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A Woman in Hardware Ch. 02

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Chris went home with a song in his heart and a smile on his lips. He looked forward to the next day. At the dinner table he was monosyllabic, his thoughts on what he considered to be the most fantastic day of his life. For the third time, Jill asked him to pass the sugar and her voice was laced with a certain amount of sarcasm brought on by his inattention. Helen noticed as well and asked where his mind was rambling. Chris then realized he wasn’t living up to the promises he had made to Sue. Therefore, he changed his behavior and paid close attention to his loved ones the rest of the night. Chris considered telling Jill what had happened, but something held his tongue. He knew he would tell her in the next few days. They told each other everything; but for now, he would keep his joy to himself. Maybe that was why he hadn’t confided in her; his overwhelming joy that he was screwing his vivacious, funny, sexy neighbor when Jill had no outlet herself, no joy of her own to share with him. It hit him how drab his sister’s life had become. Chris promised himself he would pay even more attention to Jill. It was a promise that would become increasingly easy to keep in the next few days. He went to bed that night with thoughts of buns dancing in his head; glorious, fleshy buns whose muscles sent messages dancing directly to his genitals.

The next morning, Chris began painting Sue’s house again. He couldn’t find his old brush, so he stripped a new one out of its wrapper, beginning where he had left off yesterday. As he worked, he dreamed of yesterday’s activities hoping Sue would show up. Her comments as he left yesterday led him to believe he could expect more of the same. Still, he could enjoy her company, if she had a change of heart. Sue came out of her home around noon and asked, “Would you like lunch?” This was a change; he usually went home for lunch.

“I have something waiting at home,” Chris replied.

There was a strange look in her eye when she said, “I have some interior work I want you to perform.” Sue continued, her voice dripping with suggestion, “I was hoping you would… plunge right in after… eating out.” For a moment, Chris missed the innuendo. Then, it dawned on him.

“How deep would I have to plunge?”

Sue replied, “It’s a very penetrating job. You would have to use a tool to oil it.”

This sent them into gales of laughter. They didn’t realize they were behaving normally – for two lovers – finding humor in the silliest of comments. Chris decided that maybe he better have lunch with his neighbor. It sounded like a considerably more attractive offer than the sandwich waiting for him at home. Sue led him inside. When the door closed, she had him in her arms. Sue wriggled her body against his and kissed him deeply. Her arms around his neck; she pulled herself against him. She was a luscious bundle. Chris started to fondle her bottom, but Sue pulled away laughing, saying, “I promised you lunch and you’re going to get it.” With that, she pulled off her pants revealing a nude lower half. She climbed onto the kitchen table where he had been so frightened yesterday. Sue rolled onto her back and brought her bum to the edge of the table right in front of a chair. She pulled up her legs, so she could grab herself by the ankles. This fully exposed her slightly hairy sex. The semi-globes of her bum formed a most attractive tray to present her feast.

“Please sit and dine,” Sue said in a haughty manner as though they were in a high-class restaurant. Chris sat, admiring again the stunning beauty of a highly aroused female before leaning forward so his nose was just above her snatch.

He sniffed and inquired, “Did you cook this yourself or have it catered? It smells delicious!”

She giggled, claiming she had worked on it most of last night. It was a sly comment that sent them into gales of laughter. It suddenly went quiet as Chris began to eat what Sue described as a muffin sandwich. He found it to be an extremely tasty treat as his mouth was flooded with her nectar. He enjoyed rubbing her inner thighs with his hands and occasionally slid a finger into her wet pussy. Sue finally said, “I could let you eat me all day, but this table is getting mighty uncomfortable. Anadolu Yakası Escort We have a bed not twenty feet away.”

Chris apologized as he helped Sue from the table. She undulated her sexy ass down the hallway, stripping the rest of her clothes off as she went. He ripped off his shirt. As Chris entered the bedroom, he pulled down his jeans hopping along the floor as he tried to get a leg off. He finally had to sit on the edge of the bed to get his pants off. When he turned, he found Sue watching him with a tender look that begged to be kissed as she sat there. Chris took her in his arms and placed his mouth against hers. Their tongues entwined as he bore her down into the bed, reveling in her softness, her arms encircling his neck. Chris lay immersed in her exquisite flesh, not yet penetrating, enjoying where their bodies squeezed together.

“Tell me about this interior work,” Chris said.

Sue replied with a straight face, “I have a squeak in my pussy.”

“A squeak in your pussy?” he echoed.

“Yes, right here,” she replied sliding a finger in what now appeared to be a very wet pussy, “It’s very deep and I can’t seem to reach it. Would you have a tool that might help me out, kind Sir? I’m sure it needs to be oiled.” Chris kissed the smile on her face. Sue spread her legs and asked, “Could you look over the situation and possibly give me an estimate?”

After due consideration he said, “It’ll be a two minute job. I’ll do it as long as you clean the tool afterwards.”

“It better last a lot longer than two minutes,” she said laughingly.

Then, they were in each other’s arms again, kissing. Chris’ cock probed until Sue used a hand to place him where he belonged. It was a long, slow screwing. He rubbed his shaft against her swollen clit, each trying to maintain a high state of arousal without going over the edge; until, with mutual agreement, Sue rolled him over on his back. Sue began fucking him seriously; her succulent ass tightly gripped in his hands, while he watched her breasts bounce and sway with her ever-increasing movement. Sue started to moan as her cunt bore down. Chris already recognized the moans to be the signal she was close. He then pushed and pushed, feeling his own orgasm roll over him as he oiled her squeak.

The two of them remained holding each other for along time. Chris’ cock slowly shrank, finally being expelled out by the contractions of her sex. They snoozed for a while in post-coital bliss, then started touching each other. Slowly, they aroused themselves to wakefulness with little pushes and prods. Chris noticed a small gob of his semen leak from her cunt. He wiped it up with his fingers and threatened to rub it on her belly. Sue squirmed away from him giggling. He came after her, she tried to grab his cock and soon there was a mêlée of flying limbs as each tried to grab the other’s genitals without sacrificing their own. They wrestled, goosed and played. They descended into such gales of laughter that neither could grab the other. As they lay recovering their breath, Chris remembered the beautiful sight of flying breasts, withering hips, kicking legs and jiggling ass that his beautiful, sexy partner had presented in an afternoon of love. Sue remembered the laughter, love and playfulness. Oh, this boy really did things for her.

Sue noticed the afternoon had flown by again and sent him on his way after a long tongue-in-mouth kiss and body squeezes that promised of things to come. Once again, she went out to cover the paint and discard the brush. She chucked to herself thinking, ‘I really have to cut this out. It’s costing me a fortune in paintbrushes.’

Chris arrived home to see Jill preparing dinner, so he pitched in to help, remembering his promise to himself to pay more attention to her. The family meal went better that evening with Chris paying attention to both of his beautiful women. After supper, Helen went to bed reminding them her monthly performance meeting was the following night. She probably wouldn’t be home until after midnight. Chris was left alone with Jill as they watched TV. He had no other confident, so he began telling her what had been happening the last couple Kurtköy Escort of days. He explained the joy and fun he and Sue were having, but was not watching his sister’s face as waves of revulsion, horror, hatred and jealousy seethed through her. When Chris turned to look at her, she had a weak smile pasted on her face. Jill did not ask any questions. He felt his own sense of embarrassment rise as he told her the more intimate details. Chris didn’t pursue the conversation; disappointed they had not examined his joy together. Soon after, Jill left for her room; he followed to his.

When Sue caught up with Chris the following day, his first question was, “Where are the paintbrushes?” She explained how she had thrown them out. Chris said it wouldn’t happen again and she laughed, noting it had been her fault as much as his. Chris explained his mother wouldn’t be home until late. He told her he would like to finish the paint job and asked if they could get together after supper, so he could actually work a day. Sue laughed, replying she thought she could keep her hands off herself until then. However, if he didn’t hurry over after supper, there would be no guarantees.

Chris finished the paint job. He headed home for supper with Jill to find her rather surly, particularly when he mentioned he was going to Sue’s after the meal. When Chris left, his sister began to wail. Tearing pieces from her dress in her grief, Jill felt she had lost everything and would never recover. Jill had thoughts of suicide. Chris’ sister had hit emotional rock bottom. Fortunately, Jill was a bit stronger than some of her thoughts betrayed. Chris was totally unaware of the emotional storm he had left behind. His thoughts were only of the fun and loving that lay ahead of him. He was on an emotional high; little did he know it was about to peak.

Growing bold with familiarity, he rushed into Sue’s home, picked her up and carried her giggling into the bedroom. Soon, they were naked and he was well and truly in her, their tongues entwined. His cock was rampant with desire and aching to be fucked, her pussy dripped honey for the same reason. It only took a few thrusts and they climaxed; their recovery rate rapid, as was common in such instant conjoining. They settled down to a more sedate pace. First, Chris wanted to taste their combined mix, the texture like syrup. Sue straddled his face, her cunt just an inch or two above his mouth. By squeezing her muscles, she forced a small stream of cum to drop into his waiting mouth. It was an exotic sight to watch her pussy expel their juices into his mouth. His cock responded to the spectacle by slowly rising to signal his renewed interest. She managed to expel a little more of the semi-transparent whiteness onto his upper lip and his tongue darted to receive it. He loved watching their cum drip from her body. Her snatch was coated in a delicious film of cream. His hands gripped her hips and brought her cunt to his mouth to clean the hairy lips he adored.

Sue turned and replaced her sex lips with her mouth. First, she licked their honey from his mouth and chin. Then, as their lips pressed together, her tongue probed his mouth enjoying some of the tastes he had grown to love. Sue’s body twisted on his seeking maximum contact as their passion grew. Chris gripped her succulent ass, pulled her against him hard and forced their groins together. It was as though he wanted to absorb her body into his own. He was obsessed with her body, especially her cunt. His cock was once more stiff with desire. Her snatch again produced copious amounts of honey. The dance of love began again; this time, with Sue on top. She reared and straddled his erection. Taking his cock with one hand, she slid his cock deep into her cunt and reveled in its insertion. Sue’s beautiful ass bounced, stopping occasionally to prevent them from prematurely falling into the abyss of delight. An occasional dry comment suggested her squeak had returned and although he seemed to have done an excellent job, it looked like an ongoing problem requiring frequent oiling. They were totally engrossed in each other.

They did not see the lonely figure standing in the night. Tears streaming Pendik Escort down her face, watching through the window, Jill watched them trade their fluids with disgust. She could not understand how they could allow their bodies to be covered in sex juice much less taste it. Jill’s vision was clouded by that big fat white ass, partially covered with a few droplets of cum, bobbing on top of her brother. Jill churned with hatred and jealousy. Yet, as she turned and stole quietly away into the night, she did not understand the sensations filling her groin. Jill felt she had to win back her brother.

Chris returned home about ten o’clock that night not wanting to chance Helen might get home earlier than midnight. He didn’t know how to explain evening visits to the neighbor’s to his mom. Jill didn’t appear to be around, so he went to his room. He threw himself on the bed, hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling with thoughts of his sexy Sue running through his mind. While he stared, his sister left her room, came down the hall and knocked at the door. He casually looked at the door and shouted, “Come in.”

The door opened and in walked his sister – totally naked, arms by her sides, chin up, beautiful breasts pointing forward. Jill asked, “Is this what you want?” His mind registered the once-in-a-lifetime beauty standing before him as he jumped from the bed, the blanket in his hand to cover her. He hesitated for an instant. He must become the kind of man his father had been; mature, caring of others and he had only a split second to do that, to grow up in an instant. He didn’t ponder those things. He saw only his beautiful sister with terror in her eyes standing before him. Her body shivered, not with lust, but with cold and fear. Her nipples were not aroused by passion, but tightened by cold. Was there a touch of revulsion in her eyes as he took her into his arms? He encircled them both with the blanket, warming her with both his body and the blanket. Jill didn’t realize he had effectively hidden her body from his sight without rejecting her. He thought rapidly. Ideas flashed into his mind to be instantly rejected as he sought the impossible, a way out of this.

“Is this what you truly want?” He asked in her ear and put a finger over her lips before she could reply. Then, with thoughts flashing through his mind, he spoke. “I love you, Jill. I’ve loved you my entire life and I’ll continue to love you for a lifetime.” He spoke of his commitment to her as her bother and if need be, her lover. He explained to her how he loved to have sex with Sue, enjoying her company. He explained, with a maturity he didn’t know he possessed, “There’s a difference between loving to do something with a person and being in love with a person. Sue and I made love, but we aren’t in love. The difference is the commitment we give each other. Sue and I have no commitments.” In fact, they knew because of their differences they were free to drop each other the moment either of them wanted. There may be some sadness, but each would move on.

Chris lifted his sister’s chin with a finger. He looked deep into her eyes not allowing her to look away. He explained, “I love you, Jill.” He explained how he expected love in return, though he didn’t demand it. Because of his love, he had automatically made mental commitments to Jill far deeper than anything Sue and he felt for each other. He explained, “There’s no way I can casually walk away from you. I love you too much. If this is what you really want, you can have it but not tonight.” What Jill wanted entailed a higher level of commitment and he had to prepare himself emotionally. This had been too sudden, he explained. In addition, he told her he expected to see a deeper level of commitment from her. They had to come to an understanding of each other’s wants and desires before they could make the ultimate commitment.

Chris stepped back from her, wrapping the blanket around her so he did not see her nakedness again. Chris put his arm around her shoulders and, while telling her how beautiful she was, led her back to her room. He did not want to overstep his praise in case it would be taken in the same light as the kind of talk those high school morons had spewed forth. What Chris would never know was how proud his father would have been that night, as his sister, now sobbing but happier, went to bed and to sleep knowing someone loved her. As he crawled under the covers, the thing that shocked Chris the most was he meant every word.

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