger around in it and then I felt his finger go quickly up into my butt! I opened my eyes wide as he pushed his finger up into my tight little hole. I felt his hand go from my arm to the back of my head and take my hair into his hand holding like I was a toy. He held me so tight it hurt, his tongue still working my mouth. He was truly a great kisser. I love that in a man. And it had been so long since I’d been with a real man. My husband has no clue in that department. His finger up my butt, his tongue in my mouth, I lost it. I got so wet I soaked myself. I was dripping for this man, purring like a cat in heat. He looked into my wide open eyes. He could hear from my breathing that I totally his at that moment. He pulled back off of my mouth, pushed his finger deeper into my rear end. That brought me up on my toes. I whimpered, moaned for him. I’d never had anything up my butt before. Anytime a man had tried that with me I’d slapped his hand away, stopped him. But I didn’t stop this one.

“I want to fuck you like this, right where my finger is. I want to fuck that ass of yours and cum in you like that. We’re going to make that happen.”

I remember him saying that, hypnotic, whispering in the most seductive delicious way to me. And I remember nodding, my eyes half closed, saying ‘yes’ by not stopping him. I was dizzy for this man. I remember pushing my butt back against his hand, feeling myself open for him, helping him get his finger up further into me, clenching my little hole on his finger and pumping for him. I remember his knuckles, his fist pushed up between my cheeks and spreading my rear wide inside of my panties. I also remember reaching down and feeling the front of him with my hands, feeling his massive erection inside of his pants. I said nothing. I just moaned and stroked his hard on through his pants. I was lost to it all. I just stared at him as he moved his finger around deep inside of me. With his other hand he unbuttoned my blouse. It came undone and exposed my bra and my breasts.

That’s when my husband showed up. He spoke as he came around the corner into the room we were in. I remember not really trying to hide any of it.

“I was looking for you. I wondered what happened to you. You’ve been gone for a while.”

That’s all he said before I pulled away from his boss, pushed myself up in front of him. His finger was still inside of me as I faced my husband, but he could not see that. He must have seen my skirt slightly pushed up in front, pulled tight by Alan’s hand up under it in the back. And he did see my blouse unbuttoned, undone, my exposed and pushed up high breasts. And he did see two people hot and very turned on. I knew that. I just smiled at him.

“What are you doing, baby? Spying on me?”

I couldn’t believe the tone I took with him. Alan just smiled and stared at him, his finger firmly up my butt. He kissed the back of my hair. His erection was clearly pushed out in the front of his pants.

“I’m busy talking with Alan. Don’t interrupt us. Be a good husband and go back upstairs. Don’t make me tell you that again. Get my purse and bring it to me but don’t you come back into this room until I tell you to. Leave my purse at the bottom of the stairs. Move!”

I couldn’t believe I was talking to him like that. I shocked myself. I ordered him like a little child, scolded him, the Dominatrix that had only been expressed at home came out. I watched as he scampered off, more like slunk away with a timid ‘yes, dear., as he left, his face bright red.

When he was on the stair halfway up, Alan pulled his finger out of me, turned me toward him and pushed me to my knees. He pulled me by my arm and shoulder roughly. I went willingly. As I knelt in front of him he undid his pants. I knew what he wanted and I gave it to him.

He was at least three times bigger than my husband. I remember thinking how much I loved that. I tried to get him all the way into my mouth. I couldn’t. I tried hard, choked myself several times. I loved the feeling of him taking me like that. I felt like his whore. And I liked that. I was never so wet! When he finished fucking my mouth he came massively. Not like my husband. My husband drips, little spurts at best. This man was like a fire hose! I swallowed for him as best as I could. I never liked doing that for my husband, even when I let him cum like that, which was not very often at the beginning of our marriage. I would spit it out as fast as I could. But not this time. I swallowed and loved it. I didn’t want him to stop. And he was so big! I thought to myself he must be 10″ or more, as he used my mouth. And he actually fucked me like that. He didn’t just passively let me masturbate him with my mouth. He took me! I lost himself to my sucking and pumping him as he came, running my tongue all over the head of it. I remember wanting to please him as best I could. I wanted that man to love doing that to me. I wanted him addicted to my mouth. I remember thinking that as I looked up at him, his cum filling my mouth, splashing out onto my breasts, dripping down my chin.

After he finished he lifted me up to my feet. He yanked my skirt up over my rear and pulled my panties down to my knees so quickly. I thought he was going to bend me over and fuck me, still semi erect he was huge. I was so wet I was literally dripping down my legs. He pushed his middle finger into my pussy and got it wet and slippery. He didn’t want my pussy. He turned me around and finger fucked my rear end! I was a combination of shocked, amazed and totally in awe of this man. I felt his finger run in and out of me, remember thinking that no man had ever done that to me before, his cum all over me, still in my mouth. I put my hands on my knees and arched my back for him. I pushed my rear out, presented myself to him as he fingered me like that for at least fifteen minutes, me breathing deep and moaning like a whore, begging him hot to stop. He slapped my cheeks as he did it. He spanked me! No man had ever done that to me. I didn’t stop him. When he finished with me he pulled his finger out of me and stood and watched me. I felt my face turn red, looked back at him over my shoulder. He was just watching me. I stood up straight. I remember the two of us laughing so hard I thought they’d hear us upstairs, as we both pulled ourselves back together. My panties were so wet in front they dripped. He pulled me up to him and ran his middle finger around my lips, traced the outline of them with his dirty finger, moving some of the cum on the side of my face into my mouth. I was his! I couldn’t have been breathing deeper!

“I want more of that.”

He kissed me on my forehead, my ears as he said that.

“I want you to have more of that. And more of everything. I’ll give you my butt if you want me to do that. I’ve never done that before. I’ll do that for you.”

I reached down and stroked him through his cock, took it in my hand. He was erect again.

“I’ll be a very good lover for you. We’ll do this again. I think we’ve established that. Now you be a good lover and send my husband down here. I need to have a talk with him. I need to freshen my makeup to, to say the least. I’m a mess.”

He kissed me again.

“You look good as a mess. Trust me, you do. I’m going to call you later and we’ll set up another date. Isn’t that what this was? A date? You’d like that. I know you would. We’re going to be real good friends. You can count on that. I knew that the minute you walked into my house. Will your husband have a problem with that? After seeing catching us in the act I don’t think so. Not the way you spoke to him.

He smiled.

“Oh, he won’t be a problem. He does what I tell him to. Probably just like he does for you in your office, he’ll be a good boy. Now send him down here. He’s probably having a heart attack.”

He laughed and went to the stair.

“There’s a bathroom over there, mirror if you need it. I’ll see you upstairs. Just me and my hard on. You know, you’re very good at that. That mouth of yours is going to be used as much as that butt of yours.”

He winked at me, laughed.


I laughed and winked back at him. He went up the stairs as I took my purse from the floor.

That was our first ‘encounter’, our first ‘date’. He’s been my lover and owner ever since. It wasn’t long before he took total control of me. And my husband too. I had no problem with any of that either.

When my husband came downstairs I could see the hurt look in his eye, the shock and embarrassment he must have felt. I stood sort as Alan had left me. I had my skirt up, panties down to my knees, my blouse unbuttoned, my sexy bra and breasts exposed, cum on them, on the side of my face.

“Like what you see, honey?”

I stared at him as I saw the shock on his face, saw his eyes tear up.

“I can’t believe you did this!! You…”

He was raising his voice to me. His voice quivering, he was about to cry.

“Shut up!! Shut the fuck up or I’ll scream. You have a problem with this?? You created this. This is what you wanted. Don’t you play jealous with me, little man. You may be jealous but it’s too late for that. You start crying, make a scene and I’ll march you out of here by your ear, right in front of your coworkers. I’ll slap your face all the way to the car. Think I’m kidding?”

I walked to him. I slapped his face.

“Tell me you are sorry for interrupting me! Tell me!!”

I glared at him. He fell right into line.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I lost control. I didn’t expect…I’m sorry, Mistress.”

I slapped him again.

“Shut up. Hand me my purse.”

I was getting almost as wet treating my husband like this as I was with Alan’s finger up my ass. I remember thinking that to myself and laughing.

“You’re not kidding, baby. You really are sorry. We’re going to deal with that when I get you home. You can count on that. I know a little boy that needs his butt paddled, paddled hard. Don’t I? Don’t I???”

He was almost in tears.

“Yes, Ma’am, yes…”

I yanked my purse out of his trembling hands and started for the bathroom.

“And I’ll be restraining you when I get you home. You disappoint me. You should be happy that I’ve found a man to play with. It’s what you’ve wanted all along. You just stay right there like that. I’m going to make myself pretty and I’m taking you back upstairs with me. You are going to be the perfect husband. I mean perfect. You’re going to stay by my side, get me food, drinks, whatever. We are going to be the perfect married couple for all your coworkers and Alan’s guests to see. Trust me, baby. This is what you want. You know you do. I’ve found the right man to make your dirty little fantasy come true. And you know what?”

I turned to him as I lowered my skirt after pulling my soaked panties all the way back up.


His voice was trembling.

“It’s my fantasy now, honey. Mine. You’re going to get all the dirty little thrills you claim you want. And I’m going to make that happen. But so am I and on my terms, not yours. You just be a good boy and don’t get in my way. And it’s ‘Mistress’ from now on. We’ll discuss that later at home, with you restrained in your punishment room.”

Sheepish, stammering, he mumbled to me.

“Yes, Mistress…”

I remember hearing my husband’s voice break, almost to tears as I went into the bathroom and started to clean up and do my makeup. I remember that making me hotter than I was already at the moment. I almost came. I remember dripping, being soaking wet and not able to control it. I was sure every woman at the party would know the shape I was in. I didn’t care. I pulled my skirt down over myself and started to reapply my ‘war paint’. I looked at myself in the mirror. I liked what I saw and could hardly wait to take this further. I wanted that man in my butt. I really did. I wanted him to own it. I got so hot thinking that.

That was the first time.

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